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Camp notes: Bears find way to upstage QB competition

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You did not think it was possible, did you, that the Bears could come up with a way to upstage their quarterback derby.

Boy, did they. With linebacker Brian Urlacher present, and rookie first-round pick Chris Williams delivered on time, the franchise still found a way to have the QB shootout take a back seat.

Devin Hester did not show for training camp and when the team's best (only?) offensive weapon over the last two seasons doesn't show, well, Rex vs. Kyle (Kyle vs. Rex) can wait for another day.

Hester's decision somehow came as a shock to the Bears even though agent Eugene Parker told GM Jerry Angelo on Monday it was a possibility. Agents come in all types but I haven't known Parker to use hyperbole much or often. He's pretty much a straight shooter.

So this one figures to hang over camp for some time. The club is offering incentives to Hester to pay him as a top receiver if he performs like one. Here's one problem with that, when is the last time the Bears had any receiver perform like a top one? Well, Marty Booker the first time around in 2001-2002. I don't know if anyone wants to stake their financial future to the Bears' quarterback situation.

*** Williams' arrival was good to see and certainly made the vocal fans in attendance happy. If there was a rookie of the day it was probably wide receiver Earl Bennett, the third-round pick from Vanderbilt, who made a handful of nice receptions.

*** Yes, Urlacher looked fine running around on the field.

Quote of the day

"It is very difficult given the situation,'' GM Jerry Angelo on the team's showdown now with holdout Devin Hester. "It's probably one that I won't ever experience again. But again we're working at doing it. We want to do it. He's earned it. He is a very, very good player for us. We're all in agreement on Devin's value."

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yo jerry, heres a suggestion. i think you should spend less time on the practice field giving interviews and more time working something for hester!!! i think the bears as a whole are really coming together, and i think they could be pretty good for the most part. the one thing the bears have to do is get hester happy, he's to important to this team.

does anyone know where this dipsh*t mariotti comes from? he couldnt have grown up anywhere near chicago, if he had, he wouldnt be writing the crap he is about the bears. how can you work in chicago and dis the bears? are we as fans going to take this, this is our team (as fans) and we shouldnt have to put up with this!!! oh, and why isnt the sun times saying anything about it? i know its mariotti's opinion which is fine, but my opinion of mariotti is, is that he sucks!!!

hey brad briggs, can you find him and tell him i said that?

When are we going to stop treating NFL players like childern. Hester signed a contract and makes millions of dollars and he cant report to work. If he wants to sit out a season i say good by and catch you later. He wants receiver money then he should prove that for at least one season.


These are the only words that Angelo should hear right now:


And Jon, no offense, but Mariotti is pretty much only speaking the truth. Angelo is trying to be the dictator of this team. In my mind, no matter how well you perform on the field, you Angelo is going to get under your skin until you won't show up before he thinks someone is serious about a new deal. Hester isn't the first to do this recently. Briggs threatened a holdout last year. Urlacher did the same this year. Now it's Hester. I do not understand how Angelo can let this happen. These guys are the cornerstones of the franchise, and have the numbers to back up wanting new deals.

They just need to pay Hester, ASAP!!

Say Anonymous,

I think everyone is in an agreement that Hester deserves more money, Angelo aklnowledged that fact about (5) month's ago. The problem is finding common ground on his value between the Organization and Hester's Agent. Hester himself couldn't put a value on himslef in his quote yesterday....

The Bears and Eugene Parker have been bargaining back and forth for some time but can't seem to nail it down yet. Angelo was surprised Hester held out becasue Hester knew his extension was a work in progress and didn't complain at all unitil yesterday.

On a finacial note, how much is Devin worth ??? $4, $5, $6 Million a year ??? I for one think he should be the highest paid Special Teams player in the league but if he wants to be paid like a top rated WR, well, he needs to prove it first. No doubt he is a spectacular talent but if he flops as a wide out the Bears will be stuck with a bum contract.

I like the idea the Bears have, give him a nice pay increase that makes him the richest ST player in league History and then add in some incentive clauses for the WR portion. If he is as good he thinks and we all hope he is then he should make plenty of more money.

