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Bears want RB Jones to drop weight

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Picked up an interesting tidbit talking football in the coffee shop with Jim Miller and Howard Balzer of Sirius NFL Radio this morning.

They got together with running back Kevin Jones for an interview that was played this morning, and Jones told them one of the things the Bears want him to do is drop 10 pounds while he's on the physically unable to perform list.

The thinking is Jones will better be able to handle the the wear and tear of the job on his surgically repaired right knee if he's a little bit lighter. Jones had surgery to repair a torn ACL in January and is at least a decent bet to begin the season on PUP.

Right now, the roster lists the ex-Lions back at 6-foot, 228 pounds. It's not like he looks out of shape either. We'll try to catch up with him later today and expand on the issue.

It's going to be a hot and muggy practice at the top of the hour. We'll Twitter some updates from the field.

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This is typical Bears operating procedure. Let's take a guy who was successful at the weight he is, and let's change him. We did the same between Jauron and Lovie. One guy wanted bigger defensive linemen, the other wanted lighter D-linemen. Alex Brown had a 40-50 pound swing in two seasons. He bulked up to 280-285, and then had to trim down to 260. No wonder he has been so slow in developing. Instead of worrying about the weight of a guy, worry about strength. Was anybody overly concerned about reggie White being an effective pass rusher at nearly 300 pounds his entire career? Did Jerome Bettis ever have knee strain at 260-280? Leave the guy alone to play the way he is capable of. When he drops weight, it isn't like he has a lot of water and fat weight to thin out. It will be muscle mass, and if it weakens the area around his knee, he either risks another injury, or takes longer to get back.

We do this all the time to guys, and it never works like it is supposed to. When will we learn?

let him practice in this heat for a week and the weight will be gone. the bears are coming together as a team after getting everyone signed and all of them practicing together. i think the football world is wrong that the bears arent gonna be worth a crap this year!!!

I would imagine Rusty Jones ( Bears Trainer) wants him to lose the 10 lbs.There isn't a better trainer in the NFL than Rusty, so there must be something to it.

I see the Bears have been playing rookie defensive tackle Marcus Harrison at nose tackle, and he has been doing a very good job so far in camp at the nose position. This is good news, and where I thought the Bears needed the most help. With Anthony Adams being excused from practice and Israel Idonije with the bum knee, Harrison got even more reps at the nose position in the last practice, and I've read that the coaches are impressed with what they have been seeing from Harriison there. I've always liked Harrison's size at 6-3 310 lbs for the nose position. I hope he keeps up the great work and can come in this season and help make the Bears d-line even stronger GO BEARS!! oh yeah, hopefully rookie offensive tackle Chris Williams can get back on the practice field very soon...again GO BEARS!!

Great news on Harrison, I have been worried about Dusty, he will be there and he is good DT but the health thing - it's nice to have Harrison, I was thinking the Bears got him cheap and he would be good as other teams were scared off. Thats one thing I like about JA drafts he gets the guys other teams are scared of and they play great.

The term got him cheap is a bad analogy to use on a football player. I would think a better term would be a steal, than cheap. I hope the guy Harrison, can play beacuse I'm also concerned about Dusty being able to stay on the field for more than a game. Still concenred about the reports on the QB situation I see, it seems like they are throwing picks all over the field, instead of moving the footbal and sustaining drives. This is what we need back there someone who can get the job done efficiently. Saw mention of Rideau having a good camp so far, the guy almost made the team last year, has size and some speed, where is he currently on the depth chart Brad?
As usual in Chicago the Defense is always ahead of the offense, anybody know what been's happening with the o-lineman, anybody stepping up in camp?

Yo Joe, I listen to the Sirius Radio program from 9am to noon on the Bears. A host of Bears and coaches talked, nothing new at all.

Rusty Jones and the coaches for the Bears want Kevin Jones to loose weight not to make him weaker but to get him back in game shape. Kevin himself said he wasnt even in practice shape. Another reason for Jones to loose weight is for his rehab. The quicker he looses 8-12 pounds the quicker he will get on the field and rehab. When alll said and done Both Rusty and coaches want to see Jones no more then 5% body fat.

Out of all the people that was interviewed the most interesting was Ron Turner.He talked about Brandon Lloyd. He said and I quote that " If Brandon Lloyd cant make it with his collage coach then he probably cant make it at all." Ron was saying this is Brandon Lloyds last chance. As far as Hester he said he is a #1 WR but will only be out there for 30-40 plays not 60-65. Doesnt sound like a #1 to me but it is what it is.

chitownbear, the only thing's I've been hearing about the offensive line haven't been very inspiring either....not good. As far as individual players, Josh Beekman has been struggling at center, but its to be expected, after all, the guy only played the position in three games at Boston college. So maybe its to early to jump all over him just yet? I still wouldn't mind seeing him at guard, a position he is more use to playing. I think a lot of us Bear fans have been guilty of taking the great center play from Olin Kreutz for granted. Its almost like some of the fans on this blog think, ah...the Bears can stick anyone in at center and won't miss a beat...ah NOT!! I can't stress this enough, Olin Kreutz needs to get healthy and back into the starting lineup, or we are in big trouble. Hopefully, with a healthy Kreutz, Chris Williams long awaited return, and sliding St. Clair over to left guard, the Bears o-line play will improve, keep your fingers crossed. But anyways chitownbear, to answer your original question, I haven't heard anything on Tait or Garza, so maybe this means they are doing good because they haven't been mentioned. Oh well, hopefully with a healthy return of Kreutz and Williams, the Bears can get this offensive line thing right, I think they can. GO BEARS!!

I did hear from the other paper that St. Clair was much improved. Whether this is to be believed I don't know but it was reported as such.

Kevin & Randy; thanks for the updates, I also saw where their was a scrap between Barton and the Big samoan the other day, always good to hear when the tempers start flaring that means its getting competitive out there and that's what we need on the o-line some nasty disposition, they line up for night scrimage today I hear its Orton's turn under center hope he starts to hit his stride, been hearing good things on Forte and understand the depth at DB is strong as well. I'll be watching and posting; fellows you do the same, with you guys and Creighton, I can keep up with my Bears from far away.....
Still looking for Mike Brown to hit somebody clean and hard this year!

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