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Bears not interested in veteran safety Lynch

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Brett Favre is not the only future Hall of Famer who doesn't look to be welcomed by the Bears.

They do not have interest in adding veteran safety John Lynch, who mutually parted ways with the Denver Broncos. Lynch and Bears coach Lovie Smith have a close relationship dating back to their days with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but Smith said he's not looking for a reunion with Lynch. The 16-year veteran has said he will need a perfect situation to continue playing.

That opportunity will not come here even though the Bears have more questions at safety than any other position on defense.

``We're OK right now with what we have,'' Smith said. ``I think the world of John Lynch. You're talking about a player who plays the same way always. One of the toughest guys you'll be around. But we're going in a different direction.''

Free safety Mike Brown has held up so far but getting through camp has never been a problem for him. He's missed 43 regular-season games over the last four seasons. Strong safety Brandon McGowan also has an injury history and behind them are unproven young players such as Kevin Payne, Craig Steltz, Josh Gattis and Leonard Peters. Danieal Manning could figure into the equation if needed. In other words, once again the Bears are counting on Brown to stay healthy.

``We have healthy guys that we feel pretty good about,'' Smith said. ``I like talking about John Lynch whenever I can though.''

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I highly doubt John Lynch would bust for the Bears like Archuleta did, but with that being said, I agree with Lovie Smith, I think its time to see what the Bears younger players got. If Mike Brown can stay healthy, the Bears will be set, if not, we will get to see what former LSU star Craig Steltz's has got. I do know that Steltz's has got a nose for the ball, as demonstrated while at LSU. But even if the Bears did sign Lynch, he would play strong safety for the Bears. I myself, really like what we got at the position already. Brandon McGowan came on at the end of last season, and Kevin Payne is a hard hitter in his own right, I think either one could do just fine for the Bears, and as stated earlier, "its time to get younger at the position." I will say one thing as far as free safety, if Mike Brown gets injured again and Steltzs can't handle the position, the Bears need to address the free safety position on day one of next years draft, but I think between Brown & Steltz's, the Bears should be fine GO BEARS!!

"You're talking about a player who plays the same way always. One of the toughest guys you'll be around. But we're going in a different direction."

These sound like the words of a very, very intelligent man. This player's consistent! He's tough as nails! But we're going to go in a different direction.


yahhh.....another big time player the bears wont even consider, what else is new! oh wait last year they did bring in archuletta, what a bust he was! John lynch has been a proven player for many years and he can still play the game, better than the young guys on the bears. just like favre, they wont consider him either. i know lets let the vikings have him so HE can throw it to berrian!!! if the vikings should get favre they will be stacked, they will be a team that makes it high in the playoffs and could win the superbowl. so go ahead bears throw another season away because youre such a money grubbing organization to pay to bring in the superstars!!! sick n tired of the bears never doing anything right!!!


Can you please explain the Bears' faith in Brandon McGowan?

Can you say, "once burned, twice shy?"... after the Archuleta fiasco, my guess is Lovie and Jerry would be a little gun shy about signing Lynch. If the Bears situation was not one of rebuilding, it might make sense, but at this point they're better off giving the younger (and hungrier) guys the opportunity. With Mike Brown expected to go down before the end of the first game, there should be ample time for the young guys.

I think John Lynch would be a great fit on this team, I like his hard hitting style and he can teach the other safties how to play this game. That being said, I don't think that the Bears need him. They have a loaded D and I am excited to see what McGowan and Payne can do. On the Farve front, I think that the Bears should sign Farve. If GB is willing to give him up for a reasonable price then I say grab him. I also think that the Bears should play a little defense here and do what ever they can to keep him out of Min. If Farve goes to Min then the Bears chances of winning the Division goes right out the window. I can't wait for this season to start. Just hope that everyone stays healthy. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!

For Pete's sake guys. We can't have John Lynch on this team, because Mike Brown's so durable. We have Rex not even being able to throw 10-yard passes, and now Orton fumbling snaps, and some of you want Bret Favre?! Pullleasse!!

I would like to see Lynch added just becuase of last year we had problems - Lynch is not Archuleta, and would be great insurance, I like Steltz as well.

Hey Jon if you sounded like any more of a whiner I'D HAVE TO SEND YOU BACK TO KINDERGARDEN. And where in the world do you get that the Bears don't do anything right, last time I looked we just went to the Super Bowl 2 yrs. ago. I think the Bears feel great about Craig Stelz and Kevin Payne backing up Mike Brown and pushing McGowan for a starting spot. Not only that but Josh Gattis and Leonard Peters look like 2 pretty good developing safeties themselves. Can we please get rid of some of the whining and negativity that seems to run rampant with some of you Bear fans!!!

