Bears sign RB Jones

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Training camp convenes a week from today at Olivet Nazarene University and it will be good to see the fine people of Bourbonnais, Ill., again soon.

The Inside the Bears staff is going to swing back into action soon and we’ll have a few reports between now and then starting with news that the Bears have agreed with running back Kevin Jones on a $605,000, one-year contract.

Jones, the former first-round pick of the Detroit Lions, is still working his way back from a torn ACL in his right knee suffered Dec. 23 in a game against Kansas City. That means it’s possible he will not be ready to contribute when the season begins—there’s a difference between practice shape and game shape and injuries of this nature typically require at least eight months post-surgery. That’s the minimum. When we catch up with Jones, I’d expect to hear him say he’ll be ready.

His presence as a former 1,000-yard rusher will create some competition in an area the team apparently decided some was needed. Rookie Matt Forte is still expected to be the go-to guy in the backfield but Jones could provide a 1-2 punch with him while also pushing veteran Adrian Peterson and Garrett Wolfe, the third-round pick from 2007.

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I do not agree with this signing at all. He may or may not be effective coming off his most recent injury, which is his second or third season-ender in a row. This is a running back who has always lacked vision, and has gotten lucky that teams like the Bears stink at sealing the edge, so when he bounces everything outside, he sometimes finds daylight. I am not thrilled about a stable of Forte, Peterson, and Wolfe, but Jones is not even 7 months removed from a torn ACL! Most running backs who come back from that injury are not the same until 24 months after, and considering he had a Lisfranc injury before that, he is a serious injury risk.

As much as we need an upgrade at running back, I am not seeing this as an upgrade. It's not like Jones can teach the younger players anything. He will have to learn a new offense (and let us not forget his stellar education at Va. Tech, where he learned to score TDs and leave early) which he has never been very good at. The Lions kept trying to displace him as the starting running back, but missed on their draft picks (big surprise from Millen, right??). When they are dying to have Artose Pinner take your job, shouldn't that tell you something about football smarts, work ethic, and confidence?

I see this as a bad move, and hope he doesn't make the roster. That would be best for our team. Our financial risk is minimal, but the risk of derailing Forte's confidence is significant. As usual, the Bears make it sound like they are perfectly happy with the guys they have, and then bring in a "question mark," completely undermining the confidence in their own roster. They throw the new guy into a mess, and slow down the progress of the offense, as well as reduce the amount of attention they can pay to the rookie, who really needs the help.

Does this look like the death knell for Garret Wolfe after just one season? You don’t sign a guy like Jones with injury concerns and then expect him to play on special teams. So either AP is gone or Wolfe is gone. AP is a stud on special teams and has shown to be a durable option out of the backfield. On the other hand, Wolfe was touted as a possible compliment\insurance policy for Devin Hester. Any speculation on what all this means?

This is a great move by the Bear organization. We now have two guys that have nothing to lose and so much to gain. This also bring a sense of competition to the team. AP can now be put back on special teams were he has proven himself! GO BEARS!!

Welcome back, Brad!

Considering what the Bears paid for Jones, I see no reason to not like this move. More options are better than fewer options, and Forte now has two veterans he can look to for guidance.

Back from vacation eh?

What were the Bears saying, we like the backs we have? Ha, smokescreened everybody didn't they? What I like about this is how Kevin Jones will be rearin' to get back at the team that cut him. And, he knows the entire NFC North.

So, AP will be back at home on STs, Wolfe will be a situational back who can take that screen pass/dump off the distance, or move into the slot, and Jones and Forte will be our two headed rushing monster. This sounds more like a team that gets off the bus running. Go Bears! Hurry up, September!

Well, hopefully, Jones will in fact give the future defenses a scare and stay healthy. With the combonation of Forte and Jones, maybe the offense can remain on the field longer than five seconds and give our frightening D a breather once in a while. Only time will tell if this was ultimately a gift or a curse. Go BEARS.

Pickup was needed, Forte should be the starter going into week 1 and Garrett Wolfe isn't gonna take the beating . I don't expect Jones to stay healthy either


Welcom back!!

Well it looks like the Bears with a two tight end set, the new line, maybe a playmaker or two in the receiving corp and a decent backfield tandem will get off the bus running and maybe even be productive.

