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Lawyer: Benson looks "perfectly sober" in video shot of sobriety tests

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The Bears have already passed judgment on Cedric Benson, placing the running back on waivers Monday.

Benson's fate in with law enforcement officials in Austin, Texas, remains very much up in the air.

He's dealing with his boating arrest from May 3, when he was charged with drunk boating and resisting arrest, and then he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving Saturday. That led to his release.

Benson's Austin, Texas-based attorney Sam Bassett says he has viewed a tape of the field sobriety tests Benson was given in the crowded downtown party district.

"I want you to know that a concerned citizen who videotaped Cedric’s field sobriety testing showed me his video this morning," Bassett said in an e-mail. "Cedric looks perfectly sober from my standpoint on this video. The tape also shows a chaotic, almost circus-like scene. Dozens, if not hundreds of people are watching, milling around. Cedric is forced to perform the field sobriety tests in the middle of Colorado Street with all but one lane of traffic blocked. As he’s performing the tests, cars are driving within a few feet of him and at times people walk near him. Many of the pedestrians walking around are obviously intoxicated. One should also note that this section of Colorado is sloped from north to south.

"It is clear that the scene was almost an entertainment event for those involved. Though I don’t attribute motives to the officers who set this up, it seems that it would have been much more fair, professional and civilized to have conducted the tests in a more private area. However, Cedric was not afforded any such dignity. Nonetheless, even under the difficult circumstances, he performed well and does not look intoxicated."

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A lawyer that is paid to defend benson says benson is innocent? Such a shocking development! Wouldn't he be dis-barred, if he admitted benson was guilty? Heck its his job-even if the video showed benson falling down, staggering, throwing up- to still defend benson's innocence.

i'd also question if it showed benson "sober" why was he bringing up a point the road is sloped??? : )

What do you mean by "in a more private area," Bassett? The cops don't care if you pull over in the middle of the Mojave Desert or in the middle of Amsterdam's red light district. They just want you stopped and out of the car. Patrick's right, the guy is defending his client, but Bassett's grasping at straws here. Besides, it's all for keeping him out of jail, not for convincing the Bears to keep him, since that decision's been made.

"I think he'd (Angelo) have to explain to me how I put myself in a position to be a victim."

That was most likely the tipping point that caused Angelo to act as hastily as he did with Benson. Otherwise, I think it a little irrational to release him w/o waiting for the decision of the courts.

Some fan wrote to Larry at the 'Chalk Talk' on the Bears site that he was pleased Angelo was taking such a stand on morality. BULL****!!!!!!! Was Angelo planning to do anything with Tank Johnson during the SB run? HA! Tank had enough assault weapons to lead a small milita in his home and people associated with him DIED! Still, Tank got chance after chance after chance. Why? B/c he played alright and b/c Harris and Dvoracek were MIA. Angelo only cut Tank b/c he embarassed him.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with morality. It is always about winning. But, winning can get trumped when the people in power have their egos hurt.

Benson looked to be in great shape and we needed him for what was going to be a lethal two headed rushing attack like in 2006. This could turn out to be another dumb move by Angelo...

Hey, the Bears did the right thing cutting Benson- with or without his offseason legal woes. He did us fans a favor by getting himself axed; now we won't have to suffer through another year of 2nd-and-9 to gos. Thanks Ced, I like you more now.

I do understand your point Mike. He could have been good this year paired with another decent back (like in 05 and 06). I had brought up this exact same point some time ago about how Benson never has proven to be "the man" in the backfield, but rather useful as a "change of pace" power back.

BUT!!! He screwed up once and didn't admit he made a mistake. He tried to blame someone else like a kid. Then he screwed up again, and said immediately that he wasn't drunk and that his innocence would be proven later. The point being that he never admitted he was wrong till it was too late.

So if the Bears kept him, they would sending a message that if Benson can keep his job while screwing up, then the rest of you can as well. They didn't and sent a clear message that you have to act like your a human being with good standing in the public to be a Chicago Bear.

Also, Mike, Benson will not make a difference of wins and losses at all. All he proved was he could be a good back-up for power running only because he could not block, catch or turn the corner. Ths also proves that Angelo is bad at drafting offensive skill position players. I wrote in a post earlier about the draft choices in the first 3 rounds since 2000. 29 players total, and 13 (13!!??!!) were off skill players. Of those, 8 are on the current team, and of those only Hester has proven to be good (Maybe Berrian as well). The 8 also include current draftee's Bennett and Forte. Only 3 were OL in 8 years of drafting, and Metcalf and Williams are currently on the team. And you can bet Columbo woulda been here too if not for dislocated knee. Point being that this guy is good at lineman, and he should stick to his strengths more in the first 3 rounds of the draft fomr now on.

The only thing that will make a huge difference in W's and L's will be helath on the Oline and Defense. They will be at least 10-6 if all stay healthy. If Brown goes down as expected, then 9-7. Otherwise we in real trouble again.


The problem is even in his so called admission of guilt, he contradicted himself and said he wasn't guilty of any crime. The last time I checked driving while intoxicated is a crime. He doesn't know what's right or wrong. Hopefully he understands someday.

I will wait and see if the Bears get a RB signed (Jones!)- bet not, and then we have to go with a Rook as I don't believe the other RB's are up to the task. But Forte/Benson would have been nice.
I feel the Bears reacted too quick but if we get Jones then maybe not..BUT the Bears will probably not get anyone. Crap! We really needed Benson untill Forte got his legs another year.
Who else did anything on offense last year? (besides Hester, lol)
If I heard right - a team has to sign Ced at the contract price he is on now???
btw Who wouldn't want their Atty standing up for them?? Duh

This is all BS last I checked the Lawyer had not seen the tape, but claimed all the DA's who had seen it said Benson looked Sober, of course he did not name any names. DA's who are prosecuting someone would not prosecute someone if they were running around saying they were innocent, cause it kind of defeats the purpose of there case. Your honor as the prosecuting Attourney for the State of Taxas I believe Benson is innocent but I would like to prosicute him anyway.

