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Lovie: Bears will not bring in another running back

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Five weeks until the Bears report to training camp in Bourbonnais, Ill., the team feels good about its running back situation.

Good enough that you can forget about the possibility of the club pursuing any free agents like Shaun Alexander, Kevin Jones, Ron Dayne or anyone else. That’s what coach Lovie Smith said Wednesday after the club wrapped up its offseason program at Halas Hall minus linebacker Brian Urlacher, who was not in attendance.

“We like the running backs we have,” Smith said. “We don’t have any plans to [bring in competition].

“This late in the game you need to feel good about the players you have. We do.”

If you penciled in Matt Forte’s name as the starter Sept. 7 at Indianapolis, go ahead and go over that in pen. Barring a setback, the second-round pick will be the starter. Of course, that could well have been the case even if former first-round pick Cedric Benson had not gotten himself run off.

Start the countdown to camp.

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This is kind of shocker. Lovie and the Bears like who they have on their roster. What? Isn't this pretty much the same RBs as last year minus Forte? He's unproven, and if he stumbles they screwed again this year with a lack of a running game. I'm not sure why Lovie doesn't come out and say we like them because of this, and that. What's the point of asking him questions? He gives the same "canned" answer no matter who's on the team.

I am very disturbed by this news. Not that Benson was anything special, but Matt Forte has not taken a single snap in the NFL, and to have Garrett Wolfe and Adrian Peterson behind him is a scary prospect in my opinion.

I am putting all my hopes on Kyle Orton winning the job in camp. With Grossman and no running game, we are 7-9 at best. With Orton, we have a shot at 9-7 because of a reduction in mistakes, and given the falloff of the teams in the NFC, that gives us a chance at the playoffs.

Our defense and special teams are good enough to win now. Why they continually ignore offensive woes and trot this train wreck (or wrex if you choose) out there week after week, year after year, is beyond my comprehension.

i cant agree more with most of the people on here. wasnt it last year that lovie said the same thing about the offensive line situation? look what happened there. im just so tired of the bears not spending any money on players to make the bears a better team. just a bunch of money hungry owners who dont want to fork out any money and just want to keep it for themselves, way to run a team!!! get your head out of your ass lovie and do something about it, cause ya know jerry wont say anything, hes a chickensh*t!!! dont get me wrong everyone, i like forte but if he doenst produce or if he gets hurt, we have wolf and peterson to fall back on, and you see how that didnt work so well last year!!!

I can't believe so many Bears fans are "disturbed" by this news. The RB options available right now are a joke. One should retire, one was good in college like 6-7 years ago, and one is injured every 3rd game. For those doubters go YouTube "Matt Forte" and watch some of his college highlights. I realize the guy played at Tulane, but you can't deny his skills. So far his attitude and demeanor have been perfect with the Bears. Attitude alone is a 180 degree difference from Cedric "the bust". I can already tell Forte can catch and block better than Benson and I'd argue that takes more intelligence and skill than running through a hole. AP might not be that bad either after some o-line improvements. That's where I'm concerned about getting better. I think PJ Pope is a better option than the free agents available. And at the very least give the Bears some time. The season doesn't start tomorrow and there will be lots of RB's released in August that will be present better options for the Bears. And at that time they will know what they have.

no dis but
Oh I like Forte, but the guy's are right that is what Lovie said last year and look where we are now...They are money hungry owners - if they weren't we woulda been at another Super Bowl or 2.
As I recall, Benson looked good in College highlights as well, as did a lot of other RB busts, not to say Forte will bust but hey I would like another PROVEN RB as insurance.
I realize Da has signed some of their own FA and that is great but like the dude said the D is ready now and why `trot this train wreck out there week after week' after the season starts it will be too late then so why not add insurance now?

I dont understand the logic here. Why wouldnt they go after Shaun Alexander!!! Doesnt it make sense to get a guy who actually has played in the NFL, has played with a HEART, and doesnt have a troubled past?? Alexander would be able to help mold Forte into a great future running back, very similar to what the Chiefs did with Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes. Idiots. Angelo needs to be fired ASAP. His decision making along with Lovie has just gotten worse and worse. Time for a change.

what lovie said doesn't surprise me much, it's a copy cat league. last year 3 running backs that were either late rounders like ahmad brashaw in the 7th or undrafted free agents like ryan grant, played pretty well ohh yeah i forgot about grahm in tampa.

i'm sure lovie is thinking that either p.j. pope or matt lawrence would be able to fill in if forte went down. i don't think ap or wolfe is really a true number 2, they're good but situational guys. i think pope would probably fill in before lawrence. lawrence was a running back/ full back in college, so i think he might be being groomed for full back someday. lawrence is the type of selfless guy who would play any position to help the team win. so who knows.

i know it's a little unsettling to have a rookie start at any position, it's hard to place your faith in a guy who's never played before. forte looks like he's the real deal. looking on the bright side, the running back position is one of the easier positions to transition in to. forte seems like an intelligent and determined guy and with his talent that should be enough.

Cody, well said.. I also agree the Bears don't need to plaque there team anymore with injury prone players. Let's remember if the bears bring in another FA they have to learn the system. I don't care how long they been in the league all terminology is different at some point. Which means the new player will have to get x amount of reps just to catch up limiting other players from getting on the field. Not too mention what happens if that player we pick up as FA gets hurt look at the damage it would do (wasted time and money). The No No's you try to prevent from happening. I say let Matt Forte, AP, G. Wolfe and much liked PJ pope compete in training camp. Look at Joseph Iddai when he first came in the league 2yrs ago he was rookie who started over the veteran Dominque Rhondes and won a Super Bowl. All you guys complaining like you normally do need to go root for another team. This team is doing exactly what it needs to do get younger and better. Stop complaining when the Bears don't spend ridiculous money on mediocre players. We have players on our roster now I rather see get the money like Tommie Harris, Devin Hester and Urlacher eventhough he's getting old. I actually like when the Bears are the underdog they play way above potential. Oh yea and Rex Grossman will make it to the Pro Bowl this year if he's not robbed of votes.

I say stick with what we got.

I think pope or lawrence can come and contribute. If they can get 10 carries a game and contibute 400 yds to the rush offense it would be a win for the bears. Id much rather take a fresh legged UDFA than a player who either is a journeyman/on the downside of his career/or can't keep out of trouble.

Article about Oline rankings not surprisingly the Bears are No. 27.
The great Rookie RB's mentioned were on teams that had great Olines. Cmon, Addai had a great Oline, great QB, great WR etc...ditto Vikes AP, you don't even have to read the article to know that.
We have a rookie RB (and some want to count on Rookie backup RB's to boot)running behind a patched up Oline, big difference.
I too feel Forte can be pretty good but I am not sure about running with this offense as a rookie. I wiuld like to see a veteran backup in to spell the rook at times, and with our D we should be going Super Bowl now not next 2 years when our D will be beat up again. That is what some of us mean by saying the Owners are letting the fans down, We have a Super Bowl Defense right now. Does anyone out there really believe we have a Super Bowl Offense right now? Do you as a fan want to wait a year or 2 for the Offense to catch up and then of course the D will be down.
Being a Great Owner means knowing when to buy a FA or 2 to compliment the D or O for a chance to go to the big dance. Whether you like Jerry Jones or not the man will buy his fans a team. Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead!

