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Report: Dallas still interested in QB Simms

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A report in the St. Petersburg Times says the Dallas Cowboys are still interested in Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms.

If the Bucs will lower their demands from a mid-round draft pick. That seems like a steep price to pay for a quarterback who:

1) Hasn't played since 2006;
2) Is coming out of contract after this season;
3) Is scheduled to earn $2 million this season.

The Bears are monitoring the Simms' situation but trading for him doesn't make a lot of sense unless you can secure him into the future. Interested teams and Simms alike are both hoping he's released. Tampa Bay has five QB's on its roster.

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Bottom line is that the Bears simply must get a veteran to be the 3rd QB for this season, especially knowing their recent history at the position. No disrespect to Celeb Hanie either. Why did we even let go of Griese in the first place? Maybe not Simms, but we must secure the position. We do not want Hanie playing at all this season. Are their any other veteran options out there?

The Bears have their guy in Rex Grossman so the matter of Chris Simms next wherabouts is irrelevent!!

Just when does a player become a Veteran? They have two QB's with experence in camp that they feel can do the job... 3rd string belongs to a rookie IMO... I hope they stay away from Simms and all other QB's that have less up side then what we already have

Dan the Bears have felt every year for the last 20 years that they were set at the QB position in camp. Even though we play musical QB's every year and have not had a legit stud or even a good QB in that time. Lets take a look at the list: Steve Fuller, Rusty Lisch, Greg Landry, Mike Tomczak, Doug Flutie (Actually was good so naturally we got rid of him), Jim Harbaugh (He was also good, even went to a pro bowl so of course Chicago hated him), Peter Tom Willis, Will Furrer, Eric Kramer, Steve Walsh, Dave Krieg, Rick Mier, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno, Shane Matthews, Cade McNown, Jim Miller, Chris Chandler, Henry Burris, Kordell Stewart, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Brian Griese. Rex and Kyle have never had more TD's than turnovers in a season. They are below average QB's at best.

Oh and Orton is currently the favorite to win the QB job over Rex and while both have looked bad in camp, Kyle has not been as bad as Rex.

I still think keeping tabs on Simms is a smart move by our GM, we are giving Kyle a shot at taking the job, Rex is strckly signed as insurance at this point. Bill how do you think Rex is going to react when the home crowd gets on him for throwing an INT, or better yet fumble's a snap, Look man, I backed Rex for years through the injuries and growing pains and still think the kid can play, but it won't be for us, his psyche' has taken a pounding and nothing less than a Super season in Chicago could repair the damage... Everyone dogs out Simms on the blog, but all these other GM's are watching the guy also, what do they know that most Bears fans don't???....As for whose on the scrap heap at QB, you have ready to use starters: Culpepper, Leftwich, and Testerverde, so I think Simms may be more of an attractive option, the only one of these guys I'd look at would be Daunte who would have a NFC revenge factor going for him, but he wants to start so that won't happen.

I don't think there is any need for the Bears to sign another QB, especially Chris Simms. Just look at Chris Simms past, the guy had a hard time establishing himself while at Texas. Also, ever since Simms has been drafted back in 2003, he has spent most of the time on injured reserve. Yes, neither Orton or Grossman are gonna put up pretty numbers every week, but the Bears have proved they can win with either one at the helm. Anyways, with the Bears, its all about defense and running the ball. I say let the best man start between Rex & Kyle, which will be decided in the pre-season. I realize both Orton & Grossman have looked bad in camp, I wouldn't worry a lot about it. First off, the defense is always ahead of the offense no matter who's camp you go to, and don't forget, the Bears easily have a top 5 defense, especially with every one healthy again, so this is not going to make it any easier for whoever is at the helm for the Bears in camp. Plus, the fact Orton & Grossman have to rotate in and out doesn't help either one's cause to much. I think once a starter is named, [I think its gonna be Orton], and whoever it is gets some extended time with the starting unit, will be fine GO BEARS!!

I would look at Culpepper as well, I thought Simms was playing pretty d.. good just before the injury, and while I don't have a problem with the Bears keeping him in mind, I am thinking it's getting late in the game to bring in a Vet. 3rd stringer..
Simms, Cullpepper or Rookie - I would be happy with any of the above at 3rd. The way the QB's played last year, Simms or Culpepper could either one be starting by years end where as a Rookie might not.
Brad Johnson is still in Dallas I think so that would be 3 Vet QB's on their roster so maybe Simms being in Chicago is not that far fetched.

If I remember correctly Simms played pretty good against us when our D was peek about three years ago(he almost lead a comeback). Tampa had a terrible o-line the year Simms got hurt, and I think that's why his turnover's were high. AS any one will tell ya pressure bust pipes,and that's with any Qb ask Tom Brady. He is worth a shot if you can get him to sign he did have upside. He's been out so you figure 3rd string and by year's end he should know the offense,with a real shot to compete for a next year.

Brett Farve. If only to watch Packer fans weep in agony.

Aside from the injury last year, I seriously do not understand why no one is jumping on Byron Leftwich. I mean, the guy has a career QB Rating of almost 80, with one season close to 90. Ok, maybe he's not the best decision maker on the field, but he's thrown for more TD's than INT's in 3 of 5 seasons, and his completion % is almost 59%. Why not look at him for 3rd string QB?

OK, I see everyone's point of getting a 3rd veteran QB, but the Bears have made it clear that they aren't going to. If they were, that QB would be in camp already, putting a little more heat on one of the two QBs that the organization is going to put out there as a starter.

I think this point is made even more clear by the fact that we have heard nothing about an offer for Favre, who wants to stay in division. Now, as a lifelong Bears fan, I can't see Favre in navy blue and orange, but he is the best veteran QB available (if he really is).

Here's a quick list of the veteran QBs on the market right now and how I would rank them:
Brett Favre
Byron Leftwich
Daunte Culpepper
Chirs Simms

The top 3 have been in the playoffs and I believe the pro bowl (just not sure about Leftwich) so if the Bears were going to bring in another QB they would have acted by now.

I hope either Orton or Grossman can lead us back to the playoffs!

I have the utmost respect for Favre, but not as a Bear.
Oh yeah, can you see Butkus rooting for Favre?
Can the Bears just please hire a QB drafter that knows what he is doing? And give that franchise QB a real Oline like a professional Football team does? and not have to pick up other teams discards? Maybe we should rename `Da Bears' `the bearpack' as well, so we can help Favre feel right at home oh and if we could all wear a little green/gold it would help the bearpack QB get over his Soldier Field jitters.
I don't think the Bears want anyone to compete with the current QB's - thats why a Simms might be the best fit. But with a good oline we would be fine with our QB's - what, we need a QB and not a good Oline?

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