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Bears expect to have Anderson for opener; will Colts have Peyton?

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The Bears seemed pretty sure Tuesday afternoon that defensive end Mark Anderson would be back from surgery on his right thumb in time for the Sept. 7 season opener at Indianapolis.

The long invisible Peyton Manning emerged finally to say his goal is also to be ready for that game.

Manning has been sidelined since surgery July 14 to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee, and there has been increasing speculation the Bears could face Jim Sorgi in the opener and not the man named MVP of their Super Bowl XLI meeting.

"I don't think we can guarantee that," Colts coach Tony Dungy said. "I don't know if any of those [injured players] will be out there on the 7th, but my guess is they will be."

Those other injured guys include safety Bob Sanders and defensive end Dwight Freeney, who practiced in full pads for the first time Tuesday.

Manning has started 160 consecutive regular-season games and the initial diagnosis when he had surgery was for a return in four to six weeks. The Colts have not changed their course.

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Its never a good thing when a player gets hurt, but I think Mark Anderson will be alright. After all, Anderson missed almost the entire training camp as a rookie, and that season didn't turn out so bad for Anderson. Also, Anderson is going to be more effective as a third down pass rush specialist.
The one negative if Anderson is out for awhile is, the Bears might have to move Israel Idonije back outside to defensive end to cover. Idonije seems to be coming on inside at tackle, he seems to have great ability to penetrate from inside at DT. Another possibility is the Bears will get to take a longer look at rookie Ervin Baldwin, maybe if he can show something, it would allow the Bears to keep Idonije inside. Im sure Anderson should be back, along with Idonjie at DT, neither Manning or Sorgi are gonna have a lot of time to throw GO BEARS!!

You got to be kidding me, tape the damn thumb up and get on the field. I know high school kids who have played with much worse injuries than that. It's not like he needs to use his thumb, he's an end. Oh no Brian Urlacher jammed a finger, will he be out for the rest of the season recovering? Oh shock Orton has a splinter and Mike Brown sneezed, how will the team go on with out them?

I would love to see Freeney, Peyton and Sanders all out for the game, we might actually stand a chance. But they will be back, new stadium, big game and Prime Time. Yeah there gonna play.

No Peyton + No Steve Smith= Bears 2-0

No Peyton + No Steve Smith = The Bears still have a chance to get run over by Joseph Addai and DeAngelo Williams

Peyton will play get real. Tim is a Clown go pull of indy or the panters if you love thoses teams so much. GO BEARS 11-5

Kieth didn't you pick the Bears to win the Superbowl last year and this year you are only picking them to go 11-5. So you think there not as good as last years team that won 7 games. So you must have meant to write 5-11 but you had a type o.

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