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Mike Brown looks like old self, fine with conract restructure

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Veteran safety Mike Brown stopped Sunday at the end of the team's three-day minicamp to talk for the first time since rupturing the ACL in his left knee during the season opener last September at San Diego.

He's been cleared for a full return and looked like his old self, stepping in front of a hot read for Rashied Davis and picking off a Kyle Orton pass in team drills. Brown was off to the races for an imaginary touchdown to the delight of teammates.

"I guess you could say I’m surprised," he said when asked if he thought he would be back after a fourth injury-shortened year. "But I think the coaching staff and the guys that make the decisions upstairs know what type of football player I am when I’m healthy.

"I have one more year left on the contract, plus I took the pay cut and what not. I don’t think it was that hard of a decision for them."

The Sun-Times reported last month that Brown agreed to restructure the final year of his contract. His base pay of $2.44 million was reduced to $950,000. Brown can earn the difference of $1.49 million in a NLTBE bonus that is based on play time. A split was added to the deal, too, so Brown will be paid only $320,000 if he is injured before the season begins.

"I think it’s fair," he said. "I think it’s definitely fair because they’re giving me an opportunity to make what I signed my contract to make. They’re giving me an opportunity, I just have to be on the field and I think that’s totally fair. I don’t think they’re losing out on anything and I don’t think I’m losing out on anything because I feel like I will be able to play.

For more on Brown, see Monday's edition.

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"I think it’s [new contract] fair." -Mike Brown

Here's the scoop Bears fans. Mike Brown is not real. He's been a figment of our imaginations; making outstanding plays here and there and then disappearing for several months. When I see an NFL player calling his contract "fair," with him potentially seeing less $$$, I know he is not of this world.

He had no choice but to be fine with the contract!

I am pulling for you Brown... You make our Defense smarter with every play you are on the field. Make the runners pay and come back in a couple of years to coach our secondary.

Grossman and Orton seem to be having a competition at interceptions as well as the starting job. @#$% me it is going to be a long season.

Mike Brown is the leader of this defense PERIOD!! I think any real bears fan hopes that the freak injuries mike has sustained are behind him and now we can enjoy what it's like to have a potential hall of fame safety in our secondary game in and game out. I'll tell you one thing right now, good ol Peyton Manning won't find it so easy to beat us on opening week with a healthy Mike Brown, Tommie Harris and Dusty Dvoracek. GO BEARS!!!

And he'll feel himself when he gets injured seriously within the first few games of the season. Re-structuring his contract was a must since he didn't contribute at all the past two years. Good for him to agree to it.

Bill- Tearing ligaments in your knee are not "freak" injuries. An ACL tear is the most common knee injury in the NFL. Payne, McGowan, and Manning will have to step up if he's injured again.

Mike your an idiot.. Obviously he believe the deal is fair because the guy was paid full salary the last few years he was hurt. Mike Brown is the leader of this team and he demonstrates that time and time again class A guy.

AHHHH!!! It's Jerseyboy again!!!! Must...keep..head...from exploding...due to utterly inane...and completely nonsensical...comments!!!

Well, if you're going to call someone an idiot, at least try and have your spelling and punctuation correct. And please Jerseyboy, let me know how many high-caliber NFL players such as Mike Brown, would take less $$$ b/c he's been injured over the years. Tommie Harris has been injured the past two seasons. Do you see him wanting a pay cut too?

16 games

80 some takles

4-6 INTs

10- 15 pass deflections

1 game winning touchdown.

That would be a great season for Mike Brown. One that would allow us to forget about 06 and the 07 injurys he had.

I feel mike brown is a true leader but the fact remains he's injury prone.yes the bears are a better team it seems with him out there.but jerry, did not protect this position. as valuable as mike ,has been to this team ,we still need debt and that we dont have. every body knows defense wins superbowls the draft wil bring you one or two things a lot of what you want and some of what you need that said. i can only hope mike brown stays healthy this year im all for my home town team and to add payne and mcgowan are not good enough to take mike browns place so thats going to be our position of need until jerry or lovie fix this league is built on power and speed what good is a cover two if you dont have the rite players at every position why am i still talking about the draft oh thats rite we only got some of our wants andone of our needs.but anyway go bears

What's wrong with a guy wanting to prove that he wants to play and adjusting his salary to show that? I won't down a guy because of torn ligaments. You can't fake it. He could've just taken the money he has made and retired, but he worked hard to get back each time. The fact that it has happened to him several times is not his fault. He's older. He was uninjured and played very well over his first few years in the league. He didn't get hurt while he was younger so he shouldn't have to apologize for what's gone down lately. I know with fans it what have you done for us lately, but he is a rare player that is not easily replaced. The guy is better than anyone we've had in any safety position in 20 years. Why would you expect that replacing him is so darn easy? Getting Steltz and relying on the guys who have played sparingly over the last couple of year looks bad on the surface but name 5 teams with a safety tandem that is elite and has depth? There is not a wealth of great players in the league at any position. Only a bunch of good players. Greatness come along every other decade. If Brown didn't have these injuries he'd be among the top 5 safties going into this season. I define greatness in having the ability to stop the pass, support against the run, and creating turnovers. And being around the ball at all times which equate to playing well and recognizing what the other team is doing. Brown = greatness.

