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Urlacher to show for minicamp

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Brian Urlacher will take part in the mandatory Bears’ minicamp this weekend after all.

The middle linebacker, according to an Internet report, will show up at Halas Hall after making strong statements suggesting he wouldn’t be seen earlier this month.

If Urlacher was going to find a resolution to his contract dispute, he wasn’t going to do it by staying away from the club. The Bears have a pretty straightforward policy of negotiating with players who are not present.

Urlacher also protects the $13 million signing bonus he received with the current $56.65 million, nine-year contract he received in 2003, the one he wants reworked. Had he skipped the mandatory minicamp, he would have been in default on his contract and as the Sun-Times reported that would have opened the door for the Bears to pursue a pro-rated portion of that signing bonus. Signing bonus forfeiture language in the contract would have allowed the Bears to go after more than $5.7 million, or 4/9 the $13 million.

The Bears have offered Urlacher an $18 million, one-year extension with $5 million guaranteed. He’s turned that deal down. Now that he’s arriving, perhaps the parties will be able to hammer out some type of compromise including a slightly higher guarantee. Thus far though, the team has showed no desire to move from its position. That could change now that he’s back.

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YEAH! Now hopefully they can get this thing worked out,It is hardly resolved,but it is a start! Lets see what happens! There will obviously be more to come! Best of Luck to The Bear's In 2008!! GOD BLESS! GO BEAR'S!!

5.7 millions reasons why he will show ha!. setting up franchises with strippers can be costly.

Very Good news for us Bears fans. What a relief.This should quiet down the "some fans" that were contemplating, in their own heads, sitting in their fantasy GM world, having the media speak for you.

Once again Brian proves that not only is he the best on the field at what he does, but also the most stand up man in the business. I was so upset when this went down, upset with Bears brass for not immediately taking care of this and disgusted with people claiming to Bears fans turning their back and bad mouthing a player that has given all Bears fans something to be proud of since day one. I became a Bears fan for one reason Walter Payton, the Bears were who he happened to play for and therefor became my team. Thou ill never consider any Bear (any player period) better or more important to Bear history than Walter, i have to say Brian is a Bear all-timer hands down. In the mold of Butkis,Ditka, Singletary, Plank, Fencik,Hampton,Hilgenburg,Dent,Sayers and the other select few Brian is right there in Bear lore. A true Bear and Monster of Midway he has been a player that i have been able to hold my head high and be proud to be a Chicago Bear fan. Lets face it since Da coach was unfortantely fired and Singletary retired we Bear fans had real rough times, embarrising times, then came #54. In that time I also have appreciated and respected Olin and Mike Brown and think they are Bear greats. A player like Brian however doesnt come around everyday and some franchises never have an oppurtunity to employ such greatness. If you dont want Brian around your not a Bear fan period. I wont even consider your reasoning cause you just dont get it and probably never played a down of organized football. Reporters like Jay Marywhatever you are flakes that get paid to stir trouble and write about things you clearly have no idea about and yet somehow sway simpletons to your cause. It amazes me, I watch espn and guys like him and Skip Bayless (are they related?) are flakes, and anyone who would take them serious need a catscan. Thanks Brian for making us proud again and i know you are gonna light it up this year and these people will eat crow!

A lot of bark and no bite. It always comes down to possible fine and losing money. Anyone in their right mind would not throw away a ton of money, no matter if you're a millionaire or not.

Well now we know it's all about the money with Urlacher. I bet Urlacher knew enough not to piss Angelo off. After all Urlacher should be thanking him for the money he's made over 10 years.

Pretty much expected this. I kept saying in previous posts that no player gains anything from not showing up. They only lose money, respect, and get killed in the papers. I wrote that Urlacher has a passion and love for the game and his team. I also said that he would show up when he had to. I thought that was training camp, but he is here for the "mandatory" mini camp now.

This is great news, but still not that big a deal. We now know Urlacher will paly this year. We know he will have another huge year. Now the only question marks are about who can get the job done at OT, OG, RB, QB, and WR (yikes offense). There are slight questions about the defense, but they are easily answered if their health is good.

Chris WIlliams please be good, and good health to the defense.

10-6 and one win in the playoffs should be the break even point.


This is good news for us Bear fans. Hopefully the Bears and Urlacher are close to wrapping this up. I think all Urlacher really wanted was more guaranteed money. Like I said, hopefully this is a sign that they are close to an agreement. As far as Urlacher is concerned, I think this is more about pride than greed. Fact is, Urlacher is the best in the game, and should be compensated as so. There aren't to many linebackers that can do what Urlacher does, as far as dropping back into coverage and haveing the ability to come up and play the run with such domination like Urlacher. This is a huge requirement for a cover two inside backer, and Urlacher does it better than anyone in the league. I think the Bears already recognize this, other wise they wouldn't have made an offer in the first place. Its good to know that #54 will be there this weekend GO BEARS!!

Yeop, Coverage and run D cause amazingly was a Safety!
Any One remember the Heisman pose after the TD a few years back?? lol.
Brian is a Bear.

Give me a break alltime34, that was some REAL corny stuff what's your problem are you a teenager? bottomline was and is money it has nothing to do with being stand up if he was so stand up he would have stood behind his contract and not played the media card. These rich athletes and their multi-million dollar rants and some fans get all emotional and mushy. It's a sport and a whiney a$$ under achieving player who's bottom line is money he ain't Butkus or Singletary he is very good when he plays but he is a different type of player his game is speed, Butkus was ferocius and Singletary was intelligent and intense. My pride in being a Bear fan has nothing to do with Urlacher. GET A GRIP NERD.

