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A clear picture of the 53-man roster

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With the final cuts known (rookie Chester Adams is likely to receive an injury settlement) here is a look at what the 53-man roster looks like:

QUARTERBACK (3)--Orton, Grossman, Hanie.

RUNNING BACK (4)--Forte, Jones, Wolfe, Peterson.

FULLBACK (1)--McKie.

WIDE RECEIVER (6)--Hester, Lloyd, Bennett, Booker, Bradley, Davis.

TIGHT END (3)--Clark, Olsen, Davis.

OFFENSIVE LINE (8)--Kreutz, Beekman, Metcalf, Garza, Tait, St. Clair, Williams, Barton.


DEFENSIVE LINE (9)--Harris, Adams, Dvoracek, Idonije, Harrison, Brown, Ogunleye, Anderson, Toeaina.

LINEBACKER (6)--Urlacher, Briggs, Hillenmeyer, Williams, McClover, Roach.

SAFETY (5)--Brown, McGowan, D. Manning, Payne, Steltz.

CORNERBACK (5)--Tillman, Vasher, Graham, Bowman, McBride.


SPECIALISTS (3)--Gould, Maynard, Mannelly.

There could still be movement, especially Sunday involving the waiver wire. The most logical are for change would be on the offensive line. We'll see what shakes out there.

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Our O line is a freaking joke. It was a good thing to keep Hanie on the roster because Rex and Kyle will both miss time this season. They should also pick up Simms just in case Hanie gets injured too. WR is a joke too. I do like our RB situation. The other positions look pretty solid.

Good luck Kyle, Rex, Hanie, and Simms! Make sure you pick the low deductible health insurance plan!

Wolfe should not have made the team. He serves no purpose with Forte being a three down back and Jones and Peterson more likely to start if Forte is injured.

So we have an offensive line that would be better if we have senior citizens in it, a defense that boasts of overpaid underperforming idiots ("Umm, if we knew what was wrong we could fix it. We have no idea". What?!!!!!!!!!!), a GM who suffers from diaorrhea of the brain and mouth, a head coach that can put people into coma explaining why his team sucks and a defensive coordinator who......we all know this part. Here is to a 2-14 season and standing last in every raking! Go Bears!!!

Josh Beekman was the 'sleeper' going into camp and was one of the most consistent players on the line. Beekman is what the Bears thought Terrence Metcalf would turn out to be, now Metcalf has to 'burn candles and pray' no other quality guard is waived by another team.

Kirk Barton came into came being described by "The Sporting News" before the draft as 'looks like Tarzan, but, plays like Jane'. But, he has played well and has shown room for improvement. Will he take John Tait's job in the future?

I believe the (3) playes that 'WILL' come back and haunt the Bears are WR Brandon Rideau, WR Mike Hass, and CB Trey Brown.

Except for keeping Metcalf(and the possibility of bringing back OT Fred Miller), I thought the Bears cuts were understandable.

Though, Metcalf and DT Matt Toeiana will have some sleepless nights until the first game.

I am glad to see they kept Hanie but I just heard that the Bucs cut Chris Simms. You watch this imbecile Angelo release Hanie and sign Chris Simms . CHRIS SIMMS SUCKS !!!!!!! We already have him twice over with Orton and Rexy. If anyone gets cut it should be Rex NOT Hanie. Hanie is a project but he may have a future Rex is done and we dont need the spleenless wonder here with his 70.00 QB rating.

Butch Beekman never beat out anyone, Metcalf got hurt and Beekman was his backup. He also got slapped around in the Seattle and Cleveland games including multiple penalties. In fact whenever a team blitzed the Bears this offseason or applied a lot of pressure the line collapsed. The most consistant performer on the line this offseason and I can't believe I am saying this, has been Garza who can't pass protect to save his life.