Stick with what we have?...been there seen that for 44 years, got me 1 Super Bowl - now I will be there for another 44 years but it would be nice to get a FA every now and then that was as good as Moss, TO, etc...The name of the game is now FA, Draft is nice, but would you turn down Moss?
Oh No! I don't want Moss! I want to see the players I drafted grow into starters one day....lolol

I think i have a right to be a little worried about the RB position. Turner and Co. had no idea how to effectively get Wolfe implemented into the offense last year, and seem to refuse to make adjustments when things don't work. I do agree that the offensive line has to solidify and play more consistently than last season.

Randy- are you comparing Randy Moss to Kevin Jones, Alexander, Travis Henry and others? Your last post was rediculous.

Sure Lovie is happy... ignorance is bliss.

Some of the previous posts in support of no new help at RB actually make the point why we need it. Addai split time with Dominic Rhodes his first season as did Peterson with Chester Taylor last season- having a rookie split time with a quality backup has a proven successful track record. As mentioned in a previous post, it will also take time for a new player to learn the offense and get comfortable with the new teammates- making it even more important to bring someone in now. I have high hopes for Forte, but for a team that "gets off the bus running the ball" leaving yourself vulnerable is extremely shortsighted. Three things can happen with Forte: he can be good/great, he can be a bust, or he can get hurt. If two of these three things happen, the Bears are in big trouble this season. Granted none of the FA backs are without blemishes, but Jones and Alexander offer better insurance than Pope or Lawrence... and the Bears have leverage to get them on the cheap with a potential starting opportunity in Chicago and glut of RBs on the FA market.

Randy, do you honestly thing Ron Dayne, kevin Jones and Shawn Alexander is a upgrade over Adrian Peterson. Let me say it for you hell no. why do we need a veteran back when we have one with AP. The FA out there are not better than what we have on our roster. so why would you spend money on players that are not better than what you have and are injury prone. That makes absolutely no sense. Last year Turners problem was a defense that couldn't stop anyone and a offense stuck in neutral not knowing whether it wanted to pass or run. The run was so awful we couldn't disguise not even our playaction pass. Every team needs an identity and hopefully the o line will block better this year.

i''ll take a dump on what espn has to say, their predictions are worthless. espn predictions are all based on star power. lets face it the bears aren't a nationally marketable team like the cowboys or the giants or the patriots or even the 49ers. we love and appreciate the stars on the bears but honestly can you see devin hester in a reggie bush or matt lienard type of commerical? hester has way more talent than those guys.

the only "face" we've got is brian urlacher and he hates the media. the bears just don't have that media darling type and so they'll always get crapped on by the national media. the only time espn even covers the bears is when a guy has a problem with his contract (believe it or not a lot of other teams do too). i love it when the bears are underdogs because when they win it's like a big F you to espn and everybody else who isn't a bears fan

espn, SI and the likes rankings and predictions are worth about as much as a piece of toliet paper and they need plenty of it to wipe their mouths

you know what i'm worried about
just take a look at
hester and grossman switched jersies??????????
i really hope that doesn't jinx hester

We need more than Forte even if he's good to get us through a 16 game season. Garrett Wolfe will never be a contributor and should be cut.

Let's hope Lovie's comments are just part of classic NFL "coach speak." They ALL talk to their players, coaches, and the rest of the nfl through the media to encourage their own and negotiate with the free agents.

There's lots of time to get another RB - no reason to panic or necessarily believe what Lovie is trying to communicate. The only free agent guy worth thinking about is Jones.

I am just glad to see Benson go--I watched film from '07 and what a joke. I was gettin' ready to suit-up and take his place! Ray Charles coulda done better than CD. I couldn't hardly keep from bustin my T.V. -Now -with Forte- I reserve my opinion till they get the pads on and see how it goes,-but at least we look better than last year to me--If I had a wish-Detroit picks up Cedric and our D" could play pinball with him- That is-- if they could hit him before he lays down.....

What the hell is Lovie smoking? This guy should be drug tested. He really believes that the Bears can repeat what the Celts did? They added exactly ZERO proven playmakers. The Celts added Garnett and Allen.

I think that I've resigned myself to the fact that Lovie and Jerry are out of touch. They couldn't assess whether an Indy race car can outrun a Yugo.

No eye for talent, no ability develop talent when it surfaces, little on the field coaching ability, refusal to change directions when needed (until it's too late) = dead last in the NFC North (again).

Randy, got you 2 SB, 1 victory, and some of the teams you listed don't have a SB win (with Moss on their team), so let's stick to the point. Not really mad they haven't picked up a RB, but very puzzled, very puzzled. Don't like the crop of FA's and think the money will be well spent with Harris and Hester.

And Randy(not to hate on you, just your comments are the ones popping up near the bottom), did anyone think the Giants had a SB offense last year, with Tiki retiring and Eli at the helm. No, it was all about the Patriots and Randy Moss (curiously?) But I tell you, who won the SB last year? Which offense drove down and scored the winning TD? Who choked?

Cody, not bad, but knowing the Bears, they still will not pick someone up unless one of theirs gets hurt, and the others are ineffective.

This is why they play the games.

Just a quick question for all you conspiracy theorists on this thread....

If the Bears spend nearly all of the alotted $116 million dollars of salary cap space this year, how can they be money hording owners or cheapskates that don't spend FA money to make the team better ?????

Seriously, get your heads out of your Anti-Bear Arses...

Keep in mind that they still have (6) draft picks still to sign so they need money in the rookie pool, they still are in talks with extending the contracts of Devin Hester, Tommie Harris and Brian Urlacher so they still need to save some cabbge for those reworks as well....

Spend, spend, spend is all i'm hering fro myou guy's, well spending on washed up, injury plagued vetrans does little to improve your team, just ask San Fran and Washington how they've done lately !!!

On that note, you all must have forgot that through the Years Angelo has not been cheap in signig expensive FA's IE... trading for Agunleye, signing Miller, Rueben, Tait, Moose, Ricky, Archuletta, Walker, Adams, Thomas Jones, acquiring Ayendendejo from Miami a few years back ect......

The Bears biggest need right now is to make sure that O-line is better then what we witnessed last season. If the O-line is bad it won't matter who is running, throwing and catching the pigskin......

That said, the subtraction of Rueben and Fred will prove to be an addition by subtraction. St.Claire will probably win the LG spot becasue (A) he is better then Metcalf and more proven then Beekman and (B) he is a LT by trade so he will be valuable playing next to and protecting the rookie Williams whi will open the season starting at LT....

The Defense will be strong again so long as they steer clear of that injury plague we suffered through in 2007. The ST's will again be strong so the formula is similar to what we used in 2005 and 2006. Strong "D" and Top-notch ST's play will keep us competitive all year.

Go Bears !!

I'm with JJ. I already have more faith in Forte, Peterson and Wolfe than I had in Benson, Peterson and Wolfe last year. The subtraction of Benson alone will improve this team in the locker room and on the field. Forte has the attitude of a guy that wants to play football, not a spoiled, lazy, self centered, irresponsible whiner like Benson. I have doubts that Wolfe will ever amount to anything in the NFL. It depends on if Turner can use his imagination be a little creative. I don't think being creative is running Wolfe up the middle like Turner did last year. I would like to see the Bears give Kevin Jones a shot to show what he can do after being injured. Not much to lose there. Turner improving play calling and in game adjustments are the key to better offensive performance. I believe we have some pretty good talent on the offensive side, but the real question is: is there enough talent on offense to overcome poor offensive coordination and play calling?

