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And then there were four ... Bucs release Simms

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Quarterback Chris Simms got what he was wishing for months ago. Heck, what he wished for at the start of training camp. Heck, what he gladly would taken last week.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally released the veteran. Because he is a vested veteran he does not have to clear waivers and thus he is a free agent. With Simms' departure, the Bucs go from five to four quarterbacks--Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese, Luke McCown and Josh Johnson.

It's unknown if his availability is of interest to the Bears, who were known to be monitoring the Simms' situation when training camp opened.

At various times Dallas, Detroit and Green Bay have been linked as possible suitors for his services. The more the Bears have seen of Caleb Hanie, the more they have liked him, leading to his spot on the 53-man roster. Simms isn't necessarily a young quarterback anymore at 28. He's a few days younger than Rex Grossman, also 28, and three years older than Kyle Orton, 25.

As always, stay turned.

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FIRST OFF, Simms is a longhorn. I don't htink we cna take that risk; just on that.

I am sure that in his infinite wisdom, Jerry Angelo will make a play for Simms who couldn't beat out Brian FRICKING Griese for a roster spot down in Tampa. This, of course, would be at a detriment to Caleb Hanie. Why is Simms such a wonderful prospect? What has he shown more than Grossman or Orton or Hanie for that matter? The guy was a bust in college who continues to be celebrated like he's the second coming of his father! His outright release should tell volumes about why HE'S NOT WORTH PICKING UP!!!

It's not like the QB's we have, have shown they could play on any other NFL team, so I feel Simms is worth the risk, Although QB is the least of our worries, we need Oline to protect the QB's we have not more QB's. I feel the Bears are set with the payroll they have or they wouldn't be throwing out that big offer to Miller that just stunned him and made him sign asap.

The Cowboys acquired guard Montrae Holland from Denver for a fifth-round draft pick in 2010. Holland started all 16 games for the Broncos last season and has started 46 of 68 games in his five-year career. It's possible Holland starts the season opener in Cleveland. "We think to come in there and get a guy who started and has as much experience as he has is an opportunity for us when we look initially at our backup situation," owner Jerry Jones said. "We don't have those kinds of starters on the team. That was a plus for us." -- Dallas Morning News

And the Bears are trying to resign Miller.....

By Randy on August 30, 2008 8:43 PM:
"It's not like the QB's we have, have shown they could play on any other NFL team, so I feel Simms is worth the risk,"

Have you ever watched Chris Simms play or is this an "I watch ESPN so let's sign him"-type of thing? Simms couldn't beat out Major Applewhite in Texas. In the NFL he's looked like a LESSER version of Orton and Grossman so why on God's gree Earth would Chicago sign this overrated loser??? He couldn't beat out BRIAN GRIESE for a roster spot in Tampa for the love of God!!!

Da coach, I think you are wrong on Simms, he was never really given a chance coming back from surgery and Tampa just used him as leverage to get Bears to Cowboys to pay more than he was worth on the market, a 4th or 5th round pick. As to him fitting in on the Bears, first off he would be a great replacement for Grossman, who has worn out his welcome in Chicago, the fans won't give him a break either. Hanie, although he shows promise, is a good 2 yrs away from playing. Kyle needs a solid back-up with the o-line issues we have and Simms has good control of the short passing game the West coast offense relies on. Randy I have been saying bring Simms in for a while, when it became obvious REX would not make it, time to make this move


Actually I think you are way off. I began following Texas football more than a few years ago because of the draft. To be completely honest I have been a HUGE fan of USC my life since the days of Rodney Peete (quick trivia, Rodney Peete came in 2nd in Heismann voting, Troy FARK YOU DALLS was 3rd).

The point is that Chris Simms sucks. In every wworthwhile game Major Applewhite was the man to go with. Applewhite (to my disasppointment) didn't even make a blip in the NFL. Simms WILL NEVER be an NFL QB. His college and NFL track has been because of his father not his talent.

In a related note, Vince Young is the most overrated and soon to be BUST quarterback in NFL history. How do you give this guy a cover in Madden??? Mark my words (use them against me) when he was drafted I laughed and when he's out of the NFL I will be vindicated.

ps. I was a HUGE advocate of Roy Williams and Nate Vasher ... I said from day one that Cedric "Two Yards and a cloud of BUST" was the best draft pick since David Terrell.
pps. I know Texas well like a Chicago Cubs fan knows St. Louis well ... know your idiot friends' enemy lol

Yeah Let"s not sign Simms.Who knows miracles happen?Someone might let go of another good O-lineman or a wide rec.Listen Marriotti is gone yes,but he was right We need a new Off-coord.And a new GM.Im not even gonna mention the McKaskeys!!!