Wow, people are all over the board on this one! This is not a good sign for anyone.

The only "sign" I see is Urlacher needs to fire his agent. If he had talked to the media and said, "I want to be a Bear and I'm here to work, but I also want to get my deal re-done." ... The fans would have come out in droves for him. The media would be all over this saying he's a TRUE BEAR and should be rewarded.

Instead, he tells everyone who will listen that management is not doing their part and that he will not show up to mandatory camp. This week the news breaks that - because of his current contract - he could end up losing nearly $6 million for skipping any mandatory gatherings. SUDDENLY he is coming and now some people say how great he is and others say that he's all about the money.

The truth is, he obviously is getting very bad advice from his agent. He ranted and raved and told everyone he wouldn't be in camp THEN found out he could lose millions so now he looks stupid for going back on his own word. This whole thing is a PR clusterf$#% for him. Fans are turning on one of the most popular players in the NFL and ever in a Bear uniform and now it looks even more like a desperate attempt at one last payday.

I am not absolving Jerry Angelo and the Bears organization of anything, but that $18 million extension will be signed sooner or later no matter how much more Urlacher and his camp biatch and moan. A good agent would have played this much better without making his client look like a fool. Let's hope Urlacher learns from this and moves on to a great season as his former Pro Bowl self.

Either way, this issue is done. Urlacher has no leverage and he knows it. The rest will be nothing but saber-rattling until he signs the deal on the table ... given it stays on the table.

Funny how possibly losing some signing bonus money brought Urlacher in. Da Coach had it right, he had NO leverage. If he wants a new short term deal, show up, stay healthy, play his @$$ off and win the SB by NOT letting the other teams RB's run for 200 yards.

I bey you, by game whatever this will all be forgoten.We can only hope that by the end of the year Harris, Hester and Urlacher will be indefinatly in a win,win situation for the years to come.

Brian's getting paid good money right now, he knows this! To me the extension on the table from the front ofice is more than generous, reminds me of the one Farve signed a few years back in GB, when he was whining about money. All GREAT players whine about money at some point, Brian is no different and it does not make me think less of him as a player. I like Brian as a player, but this is Harris's time at the money troft, each year teams have to prioritize the players they need to sign with the available money they have to work with, you can't pay the same players every year or you would not be able to field a competitive team. Just because agents have negotiated lesser players into comparible contracts on other teams should not concern BEAR fans, if anything it just makes it easier for us to stay competitive, since those teams are stuck with paying for lesser talent and production on the field...I'm glad to see that we are working well with Rosenhaus considering the influence the guy has in our locker room, let's get Harris paid, then focus on Hester, have Brian take the extension and we'll field a competitive team.. Go BEARS

Plaudits to Urlacher. I hope he remains a Bear until retirement and is revered as is Butkus, Singletary and George.

In the end he could be one of the best of all time in the middle.

A few superbowl championships would help to ensure his spot in the Hall. Actually he has probably already qualified for it.

Go Urlacher and Go BEars!!!!

You Fool Clowns this has noting to do with urlacher being fined. I already told you this about missing Volntary OTA and the fact that anyone that belived that if they ask for more money they might get it; would ask unless they are a complety Dumb A**. there is and was no chance brain was going to miss traning camp or be traded. Please For you jealous player haters if the bears did trade Urlarcer for a first round pick you would be crying about what the rookie makes because of your worthless achive nothing lives.

Sorry since I found this blog i have been caling you guys clowns but I cant help it when I read what Jersey boy, Bears fan 1, Da Coach and marion think i see them all piling out of a VW with BOZO suits on.

(To Bear Keith) I'm sorry sir, I don't understand you.
(To all) Does anyone here speak "jive"?

Let me breakdown my points into short bullet points because I can tell reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

1. I never said anything disparaging about Urlacher. I included the fact that I have signed jerseys, pictures of him, me and my boy, and am a fan of his.
2. I did say you don't want a team leader and superstar causing team discontent.
3. I never said TRADE URLACHER.
4. I DID say, in times like these, you have to entertain an offer if you don't plan on breaking the bank.
5. I did say I do not agree with paying him more money and the $18 million re-work should be plenty.
6. I did say he is getting horrible advice from his agent and this has turned into a huge PR clusterf$%# from his side.

Get your facts straight. Try reading and comprehending. Learn business, football, and/or at minimum English.

I say trade Urlacher!

His BEST years are well behind him. I am disgusted at Urlacher's behavior. The only good thing Urlacher has done this off season was show up at MANDATORY camp. Everything Urlacher has been saying is BS. Do you people really believe Urlacher when he said that he hurt his neck on an OFF SEASON PLANE FLIGHT? Ridiculous! No neck surgery is REALLY minor. I should know since I've had MAJOR neck surgery. That's not even mentioning his bad back as well.

The Bears need to worry about signing Tommy Harris, signing their draft picks, and then Devin Hester NOT Urlacher.

Urlacher should just shut up and play and if he really is as healthy as he is saying he is then he can go back to the Pro-Bowl and get some more money.

I said to TRADE Urlacher. TRADE BRIGGS!!! Heck, you cut Benson for being an alleged idiot. Why not trade these bums? Urlacher signed this deal. And he says he's not making enough money? What the heck was wrong with it when he signed the darned deal? And Lance Romance???? He should be traded for a bag of dirty, used jockstraps. They both are terrific ball players, but they are not worth the ache they give us fans. Butkus should have been paid $30Million a 3 year contract. Sayers should have been paid $40Million for 3 years! Instead, they were destroyed professionaly by injuries and medical treatments from the ice age!!!!!!

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