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Bears lose football operations assistant Snyder to Philly

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A new face will loom over the Bears’ cuts this summer.

Football operations assistant Jeremy Snyder was the turk for the last four seasons, summoning players who were being let go to bring their playbook and head upstairs.

Snyder has moved on to a promotion with the Philadelphia Eagles where he might not have to be the bearer of bad news to so many. He has joined the Eagles as a pro scout making him the second front office member to depart. Assistant director of pro personnel Morocco Brown departed for a job with another NFC East club already. He’s become the director of pro personnel for the Washington Redskins.

Snyder, 29, wore many hats with the Bears, working as a right-hand man under contract negotiator Cliff Stein and also helping with the scouting departments.

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Yet another Bears front office guy who gets a chance to move up with another organization. Just goes to show you we have a pretty solid organization top to bottom, but for some reason we have not translated as well on the field. Is it players, coaches, or both? That remains the question.

agreed...also, that's a pretty cool job to have at 29...

Joe how does loosing some of our better guys and replacing them with lessers guys show what a good organization we are? Maybe if we kept some of our better personel it would translate to a better team. God knows nobody is coming to the Bears looking for guys to scout offensive players for them.

Steve yes working for a NFL team is probably really cool. Ashville rocks.

Only someone in their families even knew what they were doing or ever heard of them. I thought of Morocco Mole when I heard the other guy's name. So this Jeremy guy was basically the harbinger of doom by being the one who was summoning guys who were being cut. I guess he can put the TUMs away or maybe not. Is his job still open because I'd take it just to get "certain players" this year and then I would quit. Mission accomplished.

Steve in NC, who exactly are you talking about when you said
"losing some of our better guys and replacing them with lesser guys"

Aside from Berrian who may or may not be considered a loss who has walked away and not been replaced by someone better?

I think the BEARS do a pretty good job of keeping their own, especially considering how tight they are.

Well let's face it chicago sports fan's we have a long road ahead to even compete with a real sports town like Boston that have real Owners, GM's etc that aquire the right personnel to win championships! We need people like Ditka or Parcells at GM who know how to build a team around offense, and not rely and spend theire entire salary cap solely on defense. While were at it let's release Turner as well..

Some of you fans do realize the Bears just resigned three PRO-BOWLERS right? Lance Briggs, Robbie Gould, and Tommie Harris, all three are contributors that can help the Bears win a championship. I can't think of another franchise that has signed three pro bowlers, let alone their own! Also, whats up with this catch-22 sh#t!!?? You same guys that are complaining about the loss of Berrian, are the same guys that would complain if the Bears would of OVERPAID $$$$ for him, like the Vikings did. Chicago did upgrade at receiver, Booker replaces Moose, Booker is three years younger than Moose, upgrade. If you compare the two, they are a lot alike, only Booker is younger, like I said," upgrade." Also, Im sure, between, Lloyd, Bradley, and Hester, the Bears will have no problem finding a replacement for Berrian's ability to stretch the field. Don't leave out Greg Olsen, who I think is getting ready to have a breakout season. Running back wise, come on, its not that hard to upgrade here, now is it? I don't care if Forte is only a rookie, he can't be any worse than the entertainer was. I know the o-line will be better, as proved last season, when the Bears placed some healthier linemen into the lineup. With Tait on the right side his more natural position, Metcalf, Beekman, or St. Clair at left guard, and the rookie Chris Williams, with his quick feet to take on pass rushers and actually give our QBs some time in the pocket, at left tackle, the line play should get better. Again, this has been the glass is half full side of things, with your host, Kevin Armstead..GO BEARS!!

Ditka...built a team??? Like he did in his last football job trading a whole draft for Ricky Williams. The Ditka era bears were defense driven and Buddy Ryan coached that defense. Ditkas was along for the ride.