Good day Sir William R. Donald III,

I wanted to run this by you: “The best player for us probably out on the field has been Rashied,” [WRs Coach Darryl]Drake said. “He’s quicker. He’s faster. He’s stronger. He puts more fear in [the defense]. Go ask those guys on defense.”

If memory serves correctly, you sir, were quite displeased with Rashied Davis and his abilities. "A mutt will never be a pedigree," you had said. And then, "A-ha! It appears the hounds have caught the scent of a stag! Step lively now, tally-ho!" Perhaps this season you will give the ole boy a chance. Who knows? You may find yourself delightfully impressed by Davis.


"You're doing a hell of a job Brownie"

mike brown is a stud and when he's on the field i think we have a top 5 defense. i just hope he can stay healthy. we need all the team guys we can get.

Brown at least puts his money where his mouth is and backs up his deal with his play on the field.

Most guys won't do that wanting guarantees.

I hope that Brown comes back in 2008 as the stud safety that is a game changer.

Good health and a SB ring must be in Brown's future with the Bears.

No wonder our offense sucks, sucked and will suck again. If R. Davis was the best player then why didn't the Vikes sign him to a multi million dollars salary? Why didn't anyone sign him to even a decent contract? Oh I forgot he's the best kept secret in the NFL because he was the best we had,have and will ever have. What you are trying to do is start some kind of argument and bringing Rashied up as the best weapon is putrid. Excuse me whilst I choke on my Grey Poupon, Dear man. Pip-pip cheerio, fine sir. May I have another? Your attempt to broach a discussion about, one, Rashied Davis will be met with much disdain by myself, I must add. Wake up and smell the coffee. Drake should've been fired for saying some BS like that. Clearly he does not know much about talent. I'm sure the DB coach will concur his pronouncements of such hilarity. I know I'm laughing my Winston Churchill off about it.

It's twue. Rasheid has sick moves. Defenses ARE scared of him.

You would be Injury prone to if you were a 200 pound saftey that flies around kocking people out like a line backer all the top safetys have a high likely hood of taking an injury because of the position. Mike got hurt last year because he had beat that dirty A** do nothing but block overratted Oneal and he pulls cheap shot plays and pulled mike over backwards .Any player would have been injured there knee on that play . Go Mike Go Bears

Brown is a good guy but he also wants to stay on good terms with the Bears. If he does, the Bears will have a seat on the coaching staff waiting for him the day he is done playing football.

Mike- You're comparing apples to oranges since Harris has played a lot more than a handful of games the past 2 years.

Harris- 28 games played, 24 started
Brown- 7 games played, 7 started

Plus, there's a huge difference in age. Brown is on the wrong side of 30.

If Rashied is so sick then why did no other teams really go for him in FA and why hasn't he done much other than the 06' season?

Im choking give me a second ................................> My goodness Mike you almost killed me.

I read your post???? You have a tendency to quot alot of media. I see your moving on too coaches now hmmmm. You seriously beleive that Davis is the best WR or player on the Bears?
Here Billy Ray broke out of his shell and went back to the origanal William R. Donald and posted a very good post. Well said William, I enjoyed hearing your veiws on Mike Brown.
Thats what Willliam R. Donald was talking about the Saftie for the Bears, as the Bears have no such WR named Mike Brown.

I listen to what Drake had to say about Davis. DRAKE WAS TALKING ABOUT HIS GROUP OF WRs. Not the Bears team as a whole.

Now Drake might have been talking sence. We wont know untill September and October. As it lyes right now Drake beleives Davis is stronger, faster, and quicker up to this point then LAST YEAR!
He puts fear in the 2nd team defense because he is lined up in the slot. Nickle backs are not known for man to man coverage, so the whole secondary has to keep tabs on that guy. Is the saftie going to play over the top of the #1 WR or the slot. Its a move the saftie has to react on what he has seen from films.
I see that night light isnt so bright.

Say What Segment

The Bears havent lont a game that Mike Brown has started and finished since October 9th 2005 vs. the Cleavland Browns.

`I'll tell you one thing right now, good ol Peyton Manning won't find it so easy to beat us on opening week with a healthy Mike Brown, Tommie Harris and Dusty Dvoracek.'
I agree!! Colts fans will NEVER say that and I would NEVER use it as an excuse but the fact remains our D was handicapped and D was (is) our game. Living in Indy I am wanting to see the Bears D shut Indy down in their new Stadium!!. Hey I like Peyton and I am happy he got his Ring but not at Da Bears expense.

I like the deal that was made for Mike Brown, its pretty fair for both sides. I hope he stays healthy, because we are a different defense with Brown in the lineup. If not, I figured the Bears would go back to Daniel Manning, and maybe they will? But one interesting note, rookie Craig Steltz, who just agreed to a contract today, was running with the number 2 defense at free safety this weekend. I like Steltz, he has nice size at 6-1 210lbs, and heck, Angelo does know his secondary. One thing I notice whenever I read a scouting report on Steltz, is he has a nose for the ball. At LSU, he made a lot of picks and pass breakups. Well Steltz might not have the measurables of other prospects coming out, he does have a knack for the big play, similar to Nathan Vasher when he came out in 2004. Vasher, like Steltz, did not have the timed speed or other measurables, but had a knack for the big play, hence the nickname ESPN 3. Hopefully Craig Steltz can be a big play safety for the Bears, I think he can GO BEARS!!

very happy for him and ECSTATIC for DABEARS. Could you imagine the catastrophe if he looked like mccaskey, phillips or angelo!!!

