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WR Bradley vows to be back for camp, injured knee in workouts

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Mark Bradley is wearing a brace on his right leg following the surgery and tweaked the knee on the field during voluntary offseason workouts.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “I’ll be ready for training camp. It was just some scar tissue.”

The team says Bradley’s return for the beginning of training camp July 23 is questionable, however.

More nuggets:

*** It’s unknown if the move is official or permanent, but John Tait is playing right tackle in practice. John St. Clair is lining up with the first team at left tackle.

*** Danieal Manning looks to have been moved yet again. Manning, the safety turned cornerback turned safety is back at cornerback today. He’s getting time with the first team as the inside nickel back. Corey Graham also got some time with the ones with the absence of Charles Tillman.

*** Terrence Metcalf is with the starting offensive line at left guard.

About an hour of practice left. We’ll check back in after it wraps up.

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Good to hear that Tait is back at RT where he belongs.

So no Beekman, no Williams so far on the field with the first team. I can understand while they get up to speed on the playbook, but if we are still seeing St. Clair, Metcalf, and Garza in training camp, we will have major problems.

Not good news for Bradley, if he can't stay healthy time to bring in another body, this is the key to this year's team success, along with shoring up the o-line. If a guy can't be on the field to work out, bring in someone who can; the QB's need to know these guys will get where they are supposed to or the passing game will be in trouble.

here we go again. i hope bradley was being honest and its just scar tissue. manning at cornerback again? moving from such a small program to the nfl is hard enough but wouldn't it be better to put him at one position and keep him there? wouldn't mcbride be a better fit at the nickel position? he showed some ability last year, considering that the 7th round pick was being challenged almost every play. will corey graham even make the team?
i know this is just ota and its voluntary, so its not a big deal. my real concern is about bradley.

I vote that the Org. does the same move with bradley's contract that they just did with M. Browns contract. Any player who is that injury prone should not receive the same benfits as those who are more durable and play more often. Or, here's a revolutionary idea: release them (bradley, brown, etc) and use the money for players who are durable and useful. (e.g. Hester, Harris, Urlacher)

This news is dissapointing. For all the yang I've heard Jerry Angelo spill out about Mark Bradley evey time he's questioned about the lack of any depth at the WR position. "Mark Bradley has potential, we like Mark, we think Mark can be that guy, blah blah blah blah blah."

I think Mark Bradley needs to do something 1st before the Bears even think about counting on him and pencil him in as a starter.

I like the potential of a lot of the Bears players, but the odds of Mark Bradely making the impact the Bears need this year is slim to none.

Make a move Jerry-

And didn't we learn this lesson with Areese Currie?

Lets see, Bradley is hurt again after doing nothing, what a shock, gosh this was even faster than I said it would happen. St. Clair at LT, well that will change, I don't know if it will change before the season starts but it will change. After all Olin abd guys like Pace and Ogden didn't even start there first games. Not that I have said anything along the lines of "don't be surprised if Williams doesn't start game one because he had to learn the offense and get his timing down. Lets see Garza is still at RG, wow look at that he isn't at LG Metcalf is, why wear is Beekman I can't imagine why he isn't taking first team reps. Granted it's real early but so far my predictions are looking pretty good. Now until St. Clair gets replaced by Williams in the oline I guess he will not be the starting LG, but after Williams replaces him and we all better hope that happens sooner that later, St. Clair will probably move inside. This also explains why Lovie went from saying St. Clair was in the mix for LG to saying he is not in the mix right now.

Oh and Harris, Dusty and Brown, I'm waiting, don't prove me wrong also Hester isn't practicing as the number 1 or 2 WR gosh imagine that.

The good news, no not even good news the great news is! The Bulls have the number one pick. Rose, Rose, Rose!!!

You have Good news Creighton????

No Comment,same old story,Next subject!

Brando do actually have an opinion that the Bears don't tell you to have or are you trying to make sucking up to the Bears an Art form?? You do realize they don't know or care who you are. Hey how many Orange Jersey's do you own? I bet it's a lot. You probably decorated you moms basement with them, oh wait what do you call it again, oh the command center, sorry did you decorate the command center with them or do you still have all those Angelo pictures on the wall over your bed. Hey did you get your allowance this week or is you mom still mad cause you forgot to take the trash out. Your like what 40, and you like to smoke a certain herb? No wonder you like Angelo so much your both life long loosers who spend most of there time at the bottom waiting for someone to give you some money to do a job that is not all that difficult.

