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Agent: Bentley has "a lot of interest" ... does that include the Bears?

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If the Bears are looking into the free-agent market for possibilities at guard, it's slim pickings.

That is what you would expect in early August when training camp rosters are full.

Ruben Brown, the ex-Bear, remains a free agent. He'd expressed interest in continuing his career in the spring but making a move to bring him back could be viewed as an admission of error that the Bears did not work to re-sign him after last season.

Then there is ex-Cleveland Brown LeCharles Bentley, who was let go in June. It's hard to say what he could offer. Serious injuries have prevented him from doing much of anything the last two seasons after signing a $36 million, six-year contract in March 2006 to move over from the New Orleans Saints.

"I'm not making any comment on specific teams,'' Bentley's agent Jon Feinsod said Tuesday afternoon. "But there is a lot of interest right now in LeCharles."

Those comments mirror what Feinsod told the Cleveland Plain Dealer three weeks ago. It's been rumored lately that Bentley could be headed to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Feinsod indicated he was aware of the Bears' situation after news broke Tuesday that left guard Terrence Metcalf was scheduled for arthroscopic surgery.

Making a play for Bentley doesn't seem like the kind of move the Bears are inclined to make, especially if they are confident Metcalf will be back in a few weeks. Nothing can be ruled out at this point, however, given the state of the left side of the offensive line.

*** A major storm before dawn this morning wiped out power to parts of campus at Olivet Nazarene University. High winds blew one set of bleachers clear on to a practice field. It was reported that a stake holding a barrier rope in the ground around the fields flew across the street from campus and punctured a car tire. Practice has been closed to the public this evening because of standing water, among other issues. Many tents on campus were also wrecked.

*** We'll Twitter some updates from the practice field later and check back in.

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Good grief! Waiting on Metcalf!? They must be out of their mind.

Look, I would be thrilled if Metcalf had a breakout year, went to the pro-bowl, recovered a fumble for a TD and started dancing like that fat moron from the Dr. Pepper commercials...

But it' not gonna happen. Rather than hear he's shining in camp, we learn he's getting surgery and will be out for weeks. St. Clair outperformed him last season and he's supposed to be a swing tackle.

Please Angelo, just bring back Ruben Brown.

How about bringing in Larry Allen. A veteran like that would help the left side of the line and the rookie at left tackle.

If he can pass a physical, he will be a huge upgrade over what we have, but at the same time, we have to be certain of what our plan is as an offense. Are we rebuilding with youth, or are we trying to cobble together another veteran line to make a run? If we are doing the latter, Bentley makes perfect sense. If not, then we should ride it out with Addams, Beekman, Metcalf, Poles, and Oakley all battling it out for the LG spot.

I'll try this again Brad apparently you did not like my first comment? why??
I feel the Bears HAVE to at least give Bently a phys. - and try to negotiate if he passes. No harm in trying as we have no one else. The guy is a past Pro Bowler. Thats better than most of our line right there.

Thanks Brad,
I agree you never know what the teams really have up their sleeve, but I would like to see someone signed for insurance, R. Brown, L. Allen, Bentley, any other Vets that are available!! I would think a Vet could come in and pretty much fit in the game plan (maybe a little harder fitting in with the Oline) but we have no starters set right now anyway, that have played long together so a Vet could come in and start right away. (kinda funny actually)I am not worried about the QB/RB cause with a good solid line (as we saw with Rex in SB run) we can play with any team. But with a bad Oline as someone said - we can't even evaluate the other Offensive positions correctly.
Da has to be thinking this don't they??? don't they ???

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