I always loved watching the three stooges. They made me laugh! The trio of Brando, Sir William and Jerseyboy are no different.

Brando, it took me about fifteen minutes to weed through your swamp of misspellings and I'm still not sure what you wrote. I may consider charging you for the time I waste trying to read what you write. Child, you've been left behind. As for WRD, he knows what I'm talking about with Davis.

Sir William, choking on Grey Poupon must be painful ole sport! But never fear; this Davis fellow, now that Moose and B2 are gone, will not fail to impress. I know it must be difficult for a blue blood such as yourself to comprehend that a lowly free agent from the Arena League can ever make good in the NFL, but alas have faith! After all, how did you manage to make it out of Gibraltar with your aircraft in one piece ole boy?

We are counting on Rashied Davis as our threat at wide out??? Are you freakin' kidding me??? He's not terrible...hell, he's a decent 3rd reciever, but get serious folks. If RD is considered "feared" by our defense, our defense is in sad, sad shape. The only reason our defense "fears" Rashied Davis is because we have no other remote threat in our depleted and pathetic recieving corps. Here's hoping a rookie can bust the learning curve. That said, Mike Brown is a warrior and a true Bear. When healthy, he's one of the best in the league. But we can't count on him anymore. If he stays healthy, what a great bonus. If not, we'd better have the depth to recover or it'll be a long season. By the way Brando, they have this thing called spell check.....or the good old fashioned dictionary. It's hard to take someone who can't spell "Safety" seriously in a football blog.

In Mike Brown's last 16 games, he's had:
54 Tackles
2 Int
2 FF
4 PD
1 TD
3 FRec

Not bad. He's not racking up tackles like run stuffers Bob Sanders and Roy Williams, but he is playing as well as Dawkins and Reed. He's clearly a top notch safety when he's healthy and one of my favorite Bears.

Sir William- I too am very perplexed by Bear coaches staking claim on seldom used participants like Davis, Bradley, and Metcalf. It's very troubling to read things of this nature and must forecast another debacle again this season on offense. I must surmise a smell of subterfuge in the air here. Drake, Turner, and Hamilton all need to stand before the firing line for their numerous trasgressions.

i think davis' stock on the market fell last year because he didn't really play. if he were on the market after the 06 season maybe another team might have made an offer, he has come up with a few clutch catches for the team (against the seahawks in the playoffs, thinking of one). it's hard to gauge him since he didn't really play last year. one is for certain he will contribute on special teams but other than that who knows.

Agree with your comments bout RD but guy's lay off the put downs about spellin, and the 3 r's
I'm at work I don't have time to spell check myself I can understand the posts just fine - if it's close I'm happy...
if it's not, then read someone elses comments and STFU bout mine or whoevers, I'm more worried about my boss sneakin up behind me as he is want to do sometimes than I am about spell check -
this is fun and I'm not gettin paid for it so I don't worry bout spell check ... lololol

The Bears signed Craig Steltz to a 4 year contract.

Tampabay Bucs released Bruce Gradkowski.

Bruce Gradkowski could be the QB the Bears are looking for to hold the clip board. He has NFL experiense. Lets take a look at Bruce's numbers.

6 ft 1 in 220lbs. Born 1-27-1983 making him 25.

11 games started 17 games played.

1,791 yards

5.1 yards per pass

9 TD 10 INT

65.0 QB rating

54.0 pct.

11 fumbles 6 lost

His numbers arnt going to light up the place, but he could be a valuable plug in QB for a game or so. Thats if the Bears use their 3rd QB. History shows they do at one point in the season.

I don't believe that the Bears should take Gradkowski. The Bucs let Bradkowski go and still have Griese on their roster. The Bears got rid of Griese so why would the Bears want a Bucs reject who is worse than Griese? That doesn't make any sense. I know the Bears need someone to hold the clipboard but the Bears already have that.

Brando, I saw this release the other day, you could be right, but I would iike to see team wait on Chris Simms, I keep getting killed on this on the blog, but the cap is not the only reason Tampa is holding on to him. Gradkowski may wind up in KC who has a terrible situation at QB. I do believe that they (BEARS) will bring in a veteran by the time the season starts but you can't bring anyone in now, because Orton and Rex need all the snaps they can get to play out the QB battle....Keep your eyes open my friend we will bring somebody in....By the way other than Big Reuben do you see any other o-lineman available who might be serviceable if our young left guards don't check out?

Davis looked like he could play last year pretty good, being the `feared wr' though is kinda scary about our D. I would think Mike Brown could handle him easily. and I would think Bears would place Hester in a position to be scary to opponents D alot throughout the season, I don't see RD getting that much PT with Bradley/Booker/Hester 1,2,3 ?? sure some PT on a consistent basis but not a starter.
So scary?? that's scary to me as well. Not sure about that...
and Bennet needs PT as well.