Great move Bears for fortifying the running game. Jones has real game breaking potential if the Bears can diversify their offense with some type of passing game and not leave 2nd and 3rd down distances that force the game in the air and that are difficult to manage.

Is Favre next in line to sign with the Bears? Now that would ruin the Packer fans year would it not? It really does not matter because T Rex will have a very good year.

Big Bad Brad, Welcome Back ! and what a time to come back good news on the depth chart with the signing of Jones. This is needed because we have heard great things about Forte, but until he hits the field I for one am not convinced. This is not like AP-Vikes coming on to the team, so another big body in the backfield can't hurt at this point, and the numbers are well within reason for 1-year, if he performs we'll deal with the re-up contract at that time. Been looking forward to Training camp the team has a lot to prove this season, was looking over an ESPN ranking of players and they have the Bears offense dead last (or close to it) in most categories. Still I like the team when it is an underdog, and this year that's what we are...Next up back-up 3rd team QB, please no one drop the bad cheesehead rumor into the blog, I for one am glad he's gone!!! Go BEARS.....Let's hit somebody!

Welcome back brad!

camp almost here.( thank god!)

And for bloggers that don't understand "buy low sell high", never let the Seller KNOW YOU NEED IT..

in Sports you never "announce" you need a player( all it does is drive up the price), it costs you Zero to in the public , Say you are not hiring a running back, thus jones can't use the bears as "leverage" with another team and drive his price up.. by waiting and jones still having bills that need to be paid, but no job, you get a player desperate AND at a much lower cost, by swooping in later.

Patience sometimes is a very good things, despite mnay not practicing it. I would not be suprpised to see a Guard also come in soon. as the deals dry up and players desperate for a deal will be asking for alot less with camp Soon.

Kudos to Angelo and stein, good job

Welcome Back Brad (nice way to break it huh)
Kevin Jones workout Vid....

I have been bashing the Bears owners for not historically (sp) picking up FA. Now this may not be a Randy Moss but it tells me Da Bears are finally getting serious about winning. What with signing our own players! for a change and now this. Maybe Virginia wants back up on that Podium again. :)
Thanks all Virginia/Michael/Ted/JA/Lovie and of course KJ and his agent.
We need Bentley (OG) now and we will see about a SB!
Hey, If KJ checked out and other teams were gonna pick him up then I have no doubt he is real close to healthy.
fyi, For Bears (Virginia) info:

4.0 yd avg career (Lions!) I think we could use that.
NFL Site Jones Vid. shows a little video but what it also really says is that there were a few teams interested in KJ and Da got him...
The point is the Bears actually went after someone they felt could help this team win. It's a win win for Bears - This does not hurt Forte - He still plays he just isn't thrown to the Wolves, and gets some time to adjust w/o the Spotlight Glare.
I see Forte/Jones 1:2 Punch!

I think this is a great move. I was not comfortable going into the season with AP and Wolfe as the 2 and 3. If healthy, he can add some punch to the running game and it didn't cost them much. It will be a nice 1-2 punch with Forte. Kudos to JA!!!!!

I like the speed Kevin Jones can add to our backfield. I don't think Jones is durable enough to be a every down back, but I do think he can be a nice complementary back. Forte will be the man in the Bears backfield this season, and Jones should add speed to make them a nice combo for the Bears. The next question is QB?? In one week we should be closer to this answer. I like Kyle Orton, but I've read that Grossman has looked a little better. While they have both thrown a lot of picks, the word out of the OTA's is that Grossman is making more plays downfield. I don't think this question will be answered until the pre-season begins, this is when either Kyle or Rex will establish himself as the starter. Chris Williams needs to be the Bears top priority, hopefully a deal can get done soon. Other than the QB derby during camp, I want to see how Terrance Metcalf holds up at left guard, will Bradley be able to stay healthy to actually contribute, and if rookie Chris Williams can establish himself as the Bears left tackle? Oh well, cant wait, just glad that Bear football is on the way back GO BEARS!!

Hey guys, any Jones is better than no Jones at all. Hopefully he will pick up where Thomas Jones left off. Stay healthy Bears so we can surprise everyone this year.

Just a few more improvements needed before training camp and the new NFL season.

Add a proven offensive guard.
Bring the Honey Bears back, I really miss them.

