Camp: Countdown to kickoff

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Buckle in because here we go on another football season.

The blog was a dream not a reality when training camp opened last summer. Now with a revamped look (the staff tells us it's easier to manage now as well) and some more handy technology gadgets, we've ready for kickoff. To prove it, we've got half our bags packed with an eye toward a morning getaway to Bourbonnais.

We've also embarked on a new effort using Twitter. It's a handy resource to send out quick updates from the practice field, game, Halas Hall or wherever. You can subscribe at and receive the updates just as fast as they're sent out via text message or IM. It's free. Our handle on Twitter is cst_bears. Check it out.

Twitter will not replace the work done here but accompany it. Our goal is to have a few updates a day with recaps, news, etc.

Thanks for checking in and we'll set the date for a mailbag column soon. Hope to see you in training camp.

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I really feel you have done a great job Brad, and if I get tickets to Da in Indy I'll think of you, (for just a second)

Can't wait for the updates on offense:
Only position I am not concerned with is TE. LOL

Good job as usual, Brad. The twitter concept should be great. I'll be sure to check in daily. Good news on Urlacher, I guess. Let's hope he has one of his best years ever. I can't wait to see how the new Bear offense is going to perform, but should we have some major concerns about defense? The D. looked pretty bad last year at times. Hopefully the new year will bring back the D. at its best.

why haven't the bears signed Williams?

Brad, I'm looking forward to your coverage on Twitter, this blog and in the paper (well, the online version, anyway. I'm following from out-of-state.) Go Bears.

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