Mike Brown - not sure I would have made that deal if I'm him, he could easily make a better deal with another team. But he's a Bear!

Bruce seemed to get unsure of himself as the year progressed....but maybe a backup here, depends on what the Undrafted QB's we picked up look like.

Anyone like Travis Henry?? I figure if the Bronco's didn't like his attitude then he would fit right in with Benson lol

Mike Brown was a great player his first 4 years in the league, now I don't know anything about them never loosing a game with him starting and finishing the game. To my recolection the Bears have never gone 16-0. As for Mike putting his money were his mouth is, he would have to be on the field to do that and last I checked missing over 40 games in 4 years makes it really hard to do just that.

I agree he is a great guy and a natural leader and it would be nice if he stayed healthy this year, I know he believes he has bad luck as he has stated, which worries me more then his injuries. Once you believe in luck you rely on luck and that is never good.

I know they say he seems like his old self but the fact is they are in shorts doing non-contact drills, so everyone looks better. I'll wait till after training Camp to see how Brown is doing.

Like I said I like him but I just won't count on the guy, the Bears also agree with this point of view as Lovie has said repeatedly he would be stupid to count on him.

I hope Mike does well this year.

I hear the QB battle is going rather badly and that Both Rex and Orton don't look all that great, can't say I am surprised. This was reported on Comcast last night.

They have also been talking about this years starting WR corps and Bennett has not gotten a single mention. It's all Lloyd, Booker, Hester and Bradley early on. Again can't say I am thrilled.

i also read a report similar to what creighton wrote about earlier. doesn't look like grossman or orton are doing very well, too many ints. i know it's just mini camp, so it's too early to worry, but what if grossman and orton don't improve? i wonder if the bears will be willing to give caleb hanie a shot?

i know i sound like i might have been smoking some ricky williams clipping but it might happen. lovie is always saying he wants to put the best players out there and yeah i know all about lovie speak. if they really don't improve i think hanie should have his chance. matt moore was ok last with the panthers, but a udfa doing well as a rookie is more of an execption than a rule.

i think it's still too early to give up on orton yet (sorry grossman fans but i gave up on him long ago, hell i never really gave him a chance) so i guess this post is more or less just me tossing the caleb hanie idea out there.


That Ricky Williams tobacco must be good if you think the UDFA Caleb could start. Although I have to say he seems to have some talent to be developed.

No more hitting the bong and stay with Rex and ORton at least this year.

Happy dreams

Wow if Mike Brown could stay healthy for a whole year! I'd say the odds are against it, but maybe he'll be used less this year. Although time was not a factor last year in the first game. But what if (a BIG WHAT IF)he stayed healthy? Take into these factors:

1. DT is good again. Much stronger than last year. T. Harris nuff said. And the "other" DT will be better this year. One of 4 guys will have to be good enough to beat out the 3 others. All have considerable talent. Odonije beefed up at 293lbs, and they said he is still just as fast. Dvoracek (if healthy) has shown to be a true bull rusher... the perfect compliment to a quick off the snap penetration from Harris. Matt Toeania #75 6'2" 307lbs, and showed to be good against MIN, GB, and NO. He got consistent penetration when single covered. And the enigma of Marcus Harrison. High risk/reward, but in the 3rd round not much of a risk. If this guy turns out to play to his capabilities, then DT is STACKED!!!

2. The fact that DT is set, means the Ends are better with the inside push. It means the DB's covering for 1 second less. It also means QB is under pressure a lot, and so passes will be up for grabs. The linebackers are all strong. Period.

3. So now consider all that, and add in Mike Brown healthy for a full season. Wow, what a what if!!! The defense would be best in the league without question. Just like they have been the last 3 seasons when Brown starts and finishes a game. These dream stats would be attainable if all stayed healthy:
1. less than 250 yards offense allowed per game
2. less than 13 points allowed per game
3. less than 75 yards rushing allowed
4. Force over 40 turnovers
5. Score 5 or more defensive TD's
6. Get over 60 sacks

The 85 Bears achieved all but total yards per game allowed (276), but succeeded in all other categories. This Bears defense has the talent and experience to be the next GREAT defense.


I know this is off topic but I have to tell you mike and prophet I never laughed so hard at any two posts like youse guys making fun of me. I'm serious that is funny stuff. No hard feelings believe me. I know putting my middle initial in between my first and last name leads to speculation but if you noticed I have two first names and when I went to the Army they had me add it because in the military the first name is followed by an initial. I actually missed a flight once becaue they called for Specialist Williams instead of Donald. I like my name. And I really hate the taste of Grey poupon. Too tart.

Hey Brad have these guys rubbed off on you? I just noticed that you spelled contract with only one "T". So it ain't so Double B!!!

'2. The fact that DT is set, means the Ends are better with the inside push. It means the DB's covering for 1 second less. It also means QB is under pressure a lot, and so passes will be up for grabs. The linebackers are all strong. Period.'