I won't even mention the QB situation since in the Bears history the QB was typically marginal or functional at best.

Ok the Bears need an all pro at QB. Any ideas who?

Kevin Jones will help Matt Forte become a featured back in time as he'll spell Forte in the first 6 games or so. I see Jones starting with Forte being worked into the offense slowly. Both seem to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield and run through piles with the ball, something Cedric Benson couldn't do.

The Bears 3rd third and long yardage packages features Adrian Peterson as the only back, so, Jones and Forte will be used primarily as two-down backs.

One concern I have with Jones is he says he's ready to go, but, what happens when fatigue sets in with him and his knee?, Especially in the 4th quarter where all the Bears' inujuries seemed to happen last year?

I'm not ready to crown Kevin Jones yet, but he at least has enough experience as a starter to make me feel a little less uneasy about Forte. I'd have preferred Najeh Davenport or Shaun Alexander, but it could be worse.

I do think it's unnerving that we as Bear fans are so desperate for an upgrade on offense that Kevin Jones and Marty Booker are big news.

This is a good signing for (3) reasons.

(1) the trio of Forte, AP and Wolfe just does'nt exactly say "Come off the bus running", PJ Pope and Mathew lawrence are unproven, untested players who we really don't knwo they bring to the table. Jones is at least a proven veteran carrying a career 4.o average per run and a nifty 6+ yards per average as a recieveir out of the backfield. If you watch his recent workout video you can tell he had fluid movement and shows to be way ahead of the recovery curve at this pint. Even so, the Bears will start him on the PUP list early in camp so he can acclimate himself to the playbook and then bing him along slowly in the preseason games. By time the season kicks off he will have had about 81/2 month's of rehab under his belt and based on his condition right now, should be ready to go for the season opener.

(2) Forte will be the featured back getting roughly (40) snaps a game, Jones should get (15) to (20) snaps a game in releif and then Wolfe or AP will round out the situational plays after that. Forte will need to be spelled as to not burn him out, the goal is to bring him along and get him on the field as much as possible but we neeed to limit him until he can adjust to the pro game, physicaly he is fine, great size but a (16) game regular season schedule is not the same as a (10) to (12) game college season.

(3) If Jones doesn't pan out it's no biog deal, we can cut our losses and not be breaking the bank. Adding competition in camp especially at RB is a good thong considering our lack of production from thre unit last season. Forte and even a recovering Jones are both upgrades over Benson so at least we now going into camp that our ground game should be at the very least slightly better then last years version.


Anybody remember Willis McGahee? He was all gung ho on getting back from an ACL surgery too soon, and wasn't able to play at all his rookie season. Sure, he looked great in shorts cutting, jumping, and running, but that in no way indicates his readiness to play football. He is going to have to be on the PUP list to start the season, and we will be lucky to get a single game out of him this season.

To think that a guy 7 months removed from an ACL tear is going to help your season is not being reasonable. Not to mention that he was coming off a Lisfranc injury to his foot the year before, and was struggling to show the same burst that he had prior to the foot injury. If he makes the roster for the opening game, I give him 3 weeks before he breaks down again, and is lost for the season. For once, the Bears need to be smart about it, and give the guy the first month and a half of the season to recover and to start building the strength back in his knee. A 60% Kevin Jones is not good enough to make this team better. an 80 or 90% Kevin Jones might be...

Nice snag for Da Bears after dumping Benson! We need all the versatility we can get in the backfield with only AP, Forte, and Wolfe. A rehab knee Jones is better than no lack of production Benson!

Now for QB all we need is to get Farve and off to the DA SuperBowl we go! Yeah Right like the Pack would let that happen...or would they?

Grossman makes more plays downfield because he cannot see over the line to make the shorter throws to the TE.
You can't throw deep on every play.
Da Bears need an offense that will control the game through time of possession. Give the D some time to rest so they CAN fly to the ball.
3x4=12... we need more first downs!!!!!!

It's funny you mention Favre as coming to Chicago, Big Bri. Because he is already helping us out! With the mess he's stirring up in Green Bay, and the recent tampering charges against Minnesota, he's already doing significant damage to our biggest rivals! Ha, gotta love it. GO BEARS!

Grossman makes more plays downfield because he cannot see over the line to make the shorter throws to the TE.