The Brandon Lloyd signing is looking better by the minute. I realize Lloyd has been pretty much a bust up to this point in his career, but hopefully being back with Turner will resurrect his career. I hope Bradley is going to get better, but it doesn't look very good for him right now. I think one more injury or failure to get healthy by or during camp, and Bradley will be released. This is why I think Lloyd has a great opportunity to come in and be a starter and resurrect his career. Lloyd has certainly flashed the big play ability throughout his 5 year career. Back in 2005 Lloyd had a career best with 48 catches and 733 yds to go along with 5tds. But another knock on Lloyd has been his bad locker room behavior, so a little matureness would go along way for Lloyd's cause. I think he got a one year contract as a kind of an audition, all we as fans can do is hope Lloyd pans out.

Another player I feel is playing for not only his job, but his spot on the 53 man roster is Terrence Metcalf. Metcalf is getting the first shot at the left guard spot, and I hope he makes it. But like Bradley, another injury during camp or even loss of the starting left guard spot, and im afraid Metcalf will be released. Then Beekman will get his opportunity to start GO BEARS!!

My main man Creighton LOL you cracke me up, seems like we both have been right on the blog, you said St. Clair getting starting time on the o-line, and I say Orton starting at QB, although it is early both are definte possibilitites. Now let's talk about how the Bears have had success in the past bringing the draft picks along so they could contribute by mid-season. Remember Mark Anderson, Devin, eve Payne before he got hurt last year were all low round Angelo picks(you say luck, I say selections. Who do you predict will help us out this year and (Be positive)? I say look for Earl Bennett to be on the field making catches, and I believe that Beekman or Big Cheese will be added to the line, don't be surprised if they move Garza he played on the left side a few years ago and if they go with Williams early then this would be a way to balance out the line...I'm also looking for the BEARS to take a shot at bringing in Chris Simms once Tampa let's him go, although we might be bidding against KC for his services,,,,your'e up!

Good points Kevin, I'm not sold yet on Lloyd, but by having him in camp we get a chance to see what he can do, while bringing the rookies(Bennett, Monk) along, and let's face it, he does well here or he's out of the league.....Metcalf as you say is defintely fighting for a roster spot, a friend of mine played at Montana and says this Balough is a beast also with a nasty streak...I want to see if Hiestand can coach he has plenty of bodies, he should be able to build a o-line some kind of way look at some of the players the giants have used over the years, serviceable and not high draft picks...and they run the football well also....Let get ready to HIT! Go BEARS

Yeah buddy! My command center is up and going.With a Jerry Angelo mural with lit candles and insents. Its kinda a Buddah thing you know. I pray to the football gods everyday hoping that the Bears win a Super Bowl. I also have been redecorating in hopes that Creighton can come over some day and enjoy a Bears win. Its to bad though, my parents house sits on a slab foundation. So Creighton would you be disapointed if I told ya that you would have to come over to my appt. BECAUSE I LIVE WITH MY WIFE AND SON!

Just to let ya know Creight I do not own a single Bears jersey of any color. I do have a Conference Championship shirt, another gray plain Bears shirt, 3 Bears hat and a Bears Hoodie. Its kinda funny that one of my Bears caps do say "property of Bears Football."

Crap phone call..... Yep I gotta go Some one called me to do their lawn time to make money yeah!!!

Well Creighton I guess your good news turned bad for ya!

In the 2008/2009 the Chicago Bulls select Michael Beasley from Kansas State University.

The 6ft 9in 235 pound Power Foward Last year played in 33 games, Avg. 31.5 minutes, 26.2 points per game, 1.2 asst., 2.9 T.O., 1.3 steals, 1.6 blocks, with a .532 shooting %.

As we have all seen in the past John Paxton is known for his draft day trades. So this might be a player that they can combine in a trade to aquire a veteran player the have targeted.

Wouldnt it be nice to see the Bulls in the Finals next year along with the Cubs in the World Series BlackHawks go for the Stanley Cup and the Bears in another Super Bowl.

Creighton man you cant even get basketball right let alone football. Hopefully this does not send you into a downward spiral of depression. Its time for you to break your diet again and get some Popeyes Chicken.