- That could be why Rex Orton are throwing more INT's (maybe the competition is making them throw as well)

I agree that if this D stays healthy we might be seeing the next `85' `46' `D' (I miss Buddy!) It could be history in the making again. These guy's have a shot to be that good.

haha! good advice dahlillama

ryan i agree, if the defense stays healthy, i can see them being the best without a doubt. even with a banged up defense we stayed close in a lot of games last year. we even were leading a few games until the 4th quarter.

the bears have an underrated secondary even when healthy. peanut and vash aren't even consdiered a top tandem because of the cover two. i think a lot it back there depends on the health of mike brown, it's sort of a blessing and curse. when healthy brown changes the face of the d like bob sanders in indy but just like bob sanders he gets injuried a lot and the defense isn't as good.

IF (a big IF) everything works out and everybody is healthy our d will be easily 1st in the league.

it's the offense that worries me. don't get me wrong i don't mind a 9 to 3 win, but it's hard to win in the playoffs like that.

i remember david haugh ranting on and on about how explosive the offense would be in 07, after what he saw at training camp, and he was horribly wrong. honestly i don't care if the offense is explosive or not. hester will always give us good field position, so i do see a need to get him possibly injuried playing wideout full time, as mayer seems to think. all we need to do is play a little bill cower football. power running game, good field position and a good/healthy d. nothing fancy but it works and has taken teams to the super bowl. even rex would have a hard time screwing that up.

What I would like to see out of the defense.

Blitzing and alot of it.

More 8 men in the box on second down with blitzers hitting their gap.

Play more bump and run.

Saftey blitz. It there use it.

If Dusty is healthy use more DT stunts

Let Alex Brown do his thing. He can pass rush, he can be a run stuffer, and he can drop into coverage. He is a hybrid Phillip Daniels with a quicker step.

Blitz, Blitz and more Blitzing this year.

Im sure with a new D-Coach and injured players, blitzing would have led to some nasty situations last year.

I feel we did not blitz enough in the Super Bowl we laid back and Peyton killed us. Blitz is the way to go but I don't think Lovie believes in it like Buddy Ryan did and Lovie has to shoulder the blame/praise so I guess he is right in doing what he believes in -That was one reason I didn't like Ron's D schemes, he didn't blitz enough for me (and it showed in the Big Game)But Ron's D schemes got us there he just did not adjust that scheme during half time.
I would like to see more offensive/defensive halftime adjustments this year to change according to what the other team shows in the first half.

The "D" will be better but the cover-2 has been exposed there needs to be some wrinkles put in to compensate and maybe some times take out Hillemayer and put Anderson in as a pass rusher and move him around make the offenses account for him and with Browns flexibility could be a way to go that means leaving Hillemayer out during pass rush sets. Lovie needs to be more like his mentor

P.S. wild blitzing is not the answer Brando making the offense play defensively is, and Anderson and Brown could be the wild cards and both could be on the field at the same time to make offenses account for where they are. The defense has become as predictable as the offense and you can blame it on injury if you want it is scheme and if the personnel can't run it maybe either the personnel should be re-evaluated or the staff, same for the offense, Dungy, Belichek and other winners have found a way to play with injury what is wrong with our staff?

Not saying wild blitzing, just saying at least one player on every play. Well besides the 3rd and very long situation.I.E. 3rd and 15 or more.

Relying on the front 4 for 60+ percent of the time just doesnt cut it.

djssr; you make a good point about Dungy and Belicheat winning with injuries on their team, but you left out one fact, they did not sustain an injury to their most important player. In both cases this would be there QB, even the Packers who I hate were able to win games as long they had Farve throwing the football. The Bears win games with defense first, and they had been inserting youth in the line-up to replace the injured players not veterans. Yes, the scheme is critical in any game planning situation, but you also must attack weaknesses on your opponents, with your strengths, the pass rush is the Bears bread and butter right now, they get pressure from the front four and blitz when they are not getting to the need to panic right now about the defense our problems start with re-tooling the o-line, and establishing a QB who is consistent in handling the ball reducing turnovers, and making the plays needed to WIN football games.

Mike Brown is a great player! He will play maximum of 6 games this season and will be cut by the end!

Sir William,
There is never any actual spite between me and a fellow Bears fan; except for Jerseyboy but I haven't the foggiest what his story is. Your classy posts (Jerseyboy, take note) and the use of your middle initial was indeed a tad suspect given that this so called "Bears Blog", is rather more informal than not. But much as I said before, keep it up! That is what makes this blog so unique and entertaining. And thank you for your service in the armed forces.

Sir Mike

P.S. - May I assume you now agree with me on Rashied Davis? Good! Welcome aboard ole boy!

Regarding our QBs and the picks they threw, maybe it's just the 'D' getting back to old form? Could be a great thing.

"Terrence Metcalf vows to Make Most of Latest Opportunity" is the headline off the Bears site. I guess that settles it, we will go 19-0 this season! Woo-hoo! Party at my place! I have as much confidence in him as I do Charlie Brown kicking a field goal. Hmm...

The news on Beekman is that yes, he is taking reps at center w/ the 2nd squad, but he will still compete for the left guard position. Because of the reduction in roster space, the Bears want to make sure their lineman are versatile. That's all.

On the O-line...If versatility is the key, why not select Brenden Albert? Also, try switching Garza to LG and Metcalf to RG. I have yet to see Metcalf display the required athleticism, agility and quickness to pull from the LG position and block on the move. His size (larger than Garza) appears ideal for the power right guard.