Joe F: Cmon man do you really think any of these guys on the market are any better than what they have. AP last year put up equal or better numbers than Benson in every catagory. He is also a vet, while I don't think he is an NFL caliber starter niether was Benson considering the fact that Perterson proved himself to be better last year they had the same rushing average and Peterson was better at blocking and out of the backfield. Also dude cmon you really think Orton is going to get the job? First you have Lloyd say his thing about Rex being the starter earlier this year and now you have Hester running around in a Rex Jersey none of that is a good sign that Orton will be the QB, Lovie is full of it.

Jerseygirl, you know for once you were almost making a point but then you go and ruin it all by making a stupid statment about Rex, Pro Bowl?? Have you lost your mind?? In his best year as a QB the Superbowl season of 06-07 his numbers were Average at best on a top 10 offense that year. In fact after the first 6 games his numbers are so sub-par it's not even funny, you remember a QB rating of zero. Last I checked even if Rex had the talent, the left side of the Oline is currently unproven or bad. Metcalf is at LG which means Rex or Orton will spend lots of time discovering the nuances of grass and turf. This also means that Williams a rookie will not have any help at LT, even Thomas on the Browns had tons of help last year for his guard and when he didn't have help he got beat out there. Then of course we don't have much of a running game, Forte is nothing but speculation, Benson was the next big thing once, along with Enis and Salaam. We have an open copitition at WR reciever between unproven rookies from a weak WR class, an aging vet who has not had a good year in 4 years and has injury issues, an injury prone player, a guy who has been kicked off two teams in 3 years and had all of 7 yards recieving last year and a superstar special team player who is having trouble learning the offense and who stated on comcast sports that all he has to do is run straight as fast as he can and Rex can throw him the ball. Trust me just running sraight is not going to help the offense more that few times. So the Bears have an unproven running game, behind a oline whos guards are Metcalf and Garza, 33 year old Tait and his bad ankles and 11 year vet Olin who has slowed down the last two years, an unproven WR group that is considered bad by everyone but Bears fans and Lovie, oh and Turner is still the offensive cordinator. So you see this helping to make Rex a Pro Bowl player. This is a guy who has a career total of 33 interceptions and 19 fumbles to 31 TD's. Let tell you fumbles and interceptions are usually the QB's fault. Not all the time but most of the time. Those numbers right there are not bad, there awful. Then you have Orton with his career 14 fumbles and 15 interceptions to 12 whole TD's. Again really really bad. These are the two worst starting QB's in the NFL and people really need to stop giving them credit for wins that the defense gave us. Also dude, you were the biggest Urlacher basher on this board now you want him to have the money even though he is all of 28 which you deem is old. Ok so Rex is a Pro Bowler and 28 is old in your opinion. You were a McClown fan weren't you? One of those people running around comparing him to Joe Montana, one of those people that never realized he had happy feet. By the way Rex has the same problem, he has happy feet and hates pressure, good thing Metcalf and Garza are protecting him or else I would be worried that a 320 pound DT would bust through the line and crush him.

the RBs that no one signed are not people that I want on this team right now
Benson gone makes a significant improvement because now we can really see what Forte has and I'm all for starting him and giving him as many oppertunities as we can
I think the big question really is will out O-Line be good? and will the WRs not drop passes?
if the answers are yes and no then we have a solid team
I feel like Forte will be fine.

oh and JOE,
I tend to see it the other way
maybe 23 can make Rex a better QB

Jerseyboy, I agree Rex is going to the Pro-bowl

Whoever thinks lovie is foolish for not picking up another FA this is exactly why your not a head coach or GM for that matter. The Giants never added any high priced or any FA on offense prior to the season or during the season. No one expected much from them so they just played with what they had. It's been proven that Rookies can come alive if they have the right support. All OF WHAT EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD IS SAYING WILL NOT MATTER UNLESS THE O LINE BLOCKS PERIOD. Brady has put up great numbers with average wrs before Moss went there. I'm not foolish to think that the bears could not do the same if the o line starts blocking well. In 06 Rex look like a stud when the o line blocked but after gm 7 the o line just could not seem to block anyone hence Rex took the blame for everyone. Need I remind you Bear fans Bernard Berrian was a backup to Bradley before he got hurt. No team feared Berrianb because all you had to do was bracket him because he was not a good route runner. Moose was too slow and a linebacker could cover him. Now look what Rex did with Mediocre wrs and a aging line. Imagine if the line actually blocked this year I could see Rex doing wonders with the wr corps he has now. Cuz believe me it's a huge upgrade over last years 2 starters. Sometimes a player likes to be reunited with a coach to revive his career. I think Bradon Lloyd with be a shocker this year. Desmond Clark would not go on record to say he's the best wr he saw in camp thus far and how smooth he looke running his routes. quoted he never seen a smoother wr running routes. I really like this team. I applaud Lovie and Angelo for what there doing. BEAR FANS IT TIME TO FOCUS ON THOSE GUYS WE HAVE ON OUR ROSTER AND BELIEVE IN OUR TEAM. THE GIANTS DID AND LOOK WHAT HAPPEN. LET'S BE HONEST UNTIL ELI WON A SB NONE OF US BEAR FANS THOUGHT HE WAS BETTER THAN REX SO LET'S BE PATIENT BEFORE WE CAST JUDGEMENT ON THIS YEARS TEAM.

Giving Rex a weapon like Hester is like putting a kid in a room full of arsenic-laced chocolate chip cookies. It will make him a worse decision-maker, not a better one. Rex cannot stop himself from trusting his arm strength, and Hester will make him believe that he can just heave it out there and make the big play. That will result in INTs, drive killers, and will probably put Rex on IR because he will hang in to deliver one of his missiles and get drilled. Rex is not very good at knowing when to take his shots down the field, so he just wings it. Not exactly a winning formula. The thing with Orton is he will not lose games for us, and given a chance to actually work with the first string on a regular basis, and get a chance to win the job, I think he is capable of winning games for us with smart decision making. When Rex is spending OTAs working on his mechanics and dropbacks (entering his 6th season in the league, mind you), I am more inclined to believe he is not the guy that we want under center. He can't step up in the pocket (can't see over the linemen), can't escape pressure (bails straight back or doesn't move at all), and shows zero ability to audible or read what the defense is doing. Hester cannot fix that. For every one play he makes that makes us all shake our heads in amazement, there will be 4 or 5 that he can't make, and they may or may not end up costing us games.

What is going to make our offense successful in 2008 (in order of importance in my opinion):

1. Better blocking by the O-line
2. Utilization of the tight ends in the passing game as our primary weapons
3. Commitment to the running game

The offensive line needs help in blocking from the QB. Rex doesn't see what the defense is doing, so he doesn't help with the protections. He holds the ball too long waiting for a primary option to come open instead of checking down, forcing the OL to block longer. He doesn't check down to keep the chains moving. Considering the Vikes and Lions play Cover 2, we need a QB who can make quick decisions and get the ball out of his hands in a hurry. Orton is our best bet on that front.

I like our roster, but we an not afford O-line injuries.
And if Forte gets dinged up, for more than a week, Jones has the most upside. Forte should be a 2 down back his first year.
Next year he'll be a 3 down back.
Question is who is the third down back? For creative sake, one thats not on our roster.

I agree with BeerBear. They can't spend anymore on players outside the team right now. 6 draft picks, and Hester, Urlacher, and Harris need to be signed. They have a good track record with signing draft picks (except Benson...figures), and signing their own to extensions.

