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Three Bears coaches attend career symposium in Florida

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Lovie Smith has always said he’ll happily help an assistant on his staff in efforts to climb the coaching ladder, and three Bears assistants are off getting some enrichment on their own at a symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., this week.

Defensive coordinator Bob Babich, special teams coordinator Dave Toub and quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton are attending the convention. It’s a good place to press the flesh and meet people. General managers, owners and other decision makers are on hand. Seeds have been planted for advancement at these career-building meetings for years. It’s where Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti was first introduced to his first-year head coach John Harbaugh.

Babich advanced into the role as defensive coordinator last season after being promoted to assistant head coach in 2006. Toub is entering his fifth season as special teams coordinator. Hamilton will be in his second season as the quarterbacks coach.

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The coaches need to go to the school Belichek and his coaches go to and where the NY giants coaches go, its called the school of making halftime adjustments.

There are far too many games that are close at halftime and then in the second half the Bears just don't show up. Examples are the the Superbowl, both games against Carolina in the playoffs aka Steve Smith no double team adjustment, NY Giants game last year, they kicked the Bears rearend after halftime, Steelers game two years ago when the bus rolled ove the bears in the snow.

Please coaches, sometimes halftime adjustments are necessary and can win games.

I wish Ron Turner was there? Maybe, he can climb his way to another team, like the Texans or Dolphins.

Ron Turner is a highly respected coach in the NFL. Many teams would love to have him. Yes, there are are some lousy coaches on the Bears, but it is not Ron.

"Ron Turner is a highly respected coach in the NFL. Many teams would love to have him. Yes, there are are some lousy coaches on the Bears, but it is not Ron."

Oh Fan55, I have tears in my eye from laughing so HARD! I mean I watch Chappelle and Mencia and stuff, but this was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Keep it up, you're good.

Was Fan55 talking about The Brother of Ron? You know that guy named Norv Turner.

The only real coach of the three mentioned in this story is Dave Toub. I hope Babich and Hamilton baffle someone with their BS and get hired elsewhere.

I couldn't agree more with Brad's posting regarding the coaches (not) making halftime adjustments. The Super Bowl is, of course, the best example. When Peyton Manning and company were changing uniforms and snacking on high-energy foods to keep themselves ready for the game, what were the Bears doing?
If the D-Line wasn't getting it done in that game, where were the adjustments? Manning is a great quarterback, though he has had his share of meltdowns. If they could pressure the hell out of Grossman, could we have at least tried the same?
Then again, I am not a coach.

Jeff what are you talking about??? You didn't see the Seahawks game when after Benson had runs of 43 yards (w/ TD) and 21 yards, looking like the Vikes' A.P., the coaching staff took him out of the game to give our A.P. more playing time? But shucks, we still lost. Sir, you must be more vigilant next time.

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