Another thing to consider is Salary Cap Ramificatuions now that the recent signings of Urlacher and Williams pretty much gutted the remaining Salary cap dollars. Once Hester signs his new deal the Bears may need to cut a Veteran or two to make cap room..... Ricky Manning Jr and his 1.85 Million cap cost will certainly make the first cut but the Bears may need to dump more salary.

Some more Veteran cuts or perhaps some contract reworks needed, any Ideas ???

2008 Cap hit in Millions: Metcalf 1.48, McGowan 1.42, Agunleye 7.2, Tait 6.93, Olin Kreutz 5.33, Hillenmeyer 2.45, Garza 1.3, Tillman3.3, Vasher 5.15, Briggs 5.47, Urlacher 8.62, Clarke 2.67, Booker 1.75, Alex brown 2.95, Idonije 1.90, Maynard 1.28, Gould 2.64, Harris 6.5, Olson 4.4 are all amongst the highest paid Bears....

Any of these guys expendable ???

I think Metcalf and Hillenmeyer could be at the top of the cut list after Ricky.....

Say B.P.

How much do you pay the best special teams player in the league? It's not like you can compare him to anyone, he's that much better than every one else. He's breaking special team records in two years taht it took some guys there entire careers to put up.

He gives you instant field position, a combined 2713 yards in returns over two seasons and that is with teams not kicking to him as often as they can, 13 TD's for return in that time and 2 TD's reciving and 300 yards catching the ball in one season part time.

So the guy has given you 3000+ yards of offense and 15 TD's of offense in two years and that does not include field position when they don't kick to him.

Chad Johnson has given 2809 yards of offense and 15 TD's of offense in the same amount of time as Hester minus field position.

Owens has given 2535 yards of offense and 28 TD's

Steve Smith has given 2168 yards of offense and 15 TD's

Moss has 2046 yards of offense and 26 TD's in that time.

So it seems to me as offensive numbers go Hester is right in there with the big boys. Heck Hesters Job is harder to begin with, it's a lot harder to return a kick or punt for a TD than it is to catch one.

So again I ask how do you pay the best special teams player ever?

Heck if the guy becomes a true number one reciever and still maintains his return ability they you have a real problem because he will be worth more than any player in the league.

Let's face it. Rookies that are paid big money in the NFL are paid on their potential.

What has Jake Long done in the NFL the past few years. Chris Williams? Still, they get paid.

Using this logic, Hester could be considered a rookie receiver. Except, that he has already won almost half of the games the Bears have won the last 2 seasons.

Perhaps Angelo could reason that Hester doesn't get along with Rex, so let's get rid of Hester. Oops, this was done before (Jones-Benson)

Better yet, Let's trade Hester for Favre. Hey Angelo-any more bright ideas?

Angelo set a goal for himself to sign all players by training camp. Guess what, you failed.

Pay Hester Now!

Wow, nice stats Creighton. That should prove it. Give Hester the top reciever $ he's looking for then. Besides making catches last season, he chased down and tackled Redskins defender Springs when he intercepted Griese. Now that is a must for any reciever on this team. PAY DA MAN!

I wonder how much money the Owners make per year total profit on DA?
Now I am beginning to see why they didn't pick up Turner....Hester may be commanding ALOT of $$ the next few years, if so then Da will be fun to watch for awhile, they need to sign him long term now.
Actually when Devin ran that first kick in the SB for a TD how many of us had our feet on the floor ALL THE WAY! I don't think I landed for awhile, I know I was heard screaming for a few minutes in Florida.

Wrong, David Hester does not make millions to play football he makes half a mill a year. Don't hate on the guy. Not one person said bleep when Urlacher had his contract with years left torn up and re-written the first time. It was decided that he was a special talent and that he deserved more money. Now Hester is a special talent and should be rewarded in the same manner. If You knew that you were worth more money then it's in your best interest to get what you have coming to him. You can go and get another job if you are not happy they are not free to do that. Get all you can before you can't.


You should be negotiating the deal with Hester, not Angelo. Great stats, I would not have thought to look at the stats that way.

Pay Hester!!!!!

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