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Bears announce practice squad additions

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The Bears, in a press release, announce that they have signed five players to the practicw squad:

DE Ervin Baldwin
OT Cody Balogh
LB Joey LaRocque
TE Fontel Mines
G Tyler Reed

The Sun-Times has also learned that the team will sign FB Jason Davis, the Illinois product who was with the Philadelphia Eagles for the last two seasons.

So that fills six of the eight available spots. We'll see if we can dig up a little more information as the night goes along.

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Where did Brandon Rideau, Mike Haas and Lousaka Polite land?

It's good to see they resigned Reed, Balogh, and have Adams tied up on IR right now. I know hope springs eternal, but I don't see the Bears better than 8-8 this year. The backups have not pushed for starting positions and the changes that have been made were made by default. Hopefully these 3rd string guys get a chance to compete for starting positions next year.

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