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Bears can ill afford to lose TE Clark

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SEATTLE--Tight end Desmond Clark is out of the game with a right knee injury.

He's sitting on a table behind the bench with ice wrapping it. Clark was injured when he was cut down by Seattle cornerback Marcus Trufant at the end of a seven-yard reception on the Bears' second possession. It looked like the knee could have been hyperextended, but just like Lovie Smith doesn't play doctor, neither do we.

The Bears can ill afford to lose Clark's services. He's far and away the best blocking tight end on the roster and that's been a problem area for Greg Olsen. Rookie Kellen Davis has proven to be an able receiver but the Bears get off the bus running and they need a tight end who can block.

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Oh please, it's a little dramatic to insinuate that the Bears' season is in doom if Clark misses a lot of time. Sure, he may be the best blocking tight end and possibly one of the best offensive weapons the Bears have, period... but it's not like the Bears will lose 2-3 more games if he misses those. Drama Queen.

If your offense is so bad that they have to rely on Des as the go to guy playmaker and can't win without him, then they probably can't win with him either. The offense looks pathetic again!

Michigan St. product looked good give him a chance. Davis that is.

Oh, Come on. Seriously. The headline could have been any of the following, and it would have made more sense:

Bears can ill-afford to draft anything other than a QB in round 1.
Bears can ill-afford to lose their 1st round pick
Bears can ill-afford not to get Farve
Bears can ill-afford not upgrading WR
Bears can ill-afford to bring back Fred Miller

I wouldn't exactly say their "season is in jeapordy." They were looking at another top 5 pick regardless of Clark's health. Hopefully they won't blow it on the 4th RB taken in 5 picks again.

Sorry Brad, i agree with everyone of these guys. Chillin on the bench might be the safest place for Dez, then he won't be getting plastered after catching one of Orton's 3 yard passes.

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