This is the same Lawyer who in video interviews has said Benson had 2-3 drinks, then he said Benson had one drink and now he is saying Benson had a sip of a drink. The guy is geeting lost in his own lies. Here's a hint if your are going to lie and tell 3 different stories don't do them all on video.

Benson on the seems to be on the same page as he has stated has had between 2-3 drinks and one sip of a drink. First why do you order one drink and just take a sip of it, second why is he saying two or three drinks as well, not to mention how do you loose count of either two or three drinks, it's not that big a number. I know when I have 2 beers, I know when I have five beers. The numbers 2 and 3 should not exactly confuse a person. Not to mention lets say he wasn't having beer lets say he was having a Long Island well thats like 7-8 shots worth of Alchol or more, well that should impare you just a bit. Lucky for him he only had a sip, or two or three drinks, he seems to get confused easily by small numbers. Ummmm I had a sip or two or three drinks I can't remember which it was dinner was very confusing, oh thats right he claimed to be comming back from dinner at 4 am. I been to Austin a few times and I do not recall any places to eat that are open at that hour. Well maybe McDonalds but they don't serve there. Boy thats a strange time to eat dinner, and early breakfast but dinner???? Not to mention he says he was there for his Moms B-day, sure doesn't seem like he was spending much time with her being out till 4 am, then uses the excuse he was home for his moms birthday. Thats what I do with my mom I'm like happy birthday I am going out till 4am see you later. Ceds a classy guy

Mike you are 100% on the money!! If Benson had rushed for 1200 yards last season, this wouldn't be a big deal. JA is trying to save face by cutting Benson leaving fellow GMs to still chuckle about him drafting Wolfe for a "power running team".

i wish that people would make up there minds about players. 2 weeks ago all i heard was how everyone wanted ced off the team. now im hearing "oh we should wait until we see if he get convicted". i bet it was the same people on here saying that there wasnt a QB out there in free agency to get so we should stick with rex, so when they did stick with him all i heard was people bitching about that too. HOLY COW, MAKE UP YOUR FRIGGIN MINDS WILL YA?

I thought that not matter what, it's innocent until proven guilty in Anerica. Some of you want-to-be's are just slobs and will never give anybody the benefit of the doubt----unless of course it's you. The chapter has closed on Benson and that's a good thing for Bear fans, so waiting for a verdict is no sweat off our backs. The kid will be in the league somewhere and I just hope he doesn't go for a 100+ AGAINST OUR BEARS.

As far as Benson is concerned, good riddance. The guy had no interest in being part of the team, no motivation, no heart and little interest being a good football player. In my opinion, he was undermining team chemistry and was basically a cancer to the team. I'm looking forward to NOT seeing him in a Bears uniform this season. For those of you that think we should have kept Benson and his running style would be an asset this year, then you must be hoping the Bears will bring in Ron Dayne. Dayne would give the Bears the same thing they were getting from Benson. No moves, can't turn the corner, run into the pile and fall down. Kevin Jones has potential, but sounds like he has attitude problems too. Hopefully, Forte has the maturity, ability and desire to be the feature back the team needs. A lot of "ifs" on the offensive side.

If he was innocent all he had to do was take a breathalizer or blood alcohol test to prove it. If he didn't do that, then most likely he was intoxicated. Do these people think we are clueless?

The ONLY and I do mean ONLY place Ced's weak, wimpy, pushover running style has a chance is Denver. They say anyone can run in Denver and I can't totally disagree.

it doesn't matter if he was "sober" or not
Benson being released was the best thing for the Bears
I believe Forte will get it done
i know he isn't the best option in the world, but common does anyone want the pain of Benson around?

Doug and Creighton:

I agree with your points that the team is better off without Benson. Remember 2006 when the defense took some shots at Benson and hurt his shoulder. Why do you think this happened; the D was trying to send him a message to shut up and just be a pro. Because Benson has no heart, has shown no real desire to excel and certainly is not a team player. Why would a player leave the field during a preseason game breaking a team rule? Once again Benson put himself first above the team.

Benson may grow up one day but I have to tell you I know 16 year olds that show more maturity than this cry baby.

Bye Bye baby Goodbye!!!!!! don't let the door slam you in the ARS!

The BEARS are better off without him.

I'm a die hard Bears fan but I have a big question too ask.Who are they gonna bring in too compete for the number 1 spot?I dont know mych about the rookie but I dont think Forte is ready too be a starter.Peterson is a better special team player than a running back and Wolfe is more of an situational back.DOES ANYONE THINK THEY CAN UNDERSTAND THIS QUESTIONS FOR ME?!?

I did not change my `friggin' mind I said all along the Bears should wait till the year started and we saw how he ran so I guess you lost the `bet' and uome
You should take into account the stupidity of running a red (yellow) light after drinking and while the first charges are still fresh...
I still say we should wait but I would like to see KJ in here or RD - that would be SWEET! but the Bears will not spend money if they don't have too.

I have stood by Rex all the while and believe me it's not easy in Indy with the Colts fans laughing at me for fumbilitis Rex! It's friggin hard! But Rex is a Bear and I feel he is good but I say it's time for Orton to see what he is made of. I would have liked the Bears to go after McNabb, but again NO MONEY from the McCaskey's. I am just happy they are signing some guys early thats the best the Bears have done in awhile. Our D will kick ars!
Oh yeah wtf draft Wolf???

