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Bears, Chiefs to give certain starters extended time

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If you're fed up with the Rex Grossman vs. Kyle Orton quarterback debate, consider what the Kansas City Chiefs will offer up in tonight's preseason opener at Soldier Field.

Brodie Croyle and Tyler Thigpen, who will be working as the No. 2 quarterback for the Chiefs. Thigpen has managed to work his way past Damon Huard to become the backup to Croyle and a possible successor if Croyle stumbles. Kansas City's offense was even worse than the Bears' last season, producing just 23 touchdowns and only six rushing scores.

Chiefs coach Herm Edwards is approaching things much like Lovie Smith. Kansas City has an abundance of young players it needs to take a look at and Edwards plans to play many starters a little longer than you would typically see in a first preseason game. This could mean we see first-team players from both sides playing well into the second quarter. The Bears are expected to leave most of the offensive starters in longer than usual as they sort through the position battles on that side of the ball.

Who you will not see are first-round draft picks Glenn Dorsey and Branden Albert. Dorsey, the prized defensive tackle, is out with a minor knee injury. Albert, selected one spot after the Bears drafted Chris Williams, will not play with a foot injury. Veteran linebacker Donnie Edwards (hamstring) is another notable starter who will sit.

*** Here is one matchup to watch: Kansas City has moved young defensive end Tamba Hali from the left to right side with the hope he can replace the departed Jared Allen. Hali had 7 1/2 sacks last season and it will be good to watch him vs. left tackle John St. Clair. Keep an eye on that matchup.

*** There is a crowded field of wide receivers for the Bears and it will be interesting to see who steps forward as playmakers.

*** One other ares worth watching is the reserve safeties. It was such a rough spot in 2007 after injuries struck and there really isn't any experience to speak of after Mike Brown and Brandon McGowan. Expect Kevin Payne and rookie Craig Steltz to get extensive playing time. The key for young safeties is to be able to start reacting instinctively and not thinking. Development here is really essential.

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Actually I want to see who starts at Reciever and what kind of paterns they will have Hester running. Brad, St. Clair vs. Hali, what is this a Heavyweight bout, niether one of them is any good so what is that gonna tell you. The Cheifs have no good Ends and the Bears have no line, why don't we wait to the Seattle game and see how he does against Pat Kerney then at least we will have an idea of how he might do against Freeney opening weekend.

All the first round picks that people want to see in this match up are hurt, could this suck anymore? No Dorsey, No Williams and the guy I was really curious about, Albert are all sitting. At least Albert has a real injury unlike Williams mystery back, somone call the Scooby gang maybe they can solve the problem with Williams back.

Oh my back it's so sore I can't practice cause it's tight or sore or something, I pulled it lifting up that great big signing bonus the Bears gave me.

Here's an Idea if his back really is injured and he hasn't been able to practice for two weeks maybe he should go see a doctor. Gosh what a shocking thought, unless the Bears already know whats wrong with him and knew this when they drafted him and still thought it would be a good idea to draft a 22 year old with an arthritic back to play LT. Can't wait to see what they say after he sits for another week.

He's getting better everyday, he looks really good, he just can't practice cause his floppy hat is more comfortable than his helmet and he would rather wear the hat cause of that reason and we all know you can't play without a helmet. See doesn't that make more sense, what back problem? Who's Williams? The Cubs and Sox are in first place, were all winners.

okay, that game was pathetic, for ron turners play calling abilities!!! how are they going to find a QB with what they had to work with. hey ron, let orton throw the ball down field, you need to see if he can do it on a consistant basis. grossman wouldve been 6 for 8 if booker wouldve and couldve caught. i know its only the preseason but they are pro's and have been practing for a month. im blaming this first game on you turner for crappy calls as usual, maybe you should call your bro and get some advise off of him!!!

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