Offense- I like our QB could be better but its the best we've had in awhile...I really like the RBs....Forte is a good future builder, Jones is the older insurence back, wolfe is a good 3rd down and SP returner to help hester....WR looks alright....though i would of took Rideau over Bradley....TEs=very nice...OL=O well....
Deffense-DL looks scary if they remain healthy....LB looks good...if they remain healthy...CBs and Safetys looks good....if they stay healthy(Brown most of all)....
SP Teams...Love Gould, maynard, and hester....looks good...

The most important key for the Bears to win is to STAY HEALTHY!!!!!

Sign Willie Anderson! The Bengles let him go today.

I think they made a HUGE mistake getting rid of Rideau his PreSeason was great and he has the potential to do big things and i do agree that he will haunt them, Toeaina will do good they need to stop double teaming him but they did it to him in high school as well. Forte is gonna be the next Franchiser!!!! I honestly dont think Beekman will do much but he may shock us!(I honestly dont see it happening though) To Pope, Okwo, Rideau and Def. Peters we love you guys and will miss you dearly cant wait to see you guys again!!! 96VH54

Jerry Angelo....SIGN WILLIE ANDERSON!!!! He just got cut by the Bengals, and although he is 33, he would be a MAJOR upgrade from St. Clair and Barton. JA you did NOTHING this off season to improve a dismal OL from last year (other than draft a tackle with a well known back problem!). You passed on offers to Alan Faneca and Flozell Adams, now do something and make a move!

I am disappointed they cut Rideau. Wouldn't want a high production hungry guy who is tall, fast, and can actually catch when instead there is an oft injured underproducing former early round draft pick to give yet another opportunity to waste. JA needs to learn what the rest of us know: Sometimes it is okay to be wrong - learn from the mistake and move on. Bradley had his chance, and another, and another. He can't stay healthy. Give another player a chance, who cares where on the board (or if!) he was drafted! Can he play? Does he have heart? Do both legs work?????????

They should have never even thought about getting rid of Rideau he will do HUGE things and yes he will haunt them. They should have gotten rid of Booker. Beekman i dont think he'll do much he didnt show he could do much i guess he was i the right place at the right time. Toeaina has always been double teamed i feel sorry for him but he can handle it. Forte is the next Franchiser no matter what anyone says! To Pope, Okwo, Rideau, and Peters we love you guys and cant wait to see you again your good people!!! Always 96vh54

Yes, please sign Willie Anderson and cut the soft turd Terrance Metcalf....

Please, please, please leave our QB situation alone now. Thank the football God's the Bears protected Haine and Rex starting the season as the backup. Don't screw it up Angelo by adding Chris Simms unless of course you sign him and release Rex. Haine could be the future Franchise QB you have been looking for in a couple of years. Rex will gine after the season so don't blow it Jerry !!!

Make sure you at least add Rideau, Baldwin, Laroque and Balough to the practice squad, after that do what you want.

The sad part about this 53 man roster is that there is no to minimal improvement over last years roster. Moose had to go and Berrian as great as everyone thinks he was, was not that great. He ran bad routes unless it was the fly route. Moose could not get any seperation from a DB. The oline might have gotten younger I suppose, but not any better. I rather keep a veteran who knows his job than a crappy younger guy who needs to learn how to block. Hester is gonna be a shock to everyone. (if he's used correctly. NO SCREEN PLAYS!!! They do not work. Booker is actually a step up from Moose. Booker is in better shape. Forte is a beast compared to CEDBEN. Forte should avg. 3.5ypc and have 1150 rushing and 8tds. QB went no where and you add no weapons. Pathetic. I want Lovie to answer this : If kyle is your guy- Would you take him over Bulger or Warner when you were in STL? Doubt it! The reason why? No one wants to play in this offense except rookies who havent played here or desperate players. The defense is healthy for once. The problem is not the players. I repeat not the Players on Def. Its the D-cord & the play calling. . BOB BACHICH is not that good and never will be. Ron Turner is not that good and will never be go back to college. So, 4 out of 5with Turner the offense has done nothing and he still has a job? Kordell Stewart use to change Ocords everyother year and his career was pretty solid. (minus year with Chi & Bmore.)I will it. I rather have JOHN SHOOP back.

