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Bears release first depth chart of summer

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WR--Rashied Davis/Devin Hester, Mike Hass, Brandon Rideau, Ryan Grice-Mullen
LT--John St. Clair, Cody Balogh, (Chris Williams)
LG--Terrence Metcalf, Anthony Oakley, Ryan Poles
C--Olin Kreutz, Josh Beekman, Anthony Oakley
RG--Roberto Garza, Tyler Reed, Chester Adams
RT--John Tait, Kirk Barton
TE--Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen, Kellen Davis, Fontel Mines, Marcus Stone
WR--Marty Booker/Brandon Lloyd, Mark Bradley, Earl Bennett, Marcus Monk
QB--Rex Grossman/Kyle Orton, Caleb Hanie
RB--Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Garrett Wolfe, P.J. Pope, (Kevin Jones)
FB--Jason McKie, Lousaka Polite


LE--Adewale Ogunleye, Dan Bazuin, Joe Clermond, Nick Osborn
DT--Tommie Harris, Israel Idonije, Marcus Harrison
NT--Anthony Adams, Matt Toeaina, (Dusty Dvoracek)
RE--Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, Ervin Baldwin
WLB--Lance Briggs, Jamar Williams, Joey LaRocque
MLB--Brian Urlacher, Nick Roach, Rod Wilson
SLB--Hunter Hillenmeyer, Darrell McClover, Michael Okwo
LCB--Charles Tillman, Corey Graham, Zack Bowman, Leslie Majors
RCB--Nathan Vasher, Trumaine McBride, Ricky Manning Jr., Trey Brown
SS--Brandon McGowan, Kevin Payne, Leonard Peters
FS--Mike Brown, Danieal Manning, Craig Steltz, Josh Gattis

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exactly what i expected.. this org knows 10 pts a game won't win many games for you especially if you want to keep your defense healthy.

This much I know.

Based upon this list, Mark Bradley, Ricky Manning Jr., Mike Okwo and Dusty D are in big trouble.

Where is HESTER? I'm surprised Monk is ahead of Hass and Rideau on the receiver depth.

what has happened to Dusty Dvoracek could not find him on team roster

Hopefully, rookie 1st round pick, Chris Williams, can be ready for the regular season. But if by chance, his injury continues to linger into the season, it might be a good idea to move John Tait back to left tackle. For the simple fact, Tait is the best player the Bears have for left tackle, if Williams remains injured. Then the Bears could move St. Clair over to right tackle. I say, then put the other rookie tackle, Kirk Barton, on the 53 man roster. In the event Tait is injured, the Bears could slide St. Clair back over to the left side, then insert Barton into the starting line at right tackle. Or, if St. Clair is injured, the Bears could also move Barton into the starting lineup on the right side. I liked this kid coming out. The fact he was a four year starter in the Big-ten, shows he at least deserves a look. I've also have heard nothing but raves about Barton in camp so far this season, and heard the coaches say, "Barton is more athletic than we expected." I also read that Barton has even got a few chances to run with the first team offense. Like I said, "hopefully Williams will get back in playing shape," and this Barton kid might prove to be a draft day steal. If so, the Bears might have drafted both future starting tackles in this years draft. Even if Williams returns, I still would like to see the Bears keep four tackles on the 53 man roster. If Barton comes on in the pre-season, then the Bears place Barton on the practice squad, I'd hate for some other team to steal him off our practice squad. So again, if Barton comes on in pre-season action, lock him up GO BEARS!!

First off on the depth chart you see a guy who not to many people talk about in Matt Toeaina right on the heels of Anthony Adams who is not as powerful against the run and Matt is also superior in his ability with his hands and getting off blocks and stopping the run. I believe the only reason that Adams is ahead of Matt is because he was a free agent signing and Matt was and undrafted free agent from the bengals. I also think that there is politics involved in the Ricky Manning deal!! He is to good of a corner and playmaker to be where he is at, again this is politics run rampant not anything based on talent which is where a player should be judged!!

Are you guys reading the same depth chart? Hester is number two behind or with Davis and Monk is last on his side. Adams had the most stops behind the line of scrimmage of the D line before he got hurt. So he's not too shabby. I'm not going to down Toeaina because the way we rotate it doesn't matter who starts. Guys in ( ) are injured so I wouldn't read too much into any of that. Bradley is working his way back and if he's ready he will move up.

This is awful...Our O-line is in real trouble.

I hope the Bears take a close look at Gaines Adams at the left guard I was able to see quite a few of the Georgia games. I am a Chicago transplant to the south (TN) and this is SEC territory, Adams is a beast of a run blocker with a meanstreak. I hope he gets a look he is not undersized like the ones in front of him. Thursday will give only a glimpse so don't put too much into it.

My children thank you for your thoughtful postings. I like this thread so far. I agree and also hope Barton can make the active roster; I have high hopes for him and Beekman this year. Hey bill you are probably at least partially right about the politics aspect but Manning did have an awful 2007 year when he did play nickel. Then again that was one crap year out of...5 I think? I am still hoping he can get traded for a 2nd day draft pick or something.

okwo sucks, anyone watch him in camp? i wasn't impressed in the least. dvoracek is shaping up to be an injury settlement as well.