At this point, they can bring in anybody. Benson didnt do a thing for the Bears except put up the same numbers Curtis Enis, and Rashaad Saalam put up in 3 years which was just awful. (look it up, its almost identical). I think most of us would have thought, considering the guy broke down in tears when drafted, that he would have played with a HEART. Obviosuly, he takes his talent for granted and should just go and play with the Cowboys since they dont care about character. Bring in Shaun Alexander for a year to help mold Forte into a solid running back.


I agree with you. If innocent just take the darn breathalyzer or BAC. The only thing is he has a better chance of getting out of this charge because he never took the tests.

Bye-bye Benson. You were given a key to the city and the only thing you cared about was the cash. Oh well. Once the season starts, you will but a memory. Put PJ Pope in! Betcha he shows what work, commitment and dedication means.

He was immediately guilty when he almost hit a pedestrian when he ran that red light. People who are defending CB don't know what they're talking about. I don't get why these wealthy athletes don't call a cab or rent a limo if they're drinking. It will never make sense to me. There is also rumor that CB's knee is not nearly 100% from last year's injury. Just some food for thought.

I read that Adrian Peterson has been sidelined after undergoing an appendectomy monday night. For you that do not know what an appendectomy is, its a surgical removal of the appendix. Peterson should be ready by the start of camp, according to the Bears web site. I wish him well, and a speedy recovery. The good news out of all of this is, Matt Forte is getting an opportunity to run with the first team offense. Ron Turners says that Forte will not be handed anything, and will have to earn the starting job. Forte now has a wonderful opportunity to work with the first team offense, and learn the offense first hand. I also think this will help Forte learn the offense even quicker. All Forte has to do now is show the coaching staff something, and continue to work hard. Turner has said that Forte has been catching on quickly, but will reserve judgement until Forte is running in full contact drills. I've read in numerous draft sites, that Forte is a hard worker. Forte's family members have said that Forte will get up in the middle of the night and run wind sprints. I like hearing things like this. I know that this does not guarantee Forte to be an all-pro, but at least the Bears finally have a running back that will TRY to be one. GO FORTE & GO BEARS!!

I was the one who wrote about Benson only needing to take the breathalizer but it attributed that to Doug, and I suppose my post is Doug's post? Anyway, yep guilty and you are right Brian if you don't take the test you have a better chance of getting off!

Well, what's done is done. Given that the blog staff is on vacation, how about a topic change?

Here is an interesting thought for a potential improvement in the offensive line: LeCharles Bentley. He has been released by the Browns, and was capable of being a Pro Bowler at both guard and center before his injuries. Since we seem to be bringing in the "all-IR" team these days, why not take a chance on the guy? He was cleared to practice, and appears to have a clean bill of health. Garza and Metcalf are not inspiring much confidence as far as I am concerned, and we need to have someone who can help Williams on the left side, so why not take a chance on a player who could have been one of the best in the league, and may still be? Just a thought...

The Bears and Angelo had no choice and did the right thing by cutting this guy. The more I think about this the action taken was important 1) let the rooks know we aint playin around here 2) sets a standard and support to the vets who DO it right they deserve respect also.
But I really cant shake the feeling that this really boils down in many respects to the whole problem with the rookie money these top guys get. I cant believe that Mack Brown in texas would have lied about Benson to the Bears, Beson played in the BiG 12 man thats a smash mouth conferene, Vasher vouged for him. Angelo pilots a good draft team he knows talent. I really think its the money that is the wild card who can tell what a kid will do when it dawns on him that he is set for life. Money can change people we have all seen in life- I think they need to make them earn it.

I'll tell you how Benson's shoulder got hurt, if you ever watch Benson play you will notice if he has a wide open field in front of him he runs just find, but put some defenders in the area and Benson suddenly starts falling down. Why does he do this to avoid contact to lessen the hit, who knows. But he does it in full contact practice as well, and while he was laying on the ground he got nailed, and his big complaint was he was already down when he got hit. Thing is nobody put him down, he just went down as he ussually does and then got tagged. Well thats a legal hit. Guys get hurt in practice all the time from working hard and playing hard, Benson got hurt taking a dive. Do I thin the team was trying to send him a message sure I do, but I believe they were doing it for a good reason. Do recall these comments, the Line won't block for me because they don't like me, the defense is trying to hurt me, the coaches don't like me cause I tell the truth, I got food allergies thats why I was over weight, it never happened before in my life but now I have allergies, the police are out to get me, I should be the starter because I was the 4th overall pick, the fans are aginst me, those two arrests that happened in college were because the police don't like black people, the police stopped me 6 times because they are out to get me(in actuallity it was only twice) this goes on and on with him. Has he ever said I need to work harder or that ones on me. Hell no. He had one goal in life to get money and after that nothing else mattered. He's never gotten the fact that the C on the side of his helmet doesn't stand for Cedric, but for Chicago, and he never got that he represents this city and the fans because it has always been about him. The fans pay for players, the team, the NFL for everything, we paid him to be great, the fans gave him an honor and a dream for most people, to play for the Bears and get millions and millions of dollars. He paid the fans back by being a bum. To many players today think it's all about them, and it's not, it's for the fans, we give them a great life we give them money, fame and immortality, you think if people gave you all that, that just maybe you would want to do right by them. Players today just don't get it. Not all of them but a lot of them. Just look at the Bears and the Bengals. Yes I just put those two teams together.

O I believe that they should of cut him regardless whether he passed the test or not I was very upset when he was not only taking rushing attempts from jones but also that he ended up staying and jones got traded away. On the other hand I would find it unfair for the authorities to conduct the test on a sloped area and if he actually did appear to be functioning, not drunk, to accuse him of it.