Yeah, I know Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and Steve Young all had the very same problem LOL......

Five days a week, the best college running back in 2002 arrives at HealthSouth to continue his rehabilitation from that hideous knee injury--three of his four ligaments were torn from their moorings--he sustained late in Miami's national championship game loss to Ohio State. It's a rather mundane setting for a high-stakes football drama that is unfolding before the draft.

Hey Joe,

McGahee tore up his knee a lot worse then Jones did this past December. McGahee eventualy came back and proved to be a darn good RB but his injury was far more severe. Jones did tear his ACL but the other ligaments were not damaged so it is possible for him to fully recover in time for the season and play effectively.

Of course every injury is unique and the recover time depends on the players rehab regimine and commitment as much the severity of the injury. The Bears know this and the team Doctors found nothing wrong with his knee so they are planning to bring him along slowly as they should be doing... Jones is a Veteran who had to learn (3) different Offenses in his time with Detroit so it makes little sense to try and rush him into action in an attempt to learn the playbook, he can do that running on the sidelines working with an assistant coach and eventually get some work in as camp progresses.

Don't count Jones out just yet !!

Here is a link on Ronnie Browns ACL rehab advice from TD and Edge, pretty good advice,
Joe is correct about the time factor but I would rather have Jones in camp and waiting than not have him at all, I feel we will have him strong by the midpoint of the season and into the Playoffs! Look at how fast T.O. came back - (he had the right Dr.) :) Maybe KJ has the right Dr. as well....

Jones will be a non-factor until October. My problem is the QB so-called comp. What's to compete bring in a Culpepper or Leftwich make it a honest comp, or give the rookies a real look. I donot believe it is a comp. I believe the staff has already given it to Wrecks GROSSman, and it will be a sham. All that equal pay crap is a sham this staff and GM need to be replaced, THEY HAVE NO CLUE... I am still a fan of the team but they need a change.

Carl, I agree, Grossman does have a tendency to force balls deep when he should check down. Turnovers kill the Bears, and ruin drives. This is why I think Orton is the best QB for the Bears. Orton has demonstrated, late last season, that he will check down when the big play is not there, but at the same time, can make the big play if it presents itself, especially in the Saints game. Oh well, let the better QB start. GO BEARS!!

I still don't understand why people keep saying that the BEARS don't sign free agents. Didn't the offense that went to the Super bowl consist of at least 7 starters who were free agents? Losing the Super bowl has made too many people forget that this isn't a team that has sucked for a bunch of years. That 2006 team went to the Super bowl for the NFC over teams that made bigger splashes in free agency that year and the year before. I think that it's a no-loss situation. If he doesn't pan out he's still not breaking the bank. There was a nice picture in the paper with Jones blocking Briggs on a blitz and it's funny how it looked better than any block I ever saw Benson make. And the way Detroit cut him while he was rehabbing an injury just goes to show that they use up guys too much and throw them away all the while they are still under contract. I hope he wear # 20 so I won't have a jersey going to waste.

To qualify my comment about the Bears personnel management they use no imagination Anderson has been misused since his rookie year as has Wolfe and Beekman you don't gain game speed without being in the game. With Anderson you had a player who could threaten the opposing QB and you misused him playing him with his hand down over a 300+lb behemoth and wonder why his speed was nulified and he got ran on and over and eventually hurt. You bring a over-the-hill Archuleta in and give up Harris for nothing, you give a spoiled non-productive self-centered running back all your support and his true colors come out and his actual worth is 0 no one wanted him after release, but fans and players love Jones,T. look at him now. You failed to address a aging O-Line and now you only have a rookie to show for it. And the crowning glory spending 4 wasted years on Rex Grossman after you took the job away from a QB who was 10-5 and banished him to the bench and bought in a journeyman QB what a load of flat out stupid moves and non-moves. You keep on talking about the Super Bowl where a coach with balls would have replaced Grossman in the second half or sooner they seem also either unable or incapable of making half-time adjustments. I wouid hate to waste the caliber of defense on this team on poor/inept management.

DeputyDawg, [cool name by the way] I wouldn't go no where near Leftwich, he is more injury prone than Rex. As far as Culpepper, he hasn't been the same since Moss left the Vikes. I do agree with you on giving the Bears young QB's a look, especially Caleb Hanie. But ONLY if both Rex and Orton fall on their face, which I don't see happening. I think one of them will step it up this season. My problem with Rex is durability. As far as Orton, I say give him 3-5 starts and he will come on. I think Orton is primed for a breakout year GO BEARS!!

