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Tight end Davis stands out in Day 2 of rookie camp

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The Bears wrapped up Day 2 of the rookie minicamp in what Lovie Smith described as some Bear weather.

Maybe. It was drizzling and hardly inspiring football conditions. The program will wrap up Sunday and the hope is the players who return in the middle of the month in preparation for the full-squad minicamp an retain what they’ve learned. As much as practicing, it’s about learning how to practice. The drills. The pace. All of it.

Smith singled out tight end Kellen Davis, the fifth-round pick from Michigan State, for having another solid day of work. Davis could become a dynamic force on special teams at 6-7, 262 pounds with 4.6 speed. Special teams coordinator Dave Toub sees him as a complement to Israel Idonije.

We’ll wrap up the weekend Sunday.

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kellen davis has the speed and enormous size to be a dominint linebacker and to save urlackers back put him at safety


Two words for you: Dustin frickin' Lyman. I'd rather have an actual linebacker with our 5th round pick than draft a position where we are strong and then utilize him as a special teamer\potential linebacker. There were several people on the board that would have upgraded either postion so unless Davis finds a spot for years to come pusing Greg Olsen (you remember our 1st round pick from last year, right?) then this is a wasted pick. Guys who fill a role are important but when that role is special teams, a 5th rounder could be much better spent.

I didn't like the pick at first, but I hardly see it as a waste, especially if he lives up to the hype.

Let's not act as if Glimore wsa a nobody. He was a solid contributor.

Only Davis has the potential to be five times the player of Gilmore, especially around the goal line.

Lest we not forget that the team started going to more two TE sets last season.

And given Olsen's ability to split wide, Davis just offers another threat in the middle of the field.

In fact, I can honestly see the team running three TE sets with Oslen split wide.

And at that point in the draft -- nearly the sixth round, Davis was a very solid value.

Good point IDC about the three TE formation having Olsen being split wide. That would be insane. Opposing defenses would go crazy. After losing Gilmore, we needed a third TE. Why not bring in one with a lot of potential? Let's also realize that Dez Clark is 31 y old. While a valuable, consistent contributor to our team, he won't be around forever. Angelo and Smith know that, they're thinking present and future.

Linebacker??? It's a cover two defense, you actually get better results from quick undersized guys who can cover. Lach was an exception to the Rule. Davis is 6-7 270 pounds, thats a good sized defensive end, which is exactly what he is. Also Davis is suppose to be a blocking TE. Just one problem, he can't block. He's actually not a very good TE, he is a special team guy. I don't get the coaches tell people what there going to do with there players and the fans are like man he is going to be a great TE. Even though they said he is going to be a special team guy and they already have two starting TE. And man were they awsome last year. How many Yards did Olsen have?? Oh and this is his second year so he may slump like a lot of players do in there second year.

I like the idea of adding another TE through the draft. Look at teams like the Patriots, Giants, Cowboys, etc. They always seem to have at least three good TE's stockpiled. Maybe with a lack of quality Wide Outs, the Bears will run more true "Ace" sets (2 TE, 2 Receiver)and attack the air more through the TE postion than through the wide outs. I ca ntell you this, Defensive Coordinators hate aligning against Ace sets. One more thing on Davis. About 2 months ago I was talking to a Big Ten staff about defending certain offensive sets, particularly double tight end sets. This particular staff raved about the big TE from MSU that they could not stop.

Well Ced Benson got arrested.Late Sat. he was booked the details werent realesed, but he is out on Bond. You cant predict things like that. Wonder what Jerry will do. Angelo does have a 0 tollerence rule in affect.
Details are in Boating while drunk. Resisting arrest, and he was pepper sprayed.

I liked the selection of Kellen Davis, because the 6-6 260lb tight end was brought in to replace Gilmore, who was primarily a blocker. So the pick gave the Bears a younger, bigger, and more athletic version of Gilmore, thus upgradeing the Bears at the position. Also add on the fact that Davis already has the ability to win jump balls at the goal line, which is where they will use Davis the most, scouting reports also say that Davis is a physical in-line blocker so Davis should be a two way threat on the goal line. Davis should also be a beast on special teams because he also played defensive end so you know he can tackle, nice pick in the 5th Angelo GO BEARS!!

It was going so good here for the last couple of days with little negativity.And then Creighton got his chubby grubby hand on a computer with the internet.

Olsens numbers:
39 rec
391 yards
2 TDs
10.0 AVG
31 long
Now Creighton if you can remember for the first 6 games Olsen was battleing through an injury. Another thing he was not a starter. Ohh yeah there were also useing him in alot of blocking situations to get him preped for this year. Waite I have another one he had a 20 something yard TD that was nulifyed by a penilty.
I bet your way of thinking Creighton is that if a ROOKIE TE doesnt get a 1,000 yards hes a bust.You probably want the QB to get 4,500 yards 30+ TDs and the running back rushing for 1,800 yards and 20+ TDs. Well the QB has no chance of that because the Bears come off the bus running. Do you remember me posting that the Bears were 2nd in the NFL by having the most yards by 2 TEs.

Dez Clarks numbers

12.4 AVG that is a crazy high number for a tight end in the NFL.
4 TDs
52 long

In 06 Clark had 45 REC for 626 yards and 6 TDs with a 13.9 yards per catch. Now to have a TE AVG 13.9 yards a catch is just unherd of now a days. The NFL has so much speed on the Defensive side of the ball.
So Creighton now that I know you are not much on player devolpment Im fine with Olsens numbers, because the Bears have a Proven leader at the TE possition. My opinion Clark for the last 2 years got ripped off in not making the Pro Bowl.

Double tight end sets for goal line plays which team in the NFL can stop a TD pass to either Bear tight end at 6'6" and 6'7". Maybe put three tight ends on the field with one as the H back.

Bears Win!!!

I was actually shocked they picked a TE in the 5th, but have liked it more and more I read about this guy. He's got a ton of athletic ability with good hands, speed, and of course size. I can see them splitting Olsen out wide in short yardage with Clark and Davis on the line. Can we say match-up problems? It will open up holes for Forte, Peterson, and Wolfe.

I like the way you guys are thinking (dahlilama and brando). There are tons of things you can do with 3 good TE's on the roster. Again, look at the Pats.

Well as long as we are having fun. Three TE's and put Monk on the other side. Olsen is 6'5" split on one side. Monk is 6'4" split on the other side. Davis is 6'6" on one end of the line and Clark is 6'4" on the other end of the line. Definite match up problems in the red zone!

Come on Creighton the GM faze is over the players are here now be a fan and see what happens. I was hyped about the draft too but now that they are here time to be a fan and support them and hope they use them to their advantage, Windy City guy I like that it might be to the advantage Bears our QB's seem the over throw a lot [LOL]. Say good bye [Dead Leg] Ced.

Come on Creighton, are you angling for Jay Mariotti's job? Davis may turn out to be another late round gem.

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