Currently, there are serious questions about Metcalf's ability to beat out John St.Clair. Beekman is being groomed to replace Kreutz, NOT to play LG. I'm very worried about the line.

Rashied Davis...This guy is a talented athlete who made an immediate switch to WR from CB (think Hester). In an interview last training camp, he admitted that it was the first time that he was able to spend an offseason focused on improving his skills because, as a former Arena player and NFL free-agent, he always had to work a job after the season. With so many questions surrounding the WRs after the release of Moose and BB, I would not be surprised if his skill level and route running are dramatically improved.

Mike Brown...Great player. The best way to protect Mike Brown is to play him only on passing downs. Instead of a pass-rush specialist, he will be a pass-coverage specialist. He could become the leagues first "Nickel Free Safety".

Defense...Obviously, a lot of potential here. Is the run defense solid enough to shut down Adrian Peterson (V28) twice and possibly three times in '08/'09? Can the pass rush get to Peyton Manning and disrupt the Colts' passing game? In order to be the top defense, we have to shut down the top offensive players.

I believe that Dusty Dvorecek is the x-factor that could make this defense great.

Thank you chitown but you didn't read for understanding yes there were ijuries my discussion was not about injuries but about flexibility and adaptability ending in a solution. And a statement wishing Lovie was more like his mentor Dungy. It is a known fact the Bears don't make second half adjustments well, also that they lack imagination when change in the system needs to be made to complement what you have talent-wise I think the word I used was predictable. Please read closer before you make a comment.

I'm pleased to hear that Orton and Grossman have been working really hard. It's a must this season to have better QB play this season. It was smart to give Orton and Grossman the same contract. Competition makes everyone better.

So let get this straight djssr, you are now saying that Lovie does not make adjustments to his line up, what do you call making the decision to take Archuleta out the lline up for not making plays, inserting a better cover guy McBride over a veteran Manning when Vasher went down last year, those moves kept the Bears competitive last year when the offense was terrible. Both coaches you mentioned Dungy and Belicheat have had their moves questioned before and had worse teams Belicheat in Cleveland was no genius a BEAR fan I would hope that we can agree on some points and disagree on others and still love our team. I for one do not think that Belicheat would have had a better record than Lovie with last years team.

As for making the offense play defensively, I couldn't agree more teams did that to us all last year, putting Brown, Anderson, Ogunleye, and Harris in straight pass rush mode(passing downs) would be similiar to what the Giants did in the Super Bowl to get pressure, you would have to put Brown in the middle in this line-up because he is stoudt enough to handle the run, teams would use to offset this tactic. Again solid thoughts my friend djssr, but be sure to heed the advice you are giving when it comes to reading posts.

i'm probably the only person in america not sold on adrian peterson yet. in week 14 the lowly 49ers held him to just 3 yards on 14 carries, he didn't have anymore huge games after that. the 49ers set the template on how to stop him, even the bears took note of it the following week. he killed us the first time we saw him, i hate to think about it, but second game was a different story.

1st time 20 carries 224 yards
2nd time 20 carries 78 yards

with a healthy defense and an ok offense we'll crush the vikings. everybody knows we sucked last year on offense and defense but both times we played the vikings it was close, 34-31 and 20-13. he might not even make it to the week 3 match up in chicago, if the vikings are dumb enough to give him the load. his history of injuries in college and the pros proves that.

i love how all of the national analysts think it will be the vikings or the packers in the north. we all know espn analysis is laughable.

Jerry A. Jr what are you talking "nickel safety"? what? geez its gonna be a long summer. Do you actually think if someone sucks on the left they would all of a sudden be good on the right? I was a big Metcalf detracter but give the guy a chance he had a broken hand last year you try blocking with one hand, both Metcalf and Garza were real suspect last season. And lastly I think Harrison is the X as in unknown you know what you have with Dvorchek he was pretty good before injury he did go through a camp and won the starting so what's X about him? Angelo whatcha sayin????

djssr, Why wouldn't you consider Devoracek an unknown factor? He's played in exactly half of one regular season game in 2 years. Won the starting position? They cut Johnson and let the other two back ups sign with other teams. I'd say he won it by default. The best thing they could say about him when he came out was that he had a high motor and he had played well with Harris in college. I take that to mean that he's an oveachiever and That usually means that he has played better than his abilities. Which also mean that he might turn out to be very ordinary. Do I believe he can stay injury free this year: injuries happen. Who is to say? I'd like him to. Harrison was injured and then he got arrested. They said he had first round talent and might be a steal. For me, I've done nothing but admit that I don't follow college ball. If they are not talking about a guy or showing me some highlights I'm not sure what he will bring. I'd at least say that they are both unknown factors because they are coming off injuries. I hope they both do well for us.

definitely, dvoracek is still an unknown. he looked good the half that he played, but so did the entire bears defense. the defense at 100% under babich looked more aggressive than they were under chico but as soon and brown and dvoracek went down they played a lot more timid. with all the injuries they had last year it seemed they stayed in a base cover two a lot. i think a lot of that probably had to do with all the rookies and new guys they had to plug in.