This team has to be good at something this season. Everyone thinks Special teams. (They will be taking Hester off KO's and PR's people. We are leaving it up to Daniel Manning, unless its a tight game) Then what does that say about Manning? The draft? haha. Columbo/Williams? trend here? Why not draft Tackles from schools who Really truly run the ball? I believer Michigan produces enough lineman in the NFL hmm and they are on the other side of the lake. Where's the scouting at? Offense? yeah right.. Defense? not if they are on the field minutes a game. Post game interviews? I repeat this team has to be good at something right? Still pondering. Oh I got it... How about Hibernating?

On paper very bad team but thats why they play the game. 2006 anyone? 2001 anyone? miricales can happen. Just no one believes except real fans. I'm going to be optimistic here and call week 1 upset of the colts. and predict 10-6 wins the division. Viking will not win more than 10 games with Tavaris Jackson. Pass def still sucks. Gb could win 10 games with that defense and solid running game, but that could all rest on Rogers arm. Detriot? next division.

As far as QBs go, I think that if JA wanted to go in a different direction, there are a lot more options out there on the market now. Notable recently released QBs include the Falcon's Joey Harrington, Colt's Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen, the Buc's Chris Simms, Andre Woodson and Anthony Wright from the Giants, and the Viking's Brooks Bollinger. I personally like the idea of at least attempting to develop Hanie, but there's some quality out there.

Plenty of options for the O-line as well. Willie Anderson was a five time pro bowler, LeCharles Bentley is still out there. I also personally liked the Saint's Andy Alleman, a third round pick who was released. There's also a rumor out that the Steelers are shopping some of their offensive line, specifically tackles Max Starks and Trai Essex, and center Sean Mahan.

Here's hoping JA makes a couple of semi-intelligent decisions...


As good as I feel about Hanie making the final 53, I am just as leary because I see Angelo LATER waiving him ... trying to protect him and move him to the practice sqad.

Did anyone in here look at our offensive line? Five guys we're not even sure can play backed up by a Barton (a guy I like but a 7th-round rookie nonetheless) and Metcalf who's failed to establish himself in the NFL after 6 FRICKING years. Oh yeah, Williams who will not be ready until November if JERRY ANGELO is lucky!

If you think this is the final 53-man roster you're kidding yourself. So anyone, holding out hope Chicago does the RIGHT thing and signs Rideau to the PS and promotes him ... don't hold your breath. We are at least 2 lineman away from starting the season!

You're doiing a heckuva a job Jerry ... you frickin TOOL! FIRE ANGELO.

Im very disappointed the Bears did not sign wide receiver Brandon Rideau, but I am happy to see QB Calbe Hanie and tackle Kirk Barton made it. Angelo, please keep Barton, and do not sign Fred Miller, its time to move forward on the offensive line, no more stop gaps, please. Also, I would advise Angelo to steer clear from tackle Willie Anderson, Anderson has been in the league as long as Fred Miller, and on top of that, Anderson has major durability problems, Anderson appeared in only 7 games last season, at least Fred Miller knows the Bears play book, I wouldn't go anywhere near either one, stick with Barton.
Also, if I were the GM, I might of kept full back Lousaka Polite, and ditched either Wolfe or Peterson. On the o-line, I would of kept G/C Anthony Oakley over G Terrence Metcalf, but thats just me.
I pretty well agree with Angelo on the defense, and very happy to see defensive tackle Matt Toeaina made it. Oh well, another season is upon us, GO BEARS!!

