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Angelo not surprised by Orton's outing

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General manager Jerry Angelo wasn't too happy the last time the Bears played at Soldier Field.

Before the preseason opener vs. Kansas City, the club announced that first-round draft pick Chris Williams had undergone surgery to repair a herniated disc in his lower back.

Following the 37-30 loss to San Francisco Thursday night, Angelo was understandably in a better mood given the solid outing by quarterback Kyle Orton.

A quick Q&A:


He did a nice job today so good to see.


Well, it's what we expected of the offense. I thought the offense has been playing pretty good throughout. They've really worked hard the whole preseason. I think that is what you saw tonight and hopefully what we'll continue to see all the work and the effort they put into it. Good results. But not surprising.


He's ready. Kyle's ready. He's been around in this system and he's played so this wasn't surprising. Every time we see Kyle play he plays well for us. Usually, we have good results. This wasn't anything different than what we've seen in the past. I'm confident he is going to do a great job for us.


The only time you're nervous is when you don't see them perform on the field. We haven't seen that for the most part. We sputtered a little bit last week but I thought once we settled down after those first couple of drives ... I thought performed pretty well tonight. We only gave up one sack so that was good news.


We feel good about that too. He still has some rehabbing to do and hopefully all that will go well but we feel good that that is the plan and that's why we're going to keep him on the 53.


Yes, he'll be on the 53. We feel good about his prospects of being back with us.

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This is a joke, right?

Angelo didn't even know Orton was still on the team (because he's had his nose so far up Rex's @ss).

Come on, tell us the truth. Angelo said, "Kyle Orton who?" after you asked your first question. Come on. We can handle the truth.

Jerry Angelo looks like a clueless Ted Sorrensen and Sideshow Bob Babich--his eyes are too close together to have normal brain function.

"We feel good about that too. He still has some rehabbing to do and hopefully all that will go well but we feel good that that is the plan and that's why we're going to keep him on the 53."

Yes, Jerry, we ALL feel wonderful that you spent the 14th overall pick on an offensive tackle with back problems. We're even more enthralled with him since he made it through half a frickin' practice of non-contact drills and is out for at least half a season. We believe it's sheer genius - by you - to leave a roster spot open for this guy who will miss more than half the season and may not actually be able to play at the NFL level.

You are a sage Jerry. You are truly a God among GM's.

Jerry, is it bad that even Matt Millen is pointing and laughing at your draft prowess and your willingness to handicap the team just to try and prove - against all odds and your track record of ineptitude - that you were right? You are a no-talent, waste of space and a detriment to this franchise; please go play in traffic and take Bob Babich with you.

If Phillips doesn't cut the head coach & GM at the end of the year, we'll be doomed for years to come! We need to put Taub at the head coaching job before someone else does. The guy is a creative, football genius! His, "outside the box" creative thinking will catapult him to success in any position he chooses. Our defense over pursues on every play, Turner has had plenty of time to create a strong offence and Smith's "we don't practice tackling" policy is freaking mind boggling (please see Buddy Ryan’s 85’ defensive practice habits for example). If the entire defense died practicing tackling, we wouldn't be any worse off. What a terrible job this coaching staff is doing with such a talented group of players. We all know the Bears brass, if we don't bombard them with complaints and require a change, they won't notice a problem. Please keep the pressure on Phillips.

For 1 Jerry Angelo said kyle perfomrmed well for us. That's the same ol line of BS he said about Rex. Rex is better than Kyle is more like a water boy . Angelo just doesn't get the point the Defense is a little bit of concern with babich they only got him there because they knew he was the cheapest man they could pay for the job why wait for the season to end to fire him due it now to save our season or they probably wanna just let him devolp i think thats Angelos favorite word devolp. I wish Angelo would get his head out his azz and devolp quailty players without injurys. Since Jerry has been with the bears we it seems like we go thru quarterbacks like we go thru head coaches. When will Angelo job be on the line it seems to me and other bears fan that we fire a coach bring another one in and we fire him too soon or later our GM must be accountable for his sorry azz. Philips should Fire Angelo Get rid of Smith and bring in some raw talent who isnt afraid to get the job done or change things up turner hasnt changed one thing except the addition to hester on offence. To me Kyle Performance against the niners was a game mode manager the niners werent attacking him so he had plenty of time. Phillips fire angelo and smith and lets restore this football name and repuatation back to it once was at least with Rivera we had results but with babich he is devolping buch of crap. I bet Coach Dikita can say the play of the bears offence & deffence lacks but it lacks more from the coaching than the players. I bet if we brought back Dikita there would be lots of guys gone from this Team. Go Bears Phillps Fire Jerry He sucks .

Lookie-here. Another bring back Ditka petitioner. Sure, he'd get rid of a lot of guys and get right back into shilling everything under the sun. Yeah, let's bring back a guy who wants to trade a whole draft for one player. He finished his career here with a 6-10 team. Wouldn't it be safe to say that he lost the rudder of a team already. I'm not saying don't appreciate what he did for all those years just admit that he probably would not be the right guy to coach a team in the 21st Century. Joe Gibbs is a prime example of a great coach from the 80s and early 90s who didn't do much his last go around. Let's wait and see if the wheels fall off of the 2008 model of the Bears football team before advocating that anyone should be fired. And why shouldn't Phillips fire himself since he's in charge of everything.