Matt Jones from the Jags up on the trading blocks?
Its been reported on Sirius.
625K this season and 1.2 million back end.
2007 stats: 24 REC 317 yards 13.2 AVG. 48 long 4 TDs
Career stats: 101 REC 1,392 yards 13.8 AVG. 49 long 13 TDs
Jones is 6 ft 6 in 230 lbs and 25 years old.

Trade Metcalf, Ricky Manning Jr. and a 4 or 5th round pick. In return the Bears get Jones and a player with a heafty pay but is useless. Metcalf and Manning Jr. are getting paid around 6 million as a pair, Jones is due for 625K this year.

With Matt Jones and Marty Booker both having experience at the QB possion, one (Booker) a High School QB and the other (Jones) being a College QB could fill in the emergency QB role. Remember Booker was back when Jim Miller and Shane Mathews were at the helm.

Joe Felicelli, LeCharles Bentley can't seem to stay on the field anymore, and like you said, whats the sense in adding to the all IR-team? Also, Bentley hasn't played since 2006, so he would be a little off anyways. I don't know if Bentley could even come in and play left guard, or how effective he would even be after two seasons of no action. If Metcalf doesn't make it, I say go with Josh Beekman at left guard, I think this guy's gonna be good, we'll probably find out. A darkhorse is Tyler Reed, Reed has been on the practice squad the last two seasons, and I'm interested to see what he has got. Reed has nice size at 6-4 300plus, and scouting reports say Reed gets good fits on linebackers at the second level and is a solid position blocker. Both attributes are what the Bears are looking for in their guards. The Bears like their guards to be able to get to the second level, and seal off the linebackers for their running game. This is a big reason the Bears are big on Roberto Garza. I think Reeds future will be at right guard, and he better show something this season, because I don't think Reed is no longer eligible for the practice squad, so for Reed, its now or never GO BEARS!!

angelo's showed he doesn't mind digging through the scrap heap. i think anthony oakley was a former brown's practice squad guy who the bears picked up.

i wouldn't mind seeing jerry cut some of the dead weight at offensive line.


Your post is right on the money (no pun intended).

Could not have said it any better, blame everyone but not take any responsibility for anything.

It is all about the fans and it is to bad that the players in many cases don't realize it.

Cedric Benson's initials CB represent "Complete Bust" to me.

Good points about Ced's attitude for sure, and the lockerroom presence is a big deal - huh, who would have thought both our Super Bowl RB's would be gone so soon! It is what it is.
Hard to believe JA would trade Jones - he saw the attitude at that time you know and still kept Ced, Good judge of talent/personality? or is it now a good excuse?
Alexander I am leery of - Dude was on his last leg 2 years ago...but if the Bears had to bring him in then maybe for a change of pace back. I Like KJ but I am wondering about LJ as well
We will see in the days ahead - KJ says the bears are gonna call which would be interesting, if just to know that the Bears REALLY ACTUALLY tried to spend money on a RB, Call the papers on that one. But he wants to play in Chicago...

He has had a run of bad luck, for sure, but we are certainly not trotting Bruce Matthews and Russ Grimm out there at guard, so I say you leave no stone un-turned. This was one of the premier young guard/center prospects in the league 2 years ago, and if his legs hold up (Terry Allen had his most productive seasons after both ACLs were replaced, so it isn't unprecedented), he could be great again. If Metcalf, Garza, Beekman, Reed, and Adams/Poles/etc. were good enough to be the guys, we would not have needed Ruben Brown to play 8 games with basically one arm last season. I don't know if Bentley can stay healthy, but we certainly know the kid has enough talent to punch a ticket to Hawaii. He is hungry to prove himself, and will probably sign a one-year deal and hope he makes enough noise to get a big contract after the 2008 season.

We are dealing with a coaching staff who has shown ZERO ability to develop young players, and to groom any sort of talent on the offensive line. If you are banking on Reed and Beekman behind Metcalf and Garza, you are putting a lot of faith in a group of coaches that have not shown any credibility to deserve it. All I am saying is why not bring the kid in for a physical and a workout? Not saying you hand him the job, but I guarantee if his legs are solid, he immediately becomes the best guard we have put on the field since Bortz in his prime. Imagine having two Pro Bowlers in Kreutz and Bentley helping Chris Williams develop on the left side. Steinbach made life a lot easier on Joe Thomas, and a good left guard can do the same for Williams.

If it were up to me, I would take the chance that he could do something this season. I am not a fan of Garza. He gets pushed around at the line of scrimmage too much by D-linemen, so getting to the second level is irrelevent. If Reed or Beekman are good enough to take a job, you put them on the right side next to Tait, who can help them along. You don't go with all newbies on Orton/Grossman's blind side. Metcalf is a solid run blocker, but can't handle bull rushers with any quickness, leaving no lane for the QB to step up to throw. If he is our LG, expect both Orton and Grossman to get time this year, as well as whoever is our third guy, because they are going to get killed. If we get lightning in a bottle from one of the youngsters, I will be thrilled, but I do not expect any stars to come from this coaching staff's developmental skills. If I had to pick one that could unseat Metcalf, I am going to say Poles is the guy, but I have nothing other than a hunch to base that on.

Bentley had a freak injury on his first day of camp with the Browns, and then a staph infection that threatened his life. Prior to that, he was a Pro Bowler in New Orleans. It's not like he has Mike Brown luck (maybe a cheap shot, but it is true), or any extensive injury history. If he passes the physical, why not see if he has anything to give? I would be much happier with some more experience on the left side.

As a U.S. citizen, Benson has the right to acquire legal council in order to defend against false accusations. It is the State's burden to prove that he was in violation of the law. If they don't have proof, then how did they determine he was DUI? I'm sure that some prefer and promote a system of justice based on hypocrisy and double-standards...Jerry Angelo? Sun-Times bloggers?