Another thing about the endless comparisons to last year's Giants. THEY HAVE A LEGITAMATE QUARTERBACK!!! He was unproven last year, but always had the complete package. The Bears, right now, are still screwed at the position. Just because I want Orton to win the job does not mean I think he is good. I just think he is simply (and sadly) the best we got on the roster.

Do any of you expect them to win the superbowl this year? I don't, but they can make the playoffs with what they have right now if they stay relatively healthy. Relatively... meaning no one goes down with a serious season ending injury. If a starter or 2 misses a game or two, then we'll be OK. But if (like last year) there are 7 starting positions in question because of injury, then we're screwed.

Even if healthy, they can't win the Bowl b/c of QB. So why go out and spend more money on veterans that really won't make a big difference. Be glad they aren't. This year is exactly like going into 2005. Coming off bad year, and let's see what we have. They did make some changes that they believe will help. Who am I to doubt them when they succeeded in 2005. I believe they made the right changes and will succeed in 2008..... just not all the way to superbowl level.

Only thing left to get is a QB!!!


Creighton, it's great to read you being positive again! I've missed your glass half full view of life. I look forward to more of your great positive insights on the Bear's great playmakers.

Two Bear QB have been to the super bowl in team history and one will be this year starter how . Rex won two of the biggest games in team history beating the seahawks with a great throw in OT and then crushing the favorite sanits in the NFC championship game. O I forgot he just a bum that got luckie OPEN YOUR EYES orton is not in rex grossmans class that is the reason he has been the backup his whole career.

Jersey you need to take a look at the Oline. They are yonger at one poeition a rookie who may be good or bad. After that it's old players and bad players. As for WR tell me who has had a better career Moose or Booker. Who has had better numbers Moose or Booker, who has dropped more balls in there career. Moose has better numbers in every catigory, he has about half the dropped passes that Booker has, and he has had the better career, he was also a better rout runner. Lloyd has been kicked off two teams and has yet to play a game for the Bears and you and Clark are talking about him like he was the best WR ever. He sucks. Not to mention he will be throwing your boy Rex under the bus first chance he gets. Kicked off two teams in 3 years thats all you need too know about him. I believe Bradley is injured again isn't he? Yes he is, from what you ask? Nothing, he got hurt doing nothing. Show me were BB was ever Bradley's backup as you claim, Bradley has a total of 583 yards in 32 games dressed, that is so not impressive. Every analist thinks the Bears have one of the worst WR groups in football. Hear is a question how come we have not heared a single thing about Bennett our third round pick. I swear if he is the number 6 reciever when the season starts he was a wasted pick. Cause right now he is behind Davis. Also you talk about what Rex did behind the oline last year like it was a good thing. He got benched. He was horrible, he was horrible in 06 too he started off strong and then started stinking up the joint ZERO QB rating. How do you figure a zero QB rating is a good thing. His stats from year one too now are almost identical percentage wise. He hasn't changed at all. His best QB rating was his first year. He has more INT'S than TD's, hell he almost has as many fumbles as TD's. The only way Rex will ever go to the Pro Bowl is if every other QB in the league suddenly disappears or the number one qualification becomes turnovers, in which case he is a star. Trade him to Tampa for some free passes to the strip clubs down there we can sweeten the Urlacher offer a little with those at least.

The Bears need another proven vet if for nothing else than to mentor Forte and Wolfe. I would bet that a Jones or Alexander could be had for a strong incentive laden contract based on game time production, with the understanding that mentoring was part of the program etc.

Certainly a proven pro that is a leader might help Forte get that extra edge.

As for Grossman or Orton, well I don't see a lot of available talent at QB available for the Bears to pick up so we have to make the best of this QB situation.

Of course we need to support the one that is chosen but it seems that the Chicago fan base will always love the #2 guy more than the starter particularly when he screws up, the boos will start.

Creighton, I know it hurts you to hear this but I do think that Grossman might just have a decent year(not Pro Bowl). He sucked the first part of last year but after riding the bench, watching Griese, when he finally got back the #1 job he looked pretty good. He also made good decisions and protected the ball for the most part those last four games he played in 2007.

As for ESPN, their predictions suck. Vegas will have some good odds on the BEARS because Vegas will see the Bears as a long shot this year to win the division, NFC and SuperBowl. They will probably predict about 8-9 wins for the Bears this year. So I am going to go to Vegas a win big with the Bears this year.

The championship D, Special teams and a basic offense with low turnovers will take them to the Superbowl. 11-5 or 10-6 wins the division. The pack lost Favre, the QB for the VIKES sucks and Detroit is Detroit and will be swept by the Bears this year. Two championship seasons for Chicago this year, the Cubs and the Bears. Yes!!!!!!!

I like what the Bears are doing. Matt Forte was a 2nd round draft pick, so the Bears were obviously big on him. I think Forte is going to be fine, the guy ran for 2000 plus yds and 20 plus tds last season in college. I know it was only Tulane, but Forte was the main focus of Tulanes opponents, and still produced. Plus, Fortes ability to pass catch and block, make Forte an instant upgrade over Benson. I like what Forte did in the senior bowl, he basically showcased all of his abilities as a runner, pass catcher, and blocker, and against top level competition, oh yeah, and he was MVP. Your history will also show you that running back is one of the few positions that players have an easier time going from college to the pros. I don't think it would have made a lot of sense to bring in some other teams cast off anyways. Remember, these guys are free agents this time of year for a reason. Take Kevin Jones, he would of been a good complementary back, but not a starter, so why should the Bears waste the money when they already have Peterson and Wolfe? Also, I don't think Jones would have been much help to Forte, Jones wants to start himself. Even if Jones would have become our starter, the guy can't stay on the field, Jones has major durability problems. I think Jones would have actually slowed Fortes progression into an NFL running back. Even if Forte were to get hurt for a game, Peterson already proved last season he can come in and do the job. Also, I know a lot of fans disagree, but I like Garret Wolfe, and think he is going to be a good 3rd down and change of pace back for the Bears. Bottom line, all Forte has to do is come in and TRY, and the Bears already have an upgrade, and he seems to be doing this already GO BEARS!!

creighton your assement on the wide out position is pretty grim and hard to argue against but i'll try. lloyd has talent but his history doesn't prove he can do anything with it, but i'm not a big fan of his. booker is getting older he's been in the league since 99 but in his defense he did have some of the worst qbs in the nfl throwing to him. the dolphins have a worse qb situation than we do. davis and bradley are the real x factors. bradley has shown that he can do well but he gets injuried a lot and davis is a journeyman at best but he can make the catch in the clutch. with bennett and monk who knows but i doubt they'll see much pt over the vets. i honestly don't think hester will start or play reciever as much as people think. the wear and tear alone would ruin him for returns.
the wide out position is the weakest at the moment but ultimately i think if a booker, bradley, davis will be good enough.

as for rex, well you all know i can't stand him but his td to int ratio did improve after he was benched but some other things didn't. rex still fumbled a lot, he fumbled 5 times in those 4 games and lost 3 of them. he still gets sacked a lot too, he was sacked 16 times in those 4 games and 9 times in his first 3 starts. i know the line sucked last year but it wasn't all their fault because griese and orton didn't get sacked nearly as much.

i think orton is the only honest answer at qb. rex has about 5 tons of fundamental flaws in his game and just can't be trusted. the only way rex should start is if he honestly plays better in the preseason and has proven that he can take care of the ball and not get sacked as much.

will rex grossman start?.....probably. the coaching staff is pretty bias towards him and JA doesn't want to have 2 1st rounders offically bust in the same year. i'm tell you now though that if rex starts without having improved a lot the bears will drop the first 3 or 4 games before the rex grossman experiment is finished.