Thank you KA but Culpepper has still been productve in the past and a short drop quick release would benefit a large mobile QB BUT yes I am a firm believer of develop from within but this regime has show very little on the developmental front and on the improvisional side, they lack flexibility. I believed all along Orton should not have been relieved his rookie year and we might not even be talking about a QB problem. This allegiance to Grossman is almost freaky. I have seen Hill play and like his potential but not the potential for this regime to develop him, if Orton does come out in front I would release Grossman pick up a journeyman and keep Hanie or Hill which ever progresses to fastest. It's time to put the Grossman thing behind us and go forward.

This should work out as ell or better than the Edmonds deal did for the Cubs.

Wow look at all the chit chat. Well let me start off with the Jones signing sense that is the actual topic. Jones had one good year his rookie season and has had three bad years sense. 3 Season ending injuries in a row, of his games started he has averaged only 40 yards per game, and has a 3.7 yards per carry average over that time. He can't run up the middle and bounces everything outside. Decent blocker and and decent reciever. The Bears will probably use him as there third down back and Forte as the starter. The only problem with this is that like last year it telegraphs what the offense is doing when the third down back comes in. Not to mention the North knows how to defend against Jones, he's a one trick pony.

Time for the QB issue again, Grossman sucks if a person can't figure that out you have problems. On to Orton, well he sucks too, Orton gets to much credit for his winning record, his numbers are horrible, just as bad as Rex's and he deserves no credit for those wins. That was all the Defense and giving Orton credit for those wins is just wrong. Throwing for 90 yards and 2 picks are not exactly what I would call good QB numbers.

On to free agents, well the Bears do sign free agents, they usually don't sign good ones is all. See thee above for Jones, the Bears tend to look at the scrap heap and hope they get lucky.

Lets talk about Drafting, Angelo couldn't draft offense to save his life. The Oline still sucks.

I got a new subject for all the good boys girls here. Why is Turner using Hester as a possession reciever and nuber 2 when he is clearly a Fly and lacks the Hands, size and knowledge to be a good number 2. Does anyone really want too see 185 pound Devin Hester constantly flashing the middle, also you all have seen how both Orton and Rex lead recievers, it's not pretty. Hester is gonna get himself killed. Don't we have a bunch of number two's anyway, Booker, Lloyd and Bennett. Is Turner putting all his eggs in the Bradley Basket. Thats umm an interesting move. You have Hester the fastest guy on the team, and a guy who thus far has only been able to master a go rout as your Possession Reciever, they have a field stretcher running short patterns even though he needs other player to tell him were to go when he is not running a go rout, this helps the team how?

This season will be a train wreck.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of crap! Crap-ton here again! Picking up Kevin Jones is a bad move! just look at Willis McGahee and all his injuries and what happened???? Well he rushed for over 1000 yds last seeson! So wait, what was i saying?

Anywho, da Bears will be the worst team this year becuz theirs no good players on the team. Yup, worse then the dolfins and falcons.

But u guys now me, ole' Crap-ton. I'm just tryin to be posative.


Good to see you and your buddy Crapton posting.

Creighton to your points.

Jones has a real history of injury, not good I agree. But consider that Jones had a pass happy Detroit team for the last three years striving to justify their poor choices of wide receivers in the 1st round. So Jones was stuck with poor running situations, a very poor offensive line and a pass first mentality. I believe his career rushing average is 4.0, he can block for the QB and he can catch out of the backfield. Now is he the best running back in the NFL? No far from it, but you have to admit he is twice the running back the Cedric ever was. I even think he has a nose for the end zone scoring 8 touchdowns on limited red zone opportunities. I think he will compliment Forte and the Bears will be OK, top 15 in the NFL carrying the rock.