Adrian Peterson is still our #2 running back.

Garrett Wolfe is still our #3 running back.

Olin Kreutz is still our starting C.

Garza is still the starting RG.

The offensive line still as no depth (if St.Clair starts at LG).

Ron Tuner is still calling predictable plays.

Tait is still in his mid 30s.

A rookie pass-protector will be our starting LT.

A 2nd round rookie will be our starting running back.

Get ready for another terribly disappointing year of running the football. The Bears are worse now than at any time in '07. Who's to blame? Cedric Benson, of course! Because of him, Angelo traded away the best pair of biceps in the city. Thomas Jones must work out...

Does anyone on this site know ANYTHING about the offensive line or have any opinion about the quality of our (non-rookie) linemen? People are talking about Reed, Oakley and Metcalf like they can play!?! Is it possible that Benson would have been more productive had the line played better? Kreutz is a pro-bowler! Maybe so, but he can't block anyone.

Great job, Jerry. You failed to build an adequate offensive line and then cut the biggest victim of your incompetent decision-making. What's this I hear about conduct detrimental to the "team"?

I am going to make a committment and would ask all other bloggers to do the same and ..........never mention Benson's name again after just now. Time to move on - thank god. Please change the subject

I have been an advocate for Kevin Jones all year even before we drafted Forte. Great attitude as well as solid ability. Cut Garret if we need to. I suspect JA's hesitation is not wanting to carry 4 backs.

I feel really good about the team this year especially now. If we sign Jones, I like our RB position. O line and WR are better. We have great depth in the secondary to deal with injuries better than anytime in the last 4 years.

All this 7-9 talk is bunk. We are improved virtually everywhere and if healthy this has the makings of a very solid, deep team 5-6 games into the season as the rookies get through the early stage. I look for our D to make a statement to the league that they're back and give Peyton all the battle he wants in game 1, holding him to less than 20 pts. Remember what they did to San Diego in game 1 last year

Admit QB position is a problem and needs to vastly improve. But all we need is 200 yds per game, few turnovers, and the ability to make some 3rd and 8 plays for firsts to keep the D off the field. We don't need 25 TD passes. Orton/Grossman are capable of that. Key is Turner has to accept what he's got and quit trying to turn Rex into a TD force. He's not good enough for that and needs to be asked to play the same game Orton is - management.

11-5 or better as long as reasonably healthy. Go Bears

If Cedric was not intoxicated, why did he decline the breathalizer? IMHO, he declined because was not sober under the law and he'd have no chance to fight this with proven numbers. While declining, the average man is automatically fined and made guilty, but Benson, being a celebrity per se, has the $$$$ to fight it and his lawyer will make up lots of ridiculous stuff. Worked for OJ, no?

Where's the comments I wanted ot read by Julie B, my wife in next lifetime x 5????? She is really the only one who makes sense. One thing I do believe is, isn't there a court system he has to go through before we publicly defacate on Cedric? Why can't we just all shut the blazes up, and call it as it is? Another kid, made to be a multi-millionaire by the NFL, who does not have the where-with-all to know how to keep out of trouble? That alone would make me consider giving him a break...

I said it before and I will say it again. The Bears have nothing to lose by keeping Benson and having him as a back-up to Forte or as a starter till he gets hurt. NFL running backs are constantly getting hurt and teams need depth. Regardless of the headaches with Benson, the Bears are going to regret not having kept him a while longer.

A lot has been made about the Bears safety play, and for good reason. If Mike Brown can stay on the field this season, the Bears will get great free sefety play, and I like McGowan or Payne at strong safety, either one will be better with a season in the system, especially McGowan. In the event Brown goes down, I like rookie Craig Steltz, who the Bears have at second team free safety. The Bears have moved Daniel Manning to nickle corner, which might be a more natural fit for the athletic defender from Abilene Christian. I've read that Bob Babich said," we plan on keeping Manning at nickle corner so he can develope better, rather than moving Manning back and forth from safety to corner." As far as Steltz, I like this kid, and the more I read about him I think he was a great pick, and could fit in nicely at safety for the Bears. To me, the key thing that sticks out about Steltz is, he is always in the right position as far as the scheme of whatever defense LSU was running during a game. This does not sound like much, but is a key to success in the Bears cover 2. Being out of position was a big reason why the Bears gave up so many big plays last season. Scouting reports say, " Craig Steltzs is extremely discipline when it comes to being in the right position on defense." Like I said "this is key." Steltz will also add nice size to our safety position at 6-1 210lbs. Steltz lack of speed may have caused him to drop to the fourth, but like another fourth rounder, Nathan Vasher, a lack of speed is no big deal when you have a nose for the ball, especially in the Bears cover 2, being in position and making plays is the key. Steltz certainly showed the ability to make plays while at LSU. As a junior Steltz deflected 5 passes and became the first player in school history to have an interception in four consecutive games. As a senior, Steltz had 6 picks and knocked down 7 passes. The guys got a nose for the ball. I think Steltz could be a pleasant surprise for the Bears in the 2008 season GO BEARS!!


One thing I do believe is, isn't there a court system he has to go through before we publicly defacate on Cedric? Why can't we just all shut the blazes up, and call it as it is? Another kid, made to be a multi-millionaire by the NFL, who does not have the where-with-all to know how to keep out of trouble? That alone would make me consider giving him a break...

Posted by: Al Sprehe | June 13, 2008 02:27 PM

Al, follow your own advice...How do you know he does not have the where with all to keep out of trouble? You say to stop defacating on the young man, then you call him stupid in so many words. Stop contradicting yourself.

Joe Felicelli, Im starting to agree with you as far as the Bears bringing in LeCharles Bentley. I say maybe bring him in, and if he passes a physical, sign him to a one year deal, much like the Bears did with Garza, as kind of an audition. If Bentley could stay healthy, it would be a major steal.