The running backs we have are better than the washed up, broke down and bad attitude availible. I believe they would be better served looking at LeCharles Bentley as a option for veteran OL help these backs will be fine the addition by subtraction took the worst option out of the irresponsible staffs hands. Somewhere along the line I still believe Barton or Adams will step up also. I know your saying thats too much depending on rookies, well let's face it they are the better options on the roster and in the F/A pool and the only way to make a OL is to draft it train it and play it. Everyone had doubts about Adian (Vikes) P. he was hurt before the draft so you can't tell until some one in another uniform tries to hit him and viseversa> on paper and by their college careers before they were hurt this is a great draft class. So hey lets wait till they strap it up and then we will have plenty to debate but now it's all bupkus.

do you guys who bad mouth grossman even watch the games? probably not. if you did then you would know that about 80 percent of the time that rex fumbled or threw an interception the O-line wasnt protecting him! you couldve put brady or manning in there with the same bears offense and they wouldnt have done crap. the only reason orton did any good was because all turner wanted him to do was throw these little pooch passes, which didnt get us crap for yardage. when orton did throw the ball any distance, it wasnt caught. as for garrett wolf, i like him , but they do the same play with him over and over again. they need to do something thats different where he can get in the open field. the recievers i think will be ok, but they coaches should give the WR's on the bottom of the totum pole more of a shot, could be a diamond in the rough. the thing i dont like most about the offense is the O-line. i hope tait can play better on the right side, because he sure sucked as the left tackle!!! now, with forte, i think he will be a good player. but im not getting my hopes up, i done that in the past and got burnt. thats why i think we should bring in a vet RB, someone to play behind forte in case something happens. i dont think AP is good enough to cover fortes ass even for one game. i do like AP on special teams, he kicks ass, so why take away from special teams. btw...i am tired of the bears NEVER spending any money in FA!!!

Ryan, if he was such a legitimate QB, why was the NY media trying to get rid of him. Son of Archie Manning, brother of Peyton (SB winner Peyton), and the NY media even went to the point of wanting Rivers back. He was not legit. The SB victory made him legit. The Bears would have made Rex legit with a SB victory.

Read the NY post and NY times before he went on the roll, old sportscenters, they were roasting Eli, it was over the news, but I guess you missed that. You were so concerned about our Rex Grossman. Around the Horn, PTI, everyone was bashing Eli. But you missed it. In fact, the worst QB in the NFL is Rex to you, he is the problem. Eli always had the tools, but his stats were comparable to Rex's, even in the SB, but the only difference is Eli won, and Rex lost.

But in your world, it's all Rex's fault, the SB loss, all of last year, our cold summer so far, $4 gas, the war in Iraq, everything is Rex's fault. Wish I could blame a whole team's problem on one person, can I live in your world?

I will never understand the quantity of doomsayers on these pages about running backs calling for us to get these "vets". Kevin Jones, our most likely prospect, is desperately trying to prove he isnt still jacked up, and is constantly injured. Dayne is too damn slow to be a quality back, and too big to fit through most holes. Shaun Alexander, and all of his callers on this page, need to wake up. Not only is he now hitting the "old" mark for running backs, but frankly, he sucks. He has never in his life played with heart. He had some good years, and one amazing year...3 years ago. Since then he has not broken a serious tackle, taken a serious hit, or fought for one inch more than he could walk into. None of that will improve this team.

Yes our starter is a rookie. What if he gets hurt? Well hopefully we hold onto the other Matt or Pope as well, and then we have another option, as well as Peterson who is not great, but is good and fights for yards. thats 3-4 carriers. What old, broken, washed up, overweight running back did we need to improve that situation again?

Chuck..... the media is just the media. It means nothing in the grand scheme of if he was good or not good. Eli Manning was good before last year. With all the comparisons to last years Giants, I wanted to make a point that they have a legitamate starting QB with real NFL level talent. He had started the previous 3 years for them, so he had experience. Neither of the BEars QB's has proven (they still can prove though) to be able to be either healthy enough nor good enough to stay in the line up as the starter long term. Big difference between the 2 when you talk about winning a superbowl.

But the BEars still are so good in other areas potentially to make the playoffs and win one game. Defense and special teams should be best in the conference next year. O-line should be fixed. That means more time to throw and more room to run. All the rest goes to the QB. With Bear history, I am not holding my breath.

But..... GO BEARS!!!

"peterson is not great". That is code for, he will never be a starter or have starter potential. Excuse everyone that will be watching every game hoping Forte is 'great' and hoping he stays healthy. Some have the foresight of Kiper when he made the Mike Williams projection.
What NFL (not college) team would Wolfe or Lawrence start for?

"peterson is not great". That is code for, he will never be a starter or have starter potential. Excuse everyone that will be watching every game hoping Forte is 'great' and hoping he stays healthy. Some have the foresight of Kiper when he made the Mike Williams projection.
What NFL (not college) team would Wolfe or Lawrence start for?

Nope I wasn't comparing Randy Moss to the FA's now -I was stating that The Bears never went after Moss or any other High FA so at least go after a low FA -anybody, when we need one.
and yes I do feel KJ is better than AP (bears) as a backup.

Woah, some real devisive opinions on this one!
But at least we all want Da Bears to be good, we just disagree on the way to do it.
I feel the Oline would make Forte great, but our Oline is not there yet, so get Jones as a backup.
We will see if the Oline is fixed...
I will agree that LeCharles Bentley would be a more important pickup than a RB.

But we have what we have so thats it, Hey with the money they just gave Harris - it's no wonder they won't get a RB, (It's the money, not the fact Forte and the Offense is going to be Lemonade)

I like them all and feel they will help this team, But 1 Olinemen does not help these Rookies at all.
LeCharles Bentley, maybe he was injured but if he checks out then he can probably be signed a little cheap.
Lovie said he wouldn't sign a RB not Olineman didn't he?? ;)
If Rex doesn't fumble in practice/preseason but he does in the Game then that will tell all.

Chuck, I loved the Giants win but hey, that catch couldn't be done again (I loved it, but get real) and last I checked Moss REALLY burnt up the league
But that is not my point - we don't go after FA'S. and I feel if we did right now we would have a shot at the SB right now, QB can be fixed with some solid play at other positions (see our LOST SB - Do you count that as a SB? I don't)

i might be able to blame 4$ gas on rex.

ok rex grossman is so awful that when he plays people want to commit sucide. this creates instability in the world markets and leads to higher oil prices

ohh yeah the ny media killed eli before they went on a roll.didn't they call him she-lie mannning and E-coli?

This is why Rex should start (noted below)

STats from Brando on the two QB's

Now For Kyle Ortons career stats.

18 games played

2,347 yards

52.0 compleation %

130.4 yards a game

5.2 yard per pass

62.2 QB rating

12 TDs 15 INTs

Kyle Orton has 14 fumbles with 5 of those lost fumbles.

Kyle is 6 ft 4 in 217 lbs born Nov. 14 1982. He will turn 26 in the middle of the season.

Posted by: Brando | May 27, 2008 12:36 PM

Now Rex Grossmans career stats.

