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Top pick Williams still sidelined with sore back

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First-round draft pick Chris Williams is sidelined for a second consecutive day with a back issue and might not be back on the field until some point next week.

The offensive tackle was injured halfway through the second practice of training camp on Thursday. He skipped Friday's fully padded session and was a bystander Saturday morning. He's expected to skip the evening practice at Ward Field also. Williams was moving around slowly.

"I'm feeling all right, man,'' he said. ``Just taking it a day at a time, you know?

"It's been real frustrating. You try to get to work and get better and being physically limited right now is just real frustrating. [I've got to] just kind of keep a positive outlook and I'm looking forward to getting back. It's just kind of a patient thing. Just kind of got to let it heal itself I guess."

No one has put a timetable on things for a return but the more days he misses the more difficult it will be for him to unseat veteran John St. Clair. Williams needs practice time that will lead to significant playing time in preseason games. The Bears could also consider switching it up and moving John Tait back to the left side and slotting St. Clair at right tackle. That could spark a game of musical chairs though because if and when Williams is ready to play, he'll need to be at left tackle.

"I don't think it's going to be a significant amount of time,'' he said. ``Just getting to the point where I can get back in my stance and get out of my stance."

A handful of veterans including Brian Urlacher, Mike Brown, Tommie Harris and Marty Booker watched the morning practice. There is a good chance they will participate tonight.

And, yes, Devin Hester remained out with his pesky hamstring issue.

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Baby Huey is still sitting out I see, well one can only guess as to what is causing the problem, but I'll give it a shot.

Here are some possibilities: He is a newly wed and his wife is still breaking him in. 5 Years ago he was a 240 freshman at Vandy now he is a 320+, at the begining of his senior year Williams looked to be around 290. Williams has put on a lot of weight over the years and his upper body has been described as soft. Just looking at him as he is today I would say he needs to loose some weight and gain some muscle, he has no definition and his gut seems to be getting bigger which is putting a lot of pressure on his back. His core looks really soft, the guy has nice footwork but looks like he needs to get in shape, this could only help his back issues.

Williams = BUST. Should have drafted Albert.

Don- Please wait to loosely throw out the term "bust" before he actually plays a snap. The Bears didn't need a fringe LT who really is a guard.

Williams's situation is not a worry right now unless St.Clair proves he really can't handle the LT spot.I did not expect williams to come right in and start, most of the high lineman draft picks usually get in the games around week 3 unless they are truly studs. St.Clair will play until Williams proves he is clearly the better player, look a lot for those two rotating at the spot until Williams establishes himself as the man. What's the word on a deal for Hester, should at least start by trippling his current salary for this year and next, and give him a chance for larger $$$'s in two years once we see if he can be a receiver, he desreves a raise, but we can't pay him receiver money yet....They are starting to hit, football is right around the corner

Don is right.

Williams is/will be a bust if/when he finally reaches the field.

The back injury is one that every other team besides the completely inept bears knew about. It had him sliding down every other teams' draft boards prior to the draft.

Leave it to the bears to come up with another bust on the offensive side of the ball in the first round.

But, it's not like he was gonna qb, catch passes or fill the other 2 spots on the ol that need to be fixed.

At least now the bears might have a chance to get a good qb early in the draft next year after they finish 3 - 13...

Hey wasnt there are rumor swirling on draft day that Chris Williams had back issues ? I think I remember those rumors while watching the draft. Maybe Jerry Angelo should have had ESPN on in the draft room.

I have not posted since 2005 - when I said Ced Benson would be out of the NFL in four years. Now, I'm going to say the same thing about Williams - he is the pillsbury doe boy. For Hester, just average the salaries of the players who scored 14 touchdowns the last two years, and bump him 20% above that for his field position/excitement factor.

This guy could be the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf.

For a rookie angling for a spot in the starting line-up, he looks awfully soft. But if he never plays a down, hey ... he's already set for life.

Negativity all around. Relax.

I know back issues have a tendency to linger, but they are also mismanaged a lot. This guy needs to go to a chiropractor, and get his bones moved, and nerve interference removed. He is 22 and his back can be rehabed fast at that young age.

I(f he does go to a chiropractor, he should be good in a week, and never have the problem again. The physical therapy, and massage, and cortisone shots just mask the symptom of pain, and not the real problem which is nerve interference. This causes his postural muscles to not work in sync and that can lead to a strained/sprained joint.

On to Hester. Good job Bears. Signed all their own. Everyone is happy. 4 years and up to 40 million with incentives. Defense looks healthy except for Dvoracek, but there is more DT depth this year anyways. If all stay healthy (starters play 13 games at least), then BEars should be 10-6, with only weakness at QB (what a surprise).

Go Bears!!

How you know not to take a player in the first round...