LOL! Totally agree Atomicman! What happened when Buddy left? That's right, no more superbowls...

bradley has a lot of talent and he showed it his rookie season. the only concern about bradley is his health and that's a big one. berrian took time to develop but bradley seemed to stand out sooner. if bradley stays healthy then it's an upgrade, if not well it's hard to say.

if the defense stays healthy it's an upgrade over last year. i think the bears have 7 or 8 probowlers on defense, with a lot of talented guys to back them up, also they've been playing together for awhile too.

you gotta admit that's an upgrade over last year

the qb position should be better as well. i know that sounds crazy but if grossman actually improves he'll be better than last year and if he doesn't than orton has proven that he's improved over his rookie season. i know they aren't carson palmer or peyton manning but we don't have to have that to win games.

anybody on the roster over benson, so forte is an upgrade.

the o-line is upgraded by williams. tait at his natural position RT, garza (ehh), kreutz, he's still got juice, st clair (maybe) and williams. the bears killed two birds with one stone by drafting williams. miller and brown were the probelms last year, mostly miller. they're both gone, so thats an upgrade.

the wide out position is a little shaky but booker is an upgrade over moose. booker had some of the worst qbs in the NFL throwing to him in miami. i hate to admit this but rex grossman is a better qb than anybody the dolphins set out in the past 4 or 5 years. booker is a better team guy than moose and might bring a little bit more to the table than moose. i've already talked about bradley and berrian and i think a healthy bradley is an upgrade over berrian.

on paper the bears are in a really good position. we only caught a glimp of what the d could look like under babich last year. when our d was 100% it totally shut down the chargers high powered offensive, it wasn't until brown and dusty when down that they showed weakness. they started a bunch of rookies last year who were new to the system and the league. we stayed in a lot of games until the 4th quarter, with those rookies.

i'm with kevin i see the glass half full. our defense might be one of the best and deepest in the league. our sepcial teams of course will be the best with hester and gould. our offense will never stack up against in of the high powered offenses but that isn't the way our is built. i think they'll do fine with a killer d and special teams.

the bears are built to win

super bowl winners
2000 ravens, defense
2001 pats, cheating
2002 bucs, defense
2003 pats, cheating
2004 pats, cheating
2005 steelers, defense
2006 colts, offense
2007 giants, defense

only one offensive team this decade has won the super bowl. the bears are modeled after the 4 that won because of defense.

it looks like defense or cheating wins super bowls.

I agree, when it came to personnel decisions, Ditka left something to be desired. But as a coach, he was one of the best.
Couple things to keep in mind other than Ditkas record, which wasn't that bad, 1] The greatest mind in NFL history, Papa Bear George Halas, [who the Super Bowl trophy SHOULD of been named after thank you very much] hand picked Ditka to be his coach. Also, last time I checked, Ryan didn't win much without Ditka either. After Ryan left, the Bears were still pretty good up until 1989. Yeah, the Bears had some great players back then, but someone still had to coach them. I think what ultimately killed the Bears back then, and the main reason a few super bowls were left on the table, was the same reason now days, lack of a QB. I like Jimmy Mack, but he had major durability problems. I really think if Jimmy Mack could of stayed healthier and stuck around a little longer, the Bears would of dominated longer, thus making Ditka look a little better, and guys, this was not Da coaches fault. I still think coach Ditka was one of the better coaches in Bear history GO BEARS!!

It wasn't so much that McMahon had durability issues it's the fact that he wasn't a true team player. His biggest asset was to rally his teammates around him but when Flutie came he turned his teammates against him. I know people want to give Mac more credit than he deserve but they don't want to give as much blame as he deserve either. I look at 1985 and I see a lot of games that Mac didn't even play in. Look at the game that decided that WE we America's team: The game where we dismantled the Cowboys IN Dallas. Who was the QB? Not the Mac but Mr. "Run like lightening and passed like thunder" Mr Fuller. So many people give the Ravens credit for having a QB that was servicable enough to get them to their Superbowl but Fuller did it first. There is not a person who can say that we were not destined to win in 85 even without the Mac. Plain and simple his ego and his inability to prepare himself to stay healthy helped to do us in. His biggest boo-boo was being a cancer to this team when they didn't need that. The main reason they got rid of him was being a pariah to young players who would not have developed around him. Funny how he lasted so many years in the league and didn't have the health issues when he was mopping up games for the many teams he played for later on. I know a lot of people think that he is solid gold but he's no different to me than the guy who he butted heads with so much. His legacy is more than it should be. Yeah Ditka is the second best coach in our history to Mr Halas. But, I'd give Mr. Finks a lot more credit in assembling the best players we had in the 80s. With all that talent it's a shame that it only amounted to 1 Superbowl. Head to head -against the best coaches of his era- Ditka usually lost all the big games. Save for 1985. All that talent and not much to show for it. All that brilliance and all we have left are a bunch of faded T-shirts and rose colored memories.