32 games played

5,907 yards

54.3 comp %

186.4 yards a game

6.6 yards per pass

70.9 QB rating

31 TDs and 33 INTs

18 fumbles and 10 lost

Rex was born Aug 23 1980. 6ft 217 lbs. he will be 28 before the season starts


Thanks again, interesting stats.

Here is some analysis of the two

Based on these stats. T Rex man should be the man in 2008.

Figures don't lie but liers figure.

Here are the numbers.

Rex is averaging .563% fumbles per game with a .313% fumbles lost per game.

Orton is averaging .777% fumbles per game with a .277% fumbles lost per game.

Translation for a 19 game season (Includes the Bears Hypothetical SuperBowl win for both quarterbacks).

Rex will have 19 games x .563% = 10.7 fumbles during the year
Rex will have 19 games x .313% = 3.35 fumbles lost.

Orton will have 19 games x .777% = 14.76 fumbles during the year
Orton will have 19 games x .277% = 4.09 fumbles lost.

Based on the numbers Orton will have 4 more fumbles than Rex and close to 1 more lost fumble.

Go figure.

Posted by: dahlillama | May 27, 2008 07:44 PM


Here are the Touchdowns per game vs interceptions per game for Rex and Kyle.

Rex touchdowns per game = .969% and interceptions = 1.031%

Kyle touchdowns per game = .667% and interceptions =.833%

Over a 19 games Superbowl season.

Rex has 19 games x.969% = 18.41 TD's
Rex has 19 games x .1.031% = 19.59 INterceptions.

Kyle has 19 games x .667% = 12.67 TD's
Kyle has 19 games x .833% = 15.83 INterceptions.

Rex doesn't look so good because Rex has more than 4 more interceptions than Kyle. And the question is? How many points would be scored off of the additional interceptions.

Rex also has almost 6 more TD's than Kyle. But those interceptions can break a teams back if the other team scores or the interception was thrown in the red zone taking away points that should have been automatic.

Rex should start if he controls the interceptions if not Kyle should start. Simple as that.

Posted by: dahlillama | May 27, 2008 08:07 PM

First--the Giants had a great run last year. They got hot when they needed to get hot. No one in their right mind would ever say they were the best team on the field at any given point in time (except against Tampa Bay).

Second--year after year of the same parroted company lines are starting to make me look at Lovie Smith in a different way. He's got his contract; I understand it's good for him to support the staff he's been given, but there's something that just doesn't make any sense here.

Third--the offense still gives us fans no reason to be optimistic. Barring an amazing turnaround by whoever ends up at quarterback (hopefully Orton), there is nothing to inspire any sense of positivity--Forte looks good, but that's pretty much it. Given Angelo's history with first-rounders, there's no reason to be giddy about Chris Williams; furthermore, the Bears seem determined to follow the credo of "super bowl teams are built through the draft" TO THE LETTER, heedless of how useful free agents can be. To their credit, they seem to not want to make another Thomas Jones-style mistake; how putting Forte on the hot seat so early in his career can be a positive is beyond me. Especially if he fails; if Adrian Peterson, P.J. Pope et al. can't supplant a rookie for a starting spot, then how could they effectively replace him if he gets injured?

Oh, and Rex is still a bum. Unleash the dragon!


People saying that Rex will make the Pro-bowl have got to be kidding. First of all he has to win the job, and then has to limit those boneheaded mistakes that he's well known for. It's a tall order, but not out of the realm of possibilities if Williams pans out, as well as Forte, and great strides by Olsen and Hester. Let's see if they can score some points without turning the ball over every other possession.

Hiya Darrl M., We know you have no biased opinion of Rex. C'mon, you know you love Orton (we know about the #18 jerseys in your closet). I don't think either of them are great but I'm willing to say that sitting Rex last year made him a better player and all the sitting that Orton did over those years didn't make him any better than he was. Plus Rex is finally becoming more of a student of the game which should help him apply the fundamentals that he should've already had. Rex was like a coddled child who found out that hard work will always enhance natural talent or at least it should. I will go so far as to say that he will be much better overall than he was in 2006. Not great at any time but more consistent during games. And with this topic at hand; I would have to agree that Lovie is a modern coach who puppets his bosses decisions. Name one coach who doesn't. The only coach you can name is some guy who is on his way out. Plain and simple, Angelo puppets the McCaskeys and so on and so forth. We are a mom and pop organization more than anything. Some will say they are cheap and I will say that they are fiscally responsible. They own nothing other than the BEARS and make money only from the revenue from television and partial gates. The deep pocket organizations made their money through something else and then became owners. Bears are not so lucky. This is their family's life's work. And who cares about that part. People have been downing them for being cheap so long that they don't realize that the moniker hasn't fit for a while. They are always getting a quick fix in free agency and it has worked on several occasions. Every offensive free agent we had before 2006 contributed to them getting to the Super bowl. Moose, Miller, Jones, Garza,R. Brown, Tait,and McKey all contributed. This isn't an organization that has sucked for 20 years right now. We just have bull-headed fans who can discount going to the Superbowl and losing and call it a failure. A lot of fans from New Orleans would love to be 2nd best out of a whole season. Back to the matter at hand. If any of those backs were a savior for any team they would not be so free at this point. I will give every organization props for not signing them. And also I'd give the BEARS much more because they are showing that they are not panicking. If they can't help the teams that know them how will they help the teams that don't.

dahlillama: I didn't blame Rex for all the problems on this team I just pointed out the problems he has. He is slow, he is not a good scrambler, he is a gunslinger, he has bad feet, he can't read a defense to save his life, he panics under pressure, he fumbles to much, he cannot hit the short dump off pass to save his life, his vision is not that good, he never goes through his progressions, he holds on to the ball to long, he is undersized and he throws to many interceptions. His strengths, he is pretty good with the play action pass, his team likes him, he is a nice guy, he throws a good deep ball, he tries hard.

Orton over rated Enigma with a minimum amount of talent.

Niether could start for another team.

The biggest problem the Bears have is all there problem compound with eachother. Unlike the defense the offense lack any focal point and has no major talent as yet seen on the field. Were a running team that is the worst in the league at running the ball. Our Oline is not a well known crew of beasts, but a patch work of guys who don't fit together that well. None of our guys except maybe Williams can pass block to save his life, problem there is the Bears actually use the pass to set up the run and stretch the field. Then there is run blocking, when Tait is healthy he is a solid run blocker, Garza is below average to average, Olin is average at run blocking at this point in his career but that could also be because he has too bad guards playing next to him this year and last year, Metcalf is just plain bad, Williams was not known as a run blocker in college and lacks power. So none of that really helps the running game to much. We don't have a proven running back, Forte has potential but we have to wait and see, Wolfe stank last year, and AP is a below average backup. TE Olsen did not play like a first round pick last year and can't block, but has tons of upside, Clark is solid if unspectacular. WR, to me this looks like the worst WR group in the NFL, well maybe the chiefs are worse, this will not help Rex or Orton. I look at this team and I think it is worse than last years team. I cannot see more than 5 wins unless 4 or 5 offensive players beakout this year. I predict Lloyd gets kicked off the team before the season is done.

Hahah....hey, William--it's been a while. How've you been? I've been watching your posts--I always like what you have to say.

I'm the first to admit I have a bias toward Kyle Orton (my orange #18 jersey is currently on my body, not in my closet, thank you very much)--but I do admit he's got a long way to go to inspire confidence. Rex is still a bum, though--he had three whole seasons to prove he could be a consistent player and spent two of them injured and one more defining "night" and "day."

