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Rookie LT Williams out with back injury

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Rookie first-round pick Chris Williams left the practice field during a one-on-one pass-rushing drill.

He was taken to the training tent and then to the locker room and coach Lovie Smith revealed he has a back injury.

It's not how the Bears wanted things to start with their prized selection.

``We'll always err in favor of the players, but it was to the point where he couldn't practice,'' Smith said. ``When I say there is some stiffness, I don't know exactly how much, but he couldn't practice. The guys know there's a difference between pain and injury. It seems like his was more of an injury.''

No word on the seriousness of it. Undrafted free agent Cody Balogh worked with the second team after Williams departed.

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What is Kirk Barton doing? I could not believe the Bears were able to pick him up so late in the draft.

Boy, can the first two days of camp go any worse? Now an offense that looked out of whack even before the season started, now seems even more problematic. Last year the offensive line struggled to keep defenders at bay, and now arguably the best two players (Kruetz, Williams) are out. Not the best way to start the 2008 campaign.

Who'd-a thunk it. Could this be an irony that the one who held out until the last second got "injured". I don't care who you are, that there is funny because quite frankly he's playing the system. Then again that is my opinion.

Hey Rocco last time I checked Kreutz will be just fine and as far as Williams he isn't a starter yet and on top of all that we are 2 days into CAMP not the season. Where in the world do some of you Bear fans even come from? Every time I read anything on our team who we should support and love I end up reading negative garbage that sounds like the world is ending. 2 options out there for you so called Bear fans: Support the team or get the heck off the bus, PERIOD!!!

I hope the injury is really slight and that he's back at practice healthy and eager. The O. line needs all the help it can get. I tried unsuccessfully to get more information on Williams' injury and Hesters hold-out from other sources. Please keep us posted on any developments.

Hmm, didn't Williams have some kind of neck or back surgery that raised a few red flags when he got drafted?

This is a HORRIBLE way for Chris Williams to start out, hopefully its nothing serious?? The good out of all of this, [if there is any] is that another rookie tackle, Cody Balogh, will get a chance to show what he has got. Maybe if Balogh can show the coaching staff something, he can eventually become the new swing tackle for the Bears. I don't know a lot about Balogh, I have read that he was a three year starter at left tackle for Montana, and was pretty dominant. This is according to scouting reports I've read, all we can do now is watch how he performs against the big boys.
Jake D, I believe the Bears are planning on useing Kirk Barton at right tackle. I also agree that Barton was a great pick, especially at #247 in the 7th round. GO BEARS!!

How did he get hurt? Tripping over a flat on his back Dusty or is his food allergies flairing up? Please don't tell me that another model citizen cashed his first check and decided that he had enough zeros to call it a career.

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