Who ever heard of no hitting in practice? How can you perfect a craft without practicing it? The Jerry and Lovie show needs to hit the road. I see how it works Jerry drafts the disabled and Lovie protects their health. If Angelo knew so much why (1) did he take out Orton when he was 10-5 in the play-offs and start Wrecks GROSSman? (2) If Jerry was so smart why draft Okwo and Bauzin when your o-line is clearly getting old? (3) if you are so smart Jerry why are your M.A.S.H unit drafts from this year so quiet? (4) what do you see in McGowan he is always out of position or late. (5) Babich is out-coached every time out. (6) is that Lovie or a cardboard cutout? he's really in Big Sandy right? (7) somebody wake up Turner!! (8) is Greise looking for a coaching job? (9) who is Pep Hamilton? (10) when does Wrecks get his pink slip, I don't think I could take a season of him moping on the sideline. P.S. Grossman is nuts too he can't figure out how he lost his job and lobbied to keep it. Church of da Coach you are outstanding!!!

Deputy were you watching in 2005 when Orton was completing the season? We were going into post season and he had to put in his QB that didn't lose his starting job because of injury. Orton managed well but he had hit that wall and wasn't completing many passes. Hindsight is 20/20 and Rex didn't exactly lose against the Panthers in 2005. That great defense called by Ron Rivera sis that. But Rivera doesn't get the blame by the faithfuls because he haapened to be that link to the 85 Bears that fans are always looking for. Angelo is acutely aware that Orton was on the team because he drafted him and signed him to an extra year because of his expectations of Orton's growing ability. You guys want hitting like in 85 but we don't have a 4 week injured reserve like they had then. This is a prime example of why these guys need to be paid well. Your attitude towards them is that they are just meat for your entertainment. Let a prominent player get hurt in practice and there is bound to be someone who says that that person should've been protected. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't do something. 2nd season removed from a Super bowl and that loser mentality is at an all time high.

I was watching wm.don obviously you weren't the defense is another subject I believe I was talking about Angelo and Lovie gaffes and professional coaches, the tackling has been terrible for a while now and I don't buy this injury crap the guys on the field were still paid professionals and they are paid to tackle! I fault the poor prep of the coaches Wm. you need to read what I said before you remark, my complaint is Angelo, Lovie, Babich and Turner. Go back and read it. I referred to drafts, coaching and player management and still I believe he should have left Orton alone and had the competition they had recently (so they say) back then in the training camp that followed, as usual this regime is late, so before you critic someone you should at least know what they said.

How is Lovie not a coach because he doesn't swell up and yell at players making mistakes? Old school is screaming and making faces but who does that affect nowadays. No one pays attention to a screamer. Well paid children do not need babysitters or nannies. Tackling in the NFL overall is bad. These guys don't kill themselves like they did before. Have you been watching any games lately? Even Payton remarked a year before he died that if he played with guys tackling like they do he would've had way more yards than he did. He said that 10 years ago and it's worse now. Plain and simple you disparage this team without looking at the NFL in general. Where are the great QB? Not in every city I will tell you. We are not the only team with QB issues but still we act like we're the only one. Name 10 other GMs who have a better track record than Angelo? It's not the best but it's not the worse. Name a QB coach who would want to come here who is worth anything. Lovie wanted different coordinators on both sides of the ball when he first got here. Either the team didn't allow who he wanted or he got blocked. Who else would want to come here? Besides not having any continued support of the fans for any valid QB, we won't pay to get an earlier pick which might be a decent pick. That's Phillips and the McCaskeys signing those checks. The more you give it thought you'd see that it's the attitude that Angelo has to deal with and everyone else that fosters who we get around here. When have we had a draft guru around here who got better and stayed? Once anyone is worth their salt they have to leave here because it doesn't keep going their way. Rod Graves is in Arizona picking up great players with who he gets down the pike with his team's failures. I'm sure they will pan out eventually because of the number of players he get that are worth their pay. If he was still here he would've never been able to pick up the players he had regardless of his draft position. If we failed badly and he the 2nd pick in the draft we sure would not be allowed to pick up a QB with a pedigree. We'd trade down. Like I said, Angelo isn't great and he's not close to be the worst. How can any fan say that Matt Millen is laughing at Angelo like someone wrote. Clearly some of you guys aren't thinking. And Ortonstarting failing miserably near the end of 2005 and we were actually winning inspite of him. Rex had too much upside to let that languish. Fans have to take partial fault for messing with his head especially during meaningless games. Booing in preseason games killed that guy's confidence. What he did in 6 games starting 2006 was better than a whole season of Orton would've done without more seasoning. Stop acting like he would've been better in 2006 than Rex was. Time killed Rex. And having Benson as his feature back did him absolutely no favors in 2007. You can't blame Angelo for Benson getting his money and strinking. Who predicted that? Angelo gets too much credit and too much blame. Columbo blowing out his knees can't be blamed on Angelo. The guy is starting right now for a team who expects to win 14 games this year. Things happen.

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