I agree with one of the comments about Ditka . . . you don't trade away your ENTIRE draft for one guy.

Also, Ditka was suspect as a play caller. As a motivator, he had few equals.

Finally, I still don't get the Mark Bradley hype. The guy was not even good enough to start at WR in college, on an Oklahoma team that used 4 WRs in a spread offense . . . and we drafted him with a 2nd round pick. Maybe I misspoke earlier, maybe Ditka should be doing our drafting :-)

he's a little bradley/berrian draft analysis

bradley 40 time 4.45
BIO: Started four games as a senior, posting 23/491/7, averaging 21.3 yards per reception. Played in 12 games the previous season, catching 12 passes and averaging 35.3 yards on seven kick returns with one score. Began his college career at Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

POSITIVES: Fluid, quick pass catcher who excels as a return specialist. Fast off the line of scrimmage, displays quickness into pass routes and stays low on exit. Comes back to the ball out, extends and looks the pass into his hands. Quick transitioning from making the reception to running after the catch, displays good playing speed with the ability to run away from defenders. Finds the soft spot in the defense and shields opponents away with his frame. Easily adjusts or contorts to the pass running full speed.

NEGATIVES: Does too much unnecessary body catching. Lacks the soft hands or ability to pluck the ball out of the air. Loses out in battles.

berrian 40 time 4.65
POSITIVES: Explosive wide out with sound natural skills. Quick releasing off the line, uses effective hand technique to get off jams and runs excellent routes, getting separation from defenders. Outstanding field awareness and always finds the open spot in the seam. Adjusts and tracks the errant throw, goes up in a crowd to make the difficult reception and plucks the pass from the air. Elusive and slippery running after the reception, wiggles through the tight spots and picks up a lot of yardage. Uses these same skills returning punts or kicks.

NEGATIVES: Beaten by big, physical opponents. Works his blocks but gets marginal results. Lacks the second gear or ability to stretch defenses.

ANALYSIS: A productive receiver with great hands and suddenness, Berrian has the style and skill to play in a variety of offensive systems. Combining athleticism with competitiveness and football intelligence, he may never be a No. 1 wide out rather a solid complimentary pass-catcher in the NFL that also impacts a team returning punts and kicks.

i know that draft reports from 3 or 4 years ago might be worthless but since berrian has played so much more than bradley, it's the only fair way to compare their skills.

one thing in bradley defense he did transfer to oklahoma so that might be a reason for lack of play time. berrian has proven that he's a deep threat, that his game and bradley i'm proved his hands from what i've seen.

i think essentially they are very similar receivers i think bradley has the advantage when it comes to blocking because we all know berrian can't block.

i think that if bradley can stay healthy he's at the very least an equal to berrian and he might prove to be slightly better. bradley's flashed a few times but we won't really know until the season begins

"We only can hope that the end of Mike North is the beginning of decency, professionalism and couth in Chicago sports radio."
-Jay Moronotti

My word, is Jay the Joke actually serious? With all the hate-filled venom he spews on a regular basis he has the audacity to criticize someone else in sports media for lacking "decency, professionalism and couth????????" Does he really not realize the garbage writes? He might not. Seriously. Stories published by other contributing sports writers like Brad Biggs, Mike Mulligan, Modrowski etc. allow you to leave comments at the bottom of the page. Jay does not have such a feature. Hmmm... He also lacks an e-mail address to reach him at. Yes, he's that afraid of criticism.