Joe however, I disagree with you getting down on the Bears coaching staff as far as developing o-linemen. If you are going to pin point a coach for the lack of developing linemen, it would be line coach Harry Hiestand. Its Hiestands job to coach and develope the o-line. Joe, I don't think it is fair to get down on Hiestand just yet. First off, Hiestand has only been with the team for three seasons, 2005-07. Through this period, who has Hiestand been given to really develope? Yeah, Metcalf, but he is injury prone, and not even the best line coach in the NFL could develope an injury prone player. Chicago brought in Tyler Reed in 2006, but he has been on the practice squad the last two seasons, because the Bears already had the guard position filled, and can only place so many guards on the 53 man roster. Its not fair to get down on Reed, you have to actually see him play first. The Bears also brought in Mark Levoir in 2006, Hiestand must of done something right with LeVoir for the Rams to steal him off our practice squad, with over 52 other squads out there with linemen to choose from. As far as Josh Beekman, last season was his rookie season, so at least give him this season before saying Hiestand did not develope him, remember, not all o-linemen are ready straight out of college. And the players Hiestand did have to work with, he has done a hell of a job considering. In 2005, Hiestand took over an o-line that allowed the sixth-highest single season sack total in 2004 with [66]. In 2005, the Bears line allowed only 31, and 2006 they got better with 25. Also through this period in 2005-06, the Bears rushed for over 100yds in 25 of 32 regular season games, 13 in 2005, and 12 in 2006. Yes, the line play was off in 2007, but this was mostly due to the fact that the Bears got older and were extremely banged up, so you cannot really get on Hiestand for this season. However, over the final four games of the 2007 season, the Bears did show improvement by allowing just 5 sacks which tied the Bears for eighth lowest in the league. Hiestand has a good track record for developing linemen. During his tenure at Illinois, Hiestand tutored 12 all-Big Ten selections on the offensive line. Also, every senior starting offensive linemen in Hiestand's first seven years with the Illini was signed to an NFL contract. This shows Hiestands ability to develope young linemen. This is the first off-season the Bears have actually given Hiestand some linemen to work with. Starting with top pick Chris Williams, Barton from Ohio st, and Big Chester to name a few. I say wait a season or two, and watch Williams, Beekman, Reed, Barton, and Big Chester to come down on Hiestand. With Hiestands track record, I think he will do a good job in developing some young linmen for the Bears so GO BEARS!!

Jerry Angelo Jr. if Forte is better than Benson then there is no chance we are worse without him. Mike Haynes just did a story for the Sun-Times talking about Benson in which he says over and over that Benson was lazy and coddled by the Bears, that he was never in shape and had a major attitude problem and that most of the players did not like him and htat he had been a roblem sense he got here. Jay Glazer reported the same thing, no team in the NFL has even looked at Benson. Now just cause the line was bad last year doesn't excuse Benson. He was out of shape, Lovie told us all about that, and his first two years at RB he was no very impressive, he never beat out jones, he never learned to block, and he couldn't catch out of the backfield and never tried too improve in these areas. He was not a three down back, he went down on contact, he couldn't turn the corner, he had a rep around the league of being soft, which he proved everytime he stepped on the field, he was injury prone and a club house cancer. Tell me what has he ever done that tells you or proves he is a good RB. I have never seen him do anything. He stank and everyone in the league new it. How are we better with him, he was a wasted pick and a waste of money and time.

Al Sphere, your telling us not to presume Benson is innocent yet at the same time you are assuming the state is providing false alligations. As you call them false. While the statment is innocent until proven guilty, it does not assume the state is providing false alligations. They are just known as charges. He has been charged with two DUI's and has been arrested 4 times in 5 years. You are assuming the state is lying and then telling people not to make assumptions. Stop being a hypocrite. Benson wasn't fired because he got 2 DUI's he was fired because he has been a bad RB, a bad teammate and a guy who promised when he got drafted to stay out od trouble. He has not done that, the charges were the straw that broke the cammels back. He was providing bad press for the team and could not keep his nose clean after he had been asked to be on his best behavior. He could not do it. He is a selfish lazy piece bum and every team in the NFL seems to fell this way about him. Look at you poor Cedric, poor multi millionaire who never had to earn his money, never had to try and never did try. Tell me why you think he is such a great running back, he has been out performed on his own team by Jones and Peterson. Why do you think he is innocent? Do you have some proof that we don't? What ha s he done for the Bears and the fans who made him rich?

We here's my spin: the ones that should be the happiest is [1] Jerry Angelo Ced bailed him out and made it easy to correct his most grievious mistake. [2] Lovie Smith who should have seen from day 1 this was not going to work and after hearing a former 1st round failure rat out Ced it makes me wonder what is Lovie thinking or if he is thinking [3] and last but not least the Bears offensive line now they might be able to block for a real running back.

Dear Mr. Angelo no one knows how the line is going to be until the line up and hit live moving bodies, as for the biceps Jones was a average back with above average relationship with his team members. The most telling thing I have read over the weekend was Micheal Haynes talking about Ced the word lazy popped up. That means he (C.B.) was being coddled and was destined to fail and that is managements fault and should be held accountable.

Al does have a point about innocent untill proven guilty in a court of law - would any American expect less than that?

`Great job, Jerry. You failed to build an adequate offensive line and then cut the biggest victim of your incompetent decision-making. What's this I hear about conduct detrimental to the "team"? '
Now that does make sense!!

Ced did have character issues but all BS aside - JA did not draft ANY freakin Olinemen that were worth a crap! Impossible to indict anyone besides JA on this. But regardless - getting arrested twice that fast was faster than he ran. lol
Right Ced is gone.....