it is really difficult to gauge what they'll look like this year but if the first have of the san diego game is an indicator then we should be ok. they were pitching a shut out against an offense loaded with talent. i can only imagine what would have happen last year if they stayed healthy.

i think about 9 of the starters have been together since 05 (m brown, a brown, tillman, urlacher, hillenmeyer, briggs, vasher harris and ogunleye). if urlacher and harris work their crap we should have the same 9 for a few more years. of course this is only if urlacher is actually healthy. of those 9 brown, urlacher and ogunleye are the oldest at 30 years old each. i think most of those guys are locked up for awhile too. if you look at the talent and the time they've played with each other in the same system, i can't see a better defense in the nfl. that is if they all stay healthy.

oh since dusty got injuried on special teams lets hope they don't send out there this season.

I think it is asinine to put a starter on special teams. Seeing Urlacher out there all those years never made sense to me. But he's done just that without injury. Or at least that's what they say. Idonije is a back up but he's been in the league a few years. He shouldn't be out there either. Put a hungry young player out there and go from there. Maybe saying that our players are interchangable and everyone can be a starter is shaping that attitude.

Am i the only one who noticed that McGowen is terriable. I mean how many big plays did he BLOW last year. I cant be the only one who noticed it.


I agree with you the Bears have lost a number of games because of poor half time adjustments.THE BEARS ARE JUST PLAIN PREDICTABLE AFTER HALF TIME OR ACTUALLY MOST OF THE TIME.

Giants last year, Both playoff Carolina games the last few years, not doubling Steve Smith. etc etc.
The Superbowl, it was very close at half time and the Bears were a different team in the 2nd half.

When the Bears aren't very creative after half time whether they are leading or not. Play calling for the Bears also seems a little questionable. too many times the offense is left with 2ND or 3rd and long situations placing the O in a precarious position to convert a first down. What ever happened to plays that left 2nd and 3 rd downs that required 3-5 yards to convert instead of 10 or more.

With more time of possession the Bears D will dominate, Special teams will dominate and the Bears will dominate and win 11 or more games and have areal shot at the Superbowl win..


The Bears were interested in Bruse Gradkowski before the St.Louis Rams signed him to a contract.

Chi-town No I wouldn't I would take out Hillemeyer and play Anderson at like a rush linebacker move him from jsut as the offense comes out of the huddle make the QB and the line account for him this would improve the rush without diminishing the run defense and both Alex Brown and Anderson have shown a ability to pass defend in short spurts. Taking advantage of both players speed and agility gives the defense another wrinkle for offenses to counter and there are other variations on the same player personnel group to improve the rush without blitzing our other two linebackers who would play the run and short zone. With Vasher and Brown back the DB's are better at coverage giving the defense more flexibility. Chi I may not have laid out everything last time so I hope this helps explain my thoughts. And Sir Wm. Dvorchek was on the injured list the previous year so he had been with the team and had shown enough last year before he got hurt he was a starter and his ability is what tanked Tank, second he beat out the linemen we got from Philly via Buffalo who was a bust that don't sound unknown to me.

Nice posts Joe.

I agree. Dvoracek should probably not be used on special teams this year. He is a great bull rusher.

But I really wanted to elaborate on the NFC north predictions. First off, The NFC North faces the AFC South. All of them are tough teams. Right now they are the best division in football. There will 16 games total b/t them. I'd say NFC North goes 6-10, or 1.5-2.5 per team in NFC North. That puts a damper on a wild card berth from the division. The NFC South is the conference we face this year. That will be a wash or 9-7 advantage North.

But the Bears face the last place teams from the East and West from last year (Philly, and St. Louis). If the BEars are even as good as last year, those are probably 2 wins. Det faces SF, and Wash. Minn faces NYG and ARZ. And GB faces Dal, and Seattle.

Let's assume all stay healthy (not likely):

If so, it goes
Bears 11-5
Minnesota 9-7
GB 8-8
DET 4-12
---> Bears too tough against other bad QB's in division (maybe Rodgers is the best among them). The OL is tough as nails as Williams turns out to be a beast. But BEars give up 6 games because of dumb QB play. It is their only weakeness. But defense is insane. Bears would get 3 or 4 seed, and a home playoff game. woo hoo!!

If Mike Brown injured, it goes:
Bears 10-6
Minn 9-7
GB 8-8
Det 5-11
---> Mike brown's absense made the difference of one game; a divisional game against the Lions. But still have 4 seed in playoffs.

If Brown injured and Williams is bust, then:
Minn 10-6
GB 9-7
Bears 8-8
Det 5-11
---> If the defense avoids any other injuries besides Brown, then the worst they go is 8-8. No playoffs. They won't be top 5 w/o running game, but still make big plays, and you still have HEster. And remember the 2 gimme games against Philly, and St. Louis.

***IF!!!!*** If the QB turns out to finally be good, then add 2 wins to each of those years. That's the big difference. You can't put em higher than 11-5 b/c the QB (until proven other wise) will blow 5 games this year.

