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Slimmed down Benson on the field again

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It’s Kyle Orton’s day to run with the first team today in the third OTA.

The Bears have opened the doors to media and the first 20 minutes of the workout have not turned up a lot.

A slimmed down Cedric Benson is running with the first team. I’m not sure if he’s looked this small since the Bears drafted him No. 4 overall in 2005. We’re talking about a reshaped Ced.

Wide receiver/returner Devin Hester and tight end Desmond Clark are on the field but are not participating in drills. Ditto linebacker Jamar Williams.

Missing are wide receiver Mark Bradley, maybe not a great sign for someone whose opportunity is clear and present. General manager Jerry Angelo has had the patience of Job with Bradley, and he’s been penciled in atop the depth chart along with Marty Booker, but Brandon Lloyd was running with the first team. We’ll see if we can get some answers later on.

Also absent are defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who says he has not been medically cleared to return with his left knee, information that might not match up with what the team is saying. Remember, Angelo said at the draft that all players would be cleared medically by the end of May. Defensive end Alex Brown is not on the field either. Apparently he has a minor hamstring issue.

Check back for more details soon.

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That's good to hear Benson is slimmed down and ready to give it a better effort this year. Hopefully the running game can be a little more reminiscent of the 06' season!

How come we've only heard about Orton so far and not anything about Grossman?

I think we will continue to hear more about Orton, because like Ced, the Chicago "faithful" have given up on Grossman, and are dying to see Orton win the job. That way, they can lament our lack of skill at the quarterback position, and blast Angelo for another first round failure.

I think they will be wrong about Orton. He has a strong arm, decent movement in the pocket, and can actually see the field over the line. Getting some legitimate repetition in the offseason will do wonders for his confidence and grasp of the offense and what the defense is trying to do to it, and he will win the job outright.

To be fair, Biggs, it isn't the end of May yet....

I am glad to see that the pictures of Benson from the boating expedition were not misleading. He looked a lot slimmer in those pics, and it is obvious that he has put in the work to be quicker, lighter, and ready to go. I think we will all be pleasantly surprised by the running backs this season, and if the OL manages to solidify itself, the running game will be top half of the league, which is really all we need.

Hey, I know you're all excited about this news. I'm excited, you(da fans) are excited, Brad is excited.

Benson may not be popular in Chicago, but right now we need every player to contribute and give it their all. This is Good News. Go Bears!

I know its OTAs. Alot can happen from now untill the start of the season. It seems to be that the rotaition at QB realy is an open compition. I would hope that a coach would NOT rotate players with the first team just to make a smoke screen. I do beileve that Lovie has opened up some possitions to let the players play into the starting role. I dont have a crystal ball so Im not going to predict who is going to start. Leads to false hope anywho. Whoever the starter is at QB lets just pray the will be healthy.

Is this Lloyd thing between some fans gonna stop now. Brandon Lloyd no matter how bad it hurts to say it is in the plans for the Bears. I like the move the Bears did signing Lloyd. He signed a 1 year, plain and simple this is a trail year for Brandon.

Joe Felicelli, can we call him a rider. bandwagon that is.. come on everyone has been bashing benson except true fans that understand the reality of why we did so poorly. anyway, if you believe this team is going to strt the season with Orton back there, let's just say i'll give you all my information and bet you 1000 dollars he won't. Orton stinks this guy has never out performed Griese let alone Rex. I love the way Rex is going about his business staying out of the media and putting them on IG. This competition is doing nothing more than fueling a guy so desperate to prove himself to the real true bear fans not you haters. When it's all said and done I bet anyone on this board Rex will be a pro bowl QB. I'll put my money where my mouth is.

Poor interior blocking may lead to Orton starting in '08 due to his ability to stand in the pocket, see over the pass rush and deliver passes in the face of pressure. However, I do believe that Grossman is a better passer. Just another example of how Angelo's failure to rebuild an busted line will end up hurting his prized 1st round selections.

..."Benson may not be popular in Chicago, but right now we need every player to contribute and give it their all."

I couldn't agree more with Mike on this point.

Can someone please explain to me why the "plate and screw" in Benson's ankle is considered to be such a devastating, career-ending injury?

My understanding is that injuries to tendons and ligaments are always more serious because these tissues are less capable of healing without reconstructing the joint using "replacement", or transplanted tissue.

Bones heal themselves and the plate/screw is intended to speed up the healing process and make the recovery more complete. Given the injury, it is actually beneficial to have the plate and screws. This may not be an intuitive conclussion to draw, but it is the truth.

O.K. Jerseyboy. ProBowl? $1000 you say!
Are you saying he will be a Pro Bowler, or are you saying he is going to the ProBowl after this coming up season?

Beileve me I hope and pray if Grossman is starting he is a pro Bowler!!

Brando- I'm another idiot who thinks Grossman can be a Pro-bowl QB. The O-line might not be improved enough to have that happen this season. I'm not confident enough to put a grand on it though...Wow.

Jersey, I have been a big Orton supporter since they drafted him. He was given a vanilla playbook as a rookie, and he will admit it himself that he was not prepared to be a professional quarterback. Granted, he was expected to be the 3rd string, and they get virtually no reps with the first team offense. But as far as "outperforming" Grossman and Griese, Griese and Orton both outperformed Grossman in the preseason and in camp, but they were not given a legitimate opportunity to win the job. Grossman was anointed the starter, and only after a stretch of abysmal play was Griese given a chance. And all the while, Orton continued to run the scout team, and was nothing more than a practice arm. He got no shot to unseat either of the guys in front of him. If they really give him a shot, he will win the job. Grossman has a high ceiling, but such a low floor that they can't afford to leave the season in his hands. Orton has a better bottom, and is not too far off in terms of ceiling. He has the arm, the size, the durability, and the intelligence to do what Grossman cannot do: make the right decision with the ball.

If Rex gets himself together, and becomes a professional, he can be a good quarterback. When most backups are watching the game, Grossman was joking with his teammates instead of watching Griese work. He could have learned a lot by observing, but he acted like a frat boy. He should have grown tremendously over the last 5 years as a quarterback, but still makes rookie mistakes. The Bears made a mistake by handing him the job, but he never showed that he wanted it or deserved it by his conduct.

If Grossman wins the job, it will not be for long. He will either get hurt, or play himself out of the job. And there is no chance he makes it to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, unless all of the following guys get hurt:
Manning, McNabb, Romo, Garcia, Delhomme, Bulger, Hassellbeck, and Brees (in no particular order)
If I am wrong, I will happily admit it, because it means that we finally have a Quarterback. But nothing I have seen out of Rex tells me anything other than it is business as usual.....and business has been bad for 5 years.....He never makes a big deal in the media, and he never gets better.

Jeff I would never call anyone an idiot. I just want that $1,000 bucks.

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