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Camp: Headed to practice shortly

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Are you armed with your list of storylines?

Practice begins at the top of the hour as the Bears kick off the 2008 season.

Brian Urlacher will put his repaired neck and back to the test.

Mike Brown will start what is an essential summer for him.

Marty Booker puts on a Bears helmet in front of fans for the first time in four years.

Rookie Chris Williams should be here on time to participate.

Oh yeah, a couple of quarterbacks will have their every move scrutinized.

There's that and a lot more. We'll do the best we can to bring some updates via Twitter from the sidelines. Then we'll have a recap or two this evening. Check back often. The weather is perfect. A great summer afternoon for football.

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Allright the QB derby One the most talented Quarterback the bears have had in the last twenty years the other his Backup for the last four but Bozo The Clown and the rest of you Blind Fool Rex Haters hope the backup plays better in the preseason so we can bench are 1 st round pick that lead us to the superbowl two years ago and start the less talented player and win it with specal teams and D. Give me a break Rex should get ever snap with the first team and we can get back to the offence we had in 06 If we had stuck with rex last year at 1 and 2 who knows but you same clowns wanted Brian gresse that just shows how little you know about the NFL game.

The Hester no-show took me by surprise. What's the problem there?First Briggs, then Urlacher, then Williams, and now Hester. What's the sense of contracts if no one honors them? Maybe there should be heavy forfeiture penalties if these so-called professionals think so little of commitments they have made. These disputes are getting completely ridiculous. Maybe the commissioner should show some leadership and come up with some ideas for solutions. I'm even in favor of strikes and boycotts if they would eliminate this constant bickering refrain of people fortunate enough to become instant millionaires because of athletic talent.

Ha Hester is a no show, kinda expected that. Just call him Prime Time Jr.

Hey Anonymous why don't you do me a favor and post all those Amazing stats Rex has put up in his career. He is still the only QB I have ever seen get a 0 QB rating and you think he is the next big thing, wow thanks for he education on what a good QB looks like. So to be a good QB in the NFL you must throw more Int's than TD's, fummble the ball a lot, have no ability to read a D and panic under pressure, oh almost forgot he can't hit the dump off man and can't throw short, his accuracy is also very questionable. Boy you could tell how good he was by the way teams tried to sign him this off season. What a stud.

Ahh Dusty is hurt again, maybe the Bears should put Dusty and Bradley on there own special team, they can call themselves the gimps.

Creighton if you are so down on Rex why doint you give us the Names of all the Bear Quarterbacks with bigger wins or that have taken us deeper into the playoffs. O yea you will just say they all suck. Open Your Eyes without Rex Grossmans Play in the Playoffs in 2006 the bear would still have just one NfC Campionship Trophy. You would think a guy would be judged on his play in bigtime playoff Games not meaningless games after you have clinced home field and the division. but you would perfer to look at the Meaningless game than the OT game aganst the seahawks or the championship game aganst the Sant,s. Clown

Come on, guys, let's see how the two quarterbacks perform and see who beats out whom before bickering about greats, almost greats, has-beens, and disasters we have known. I like both quarterbacks but am admittedly prejudiced because I'm originally from Indiana, which is not a state producing a lot of big-name q.b.'s, but Purdue has done pretty well at times. I still am a Rex fan but hope he can produce a great season with solid consistency.

I agree Creighton. If we had Brian Griese start in 2006, which should have happened since he outperformed Rex in both the 2006 and 2007 preseasons, we might have just won a dandy superbowl title for our great city. Rather, the Bears went with Rex and we got to see Chicago embarassed on national TV. Like the D coordinator of the Colts said of Rex at that game: "He's scared to death." Rightfully so, they continued to blitz and apply pressure.

Anonymous, maybe you should have watched a few Bears game AFTER the first couple of months since the beginning of the 2006 season.

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