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Bears inform Bazuin he will be released

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The Bears have begun the process of trimming their roster.

Dan Bazuin, the second-round draft pick from 2007, has been informed he will be placed on waivers, a source close to the player said. Bazuin never appeared in a regular-season game after spending all of last year on injured reserve. The defensive end played extensively Thursday night at Cleveland and showed hustle. He also showed he's still not at 100 percent with his left knee.

Bazuin, from Central Michigan, was originally injured during rookie minicamp. He had two surgeries in four months last year and dealt with swelling issues throughout training camp and preseason.

We'll do our best this weekend to get news of cuts out as soon as it becomes available. Check back often. The Bears need to get to 53 by 5 p.m. Saturday.

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The 2007 draft is shaping up as one of the worst in Bears history. Unless you count 2005. And 2002. And 2000. And...oh well, never mind.

Don't be an idiot Rob. How can the Bears mgmt control player injuries? Bazuin's lack of development is clearly tied to the fact that he is still recovering from injuries.

If he gets picked up by someone else and develops into a good player, oh well. But da bears can't afford to keep damaged goods around for another year; they have no choice but to move on.

BTW - way to go Biggsy w/ the news on the cuts. You are beating everyone - from the Trib to national beat writers - w/ this news. Another sign that your website seems to be working well. Suck an egg Mariotti!

Pedro, think for a second... even if he did develop, what were we going to do? Put him in a rotation with 3 solid guys anyway. Think about it this way, how much will me miss an extra guy at the position? The position is solid. Why didn't we use this pick on our terrible o-line? We all saw it coming (except bears management), or WR? or safety? or QB? We also used the first round pick at a position where we were solid (TE). Why not go for an area that needs work? This organization defies logic sometimes.

Good move Bears. If he clears waivers put him on the practice squad. The best way to be good is to not keep underperforming players no matter where you drafted them.

Of course Bazuin was a terrible pick, the "injury" is irrelevant. You will never hear his name mentioned again, unless in a discussion about past draft busts. You can almost hear the rest of the league laughing when Angelo makes his picks.

Hopefully this move will be the start of a new trend where Angelo realizes that when you miss on a draft pick, you have to cut ties as soon as possible. You cannot tie up money, coaching resources, and a roster spot for a player who won't help you. Could Bazuin be a decent pro? maybe, and he might catch on where someone has DE injuries (like the Giants maybe?). But he wasn't going to play ahead of Anderson, Brown, or Ogunleye, and you have to think Idonije is your 4th end in the rotation, unless Ervin Baldwin did something I missed....

Finally, Jerry takes ego out of the equation and does the right thing, regardless of where he was drafted.

Why did we draft this kid? Another wasted pick by Angelo. This years draft already with Williams is terrible. I do like Frote though.

Pedro, you're the idiot, Bazuin had one whole year to rehab and get up to speed. He came to camp 100%, he's just not an NFL player, another JA bust.

Thanks for calling me names, Pedro. I am deeply wounded by your attacks, of course, and will no doubt cry myself to sleep tonight.

Bazuin was a wasted draft pick from Day One. With an aging offensive line, Angelo wasted a second-round pick on a player that could not have possibly seen any time behind Brown, Idonije, Ogunleye and Mark Anderson. Sorry, Angelo ignoring the offensive line on day one of last year's draft is what's killing the Bears' chances this year.

It's a real shame. Bazuin showed a lot of promise with the amount of effort he put into his rehabilitation. Whether or not he was a wasted pick is irrelevent; he could have developed into something really good.

Here's hoping he clears waivers and makes it back on our practice squad.

The point is we need Oline and JA kept drafting D? What we are going through now is a direct result of no Olinemen drafted no slight on Bazuin or his hard work - it's about making this team better and with the D we had that was a dumb pick as well as the TE again this year, he might be a great TE but....what about some oline help high in the draft?? instead of releasing all the late round Olinemen drafted and undrafted?.

As I remember he was drafted because they thought they were going to part with Alex Brown because Anderson was going to be the starter. The best laid plans were changed because of his injuries and the fact that Anderson was best coming off the bench in obvious passing situations. He was supposed to be the fruits of the trade of Thomas Jones and now everything from that situation is wiped away. Gone gone gone.

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