This the worst looking Bears offense I have ever seen, Beekman won't see the field unless Olin gets hurt.

Kevin what did I tell you Beekman was not playing guard, Metcalf stinks and wouldn't last at LG, Harrison would be a back up to Harris and not the starting NT, Dust would get hurt aagain, Bradley would get hurt again, Hester would not be the starter or the number one, Bennett would not be a starter or see the field much, Benson would screw up and not be the starter, oh and Steltz would not be a starter, so far I am batting 1000. Oh can't forget I said Williams was soft and would not be the starter at the begining of the season, oh man so far I am dead on about that guy.

I'm not sure this offense can score 10 pts a game! It's going to be a long season. Looking forward to the lions Bears game, over/under 6.5

This is just the early, un-official depth chart. The Bears won't even list this on their official web-site. Also, the players seperated by a "/" are co-starters for those who wondered where Hester and Bradley were.... right now Davis, Hester, Booker and Lloyd are on an even level like Orton/Grossman.

Tait won't move back to LT. He has adjusted to RT now and he is locked in. Metcalf is likely out (3) weeks after his knee scope and could(should) be cut before then. His camp play has been less then stellar(like his entire Bear Career to date) and the buzz around training camp is that little known (2) time practice squad player Tyler Reed and 2'nd year pro Josh Beekman both have performed better then him.... LMAO, Metcalf is a joke and is gonna be cut sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, How many chances does this clown deserve anyway ???? All he has shown to be good at is missing blocks, tripping Defenders up while laying on his back and getting Greise and Grossman hurt last season.

Ricky Manning jr ?? Well, being third string has very little to do with politics. The facts are that Ricky choked his chances and the coaches trust away with crappy coverage skills.... at nearly $4 Million, being a situational, one dimensional player is not gonna cut it with (4) younger and cheaper options on the roster that have shown as much if not more ability in camp... When inserted in the regular defense, Ricky was B.A.D. Two 2'nd year players in Corey Graham and Trumaine McBride and the rookie Bowman have better size, speed and athletic abiblity as does D. Manning who is now the primary nickle back so the real reason Ricky is the odd man out is less about politics and more about defensive flexability, better options and cap space.

The O-line certainly has some issues. The lastest report I read lists St.Claire at LT, Garza moving to LG, Kruetz at Center, Beekman or Oakley starting at RG and Tait at RT for Thursday nights Chiefs game. Williams needs to get back on the practice field, but, the Bears are wise not to rush the kid back too soon. the regular season is just over a month away so if Williams is as smart and as athletic as they claim he is then he should be fine if he can come back next week and get back to work. IF Williams opens up the regular season starting LT, the Bears will probably keep a TE lined up over him alot early on just to make sure the kid has some outside protection until he gets past opening day gitters and gaines some confidence.

Chester Cheese Adams could have been in the mix at Gaurd but he hasn't practiced in training camp yet and was finaly removed from the PUP list yesterday.... Myabe he can get things going in the next few weeks and help push Metcalf onto the waiver wire !!!!

Wow. I live in D.C., and my Redskins-loving co-workers think it's hilarious that Brandon Lloyd is slotted as our potential #2 receiver, being as he caught TWO passes for them last year, and only 23 total in two years. (What is it with the Bears picking up the Redskin's trash? Last year, we take Archuleta, after he embarrassed the the Skins all season; This year, we take Lloyd, another major bust for them?)

I agree that this may potentially be the worst Bears offense in a decade. Shaky line. Not a single proven quality WR. No proven starting-quality RB. Two punchlines as quarterbacks. Just terrible. Maybe Forte might do well, but how easy is the rookie RB going to have it when defenses can key on the run and largely ignore our laughable receiving corps.

Wow. I live in D.C., and my Redskins-loving co-workers think it's hilarious that Brandon Lloyd is slotted as our potential #2 receiver, being as he caught TWO passes for them last year, and only 23 total in two years. (What is it with the Bears picking up the Redskin's trash? Last year, we take Archuleta, after he embarrassed the the Skins all season; This year, we take Lloyd, another major bust for them?)

LOL.... That's funny but what's funnier is Redskin fans busting a Bear fans chops when Washington paid top dollar to sign these guys' !! The Bears picked up Archuletta rather cheaply after the deadskins restructured his deal prior to the trade and Lloyd is on the books for (1) yr at $655,000...... If Lloyd busts out he doesn't hurt us much if we cut him but Washington had to eat boat loads of signing bonus money on these two....

Archuletta was a complete failure but that one falls on Lovie more then anything. Lloyd at least had as much success as a 49'r as Berrian had as a Bear considering both caught (14) TD passes and average practicly the same yards per reception at 14.5 and 14.6 respectively. Berrian culd cost the Vikes $42.6 Million where as Lloyd will cost the Bears pennies on the dollar.

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