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Bazuin: "I never claimed to be 100 percent"

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One of the comforting things for Dan Bazuin right now is the knowledge that he was not told his career with the Bears is over because his best football was not good enough.

Bazuin was told he will be let go because he has yet to fully recover from two surgeries on his left knee last year.

"I some ways I saw it coming," Bazuin told the Sun-Times this afternoon after the second-round pick from 2007 was informed he will be placed on waivers. "But it's really a surprise when you actually get the announcment that you're going to be released."

Bazuin went to Halas Hall Friday morning, reporting as he always does the day following games and was brought to coach Lovie Smith's office.

"He said he still thinks I am a great player," Bazuin said. "He said there are a lot of circumstances that have changed since I was drafted. He told me not to get too down on myself because he sees me being a player in this league."

The defensive end was initially injured during rookie minicamp the weekend after the Bears made him the 62nd overall draft pick. He had surgery to repair the meniscus in his left knee and then went back for more surgery in September after he had been placed on season-ending injured reserve.

"I never claimed to be 100 percent," Bazuin said. "I was just trying to improve and become a better player. The closest I felt to 100 percent was before training camp starter. Then after the first week I started feeling some of the same symptoms again.

"This isn't the end of my NFL career."

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So basically he cannot make it through a camp on his fixed knee? A meniscus tear surgery is about as minor as it comes compared to more serious ACL tears or reconstructive knee surgery. If he can't make it through camp 100%, he's never going to be an NFL player much less - stifling laughter - "a great player" at this level. Wasting a practice squad opening on this guy would be just that ... a waste.

My local gas station has a help wanted sign out front. Hopefully, he banked his signing bonus so he can now go to the job he is more qualified for.

Maybe he'll be good somewhere else. I still don't undwrstand why JA drafted him when and where he did in 2007. Made no sense at all.

Because Angelow is an arrogant idiot, that's why. He thought he had a team that could give itself the luxury of redshirting drafted players (Dvoracek/Bazuin/Okwo)and drafting #5 defensive ends in the 2nd round of the draft and #5 linebackers in the third round (Okwo), along with reaching in the 3rd round on some tiny running back who adds nothing to the team (Wolfe) and reaching in round 2 for some clueless Division II safety that would've still been around in Round 4 (Danieal Manning).

Meanwhile, none of these guys have done anything and can't even crack the starting lineup. The offensive line has been allowed to rot away, there are nothing but #3 WRs on the team and our QB position is still a mystery (though I hold out hope for Orton).

Angelow is a complete disaster and so is that clueless, deer-in-headlights Lovie. I KNEW it was a mistake to automatically extend Lovie only because he made the Super Bowl in a really really weak NFC that year. They should've let him coach through the end of that contract and see if he wasn't a fluke, see if he could earn that money.

Both of these buffoons are clueless when it comes to evaluating talent. They spend a #4 draft pick on Benson cuz they thought Thomas Jones wasn't good enough. They bring in Adam Archuleta even though the Skins were practically giving him away and actually expected he would play well (Do they not watch film?!)

Kudos to VicInNocal (except for his incorrect spelling of Angelo). I agree with everything he says 100%. The Bears will never have any accountability as long as it continued to be owned by doddering Virginia McCaskey who doesn't even know if she is on foot or horseback. A real owner would put up with the utter incompetence of a nincompoop like Jerry Angelo. Unfortunately for Bears fans, the team is owned by some who doesn't know the difference between a football and an enema bag.

I had high hopes for Bazuin, and wish him well. But at the same time, Im glad to see Angelo isn't keeping players with durability problems around, no matter what their draft status was, hopefully Bazuin will be the start to this type of thinking with Angelo and the Bears.
Another plus, is maybe now the Bears will keep Matt Toeaina on the 53 man roster. Toeaina certainly has potential, and should be a good defensive tackle for the Bears, I think he has a bright future. Angelo did a good job when he brought Toeaina in last season.
Also, it will be interesting to see who Angelo will keep between Mark Bradley and Brandon Rideau tomorrow. I also had high hopes for Bradley, but he has failed to show much this pre-season, and Rideau has came to play so far this season. I might lean toward Rideau if I were Angelo, but Im not, so we will just see GO BEARS!!

VicinNocal makes a lot of clear and legitimate points. For as many picks like Hester and Mark Anderson, there have been even more HUGE misses.

Possibly the biggest error may have been trading Chris Harris to Carolina. The Panthers were desperate for a safety and we could have stuck it to them but didn't.

He now has a nice new extension and is a leader on that defense.

Try and say with a straight face that Harris is not a better option than Danieal Manning, Brandon McGowan, Kevin Payne or Adam Archuleta.

Here is hoping they didn't make the same mistake with Ricky Manning Jr.

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