Classic responses. The topic before Benson was let go had a ton of people talk about how bad he is and why the BEars should just cut him outright.

Then he gets his 2nd incident, and gets cut, hence this topic. And now you have a ton of people saying the Bears will regret letting him go. They also start blaming the O-line for Benson's demise. They also say that if he were a credible talent, then he'd still be on the team.

But it is just human nature to be argumentative. Makes for good entertainment.

But Benson was NOT released based on lack of talent. It was a collection of "bad things" that led to his demise...just like Tank Johnson. Tank did a bunch of bad things, and went to jail. The BEars said "we will stand by you brother", and then Tank did what he did and it embarressed the organization. HE GONE!!! Benson did a bunch of bad things (also factor in locker room bad prescence), and had the gall to say to Angelo "I would like him to explain how I put myself in a position to be a victim" regarding the boating incident. The BEars still said "we stand behind you brother". Then he got his DUI days after that. Embarressed the organization, and HE GONE!!

So the BEars let go of 2 players who were in trouble often. So they made a CLEAR line in the sand to NOT cross, and these two players did. They paid the price. I say it is good there is a clear cut line to not cross with this organization. Much better than say, Cincy (where they kept felons for years while they were suspended because they had talent.

I have ultimate respect for the organization for making that line, and following thru with appropriate actions. It was the right thing to do.

Now on to picking up another back. Alexander is out because he can't block or catch passes. He is basically a "good" Benson. Jones ....maybe.... but only as a back up, for he has proven to not being able to take the load of a number one back. Henry..... yikes..... only 1 and a half decent years on his resume. No one really sticks out ot me that would do the BEars much good.

Now look at Forte and Peterson and Wolfe. All can catch passes. All can run inside. All can pick up the right man on a blitz (although wolfe may not win many of those battles). Forte and Wolfe can turn the corner. Forte and Peterson can move a pile (with help of course). Forte will win the starting position because all he cares about is playing football. Also, none of these backs has any off field "baggage". Running backs are fine now. No need to sign others.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, If Chris Williams is good, then the O-line is good. The backs will look better. A ton is riding on the shoulders of this rookie to perform well. Hope he can and does. Health is all that stands between the defense being dominant.

The only real question still is ...... QB!!! With bad QB play and everything else working right... look for a year like 05. 15 points per game scored, and 11 points given up. GO BEARS!!!

hey kevin i like the stat about sacks for the last 4 games. 3 of those sacks happened in week 14 against the redskins. that game was a grossman/griese production, mostly griese because rex was out after the 2nd drive. so orton was only sacked 2 times in 3 games.

what does all that mean? check this out

grossman was sacked 25 times last year
griese was sacked 15 times
orton was sacked 2 times

grossman started 7 games and played in 8 but he roughly played 7 due to the injury in washington.
so that means grossman was sacked about 3.5 times every game. griese roughly played 6, so he was sacked 2.5 times a game. orton played 3 and averaged 0.67 sacks a game.

poor quaterback play often makes a line look bad and so did "cowdric" benson. now i'm not trying to say all the blame is at the skill positions, because i haven't forgot about fred miller and ruben brown, but a bad quaterback and running back can make a bad line look worse.

grossman accounted for 60% of the sacks himself and played 44% of the time. if grossman would have played all 16 games (according to this average) he would have been sacked 56 times!
griese would have been sacked 40 times
and orton would have been sacked 11 times

keep in mind though tom brady was only sacked 21 times last year, so the 11 orton sacks is a little ridiculous but grossman and griese played more so 56 and 40 might be closer to the truth with the line they had last year

i know i'm not taking into account the teams they played. grossman had to played against the giants who had an amazing pass rush and that's why he got sacked 6 times. so i know i can't say that those projected stats are the law on qbs but it does point to something. rex grossman is another david carr, without the accuracy. for years people gave the texans line crap because of all of david carr's sacks but once he left they looked light years better with shaub and rosenfelts. i don't know what happened to grossman but he looks like a deer in head lights. maybe he just needs a great line because he's not the type of player who elevates the players around him?

basically all i'm saying is that if orton starts next year with a back that can hit the hole, even a little, the bears line will be better. we pretty much cut all of the weak links last year fred miller, ruben brown and cedric benson and replaced them. our line has to be better.

Javon Walker is in the hospital, Broken eye socket. Listed in fair condition. Happen in Sin City. More then likey a victom of a robery.
I know the camish of the NFL is doing everything in his power to straighten up the problem players, he can only do so much. The players themselves need want to change.
Its great that football is the escape for some unfortunte children and young men growing up in provity, players like Cris Zorich and around 80% of the 70s Raiders teams(ha just joking). There is just times where "you can take the person outta the gehtto but you cant get the gehtto outta the person." Some raper coined that phrase.
That isnt the only problem in the NFL. Drinking and Drugs are also a big problem in the NFL and life in general.
In the past 10 years the NFL has had it share of bad seeds. If its not a player drinking and driving crashing exotic cars, running stop lights, RAMS his car into another car taking a life,or raming a mall security truck out of his way, its Dog fighting rings, Marijuana smoking, Guns, and players and their friends getting shot.
Its time for Owners, Teams, Coaches and Players to make an example outta the trouble makers in the NFL. Everybody deserves a second chance no doubt. I say if a player is on probation for any kind of feloney or is on a monitor devise they should NOT play! They can go over film, work out with the team if the law permits it but should not be able to suit up for any game untill they serve their dues.
Come on fans lets get together and make some noise. Something has to happen too weed out the problem players in the NFL. Make it a family sport again.

Ryan:Now who is being argumentative?

