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Well-timed ouchie keeps Hester in the clear from injury

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Devin Hester has arrived at Bears' training camp and he has a curiously timed, maybe even luckily timed hamstring pull.

The club failed him on his physical and placed him on the non-football injury list meaning he cannot practice until he passes a physical.

Hester made it clear Wednesday when his two-day boycott began that he was concerned about getting injured before he secured a longterm contract. There's no fear of that if he's not suiting up. He also doesn't have to fear a $15,000 daily fine, which he would have had he stayed away from camp.

Asked if he would begin practicing before signing a contract extension he replied, "I have no comment on that." Coach Lovie Smith said the injury is not serious.

Draw your own conclusions here but it could be he's healed just in time to put his name to a contract. How soon that will happen, who knows. There wasn't any negotiating going on late Friday afternoon with agent Eugene Parker as the club's entire front office was out watching practice. Stay tuned.

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How much do you want to bet that Jerry said "Look just come into camp, we'll make up you being injured and you can sit out while we get this done, that way we don't have to fine you any longer" I love it, we can save some face and have one of our superstars here.

Don't get me wrong, every player needs to practice, but with Devin Hester's unique ability as a return man, I don't think a few missed practices are going to hurt. Now as a receiver, thats a different story for a different blog, I just hope a deal gets done quickly. I don't know why Angelo has waited so long to get a deal done with Hester? Nathan Vasher's situation after his second season does come to mind although. Back in 2005, Vashers second season, first as a starting corner, he made the pro bowl. In the off-season he asked to get compensated. Angelo said, " we like to wait until a player has been in the league for at least three seasons, until we re-talk contracts." Maybe Jerry Angelo was waiting to see if Hester would still be asking for a new contract, or would just come out in his third season, be the usual stud return man we all have come to love and show something at receiver, then ask for a new contract. I don't think so, not with that prime time influence. Myself, I say, make Hester the highest paid return man in league history, and include incentives for the more productive Hester is at receiver, the more Hester gets paid. I have confidence in Angelo, after all Angelo was the GM that took a chance on Hester, especially in the second round on a player who didn't even have a set position. Angelo drafted Hester this high obviously for his return ability, and it sure paid off GO BEARS!!

Angelo has done a pretty good job getting everybody into camp.

I love the interest in Hester, but does anyone see a record better than 9-7? QB has to be resolved. The OL has to be rebuilt. RB is untested or coming off a major injury that usually takes at least a year to recover. The defense looks improved, but all in all it looks like a rebuilding year.

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