I'm disappointed in Orton's minimal progress--but, since the Bears don't want to pick up another draft pick or proven veteran (and, I'm sorry, Chris Simms doesn't count--BYRON LEFTWICH, ANYONE?), we're stuck with what we've got. I throw my lot in behind #18--he knows the offense now, and deserves a starting shot. It's his last year under contract (as I recall) and he deserves just as many looks as Rex Dragonslinger. Yes, I am a fan of the kid--but that doesn't invalidate my opinion (he does have 10 wins under his belt, knows his role as a team player, and has demonstrated an unwavering focus on the game).

Hey D.M. I forgot that since you are up there in the Pacific Northwest that you may not be privy to certain information. But Kyle is signed thru next year. He got a 1 year extension like Rex did. So he actually have a longer time to prove himself. And Leftwich will be left out because the BEARS only pursue guys who are not discarded from another team. They rather steal a guy from another team's practice squad than pick up a guy who was cut. If someone's contract wasn't expired they won't bother. And Leftwich is slower-of-foot than Rex, if that is at all possible.


You have many good points about Rex, the O line, tight end Olsen and the WR's. You did forget that the offense and defense adjustments after halftime often do not exist and that the play calling for the Bears is often very predictable.

Now to say the Bears are only going to win 4-5 games just does not make sense. The Bears will have a very good shot at having a top five or even the best defense in the entire league. The special teams are a top five or even a #1 unit, getting good field position consistently because Hester is on the field whether the other team kicks to him or not.

The division the Bears are in is also somewhat mediocre or at least appears to be. The Vikings have talent but they also have some holes, their QB and DB's etc are questionable. Green Bay is starting a new QB, by mid season the league will have figured him out and he will be toast. Detroit has no O line or D line, I predict last in the division.

With all that said, the Bears will win the division going 10-6 or 11-5, which most likely will be second best record in the NFC. Defense wins championships as evidenced by the Giants relentless pressure on Brady last year. The Bears championship defense, great special teams and an offense that grinds out a few yeards, has some playmakers like Olsen and Hester and does not turn over the ball too much will bring the Bears back to the promised land.

How about Rex with a 90+ QB rating with TD's exceeding interceptions by a 2 to 1 ratio, this could happen in my lifetime.

I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than see the Bears win 4-5 games this year.

How can we need a receiver if we don't have pass protection, a QB, or a back if Forte misses anytime?

I would love to see Forte run a little lower. For injury sake, these days.
An half time adjustment might be fun to watch.

AHH, maybe lovie realizes the only time the running backs will be used this season is in the first quarter or with all the false starts of last season the down and distance will dictate more passes. I mean really, it doesn't matter who is running the ball if there is a false start or a blown blocking assignment. I think the running backs for the bears need to work on techniques like dodging Dlinemen in the backfield and recovering boched center-QB exchanges because they will not be seeing many quality holes. I hope Im wrong.

People should lay off Lovie on this one. He's the coach not the GM. His job is to motivate his players and put them in the best position to be successful, not fill out the roster. He's certainly not going to be successful motivating his team by starting the season saying "our running backs blow." He's saying what he needs to say because Angelo decided not to bring in a veteran running back. Personally, I'd bring in another back. Even if he gets cut during training camp, the extra competition will be good for everybody. I also think they should give Wolfe and Pope a decent shot to at least be the compliment to Forte. They'll never know what they have until they give them the ball.

lets pick up as many D-lineman as possible.
the rest of the team will force it to happen...just what is that?

Sup Bear Fans? Sorry bout the intruseion, but I am from Slidell, La. and naturally a big time Saints fan but thats beside the point. You guys are going to be happy with ya'lls 2nd round pick..Matt Forte. He has it all for the field but most importanly he's a dern good kid. Ya'll will not be disapointed but proud. Now back to the field, he's got it all. He catches, he blocks(picks up blitz) and he runs with his eyes and breaks with his speed. To tell ya how high I am on Matt, who I know and helped coach baseball with him in Jr. high was who I wanted the Saints to pick. Even though we got Ellis from USC and was trying to land Dorsey, I would have passed on both D-Tackles and have taken Matt with our #1. His height, 6 1/2, 222 lbs. Well we have Duece McAllister comming off knee surgery and is unknown. So that was my thinking, that Matt will be ya'lls power back who with 9 minutes left to go in the 4th, just give the ball to Matt and let him run the clock out. Well thats what ya'll got and quite frankly I am as jealous as hell. Well I guess we'll see one another again in December at ya'll's place again. Hmmmm..? Why do we have to come back in the winter time again...something seems awfull wrong with that picture. LOL...heheheh :-)))
Ya'll Be Good and enjoy our home boy..sure wish he was with us.

I like the Archie Fan message. I hope he is absolutely right about Forte.

My question is was that real or was that Brando doing another imposter routine?

HAHA dahlillama, sure does seem like something Brando would do!

If its fake. Its pretty good.

Hey Mike:

I agree Archie Fans post is pretty good. I actually went to and checked out the Saints web site looking for any posts from Archie Fan. I could not find any but some of the posts were great and hilarious.

Check it out!! Maybe it would be agood idea to do some stealth posting on the Packers, Lions and Vikings blogs just to piss em off a little before the season starts and the bears kick their ARSes!!

Matt Lawrence and P.J. Pope should be given every opportunity and Tony Temple from Mizzou and Chicago is still out there maybe a look see is warranted and yes Leftwich is slow a foot but he is quick of arm and experienced, and please stop with the Simms mess he is Grossman left handed with less body parts. Let the camp play out and hope players stay healthy and real winners come out of this camp.

KGB is hurt, Woodson, even though I like Michigan, will miss games because he is softer than my next door neighbor. Aaron Rodgers is like Mike Jones, who...Mike Jones...who...Mike jones...who
No pass rush.
Good luck Ryan Grant. Go to Tommie Harris.
I actualy feel sorry for Donald Driver.

Creighton, you are such a pessimist this league has so much parity and you can never tell who will break out or all of a sudden get it. There are some parts that if they click will change things drastically, that is why they play the games on Sunday not in the blogs so take heart Bear fans we are so looking at our situation there are probably other fans in other cities doing the same thing we are. So to ALL PESSIMISTS just wait and see before you judge so harshly.

I agree djssr. I myself hate predictions so I never make tham unless someone ask me to. Parity is what's making this league better. I like the fact that Goodell is mentioning that out of whack rookie salary cap and wants that straightened out. Most of his crack downs have been no-brainers so I haven't thought much of him especially after he let The Pats off the hook so easily. Distroying evidence with some lame reason why. Maybe he'll get that back on track.