The more I read about what has been going on with the Bears since the NFC Championship victory over the Saints (which was TOTALLY great for me, down here!) the more I am beginning to believe the 2006 season was an aberration!
As individuals of character, I am huge fans of Lovie and Jerry. And yes, that is MOST IMPORTANT!! But, as heads of the Bears organization, my view of them is not nearly as great. With all due respect to the following individuals, what is up with depending on Bradley, Benson, Grossman/Orton, Metcalf, St. Claire for Offense? How will the 2008 season be any different for ANY of the previously mentioned players?
And, again -with all due respect - Mike Brown & Brandon McGowan as starting Safeties, not to mention Dusty Dvoracek and Dan Bazuin and whoever else was injured on the D-line, and last-but-not-least the Defensive stars Harris and Urlacher...with the injury history of all these guys?? Can you really see any chance of this squad - with all of these and other financial questions (read: Devin Hester) having 4 or more victories in '08???
Sorry, even though I am a huge fan of the Bears I can't realistically state they will get out of the cellar of the pathetic NFC North...nor can I see any way they won't be bidding to pick in the top 3-5 in the 2009 NFL Draft. (We know they'd never pick #1, even if there was a "1 person draft"! They'd either win 1 or 2 meaningless games at the end of the season after starting 1-13 or Jerry would trade down.) It is hard to believe as Bears fans we could even think of being this pessimistic after the excitement just 16 months ago in late January 2007 during the period between the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl!
BTW, Pax --- PICK ROSE!!!

South L.A.

Common, have some faith.

The Bears D will be in the top 5, very good corners, linebackers and D line. Safety seemms to be shored up.

Special Teams in the top 3 with Hester, Indonje, Peterson and the rest.

Offense has been offensive to say the least, but will be top 20.

Turnovers will be key and the Bears need to stay on the plus side of things. Maybe a plus 10 would do fine.

Bears will win the division and certainly be in the playoffs. I say at least 10-6 maybe even 11-5. The Pack has essentially a rookie QB and the NFL will find his weaknesses soon enough. Bears sweep the Pack, Detroit has some major issues on D and the OLine, the Bears will sweep the Lions. The Vikings have potential but their QB is very inaccurate and may lose some games for them. Bears split with the Vikings.

The Bears have some heart and a strong will to make a run at the crown, lets wait and see.


I had faith they'd do well LAST year, and look what happened! Last training camp, all you heard was how good the Offense was going to be. A Top Ten or possibly Top Five Offense. Yeah, right! All the momentum from '06 was squashed in '07 - well, except for the phenomenon known as DEVIN! That might not even be stunted until the CBA runs out (THERE is a visible remnant of Chicago Bears "Hope")!

There are too many questions on the O: O-line, WR, RB and yes, QB!As for the D, what will the chemistry be? If Urlacher doesn't get what he is asking for (BTW, If he is the backbone of the D he needs to be paid more --- that's how it works in the Locker room) the Defensive, and TEAM, chemistry will be next to poisonous. That will lead a POTENTIALLY top five/ten D to perform like a bottom five/ten D. Sounds kind of like 2007, doesn't it?

Yes, the potential is there to have a good season - or 8 to 11 victories. Still, a whole bunch of things are going to have to "work out" this season for '08 to be a "memorable" season - in the positive sense!

Now I understand that in the modern NFL a team can go from worst-to-first, the Bears did it in '05 to '06. But the Bears were an improving team back then. In '08 they are more likely a team on the decline. That is why I am less than optimistic for the upcoming season. Sorry, Bears compadre(s)!

South L.A. Chi-Town Homer dont be such a Homer. You know I remember that in 05 the Bears were not the worst but infact the best in their division. They had a first round bye along with Seatle. Seatle had the homefield advantage over the Bears that year in 05. The record was say it with me 11-5.

Ohhhh man your going to make me bring up the 04 season:( The Bears with QBs Chad Baseball Huch, Kraig Krezel, ahhhh that dude from K.C. what was his name. Quinn thats right. That dude was a big ORGER. That was the year they went 4-12. From 04, Lovies first year as a Head Coach, to 05 is when they went from worst to first.

As I posted what 3 or 4 times I do beleive that the Bears will have that Turnaround. I dont see a problem with the Quarterbacks. Rex will be a good back up while Kyle should prove that he is a steady, ready and healthy QB that can make it in the NFL.

The bears will go as far as Forte, Bennet, and williams will take them.with no free agent veteran help. well, I doubted ken williams moves for the sox and was wrong now I hope Angelo can prove me stupid.


Props to you. You were correct that it was '04 to '05. Sorry, I was off a season.

Nevertheless, I am not certain of '08 being that "turnaround" type year like '05. As I have said previously, there are too many question marks at too many positions, what with so many starters returning after serious injuries, quite a few unproven guys being trusted to have breakout, or at least substantially better than "career-average", seasons. Add to that the contract issues with 3 of the best players on the roster (Harris, Hester & Urlacher) and you have a recipe for a disastrous season.