Caleb has a never say die attitude I saw during the preseason.
Chris simms proved nothing during his brief time in the nfl and doesn't have a splean.

Hire Cris Simms and fire REX. Sounds like a plan.
Immediate improvement to this team.
REX will never make it with this team. Should Orton go down for any reason and Rex takes over, he will be booed out of the statium everytime he sets foot on the field. The Rex days are over.

Da - Yes I saw Chris play - just before the injury and he was playing pretty good at that time, like the man said he wasn't given another chance after the injury, and like I said (which is the most important part) he could be no worse than what we have.
Gruden worked with Simms quite a bit, and Simms was just coming on when the inj. happened. How could he possibly be a downgrade on what we have now?
So what, we should stay with what we have? Hanie will take several years to develope, unless I am wrong he has only played against backups so far, maybe he will make it, maybe not, Simms couln't hurt thats for sure
Who cares if he doen't have a spleen, with our line he doesn't need one anyway. Just one less body part to be taken away.

I live in Tampa and he couldnt beat out Luke McCown. He was never in a QB battle with Griese. They didnt want to cut him because he makes 2 million dollars and they had already given him a signing bonus. They wanted to get something for him. He is not the same QB since his injury and that is what everyone here is saying. His ball flutter and it looks as if he is compensating for that inijury still. It almost looks like a pitcher who aims the ball instead of throwing the ball. His arm strengh has to come into the equation, bc Gruden never let him attempt a deep pass throughtout the pre-season. Bottom lin, if JA signs him, JA needs his head examined.

Da Coach: I'm out here in Cali right now,and have seen SC Qb's since Peete. I 'm not sure that qualifies you as an expert on Simmms. Everyone is teasing the guy about not having a spleen, but if you remember the man finished the game he was injured in, his stats during that season were better than REX who is currently our number 2. I like what I saw from Hanie this summer, but he is raw and will need a few years to be ready to play, we need a solid back-up for Kyle, Rex will have a difficult time in that role in Chicago, he gets booed as soon as he puts his helmet on, as a prudent Gm, not looking at Simms would be a mistake, as far as the comment about Simms not beating out McCown, that is ludicris, the reason they let Simms go was he was making too much $$$ to sit the bench. Tampa thinks they can win this season, their QB's are all veteran's and Gruden's job is on the line, we better pick him up before Dallas does, and if he plays that would automatcally shore up the o-line, because it would put Tait our best lineman on his blind side.....Anyone think we should look at Anderson the Bengals cut for O-line this season at 33 he has a few years left in the tank and has been All-Pro....

What makes anyone think Simms would do well here even if the Bears sign him. He was playing better before he got hurt, that is true. But getting hurt had to set him back, he is 28 years old nad not a Rookie and he has limited upside. Then you have the fact that Chicago has a hoorible offensive system, Oline, WR group, and has not established a running game since Jones left. We also have not developed a a qb in ages that has turned out to be any good.

Even Hanie who I think has a bunch of talent needs to be developed and I think the chances of that happening are minimal at best. Our current QB coach is the same guy that developed Grossman and Orton. Turner is an offensive cordinator that got fired from a college coaching job and our GM 's idea of supporting cast for a QB include guys like Booker Bradley, Garza, St. Clair, Wolfe, Bennett, Beekman and the list goes on. Heck we value offense so much that Angelo put a guy on the active roster who probably won't even play this year because of injury. We use Madden 08 to train our QB's on offensive plays and whats worse is we use Techmo Bowl for our third string guys. Thats it, thats how our team practices, they play video games cause Lovie does't want anyone to get hurt.

I love the Madden The truth is Our Offense is Mediocre at best and Simms might never be the same since the injury and has limited upside now. Why sign someone who would only force the only QB you have with upside to the practice squad? Before Hanie showed promise I would have probably given it ashot but now lets weather the storm with Kyle for two more years and let Hanie compete to start in 2010.

Thanks so much Creighton for that insightful, realistic comment, I feel so much better now that I see the truth of our O. lol
Development/train? thats redrafting after you release your previous draft picks that sucked, right?
I like Hanie as a future QB, but the words Bears and Develope in the same sentence are scary.
I meant to say that I feel Gruden has already developed Simms and thats a plus for us, could he be alright with the Bears, ok maybe not w/o any talent around him, but better than what we have? Maybe.
But I would rather sign a Olineman than a QB thats for sure....

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