I hate the Bears, I hate Angelo, I hate all their players...shut it! Be a fan of your team or pick another one. More crying in here than my 3 month old

it looks like we have a few guys that are still in limbo with the team Metaclf, Rex, and Toeiena shoule be leery there is some quality out there that would upgrade the team. Rideau may be earmarked for the PS, but he might not want to return he may get a job elsewhere, this was a mistake, a young big receiver with good hand, durable who plays special teams, just seems like this one came down to where you got picked, Bradley has shown flashes but he can't stay healthy, Book has look ancient not old, which is sad he was a good Bear in his day, and Bennett needs a red-shirt year. Wolfe also needs to be careful he better be on the coverage teams with AP to justify his spot right now....Chabeezie...I hear you on the moaning and groaning, be real BEARS fans and stop &itching about everything, this blog could use more people off the shrooms posting.......LOL

chitownbear and chabeezie,

I am going out on a limb here but you guys are Cub fans too right?

Every person who posts on these boards - right or wrong - are Bear fans. It's kind of funny that people post their opinion and you guys criticize detractors ... while giving your own opinion!?!

"Hello Pot ... It's Kettle on line #1 ... He wants to say: YOU'RE BLACK!!!"

Creighton: If Beekman has been thrown around I didn't see it. In the Seattle game, Beekman was whistled for holding (grabbing the player around the neck) and a false start. The holding penalty was on Garza as he grabbed a LBs neck as he was off balance, the ref made a mistake and called it on Beekman. The false start was on him, but, could have been called on Garza as well. As Garza jumped the same time Beekamn did, but, Beekman was caught.

Garza played OK, but, I still say Beekman was the most consistent in pre-season. Though, Kreutz has played well (and I really don't like the guy for a variety of reasons).

Anyways, I hope Angelo gets his head on straight and forgets about Chris Simms. Simms is nothing more than a younger, left-handed Brian Griese. The only thing Simms hasn't done is go on IR after tripping on his dog while boozing like Griese did with Denver. Otherwise, both QBs have famous QB fathers, are 'prima donna', and are overrated.

There a are lots of O-Lineman out on waivers: G John Welbourn (NE), G Travis Leffew (KC), Mark Levoir (StL), G Toniu Fonoti (Car), T Willie Anderson (Cin), G/T Pedro Sosa and C Matt Spanos (Mia), and OTs Ryan Gibbons and Cory Lekkerkerer (Dallas).

I hope the Bears don't bring back G Chester Adams to their practice aquad. Adams is nothing more than out-of-shape, 'waste of space', Qasim Mitchell clone.

The choice of not keeping Rideau came down to a numbers game. Hester, Llyod, Davis were locks, Bradley played well in pre-season and had draft status ect... Bennett was a high draft choice and looked really good on ST's and has great hands inspite of a couple of drops in a few pre-season games.

Rideu showed enough to make the squad but to me, Booker's veteran status and being a known commidity who can mentor the younger guy's made the difference. If Bennett was waived in hopes of being placed on the PS it would have been a huge mistake. Any number of teams including the Jags, Titans and Giants would have tried to scoop him up.

I wouldhave prefered that they waived Booker and kept Rideau but it was not meant to be.... Hopefully Rideau clears waivers and we can bring him back to the PS. If he is a Bear next season he will make the 53-man roster. Booker will probably only survive this season, Lloyd will be resigned if he shows well this year but Bradly needs to prove himslf or he won't be back.

On a side note, Marcus Monk and David Ball were waived yesterday. Hass, Ball and Monk are now free agents. I remember all those posters pissing and moaning about not keeping these guy's and yet none of the other 31 teams in the league seem to have interest in their services.... hmmmm, perhaps they are not as good as some people think they are !!

Kevin, great assessment as always. B.P from Zion, quick question, where do you watch your games? I'm over in Beach Park and might want to watch with a guy who's a couple blocks away who make good observations.

