Urlacher hopes to see Favre play this season

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There probably is not a current Bears player with a closer attachment to Brett Favre than Brian Urlacher. Few players have been around as long as Urlacher and the two have long held great respect for one another. Urlacher, as you can imagine anyone signing an $18 million, one-year extension, was in a chipper mood when he arrived tonight. Urlacher said he feels great and was grateful he could reach a resolution with the club on his bid for a new deal.

Among the things Urlacher discussed was Favre's situation, and his hope that No. 4 suits up for someone this season:

``Did he ever retire?'' Urlacher said. ``Did he ever file his papers? It didn't surprise me. He loves football, and I think he kind of made the decision when the season was over. He was tired, he probably was worn down, like he said and he made a decision that he didn't want to stick with. But he's Brett Favre, he can do whatever he wants. I don't know what's going to hap see him playing somewhere [this] year.''


``For us? I don't think that's a possibility. If they do trade him, I don't think it's going to be in our division, No. 1. Maybe not even in our conference.''


``I can't imagine seeing him anywhere else. I don't think anyone else can, either. When you think of Green Bay, you think of Brett Favre. At least I do.''

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I wouldn't mind seeing the two future hall of famers go at it one more time. I had an idea Favre wasn't going out by his last pass he threw, it was an interception, and in the playoffs no less!! I just don't think Favre wanted that to be his last play. Also, Urlacher realizes, does it really matter where Favre plays!?? Chicago can beat the pack with or without ol #4.
One last thing, I did not appreciate the article by Jay Mariotti on Brian Urlacher, it was something you would expect to read in a Green Bay paper!! Give me a break Mariotti, cut Urlacher some slack!! I know Urlacher isn't a saint, but are any of us really?? If any of our personal lives were all over for the general public to see, a lot of us would look bad, or worse than we really are. Mariotti, FACT that you cannot argue with: 6 time pro bowler, defensive rookie of the year 2000, and defensive player of the year 2005. In a nutshell, future hall of famer. I could care less what this guy does in his free time [as long as it isnt illegal] as long as he keeps playing great Bear football on the field, so give me a break. I'm willing to bet a lot of money, that if we could go back in time, when the great Dick Butkus played, Mariotti would of nit picked him also so GO URLACHER!! and GO BEARS!!

Of course Url wants to see Favre, how else will he pad those INT stats for the probowl : )

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