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Hester reports to Bears camp

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Devin Hester's resolve to sit out the entire 2008 season, if necessary, to get a new contract ended after two days of training camp.

The wide receiver arrived at training camp happy teammates reported at breakfast this morning, in time for a morning weightlifting session and today's 3 p.m. practice.

Hester shows up after accruing roughly $30,000 in fines for missing two days of practice.

``It's time for me to take a stand,'' he told the Sun-Times Tuesday in explaining his absence. ``We're going to stand by our decision to do this and we feel like this can go down to whenever in the season or the end of the season. No matter what.''

There was a change of heart between then and now, and this puts Hester in position to compete for a starting job as a receiver. He was slated to work with the first team on Wednesday and will not be far behind now. Teammates and coaches were understanding of his position as he's scheduled to earn $445,000 this season. General manager Jerry Angelo spoke with Hester's agent Eugene Parker on Thursday and expressed that he didn't want Hester to feel slighted that the club got a slew of contracts done and not his, that it remained a top priority for the club.

Perhaps that was good enough to motivate Hester to appear. Maybe he just wanted to grab their attention, which he did by stunning Angelo and Co. by not reporting Tuesday night.

Check back soon for more details.

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Hooray for #23 reporting to camp. Gee, another well-timed and enlightening article Moronotti you complete and total bumbling idiot. Glad to see you were once again too busy sucking off shemales to notice that the garbage you write isn't even valid a couple hours after it gets printed. Congratulations, I wish I had aborted you all those years ago.

Love, Mom

This was the perfect way for Hester to do it...make a big splash and then go right back to work...after he got everyone's attention...and he comes out smelling like roses...go bears!!!

Well, this is great news. Not entirely unexpected being that if Hester held out a few weeks he may have been fiend two thirds of his 2008 salary..

Maybe it's because Angelo made it clear he prefers to deal with contract issues when the player is in camp or the slew of phone calls from his teammates supporting him. I read that Vasher talked to him and they discussed his past contact issue, Vasher made a stand then came to camp and played on his $450,000 season and was rewarded handsomly the following year.

At any rate this is good for both sides, Hester made his point clear, Angelo reitterated his deisre to get him extended as soon as possilble and now Devin can get back to work.

Go Bears !!

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