Brando, I read the same thing about the Bears going after Bruce Gradkowski. This shows me that the Bears might not think Hanie or Hill are ready for the 53 man roster. According to Larry Mayer on the Bears web site, the Bears wanted to bring in Gradkowski to compete with Hanie and Hill. I never was a big fan of Gradkowski, he has a weak arm, and didn't show much in Tampa. Maybe I'm wrong about Gradkowski, he didn't have a lot of time in Tampa to develope before they threw him in, and Gruden isn't exactly good at developing young QB's. Oh well, I would like to see what this Caleb Hanie has got. The more I read on him, the more I like. Hanie didn't have a lot of talent around him at Colorado st, and still put up decent numbers. Plus, the Cowboys were interested in Hanie, so there must be something to the guy. If he is decent, I say throw him on the 53 man roster, this way no other team, like Dallas, can steal him off our practice squad. I don't think it matters anyways, Orton is going to be the man in Chicago GO BEARS!!

I don't see it like he beat anyone out. Tank kept getting in trouble and they could only overlook so much with him. Letting proven commodities go because you have faith in who you drafted is the BEAR's way. We sat Alex Brown because we were so certain that Anderson was the answer and how did that turn out? We drafted Bazuin at end not just for potential but he would be cheaper than an unrestricted player like Boone and Scott. Yeah I know they are ends but Idonije's potential to go inside made that possible. Domino effect you can say. Benson over Jones. Having the offensive line not get younger and just sitting on their hands when it mattered. That's what we do. How can you say a guy who hasn't played a whole game that mattered in the NFL is a certainty? You can not. I don't care what anyone has done in preseason games, rookie camp or OTAs, if it's not a game that absolutely mattered NO ONE can say much about him. All you can say is that he is now a 3rd year player with 2 quarters of pro ball under his belt. There's no dishonesty in saying that. And beating out a bust only proves that he can beat out guys who are busters. That is an empty assessment. Problem with beating out a bust is that management evaluated the bust's ability and signed him. The same mangement that says that Dusty is a starter. Still empty as I'm concerned. Maybe he'll tap out on ability like Zorich did. All the heart in the world doesn't make you an every down linemen. It give you a leg up on guys who don't approach things your way.

Cedric...oh my goodness, get him out of here!!

Okay I meant that they are not ends. And I am not saying that he will be a bust. I'm just stating that he is an unknown factor. I'm only saying that management doesn't exactly make sound decisions based on performance. Guys just don't beat other guys out to get the starting postions is what I'm saying. I expected a lot from Dusty because he was the last man standing and because of what was said about him coming out. To me he is an unknown factor. No different than Brown who has not played due to injury. At least we know what Brown is capable of when he has played.

I hear ya William. We really don't know what he can do over an extended period. But we do know that he played really well next to T. Harris in SD. So I would say he comes back with the same power and ability to eat up a blocker one on one. In other words he will get penetration every time if he is single covered (that should happen a decent amount being flanked by Harris and either Ogunleye/Brown/Anderson).

It was his second major injury. The first one in college (forgot what it was). But he plays a position that doesn't require as much cutting. It is pretty much a constant slow and steady push against another huge guy. Plus he is young. So I say he comes back fine, and starts at Nose.

Now lets think about Angelo drafting a player that either is cut because of injuries or trouble off the field. Players that are just not good do NOT count in this category. For Angelo does know talent, just maybe puts a little too much faith that Lovie, with his laid back but quietly firm style, can change a troubled player, or that the training staff can "fix" some injury history.
So here is a short list of players that are gone because of injury or off field trouble drafted by Jerry Angelo. Please think of more in later posts.
2002: Marc Columbo I ; "dont know anymore"
2003: ""
2004: Aurrice Currie I; Tank Johnson T; ""
2005: ""
2006: ""
2007: ""

You might be able to add Benson, Bradley, Dvoracek, and Bazuin to this list by training camp. Benson is an idiot btw. I don't know if the BEars will cut him or not, but they cannot be happy. Benson is a complete moron with a brick for a brain. He may be suspended for 4 games by the league. NFL doesn't need convictions anymore to suspend players. He probably deserves it. If they do cut him, they need a replacement. I don't have a clue who is available free agency right now (alexander?).

Still doesn't matter. Bears will go 10-6 if defense stays healthy. They are that good.



The Bears do need help at Running back. Although Lamont Jordan is not a free agent he likely could be obtained by trade from the Raiders he is third on the depth chart, because of Al Davis issues.
Lamont is the real deal and is a team player although he has some problems with Davis. See post about Lamont on the blog above this one.

I also agree the Bears even without Cedric win the division with an 11-5 record and seriously challenge to go back to the Super Bowl, maybe even win it all.

If you ever played a down of organized football you at very least respect Mike Brown as a player. Now if you are truley a Bears fan you know not only his importance now , which is invaliable cause if he plays we win and with the talent around him now we win big, period.As a true Bears fan you know his place as a all-time Bear.Mike probably doesnt have enough time left for numbers for the hall{which i have no doubt with no injuries he would have} but he will be still be in the all-time Bear select. Heard it hear ,he is a special talent and obviously stand up dude , now he will have a well deserving successfull ending to his career and most important to us Bear faithfull, he will be in a Bear uniform! This will happen and its sad that anybody who has followed the Bears during his career would not want that to happen.


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