Guess we can dish it out but we can't take it huh? Please go back to Philly.

joe, good points about Bradley, I agree, he should prove to be at least an equal to Berrian, now if he can only stay on the field long enough to do so. I think a lot of us Bear fans, including myself, are hung up on Bradley because of his playmaking ability. Mark Bradley certainly does have playmaking ability. Take the last two seasons, 20 catches and 4 touchdowns, thats a touchdown every 5 touches. Imagine if Bradley could go at least 13 games? But thats just the problem with Bradley, durability. Chicago has gone so long without a playmaker at the wide receiver position, that a player with Bradley's potential comes along, and I think the organization becomes hopeful the player can stay healthy and come on, maybe holding on to the player longer than a lesser player. I think Bradley can be a good starter for the Bears, maybe even a playmaker, the only question is, can he stay healthy enough to do so? Im hopeful that Braley can GO BEARS!!

Good points Joe and Armstead.

The Bears were good in the 80's because of Finks and Ditka first and Buddy Ryan second. Good point about Halas hand picking Ditka. Ditka lost critical games because he was overwhelmed at the QB position. But his teams were dominant physically, and it showed when the QB was healthy for the critical games. But Finks' hand-picked players, and Ditka's coaching amounted to a dominating stretch of football in the mid 80's. Anyone that hates on Da Coach is just a hater, he averaged 10 wins per year, and made the playoffs from 84-88 and 90-91 (that's 7/11 seasons coached). There are few who have ever accumulated those stats.

And second, good point abouot this year's Bears being in better shape than most think. Consider:
1. Of the Bear's 9 losses, the first 3 were by 11, 24, and 10 points, the rest were by 3, 9, 7, 5, 8, and 7 points.
2. The Bears were leading in the 4th in 4 of their losses.
3. This despite the injuries to defense and O-line.
4. The Bears "strength of schedule games" has them matching up with NO, and StL. Det plays SF, and Wash, Minn plays NYG, and ARZ, and GB plays SEA, and DAL. The Bear's games are clearly an advantage.

**I f the Bears stay healthy, then they will 11-5 and in the playoffs resembling more the 05 team than the 06 team.


Kevin and Joe:

Kevin, right on about signing all the three all pro'sand the offense comments about the wideouts; with Hester getting tree times the touches over last year and Olsen in year two, the offense will be OK. Joe great analysis of the SuperBowl winners and they have been a high percentage of very good defensive teams. The Bears have the championship level defense (barring injury) and the championship level special teams.

If the Offense can just move the ball and win the time of possession battle, the Bears will win the majority of their games and the defense won't be completely exhausted by the fourth quarter( remember we lost four leads late in the fourth quarter last year, win those 4 games and the Bears are 11-5 instead of 7-9). Lets also remember that because of great special teams, many times the Bears start out with good field position on first and ten.

Turnovers will be the key. If the Bears can be plus 10 or more, this year should be a great one.

Great thought llama. The turnovers will be key. Looking at Smith era:
2004: 5-11 Scored:231pts Gave up:331pts
FF(fumbles forced)= 17; INT: 17; TO commited: 23
Sp/D TD(special teams or defensive TD's): 7
-The defense was ravaged by injuries (Ogunleye, Urlacher, Brown missed lots of games). 4 different starting QB's.

2005: 11-5 Scored:260 Gave up: 202!!!
FF: 21 INT: 24 TO: 20 SP/D TD: 6 Only 2 QB's used.
- Only Mike Brown missed 4 games over the course of the year. The defense was dominant when healthy.

2006: 13-3 Scored 427 Gave up: 255
FF: 27 INT: 24 TO: 26 SP/D TD: 9 Only one starting QB the whole year.
- Brown missed 10 games and Harris missed 4 games. Both missed playoffs. Otherwise Bears win superbowl. The first 6 games the defense looked just as good as 05, but forcing more turnovers.

