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Camp notes: Hochuli weighs in on rule changes, "cult" following

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Ed Hochuli is a man of many Web sites.

Google away to see for yourself.

The attention he receives--Charles Barkley once came up to him in Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix to introduce himself--is mind boggling to him. Hochuli, who has worked two Super Bowls, is known for his descriptive penalty explanations and bodybuilder arms.

"I am mystified by that quite frankly," he said. "I really am. It's funny and I get a kick out of it. I don't know why it is. I don't know why there is sort of this cult stuff and the number of people I hear from and people on the street that come up. It just kind of blows me away. I mean, I'm not anything special. The players are the special ones. They have the talent. I don't have any talent. I'm just an administrator.

"I think it started with [CBS analyst] Phil Simms. It was a really, slow boring game and they had nothing to talk about. He circled my arms [on the telecast] and started talking about my arms. I've kidded him many times about starting the whole thing."

*** Hochuli is visiting camp to go over rule changes and points of emphasis this season with the team. It's a two-part process--a video and meeting room session and work on the field during practices. Major changes for this season are the elimination of the force-out rule. You have to come down with two feet--or hand or whatever--in bounds now unless a defender carries a receiver out of bounds.

*** The five-yard incidental facemask penalty will no longer be called. It's all (a 15-yard penalty) or nothing now. In the entire league, there were only 29 five-yard facemask penalties last season.

*** Officiating crews are going over rules for the speaker in the helmet of the defensive player.

*** Field goals and extra points have been added to the list of reviewable plays in instances where the ball does not travel above the uprights.

*** The winner of the coin flip can now defer to the second half.

*** As usual, sportsmanship remains a hot topic for the league.

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