Dvoracek hopeful to be on field next week

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Dusty Dvoracek was upbeat Thursday morning while discussing his latest setback--a calf injury he suffered two weeks ago working out with teammate Tommie Harris.

The former teammates at Oklahoma were getting ready for training camp doing some defensive line drills, including resistance training with bungee cords. Dvoracek was placed on the non-football injury list Wednesday and will not be eligible to practice until he passes a physical.

A sprained left hand prevented him from participating in a good portion of the offseason workout program, and he needs to be on the field coming off the torn ACL he suffered in the season opener last September at San Diego.

"I knew I was questionable,'' he said. "If it was the regular season, they wouldn't [place me on NFI]. Right now, they don't want to push it too quick.

"I don't see myself missing more than a week. I'm hoping to be out there next week for sure. It's kind of just day-to-day and we're monitoring it."

In his absence, veteran Anthony Adams was with the first team at nose tackle. It could be a job Adams secures. He started eight games last season after Dvoracek and the departed Darwin Walker went down with injuries.

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This guy is sounding more and more like a paper tiger.

Well, hate to say I told you so, but giving Urlacher his extension before paying Hester really looks like a bad move, but with the Colson signing yesterday, at least the team has a basis for numbers to work with for Devin. Here's hoping this issue is done by the end of the week, if it drags on longer than that it could really get ugly, and with all the hopes being put on Devin offensively that would hurt our hopes to build for another playoff run.
Picture of Angelo in the paper today when asked about this blunder is priceless....LMAO.....

Dusty is a botch. He'll be gone for the year before pre-season is over.

I wonder how many times Dusty has been tested for 'roids?

Dusty Dvoracek is to DTs what Aerise Currie was to WRs.

Yeah I agree Zoran, paper Tiger.pay A kick returner Ahead of Urlacher, crazy He couldn't remember where to line up when he had 4 routes and limited formations. He needs to take the Highest paid special teamer ever with incentives if he performs as a reciever Jerry's right on this one. His best returner moments are behind him teams won't kick to him. Trade him for the Browns Quinn and a lower round pick.

Didn't someone on one of these blogs call Dusty a known commodity recently? I know what he is known for now. He hurt himself trying to keep up with Tommy,huh? Anyone still want to say that Tommy is injury-prone and might not be worth extra money? I guess it's because he plays without a really good side-kick.

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