2007: 7-9 Scored 334 Gave up: 348
FF: 24 INT: 16 TO: 27 SP/D TD: 8 Three different starting QB's.
- Defense ravaged by injuries (Vasher, Brown, and Dvoracek miss at least 13 games)(Briggs, Tillman, and Anderson miss some games)(Backups Payne, Walker, and Adams miss games to injury). Terrible year for the defense.

The constants seem to be offense gives up the ball 20-27 times per year (1.2 - 1.7 TO per game). The Bears will get at least 6 return TD's this year either from special teams or defense. 05, 06, and 07 teams forced 20 fumbles and had an INT per game.

The differences between the winning seasons and losing seasons were clearly QB position stability, and defensive injuries. Stability at QB for the Bears means one or two guys man the paoition for the season (lol). The injuries to defense mean the difference of about 100 more points given up. The Bears actually scored 74 more points than they did in 05, but gave up 146 more. If the defense is healthy, then no breakdowns, no big plays, and lots of impact plays made = dominating defense!!


I still think that having a one-dimensional back hurt the BEARS more than anything else. Which led to injuries on D. I still feel that the o-line didn't get old at the same time. Having a back like Benson helped them get old just because he didn't do anything remotely special as the featured back. In the game that Vasher got hurt they showed him huffing and puffing and then about 3 plays later he got hurt. You can't have a CB huffing and puffing like that unless he's just flat out tired or out of shape and I think it was just being out there so much that did him in. And all the other guys as well. Just the additions and simple subtraction of dead weight should give the D a little more life and extend a few offensive drives. I just have a real question. Has anyone noticed how small Urlacher's arms have gotten this off season? In pictures his arms have absolutely no definition. I just hope that he doesn't have some kind of damage that they are not claiming. If he's weaker because of that injury that will hurt tremendously.


The breakdown is exceptional, I will save it for future reference.

I don't know where you would find the information but I would love to know the Defense ability to stop scoring in the Red Zone and the offense ability to score in the red zone vs other NFL teams.

Also, how many turnovers in the redzone for the offense because that not only gives the other team the ball but takes points off the scoreboard, at least a field goal and or touchdown.

we need some new stuff to talk about here!!! come on sun-time hook us up will ya?

Wow. These comments just go to show that Bears fans are clueless as usual. The Bears have the WORST offense in the NFL at every position. They will set records this year and it will NOT be pretty. Their headcoach, Lovey the HOUSEBOY Smith will NOT make a single game time decision that leads to a victory on Sundays.
Ron Tuner, Babich and Grossman should not be allowed anywhere near an NFL field, yet they are the best the Bears have. Scary.

I see the Bears got rookie running back Matt Forte signed. This is good news. I saw Forte in the senior bowl, and if his performance in that game is any indication of how Forte is going to be in the pros, the Bears will be good to go. Forte seems to be a three skill set back, meaning he can run, catch, and block. All of this will help the Bears offense big time. I also like what I hear about Forte's work ethics.
jon, I got a subject we can all discuss. ESPN ranked their all time top three runners, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders. Myself, I would go #1 Walter Payton, #2 Barry Sanders, and #3 Jim Brown. Payton was simply the best all around back the league has ever seen, hands down. The work ethic I talked about Forte having, Payton was a model for this. All us Bear fans heard about that hill Payton use to run up in the off-season. The three skill set factor is the main reason I rate Payton ahead of the pack number one although. Payton not only retired the leagues all time leading rusher, but on top of it all, his 492 catches is what amazes me the most. Another thing that is amazing is the fact that Payton was the only offensive threat the Bears had, and teams keyed in on him, and Payton still produced. Can you imagine what Payton would have been like in an offense like what the Rams ran back during their super bowl run a couple season back, the greates show on turf. WOW!! Imagine Payton if a defense had to worry about a passing attack, like I said WOW!! Can you imagine what Payton would have been like behind the line Emmitt Smith had, your talking an easy 2000 yd back. I give Payton an edge over Sanders for this very reason. A lot of people forget Sanders had pro bowler Herman Moore at wide receiver, Payton never had that luxury. GO BEARS!!