I would keep Lynch very close on my radar, just in case anything happens to Mike Brown (I hope to every football god that nothing does, when healthy he's one of the leagues best safties). Aside from a secondary injury I think the young guys need to play. They have talent. McGowan and Payne are only going to build off of last year, and Steltz I thought was a steal in the draft, and I think eventually could play a lot like Lynch.

**And where in the world do you get that the Bears don't do anything right, last time I looked we just went to the Super Bowl 2 yrs. ago.**

Oh yeah, Bill. That Super Bowl. We really romped in that one, didn't we?

Well lets see Lynch is a stud saftie in the Tampa Two scheme, a proven vet and a perfect fit fot the Bears who need saftie help in a bad way. So of course the bears skip on him.

This tells you a couple of things, first the Bears want to see how there kids play and two they are not interested in getting to the playoffs. Most teams try to improve in positions of great need the Bears seem to think it's ok to stand pat. QB, RB, WR, Saftie and even Oline where not properly adressed this offseason. Well QB hasn't ever been properly adressed. I know people are excited about Forte but he is still a Rookie playing with the second team and know one knows if any of the rookies will be any good not even the coaches. Look at there unfounded faith in guys like Dusty, Rex, Orton, all the recievers, Williams, Metcalf, Benson(had to chase himself out of town), Garza, the list goes on and on. Not to mention Lovie keeps putting his faith in a Offensive Coordinator that guy fired as a college coach for stinking up the joint at Illinois.

Hey Jon:

The Bears can do many things right the only thing that they seem they can't do is find a franchise quarterback. The Bears however are usually pretty good at finding defensive players and special teams.

But alas have faith there is talent on the offensive side of the ball as the offense is usually the most offensive.(pun intended)

Lynch has been a great player and fun to watch through the years, but his best years are behind him.I think the Bears will be fine with what they already have. Is everyone else as sick of the Favre fiascos as I am? About the only thing the Bears could do to make me an A.F.C. fan would be to pick up that prima donna who can't stand to see someone else be the center of attention. He reminds me of spoiled rotten four-year-olds.

Boy sometimes I have to check the heading for this section when I read some of the posts in here, I guess for some of you so called Bears fans it should be called Bears Sob, instead of Bears blog.....LMAO....some of you kill me with the negativity when the pads just went on last week....I really wonder how many of you even played the game even at HS level sometimes, players have to play to prove themselves on the field, and sometimes that means putting young guys on the field. Lynch was a stud, close to Hall of famer in his career, but the guy is 36... way older than Mike Brown. I think that explains why we are not looking at him, not that management is stupid fellows....Yes, we have not had a major QB in quite some time, but we have had playmakers on offense, and always had them on defense.....Let's look at a few pre-season games before we panic and bring in a 36 yr old to supposedly save the day......I believe this team will surprise this year, and a lot of you whiners will be trying to say you were with them all the way.....I for one am....Go BEARS.....

A future Hall of Fame player, but the Bears are "going in a different direction", the opposite. At least Lovie is honest.

Hey Green Bay is going through a melt down. I went onto the Green Bay gazette to read the Packers fans reaction to the fiasco in Green Bay with Favre and for one article there was more than 870 blogs. They are freaking out in the Tundra. I copied a good blog for you to read.

Green Bay blog
Ted Thompson may be the first "human sacrifice" at Lambeau Field.
Once the girlie-boy Rodgers falls down and hurts himself in game 1, Ted Thompson will go down with him. Oh it's possible that the fem could make it to game 4 without hurting himself, but by then he'll have guided the Packers to an 0-4 start and that will be enough for that chief eunuch Mark Murphy to fire Ted Thompson. (in order to save his own a*ss!) Hopefully, by then, the invisible wooses called the Executive Committee will have gotten their Viagra prescriptions refilled.
Unfortunately Thompson being terminated won't be enough to purge the Holy Land (Lambeau Field) of the evil spirits left behind by Thompson. Sacrificing the pig-headed egomaniac at the 50-yard line during half-time of the next game, will be barely enough to temporarily cle anse the bad smell left behind by his presence. Before we begin his execution, Thompson must submit to a fitting torture equal to the torture he has put us through by his incompetence. I suggest stretching him between the goalposts, covering him with syrup, and allowing fire ants to crawl over his body that were imported from Texas Stadium.
Finally, In order to calm the angry souls of those on the "Ring of Fame", we may also need his head on a silver platter.
Once the sacrifice is complete, only returning Brett Favre to his rightful place as the High Priest (starting QB) will permanently restore the true Holiness to Lambeau Field.
Only God knows where Thompson will spend eternity. I believe he should be "eternally damned" to being the General Manager of the Detroit Lions. However, Thompson has committed the "unpardonable sin". Even God may not forgive him...
He broke the consecutive streak as starting QB of God's Anointed Son. (Brett Favre)

Let's get ready for the sacrifice.
Start collecting the wood. I've got the lighter fluid.

Anybody got a light?

