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Camp notes: Hester does some work on the side

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Devin Hester did more than just stand around Saturday night at practice. He fielded some punts from the Jugs machine at the start of the session on the side. He was not in full uniform.

Maybe some of his standing around was productive though. He spent about five minutes chatting with general manager Jerry Angelo on the sideline.

He wasn't just watching during team drills either. Hester walked to the offensive huddle to hear the call on a handful of plays, one of them a bubble screen to Rashied Davis off of a play fake.

``I really don't know,'; he said after practice when asked about his situation. ``I'm still in the process of negotiating and hopefully it'll be done. Like I said, we're close to it. Hopefully in time I'll be out there.''

Hester is on the non-football injury list with a hamstring pull and is not expected to practice until he receives a new contract.

*** Kyle Orton looked better in practice after a rough go of it at times Friday.

*** Coach Lovie Smith praised rookie running back Matt Forte, who made a nice one-handed grab of a screen pass from Rex Grossman.

*** Brandon Lloyd continued to get open on his routes during the evening practice.

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I know its only early camp time, but every thing you hear about rookie running back Matt Forte has been very good so far, I hope he keeps it up. I really like what I've been hearing about his receiving ability. I think this kid is going to be special. Its cool Brandon Lloyd has also been steping it up, hopefully he can do it on game day as well. As far as Orton and Grossman, I don't think one of them is going to take control of the starting QB job until pre-season starts. It seems to me that whoever is working with the second team, has the worse day. I also see Orton has botched a snap, and Grossman has every day so far that camp has been going on. This problem needs to be fixed, and its going to be hard to blame Olin Kreutz this time, especially since he is currently sidelined. I'm confident they will fix this problem GO BEARS!!

I will be amazed if Loyd turns out a starter, that would be awsome , if he continues to get open then either he is good or the d is bad.
Hester can't practice with a inj. anyway and a I don't think if he stays out to long it will hurt, but him being new WR he needs all the practice he can get

As long as you mentioned QB Kevin, I thought this story about Da QB is pretty good. The snaps are the thing I am concerned about, I can handle a pick or 2, but snaps really deflate the offense more than anything. It is a new Center, hopefully that is it, but if Olin gets hurt we will need that new center.
Yeah, I feel a combo of Forte/Jones will be the thing - can't wait for that. They had a story `somewhere else' about St' Clair moving to G when Williams starts, (I will wait for the game to start before I say Williams didn't make it - no Nostradomus (sp?) here)] I really thought Ced should get another chance but I am really happy with Forte/Jones now! I like Forte as well and having 2 good RB is the best. I really like to be able to throw a different good RB at the opponents D to shake them up and make them think, it's hard to react when your thinking.

Matt looks like the real deal early in camp, love the work ethic and ability to catch out of the backfield. You know that the opponents are going to be doing their best to strip Forte of the ball because of his penchant for dropping the rock in college. I hope holding onto the ball is being emphasized big time in practice and I hope the Bears D has the green light to try and strip Forte of the ball during preseason to get him ready for the regular season. Forte/Jones could be good, both can run and catch. Benson dropped way to many passes.

As for Lloyd, he has talent no question. But Lloyd has exhibited a no contact mentality in games with Aligator arms, he seems to short arm and drop the the catch coming across the middle of the field. If he gets the Tom Waddle guts in coming accross the middle Lloyd will be great, I am a little skeptical however after watching him first hand out here in San Francisco. I think Rashied Davis is going to be a stud in the slot this year, he is speedy quick, shifty and creates seperation with good hands and has exhibited big play potential. The Bears have some talent in the receiving ranks with Hester who could go 1000 yards with 6 or more TD's, Davis, Earl Bennett this good kid looks pretty good early as a rookie, Booker old reliable and Bradley the potential #1 receiver that has all pro talent if healthy is the question. Lloyd could be an added bonus. The Bears will be in the top 15 for receiving yards in the NFL this year.

Believe, Believe!!!!!

I agree D - I am only worried about the OL. It looks as if with Hester/Bradley etc our WR are upgraded over last year, our OL has to
give the QB time and actually I have heard that Forte (Jones) are alot better at picking up the blitz than Ced and catching the ball as well, with these factors added in that will help our OL. No longer can they just expect the RB to drop the outlet pass, or let the blitzer slide through.
Yeah, Davis can help, I am beginning to like our WR believe it or not. Def. better than last year, didn't think I would be saying that with Berrian gone, but with Hester and Bradley and Davis coming on Bennet the young Pup with hands/talent, Booker the reliable old (albeit slower) man, maybe we have something here. Loyd looks good so far with what you say about SF all we can do is wait and see, but we aren't in too bad shape w/o him....
Never woulda believed I would actually be saying that so soon.


I am also feeling pretty good about the talent at wideout. Believe me I would love to see Bandon Lloyd excel, he has the physical skill to do so but the head trips and toughness has been suspect in the past. I hope he proves me wrong.

The other part of the receiving corp we did not bring up is the Tight ends. They should be stellar this year with some big play potential. The passing game will be allright if the line can keep the quarterback off of his back.

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