Butch, THANK YOU, I thought I was the only one who noticed Beekman played pretty well throughout the pre-season. I also noticed the headlock Beekman gave the Seattle player, this showed nastiness, an important attribute for an offensive lineman, especially for a team that wants to get off the bus running.
I think a lot of fans don't like Beekman because they simply don't know that much about him. All they see is a 6-2 guard, they think Beekman is to short, so he aotomatically sucks, not the case. Also, a lot of fans think Beekman is strictly a center prospect, also not true. Yeah, Beekman got two starts at center while at Boston college during his senior year, this shows versatility on Beekmans part, this was suppose to help him draft wise, I think it backfired on Beekman. What ended up happening was a lot of scouts saw Beekmans size, 6-2, and that he played a little center, so to a lot of scouts, Beekman became more of a center prospect than guard. Fact of the matter is Beekman was a three year starter at guard in college, and showed if needed, can play center. Going into his senior season, Lindys pro football magazine had Beekman as the highest rated guard. Beekman is a good prospect who fell on draft day, partly because a lot of scouts saw him as a center, and a few tackle prospects were seen as better NFL guards than tackles, so they were rated ahead of Beekman, Justin Blalock, Texas and Arron Sears, Tennessee to name a few. Beekman then slipped down draft boards, and fell right into the Bears lap. Give Beekman some time, the fact he played pretty solid throughout the pre-season is a good sign Beekman is going to continue to get better, and I think he will end up a pleasant surprise at seasons end GO BEARS!!

QB: Release Rex and sign Simms and let he and Hanie battle it out for the two and three position. Hanie is a GREAT developmental project, sign a well know QB guru to specifically work on Simms and Hanie's development.


WR: Rideau should have stayed and Haas has potential and speed but is the more expendable. Bradley should have been release over Rideau.


OT: Still in need of an upgrade, check the waiver wires.

DT/DE: Strength of the franchise. Solids contributors and can't wait to see what Dvoracek brings if he stays healthy (real nasty mean streak in him).


K/P: Solid but will need to address Maynard after this season, could be some intriguing FA punters this offseason with contracts ending this season.

Da Coach: ....NOT a Cubs fan and a southsider true and true, an opinion is one thing a whine is another, Bear fans who don't see anyting positive with the team are all over the blog, not being in
chi now, I come in to stay on top of things with the team, there are some posters with good solid comments on the team and others who come in simply to rag and find others who agree with their views...let' face it the McCaskey's will never let go of the team, we've had two solid GM's in the last 30 yrs, Vanisi and Angelo, both have gotten the team to the Super Bowl, our best two Coaches in our lifetime are Ditka and Lovie (pardee) was solid...this roster has been put together by the same guys who had the team in the Super Bowl 2 season ago, while I don't agree with every decision they make, I try to see what's right with the team.... I want to beat the PACK every season, get to the playoffs, and watch good BEAR football...I'm with them till the day I die.....Go BEARS

William, I pretty much end up watching the games at home with and have my Brother's and my die hard Bear fan Uncle over or head out to one of there houses on game day.

Play a little poker before and after the games, some family bonding ect....

Hello Pot ... It's Kettle on line #1 ... He wants to say: YOU'RE BLACK!!!"

chitown did you forget Jim Finks?
Give credit where credit is due.
`The Bears under Finks slowly but surely improved. By 1977, they reached the playoffs for the first time since 1963. They were a playoff team again in 1979 with a 10-6 record, best-ever for the Finks-led Bears. But Finks' tenure in Chicago ended suddenly in 1982 when he resigned because George Halas did not consult him in the hiring of Mike Ditka as head coach.

Just as he had done in Minnesota, Finks left behind one of the most dominant NFL teams of the 1980's. Nineteen of the 22 players who started in Chicago's 46-10 win over New England in Super Bowl XX were drafted during the Finks regime. That 1985 team went over 15-1 in regular season and shut out both the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams in playoff games leading to the Super Bowl.'
Jim Finks drafted that Super Bowl Team

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