Entertaining isn't it?

All the Best,

Hey Dahlillama, could you actually name the proven talent on the offense, im looking but outside of Olin and Tait I can't find anyone else.

Hi Creighton:

Good question. I believe the offense needs to be effective not a juggernaut to bring the team back to Superbowl caliber quality. Because the defense and special teams are of championship quality.

If we have the same Hester effect as last year the offense will start with the ball many times on at least their own 40 which will shorten the field.

The offensive talent seems to be enough to finish in the top 16 in the NFL. I agree completely with you on Tait and Olin as the offensive stars but there are others that are NFL serviceable proven talent. With Tait as the right tackle (his better position) the offense should be more productive as long as the left tackle does not allow the QB to be killed by the rush. The running game will be better without Cedric for a few reasons. Jones and Forte will provide better running, blocking and better catching passes out of the backfield that will help to provide less sacks and that means less fumbles by the QB.

Desmond Clarke, Booker, Hester and Davis and are all effective NFL proven talent, but not offensive stars. Hester as an example had almost 300 passing yards last year with very few touches. With three times the touches he should go for 1,000 yards or more. Remember that last year the offense passing game was ranked 15th in the NFL for yardage. With more two tight end sets with Olson an effective pass catching tight end that will allow for chip blocking to assist the tackles on either side and delay the rush to the QB and provide favorable receiving matchups to obtain first downs.

The wild card is the QB's and running game. I really do not see how the tandem of Jones/Forte will be worse than Cedric? They have to be better. As for the QB situation there should be more available dump off situations to reduce sacks and turnovers but still a deep threat with Hester who had two long td's last year. Berrian was over rated as a complete receiver.

Creighton my gut tells me that the O line really could not stand blocking for Cedric, this Forte kid is starting out right with the work ethic and attitude that the vets will like and support. As for Williams who knows what you have with him, I am not impressed with him at all yet.

Rex or Kyle will be able to hit an occassional big play and keep some drives going more consistently but hopefully Rex will not lose games with stupid turnovers in either red zone.

Last but certainly not least the offense gets to practice every day against one of the best defensive units in the NFL (when healthy) that will make them better.

Now if only the coaching staff can make better half time adjustments the Bears should be pretty good maybe 10-6 and good enough to win the division.


Dahlillama, I see this offense finishing bottom 5 in the NFL, most guys look good playing 7-7 half speed light contact when they know what the D is doing. I don't think Hester will be as effective as most people think he will be this year. Our rookie so called stud LT Williams seems to be taking a vacation in the middle of training camp, what is it 10 days now? Thats not doing him any good, as it stands our left side is made up of a back up and one of two rookies. I also don't buy that the line did not like to block for Benson. Peterson is supposed to be very popular and I didn't see the line doing anything for him. We have the same Oline as we did last year with the subtraction of two starters who were injured and whos backups couldn't even out play them. Those backups are the current starters, Williams is getting a nice tan and seems to actually be enjoying his time off.

Cmon man the coaching staff adjust at halftime, we been waiting for that to happen sense 2004.

Also don't forget Jones is not supposed to return till around week 7, so the running game consists of two Rookies, Wolfe who looked horrible last year and Forte who I like but I have not seen anything from him that suggests he is special.

The Bears are running the same basic offense that the Rams ran during the greatest show on turf era, except we don't have a tenth the talent. We don't have the tools to make this offense work. It uses a deep pass to set up a power run game, for this to work we need a top notch QB, a killer recieving core, a stud power back, and a awsome oline. We have none of the above, the D is gonna get left out to dry again.

I agree the left side of the OLine is very suspect. Williams is certainly a concern. The left Offensive guard spot is also really looking poor. Metcalf seems to never really do it and is always injured.

You may be right in some regards but I believe the offense will make improvements despite the challenges you mention. More two tight end sets, chip blocking, quick passes to running backs etc out of the backfield. Wolfe can catch and with space could be a good third down back. Peterson is a pro and will work hard between the tackles with Forte who might turn into a complete package back. Some mismatches with Olsen's speed and height will play in the Bears favor. Despite the fact that Hester may or may not be a stud wide out the opposing defenses will be accounting for his where abouts that will create mismatches in coverage benefitting other receivers. Is the offense limited absolutley until that left side is fixed.

About Benson, come on, Benson was a slug at best, the Bears couldn't help to be anything but better without him.

The offense could finish in the top 20 with the defense and special teams in the top 5.

Grossman and or Orton will be middle of the pack as for QB's go but if they can just not make the mistakes with interceptions and fumbles they will have a chance to move the chains. Even time of possession should be better because the defense will have more three and out situations because of better health and depth issues.

Creighton how about a friendly wager. I say the that the Bears will be in the top 20 for total offense yardage and you say in the bottom 5 if the actual is in betwwen we push?

Your thoughts?

Go Bears!!!

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