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Bears don't have to fear beating from Carolina's Smith

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Steve Smith will not torch the Bears' secondary this time around no matter what coverage they employ in their Sept. 14 trip to Carolina.

The Panthers' wide receiver has been suspended by the team for the first two games of the regular season for his training camp beat down on defensive back Ken Lucas. Smith broke the nose of Lucas during practice on Friday and according to one report he was striking Lucas when he was in a defenseless position.

That's the position you could say the Bears were in when Smith racked up 12 receptions for a career-high 218 yards in a 29-21 victory by the Panthers in the divisional round of the playoffs Jan. 15, 2006, at Soldier Field. Smith ran wild that day and pretty much single-handedly controlled the game.

Smith has the right to appeal the suspension that was made because of conduct detrimental to the team. But for not it looks like the Bears will have to hatch a plot to stop Muhsin Muhammad, not the dangerous Smith.

Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning is out right now, still recovering from knee surgery. He's expected to return for the Sept. 7 opener at Lucas Oil Stadium but how much action he will receive in preseason remains a question.

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What an idiot. It reminds of Michael Westbrook beating the crap out of Stephen Davis during practice. It's just a stupid thing to do.

HAHAHAHAHA!! Ok, even Creighton has to at least admit that the Bears will win ONE game this season! Smith is their best player. This is beautiful.

Hey, and what about the Colts? Harrison's old and injured. Manning's coming off surgery. There DT chose to retire after ONE season in the league. etc, etc, etc!!!

I don't remember Oiln Kreutz being suspended for breaking another player's jaw. Lesson: Don't do it at practice!

Yes I admit if other teams loose there best players and sufer major set backs and injuries the Bears have a shot.

The Bears schedual is odd but not that difficult.

Mike Starvin Marvin is supposed to be looking real good in practice for the Colts. As for manning his knee problem is an infection, I think he will be ok, he just needs a Junior Mint and I think he knows how to run his offense. We need to worry more about stopping JA than Manning anyway.

Oh and as for wins I pegged the Bears for the same amount of wins this year as I did last year 4-6, but it could be anywere from 3-7. If detroit beats the Bears twice again I am gonna loose it. Thats just wrong, they suck. Last year I had the Pac beating the Bears twice and the Lions getting beaten twice. Who knew?

"Bears don't have to fear beating from Carolina's Smith"

LOL! Yeah, the left side of the o-line will beat us before any opponent does. The Vikings defense will have a field day with those clowns.

Creighton, I'm just playin' bud. But really, we finished 7-9 last year, had a battered up defense, ongoing 3 QB carousel, no run game and Ron Turner.

I figure this season the defense should be tops, the run game has to be slightly improved at the very least, and we'll only have a maximum of TWO qbs starting if one goes down. Heck, maybe ole' Ron will even call better plays. Ok I'm just joking, but things do look better than '07!

Mike I know you messing around, but remember our D wasn't battered up at the start of the season. Not to mention the QB carousel didn't start till after the season started as well, Rex never stopped being the starter, we still have Ron Turner and we still have no run game. Oh and our Rookie LT who was supposed to fix the line seems to be on vacation with a sore back for 10 days straight. Dusty is still brittle, Brown is still brittle, Harris is still brittle, Lach has arthritis, if we loose Brown again this D is in trouble, it's a totally different defense without him. Not to mention the offense looks to be the worst in the NFL which means the defense will be getting over used and abused all year long, I figure they will start fully breaking down by week 4. Remember Rex and Kyle are the same guys we had the last year and niether has been good enough to win the starting job yet. 4 Days till KC comes a calling and we will really see how the Bears do. KC stinks and is one of the worst teams in the NFL so if we don't look a lot better than them we are in trouble if you ask me and that game will be with Dorsey sitting out with an injury.

you bear fans are always too cocky. Last time Muhammad played with Carolina he led the league in receiving yards. Would have done the same in Chicago if you had a QB half as good as Delhome. And they aquired DJ Hackett who would be a 1 receiver on your squad. The 2 of them are going to torch you just like Smith did on 06.

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