Hello Bear Fans, DieHard Saints Fan here from Slidell, La. Say guys I hear ya'll and understand the feelings about adding another running back, but this I can tell ya'll. Matt Forte is the real deal. He was on my son's junior high school football team and was the starting running back then. All I can tell ya'll is you could tell even back then he was something special. He was fast and ran instinctivly. For someone that young he was the type of back that never shyed away from a hit instead loved the idea of making someone pay for their attempt at trying to tackle him and getting in his way of the goal line.
Then I followed his 4 years in high school and again just made a name for himself at Slidell High. What was surprising was after a steller high school career he only received 2 offers. One was Tulane which I was glad he stayed local and the other was MacNeese which was a division 2 school. LSU just fell asleep on that one as well as a whole bunch of other schools.
At Tulane It was just plain fun watching Matt tear it up. In game 5 LSU came down to the Dome and at the time LSU was giving up barely any yardage to oppossing offenses'. In the first 2 quaters Matt was finding holes that 4 other teams were simply stalled at trying to run on LSU. I think Matt wound up with 16 carries for 72 yards before Tulane fell behind and had to change their game plan and started passing and abandoned the run. Had Tulane stayed on the ground Matt would of wound up with well over 100 yds and being the first back to rush for 100 yds or better against LSU till that point in the season.
So after Matt Sr. season it came down to watching where he would go in the draft. With Deuce Mcallister coming off his second major knee surgery and Reggie Bush with no big horse in front off him which our offense was more of a threat when both Deuce and Reggie in the backfield at the same time. So after our first round pick of Ellis from USC which we had to have with the first pick we have a shot to grab Matt. I was praying that they would of pulled the triger on him but again we went defense with a cornorback.
So bottom line Bear fans I now have 3 more teams to pull for as long as they are not playing the Saints and thats both the Mannings from New Orleans and now The Bears so I can follow Matt's career.
Ya'll will be pleased Bear Fans. In fact I think ya'll got one of the steals in the draft by taking him in that round.
One other great and important point is the character of Matt.What a polite and well raised young man. Ya'll will not be reading about Matt in the police reports in ya'lls newspapers. What a good dude.

Mike Bondio
Slidell, La.

Good Luck Bear Fans and by the way we owe ya'll one. LOL actually 2 ass wuppins ya'll gave us under Sean Payton's regime.
How does that work anyways that we have to come play ya'll again in the winter at ya'lls place. Since we played ya'll at ya'lls home I thought they alternate, like one ass wuppin over there and then ya'll come down the next year to our place. Dern... LOL :-)

Aw man:

Good stuff on Matt, I hope you are right on with his future as a Chicago Bear running back.

Caught a couple of spelling errors, still could be Brando. the style of writing also is similiar to Archie Fan.

It has got to be Brando

Remember the Pats pulling Marvin Harrison's jersey a few years back?, that was some sad stuff there..pure cheatin!
The Rookies need a salary cap!! This is not even right, Rooks get all the money then presto, they're gono!

Randy, I am not a fan of the Mannings. Not to say Rex is a savior, but Rex and Eli had similar average careers until Eli took off last year. I believe it was because the coaches stuck with him, could be wrong, but that's my opinion. Yeah the catch was a miracle, Cromartie dropping the pick was one, too. Eli came through though, and Rex didn't.

Cannot blame the SB loss on him cuz our line was terrible that day, MM decided to throw his QB under the bus, Benson gets hurt, Turner forgets he's the OC and becomes the O-line coach. This along with Rex deciding show his terrible side in the 2nd half. As well as our D not stopping Addai at all in critical situations.

I can respect someone who has an honest opinion on Rex and doesn't like him, he has a lot of faults. You made some valid points and I agree with you and Ryan(definitely on the media part). We do go after FA's, Prince Adewale, MM, Tait, etc. I just think we go after the wrong ones, we need gamebreakers at skill positions, and those are the FA's we do not go after.

BTW, unfortunately, yes, I do count the SB loss as an opportunity. 30 other teams would have loved to be in our shoes at halftime of that game, 30 more minutes....30 more minutes.

I like Matt in as much as we haven't seen him yet. He's from Tulane, so what. Walter was from Jackson State. I don't want to compare him to Walter but from that point of view who knew other than Jim Finks that Walter would be what he became. The beginning of another Bears season is a couple of months away and like every year I'm excited which is normally follwed by disappointment so whats new?. Personally what I think the Bears need to do is fire Lovie and hire Mike Singletary. Just like Ditka coming back Mike can bring back that toughness and intensity the 85 team played with.

If Lovie doesn't get er done in 2 years that might be a good move to bring Singletary back.

Thank you WRD the truth is the backs they have now are better than whats availible and I am still pushing Bently. Creighton ease up bud wait and see, I believe you will be surprised. The defense is set the O-Line will be fine a good back helps a O-Line because blocks don't have to be held as long and getting to the second level is easier with a better back. Groosman is to much of a gambler and stares down his primary. I would rather see a conservative consistant as opposed to wide-open and error prone, and I still like the idea of bringing in Leftwich for a look see.

Dern, yes I am an idiot. lol I can't spell and I write on a few sites that from time to time I forget who the hell I am. LOL

Good Luck
See Ya

Aw man:

You are not the idiot, I truly enjoyed your commentary, it was exceptional. Actually, I am the idiot for making such a krass statement about spelling.

Jim Finks!! That is who Iv'e been trying to remember! He did a helluva GM job with that 85+ team.
BTW EVERYONE, I love Rex - he is from Indiana, His family is in tight with Coach (Knight) He could be the best QB the Bears have had since McMahon, I do not feel he lost the SB - maybe I gave that impression but his fumbles surely cost the O confidence and he could have WON the game by playing better, But I agree the lack of our destroying D really cost us, why didn't we pressure Manning??? We had no halftime adjustments at all! I felt that is what really cost us the game. But Rex did not paly a good game either and a QB can win the game regardless (see Eli) but Rex did not do that. Remember I live in Indy - I hear it at work still about Rex fumbles and the Colts beating us.
and I do feel that P. Manning is the best I have seen ever (sorry Jim Mac - your close though dude)

i believe in Forte. i cant forget our backs getting hit as soon as they get the ball. I say we give Bentley a shot.
Grossman can do it...will he?

dahlillama, Thank you for the compliment about the post. My spelling though does have a lot of flaws :-)), and in all honesty I never took no offence by the comment about it. What makes me sad though is to think how much money my parents(God rest their souls) wasted on sending me to a private grammer and high school. Shew Weee, it's sad lmao.
But seriousley do you or anyone else have an idea on how the NFL makes a schedule. Like I said in one year we travel to the windy city(last year) and this season comming up we play ya'll again toward the end of the season. I kinda thought it was like college, this year at home the next year at the other teams place.
Also I think the NFL sort of got away with the teams strength of schedule. Like if you were 2-14 the schedule for the next year would be sort of weaker opponents.
Anyone who could shed a little light on the subject, it would be appreciated.

From Slidell, La.

Grossman needs 1 more chance. Still doesn't have WRs or O-line. TEs though.
Need an Insurance RB. Kevin Jones.Teams will figure Forte runs a lot. Bradley's recovery is probably the most under rated possible avalanche.
Lost starting WRs? Berrian is the go route king and he can run routes, but quits on them.
Bradley is best. And I have hope for Monk. Two who probably won't see the field much.

Aw Man:

I would not be the one to tell you about the scheduling, there are however others that this information would be their forte'.


I agree the Bears still need to fortify the running back position with either Kevin Jones or Lamont Jordan. I think they could be had relatively cheap with heavy incentive laden contract clauses that rewards them for on the field production. Also in getting one of these guys, it should be part of the plan for them to mentor the young running backs.

l am really sure Forte will be great maybe next year, every rookie
has to learn at least one year, but 3years of waste like Benson is not acceptable, l am glad that finally he got out of Chicago, l think, that Orton or Rex will be okay if the line holds, and the defense plays better than last year, if we run 60% and pass 40% with minimun mistakes, we should win 10 games, we need for Booker to step up like the way he was before traded, we need Bradley,to supplant Berriam, he is almost as fast, and if Olson give us 100% more than last years, 10 wins would be a piece of cake, 8 returns by Hester all the way could help too.

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