Could not agree more.

Does anyone happen to know the presale code for the Bears home games this upcoming Friday (7-11-08)at 9am? It would be very much appreciated.


Why hasn't this blog been updated in almost three weeks? I like the concept, but it it pretty useless when you don't keep the content fresher. Don't tell me there aren't a few intersting team or player nuggets that are worth posting. C'mon Brad, I am jonesin for some news.



Anywho, supposedly the Bears are committed to Terrence "Violent 'tard" Metcalf at left guard. Why they don't use St. Clair, who can actually play as a starter at left guard, is beyond me. From the Bears' site: "The Bears could move John St. Clair from tackle, but they’re confident that Terrence Metcalf will perform better at left guard than he did late last season when he was hampered by a broken hand."

Well that's good to know, that they're confident! Hey works for me. Just like when they were confident that Benson was an upgrade over Thomas Jones, or that 2007 was Rex's year to shine, or that the line, no matter how old, would be just as good as ever...

This is beyond silly. How do some people never learn? There's an ancient samurai saying:"Don't expect anything, be prepared for everything." We should cut Metcalf, let St. Clair compete for LG and bring back Reuben Brown!

I see Green Bay basically told Favre they don't want him back.
I don't know about you guy's, but Im getting a kick out of watching the Pack self-destruct. HA HA HA!! GO BEARS!!


Reminds me a little of the Joe montana going to KC but the Packers don't have Steve Young waiting in the wings like the niners had back in those days.

Riots in the streets of Green Bay if they are so foolish to trade or release Favre.


Is it unconscienable to think that Favre could be a BEAR and win the Superbowl destroying the divisonal foes in the process?

good stuff Ryan
I don't care what anyone does in College - it's the pros now
I really liked what I saw in Bradley in the games I saw him play - He could be our No.1
I would go
(1) Payton
(2) Brown
(3) Sanders
Sanders was awsome and I was happy to see Sanders not break Payton's record but the fact is he quit, which Payton/Brown NEVER EVER did.
Payton could run w/o a line. His second best line was when he had Sorrie(sp),Jackson and that crew, that was fun games to watch Walter run behind that line.

LeCharles Bently (sp?)latest - heard Miami is interested....

Sure don't understand the Bears not looking at him, he should come cheap and a physical wouldn't hurt anything.

From Jones in Chicago for physical, could be signed by Bears on Tuesday Wire Reports

"The Chicago Bears may be close to signing a veteran running back to fill the hole left by the release of Cedric Benson.

Kevin Jones, the free agent running back who rushed for over 3,000 yards in four seasons with the Detroit Lions, will undergo a physical Tuesday in Chicago and could sign with the Bears by the end of the day, reports NFL Network's Adam Schefter."

Good! Like I said, be prepared for anything. If we sign Jones, hopefully AP can get freed up to do his thing on special teams. Win-win I say.


Very good move to fortify the running back position for the season. Kevin if healthy can be exceptional. And nice point about AP.

Kevin Jones will add a nice speed option to the Bears backfield. While I don't think Jones is durable enough to be a 20-25 carry back, he could be a good complementary back with his speed and brings much needed experience to the position.
Just one week and the QB derby begins!! I like Orton, but I've read that Grossman has looked the best so far this spring and has made more plays downfield. I don't think we will know who the QB is until the pre-season begins. Actual game time is how a starter will establish himself. Rookie tackle Chris Williams needs to be the Bears top priority right now, hopefully a deal will get done this week or sooner. Oh well, one week and the Bears are back in business, Im excited GO BEARS!!

I see the mighty Vikings were trying to snag Favre....hum?? This shows a lot of confidence in Tarvaris Jackson, or maybe not?? Maybe the Vikes figure with all the money they have in Berrian, maybe they should get a QB that can go down field with accuracy?? Oh well, GO BEARS!!

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