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Bears release P Pakulak

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The Bears released veteran punter Glenn Pakulak on Sunday.

He struggled in Saturday's practice and was outperformed by Zac Atterberry, the Lindenwood pickup.

If Atterberry does well he could be kept for training camp but with reduced rosters now (from 86 to 80) keeping specialty players is not going to be as common. Teams will use the depth for linemen.

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Now I won't be able to sleep at night.

No biggie as the Bears have one of the top 5 punters in the NFL.
Brad Maynard from Ball Sate has been one of the few Bears to be consistent year in year out. Best bears punter since Murry Buford.

I pray that the title of this article will soon read "Bears Released Cedric "The Pretender" Benson Yesterday".

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