Shoulda taken the mountain that is Jeff Otah and traded up to get Johnathan Stewart. I wish we had the Panther's first round, not some overweight wuss. Hey Jerry, "We feel Matt Forte is a first-round caliber runningback." Angelo... I DONT TRUST ANYONE WHO TRADED THOMAS JONES FOR A 2ND ROUND PICK AND HANDED BENSON THE STARTING JOB. I wonder if Mark Cuban is interested in a GM position with the bears...

To early to call Williams a bust but it does not bode well for him to start out soft and fat. Wait until a tough defensive end twists him into a pretzel, I am sure that won't help the back or the ego as the QB gets drilled into the ground!!

I hope he turns into a great one and wish him the best.

Ryan, If the business model of a chiropractor was to fix a problem so it never returned, they wouldn't stay in business very long. The business model of a quackopractor is to provide temporary relief, but assure that the patient will need to return. This way they get repeating business. People that start going to quackopractors rarely stop going. Williams is soft, weak, has short arms, and will be a talent bust.

woah, that's too bad, I was really hopin Williams could at least play 1 game before he was off the team. Durn! I really hope we can draft someone that stays longer than preseason drills next year. I guess it's official then, Williams is out cause the naysayers said it was so.

Yes some of you guys are right there were rumors about Williams back leading up to draft day. Williams has been asked about it a couple of times and has stated he doesn't know what anyone is talking about.

Williams biggest problem is he is a big man who is really gifted and has good genetics but does not work to improve his gift. If he gets in a gym, tones up, strengthens his core and fixes his posture he will be fine. That said my biggest fear with guys like Williams who have that relaxed personality, is that once a guy like that gets paid he lacks any kind of motivation to improve.

Almost forgot St. Clair already proved time and again he can't play LT. He sucks at LT, thats why he is a career back up. If Williams is not able to play LT the Bears oline will be in worse trouble than last year, it has less depth already and Williams was brought in to fix the line, and then the Bears ignored the line which was the greatest need for the rest of the draft, until the last couple of picks.


Old Bell..... Hilarious

If you have been to one, then I am sorry you feel that way. I hope you didn't have a bad experience.

If you have not, then your opinion means nothing. Until you experience something, your opinions of such lack validity.

Little fact for you. Everyone needs different health care professionals for different things.
1. Osteopathologists goal is to restore optimum blood flow.
2. Physical therapists goal is to restore optimum range of motion, and restore strength to muscles of affected joints.
3. Chiropractors remove nerve interference.

I am just saying that Williams would have a maximum recovery with all 3 opinions/treatments.

Anyways.... stay healthy Bears!!! 10-6.

Old Bell
lmao! Good
I agree to disagree on Williams though, Yes, Da ignored the OL and didn't even pick up Bentley which I thought was important for at the least bench strength, (it may very well be our undoing this year) but I feel the Bears team Drs. looked over the pick before spending that much money on it, This is a business after all, Draft rumors are spread by every team to get a player down to their pick. (maybe by DA to get Williams lol)
Just give him a little time - he's a rook we don't need fire on him so early like we did Stan. Anyone remember Stan?
Am I worried about the OL? !@# Yes! But it is what it is and I will wait to see the man in game before I judge.

I'm tellin ya. You people are absolutely rediculous. The concern with Williams was his neck, not chronic back spasms. It's really sad that the great majority of you are so fatalistic to where you would classify this guy as a bust after 3 days of camp. And to whomever claimed that D-linemen were calling him soft, again inaccurate. Williams proved to his prospective employers that he was diciplined by not retaliating after Red Bryant swung at him in a senior bowl practice. Imagine atracting negative attention to yourself at the most important job interview of your life. But just wait until Williams has a crack at Bryant in game 2 of the preseason, I think we'll see a different outcome.

Keep in mind, there was a reason he was placed by all draft prognosticators at the top of the first round, because he dominated against the SEC's best pass rushers for his entire career. Why throw a kid under the bus after the first week. Walter Payton netted 0 yards in his first game as a Bear. That one worked out pretty good.

Ryan, thanks for your medical input, and no I have never been to a quackopractor. However, I work with several people who do go, and they go constantly. They get temporary relief, and then need to return a couple weeks or a month later. They become addicted to the visits and the temporary relief, but the problem never goes away.

Don Red Bryant is a nobody, in a in a draft that had little in the way of DT's Bryant is a 4th rounder, Williams in a class full of talented OT's is a first rounder, Williams should be able to handle Bryant in his sleep, they shouldn't even play against eachother, you have a nobody and a potential star. So far the star hasn't practiced because of bad back. For a first round pick Williams has failed to impress me in any way shape or form. Missing the first 2 weeks of training camp is never a good thing.

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