But then again, Chris Williams could have a season like Joe Thomas did last year for Cleveland. Earl Bennett could have an Anquan Boldin type rookie season. And as for Matt Forte', with him playing down here just a couple hours away at Tulane, I believe in his talent and expect him to have a big rookie season. Maybe my less-than-optimistic view IS incorrect. I'll tell you this, I do like the rookie class! They could really do some significant things this year. I truly hope they do. But remember, they are ROOKIES! Not every team will have the impact draft the Giants did in '07.

If all these issues are resolved before camp I will be both pleasantly surprised and optimistic for a great 2008. But, my belief is that short of the Bears having a season with very few injuries there will be one or two down years before the Bears will again contend like they did in '06.

South LA:

Get the faith back. It is good to hear that you like Forte and watched him a lot. I certainly like what I read about him and his workout commitment.

About last year, remember the Bears easily could have been 9-7 even with all of the injuries.

The two Detroit games were blown that should have been Bears victories. The NY Giants game, the Bears were leading and blew it after halftime with poor defense and no second half adjustments.

Turn those three games into victories and the Bears finish 10-6. In 2007 injuries played a big role as to the record and I do think the Bears are not going to think this year that by just walking onto the field they will win the game.

The fire they had in 2006 was gone in 2007, but I believe the fire will be back. That fire and desire will take them to the division title and who knows where in the playoffs.


Woulda', coulda', shoulda' ... a team finishes 7-9 because they are a 7-9 team. Don't get into the "they could've won a few more games..." argument. If they were a better team, they would've won the other games that they "shoulda'"

The reason they lost those games was because they didn't deserve to win the games. Look, among the "lowlights" of 2007 they had two of the worst performances in franchise HISTORY: Worst 1 quarter performance (giving up 34, 4th Qtr points) @ Detroit. Worst defensive rushing performance with 224 yds/11.2 ypc by the REAL Adrian Peterson! That is better than most Bears receivers averaged per PASS reception.

You list the 2 Detroit games and the Giants game as evidence. Weren't they leading in the first game @ Detroit and the (home) Giants game? The '06 team (early '06 season Defense) would've shut the door, but not in '07. BTW, the second Detroit game (@ home) they stunk up the joint, at least offensively. The previous two road games the Lions had given up 90 pts. Yeah, NINETY points! The Bears scored 38 less than Detroit had averaged the previous two road games! And if you want to argue hypotheticals, take away the insane return/reception games of Devin vs. Denver and New Orleans --- not to mention the ridiculous 97 yard drive vs. Philly or the fortunate game up in Green Bay (coulda', shoulda' been down 35-7 at half) --- and you're talking a possible top slot (2 or 3 wins, tops) for the '08 NFL draft.

You can argue about injuries all you want but in '05 & '06 they didn't have near the amount of injuries as in '07. So why can't other teams say the Bears were better during those seasons because the Bears had fewer injuries?

That being said, I WANT them to win it all! What Bears fan doesn't?? SB XLI left a disgusting taste in all fans mouths (not to mention the team's mouth)! But will the "core" have enough this year? Will the breaks go their way? Will the injury list be short/nonexistant this season or will the list be extensive, again? And will all the superstars stay healthy and will all the question areas/players come through for the team? And finally will this year's team "play" and not just "show up" for the games (as you alluded to)?

The three primary reasons teams win are talent, chemistry and coaching. My hope is that each component far exceeds their respective 2007 "bottom lines" in 2008. Here's also hoping this season ends with Urlacher, Harris, Hester, Briggs, Kreutz, Tate, Grossman/Orton, et al... hoisting the Lombardi Trophy during a very cold, windy and snowy parade in downtown Chicago in early February!

Dahlillama, I am glad you are certain they will. I am just not as certain as you.

South L.A.

Good points. I just have to believe. The Bears should have beaten the NY Giants the eventual Super Bowl champs.

I guess I just see the glass as half full and that the Bears are going back to finding ways to win instead of losing.

To that end I hope I am right.



I hope you ARE right! Either way, I'll be rooting for the Bears with you --- and all our insanely fanatical Bears "brethren" (& "sisthren"?)!

Here's hoping we'll all enjoy that freezing parade next February!! ...You all in person, me watching on TV down here!

God bless

South LA:

I also have to watch from afar. I live in California and watch every game. Although I may just show up for a game during the year or a playoff game or the SuperBowl.


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