Yes, I must have problems, because I believe that TRex will have a decent year. I think it has finally sunk into Rex's head that being an NFL QB means to take care of the football and also make the right reads, essentially playing a smarter game. In 2007 after Rex was sat down and Griese came in, when Rex got his second chance last year, look at the numbers, he really improved. He improved with absolutely no running game, Benson was a slug and the O line was so porous that you could poor water through them. The QB was manhandled every damn game. I believe Rex is serviceable, will throw for about 2TD's per game on the average. I also believe that Orton is slightly less desirable as a QB but also is serviceable slightly less talented than Rex. The actual career numbers for each support this line of thinking. Yes, it is essential that neither of the two Rex or Kyle lose games due to untimely turnovers particularly in the opponents red zone.

Hester as a wideout with three times the touches means close to a 1000 yards barring injuries. Just by having Hester line up on offense the D has to account for him with their speed d backs, leaving guys like the tightends Olson and Clarke and the others open for more opportunities.

Special teams will line up Hester on Punts and TD's most of the time if for no other reason to have the other team kick it out of bounds or to other Bears at the 40 yard line. Superb idea since even without a large number of return TD's from Hester the Offense starts with great field position. And great field position will help the Defense to dominate.

Last point, the season will not be a train wreck for all of the reasons noted above but for the most important reason of all. The Bears are going to field their best unit the Defense, yes a championship caliber defense this year. Most likely slightly behind the 83,84,85, and 86 Bears defenses. The D is stacked, the D will dominate and lets face it championships are won many times by defenses that smother and stop the opponent creating turnovers in the process. All aspects of the D are solid, we should have a stellar pass rush from the D line, the linebackers arguably are the best in the league and the D backs and Safety's are very solid.

Creighton, I am going to Vegas because the odds for the Bears will be so attractive that anyone could make some big money betting on the Bears. I say the Bears will go 11-5 this year and who knows may just get to the big dance and win it. No I am not smoking anything special.

I knew there would be a time where Creighton had to put his negitive outlook on Hester.
Hester as I seen has natural hands. As far as a 185 pound guy catching a ball through the middle, Well Ol number 87 comes to mind. Tommy Waddle never was as big or physical as Hester and Waddle still has all his limbs and half his brain left.
A guy like Hester only come around once in a blue moon. Utilize his skills and make him the most amazing and electric player in the history of the NFL. Gayle Sayers, Bo Jaskson and Barry Sanders are the ONLY players that I have seen with the pure physical ability as Hester. Lest Hester be a 1st, 2nd or a 3rd who cares get the ball in his hands anywhere on the field. Remember Creighton Hester is famious for returning kicks up the middle!

Anywho, da Bears will be the worst team this year becuz theirs no good players on the team. Yup, worse then the dolfins and falcons

So crap-a-ton, your saying (10+) current and former probowlers ie, Vasher, Urlacher, Briggs, M.Brown, Agunleye, Harris, Hester, Gould, Kruetz, Booker, ect.... equals no good players and worse then the Dolphins ???

Man, you must be either stupid or drunk, probably both !!!

Go yoho captain Hooks wanker and be gone with you..

WOW...Bensonsucks...if you dont get what i'm doing *cough, parody, cough, look above, cough* then your intelligence must be equal to a lamp post's.

Creighton, something tells me that you must have been very upset during the Bears 2006 season. But then midway through the Superbowl and continuing to 2007, you were overjoyed. I mean, there's being a realist, and then there's being overly pessimistic and negative to a point where it looks like you enjoy it. I think you called the Bears' tight ends average at best. Huh?

As for Hester, according to you, he shouldn't be playing football at all then b/c he might get hurt. When he returns punts and kickoffs, who's he running against? A: He's going against big guys like linebackers, DEs, tight ends etc.

I guess you better warn Carolina that Steve Smith (5'9"/185 lbs) is in terrible danger and he should immediately stop playing as a receiver!

ha ha ha The Bears will go 6-10 this year. no line . no backs and of course lets not talk about qb and wr ... the cellar is where the Bears will finish.

oh yeah, NO FAVRE.

Iron Brain Dan:

Go back to Green Bay and wait for the ars whipping the Bears will give the Pack this year.


Any fool that wants a used up old man Favre is no Bears fan and most likly a closet chesse Head

Getting back to : By BensonSucks on July 17, 2008 3:59 PM
Grossman makes more plays downfield because he cannot see over the line to make the shorter throws to the TE.
Yeah, I know Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and Steve Young all had the very same problem LOL......

Garcia, Flutie and Young also had a thing called mobility.

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