If you have kept up with my posts and that of the others you would know they have not changed there opinion much if at all.
We all probably have good reasons, which I RESPECT as they do all pretty much make good points.
But I have read little fip flopping...sometimes I will agree with a point or 2 but the end remains the same in my opinion.
To start off your post attacking other posters is not the way to go buddy.
I agree with the above - He's gone, time to move on..
How about the Olinemen (?) early still who the Browns released?? Can we please get him!

From the `other guys'

In an interview on WMVP-AM, the outspoken Brown chastised a report by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer that as many as 10 Bears players once tried to hurt Cedric Benson in practice.

"That sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo," the former Bears guard said. "Nobody does that anymore. We all respect each other's right to earn money. I mean, we're all trying to make it, and that makes no sense.

"You're saying Mike Brown, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, outstanding stand-up people in the community and on the team, leaders of our team, wanted to go and hurt another teammate?

Come on, that's far-fetched. ... I was on the team. I saw when Cedric got hurt. Cedric got hurt on his own accord. Why would Brian Urlacher care to intentionally hurt our starting running back that's going to keep us from making it to the playoffs?"

hmm, I don't know but at least Brown is a good politician, kudos for that!
I also wonder why he can't be a backup with his shoulder healed. Surely he can teach the young pups a thing or 2

LeCharles Bentley

Here's a post I made in August 2006:

I think Benson is a chump (Jones too by the way). To my knowledge the only running backs chosen as high as Benson were Walter and Gale. Both were superstars and Hall of Famers. Do you see Benson in that class? I sure as H don't. Way to go Lovie and Jerry!

Looks like I was right on the money as usual.

Here's more from August 2006:

I wouldn't get my hopes up with Benson. He's behind just about every curve there is... maturity, loyalty, training, practice, learning, conditioning, etc. I don't see him as a Bear but a guy making money from a team to play ball.

For those still trying to justify Benson staying with the Bears or that it is the managements fault that the Bears did not motivate him.

That thinking is scary. It is like saying that it is someone elses responsibility other than oneself to be motivated and to have responsibility.

Life is all about motivating oneself and being responsible for good or bad that occurs in ones life.

Benson is clearly a blame everyone else type guy and that is why he is a loser in the game of life.


When healthy, the Bears have one of the better defenses in the NFL. I think the one thing that is stopping the Bears from getting over the top, is an elite pass rusher from the end position. Going into last season, I thought the Bears finally found one in second year player Mark Anderson. Them 12 sacks he put up his rookie season were awesome. One problem, Anderson proved not to be an every down end, although he did improve as the season went on. I think Alex Brown is the man for the job right now. Hopefully Anderson just hit a sophomore slump, stay tuned in this season to find out? The ability to come in and give a constant pass rush can put any defense over the top. Like speed, you cannot coach this, either a player can or cannot get to the QB. I think Angelo also recognizes this. I've heard Angelo say he would like to draft a QB every april, he seems to be doing this with the defensive end position. Recently with Dan Bazuin in 07 and Ervin Baldwin this last april. In the past, right here in the NFC north, I've seen what a great end can do for a defense, and the aftermath when he retires. First with our Bears, back in the early 90's, after Dent left, the Bears seemed to take a step down. Same in Green Bay, after the late Reggie White retired, they also took a step down. Mark my words, the Giants will feel the same effect with no Michael Strahan, and won't be the same defense. I'm telling you that one elite pass rusher can set a defense over the top big time. Hopefully this season the Bears can use Anderson much like the Packers use Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. We should get good play from Brown and Ogunleye, and maybe the Bears will get a diamond in the rough in either Bazuin or Baldwin.

Side Note: The NFL network is replaying the week 15 matchup between the Bears and the Vikings this sunday, for anyone who is interested, as always GO BEARS!!

from what i've read about bauzin he's an undersized DE with a high motor, real quick 1st step.he lacks bulk but his frame can handle more weight. he was 267 in college and the bears have him listed as 260.

i think he's a perfect fit for what the bears run and i would disagree with reports saying he's undersized because alex brown is listed the same as him 6'3 260.

baldwin, i've read is an undersized DE that's got a lot of speed like anderson. he's 6'2 260.

i don't think any of their sizes should be an issue because at all because the other bears DEs are around 260. mark anderson is listed at 255.

i think the bears, on paper, might have one of the deepest defensive lines in the nfl. if they can stay healthy they might even be the best on the league.

losing a hall of famer or a potential one, i think, will always hurt a team. the bears at the moment have a nice blend of vets and youth on the defensive line, that should translate well for this season.

if healthy the d should be sick but as always it the o thats in question.

Brando, I don't understand how Javon Walker getting robbed can turn into an indictment against players being from the ghetto. Getting robbed doesn't mean a person has a ghetto mentality. Anyone can be robbed. The players who were robbed recently in their homes were not in the ghetto. They were living in affluent neighborhoods at the time. And not all players you see come from the inner city. Some are from nice suburbs but had their butts kissed all their lives so their arrogance is the same. Not every single person you see who is from the ghetto keeps a ghetto mentality. I'm from the southside and moving back soon, so I would hate to think that all of us are considered the same. Money attracts riff-raff. Even when you put a bad neighborhood in your rear-view the bad elements can come back for you. If a guy likes to go to a night-club to unwind and relax I can't down him because I don't and never have. I can't down anyone for night lifing, bull-riding, paint balling, bungee jumping, roller skating, mountain climbing or scenic hiking just because I don't do those things. That would make me narrow-minded. The NFL is a reflection of how the world, as a whole, is right now. It is all just getting worse.

when are we gonna get something new on here???

True he has to motivate himself but JA drafted him....
Let's hope he did better with Forte

Something New (sorry)

Yeah that's what we really need to have judgement passed on us before all the fact are in i mean isn't that what makes this country great you are guilty until proven innocent??

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