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UPDATED 1:05 p.m.: Police report: Benson "presented himself as a threat to the officer"

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According to a press release from the Lower Colorado River Authority, an LCRA officer first made contact with Cedric Benson’s 30-foot ship at 9:09 p.m. Saturday to do a random safety inspection.

At 9:27 p.m., an LCRA officer conducted a field sobriety “float test”. When Benson did not pass the test, he “presented himself as a threat to the officer” and argued about whether or not he would be taken to land for a follow-up test. He also refused to wear a life jacket, the report stated and at that time the officer decided to place Benson under arrest. When he continued to “present himself as a threat to the officer” he was subdued with pepper spray.

At 9:31 p.m., an officer requested medical assistance to help decontaminate Benson following the spraying.

At 9:46 p.m., Benson was transferred to the custody of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office for transport to jail. Benson continued to refuse to cooperate and was carried and dragged into the deputy car for transport, the report states. He refused to take a breathalyzer test once at the jail.

Lovie Smith is expected to speak with the media shortly. Check back for more details.


Smith addressed the Benson situation. He didn't break out his line about not kicking someone out of the family for one mistake. Basically, he said he was disappointed and wanted to gather more information on Benson's arrest.

"Very disappointed," Smith said. "But the truth of the matter right now, that’s about all I know. I haven’t had a chance to speak with Cedric yet, but any time we’re talking about one of our players getting arrested, you’re disappointed. What we’re going to do from here, I’ll go back and try to get as much information as I possibly can and go from there."

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Well Benson looses his licens for a period of time and Im not talking just about his boating licens. To refuse a breathalyzer in the state of Texas no matter boating ,flying or driving you loose all driving privlages for a certain period of time. Now through courts he can get a restricted Licens but on stricked terms. Thats if he signs a plea agreement.

Good for the officer for subduing the subject in a proper manner.
Ced is a big dude, he has a history of being vilent even though the officer didnt know that. He was drunk and I can believe that he will be scritanized by the Bears management in not taking a breathalyzer test. Could hurt him in the long run, like it didnt already.

''Could hurt him in the long run, like it didnt already.''

Dont worry Ced's never been interested in the long runs.

Hopefully Lovie and Jerry will stand up for what is right here and that is to prove to Benson that he is ultimately replacible. Benson is a lost cause and that headache pills should not be wasted on this guy. Save those ultra strength pills for the situations that truly matter, Harris, Hester, Gould, and the Face of the Franchise!!! Go Bears!

that's not the only thing he was BUSTED for. (terrible starter and pot posseser in 02')

that also leads Forte to be the starter (good thing).
Go Bears!!

Clearly, the Bears lost some value in Benson with this incident. The League will undoubtedly suspend him for a number of games, so his value as a backup, starter or as trade value is diminished. I know many think he wasn't worth much before but I think there were always teams out there thinking "A #4 pick in the draft has to be good, and we would be a better fit". I think Benson was a "bust" because of mental issues rather than physical; after his first injury he didn't seem like he wanted to play anymore. Maybe he lost his illusion of invulnerability. Regardless, it's a shame.

The time has come! Take the two most socially challenged athletes
from each professional team of males and load them on a modern day
Noah's Ark. Except, there will be no reproducing on this ship...
which of course is one of the goals.


We all screw up sometimes. We haven't heard his side of the tale, yet. Let's reserve judgment.

Personally, I want him playing for the Bears. Him and Forte might be a great 1-2 punch in the great struggle!

Go Bears!

benson and forte a great 1,2, punch? never!!! you could have benson and LT on the same team and they wouldnt make a good 1,2, punch!!! i say dump this BUM and pick up alexander as a back up to forte. i think that could be a good 1,2 punch. today was just an alright day until i heard about benson then it turned into a great day:o) now lets hope that the bears organzation does to benson what they done to tank. even if the bears dont get rid of benson he'll get some time off, so forte will more than likly be our starter, woohoo!!!

The only bit of bad news to come from the Benson boating incident is that Sexy Rexy was drunk and resisting arrest too. Then we would have had an excuse to get rid of both of the bums in our offense! Oh and Graham, have you even watched Benson play since we drafted him? Not only did this bum hold out for every filthy cent that he could get, but he hasn't showed one bit of heart since he decided to join the team. I don't care about his side of the story, the only side I need to see is the one on the field.

Graham, even without his multiple arrests over the years, 2002, 2003, and now, Benson as a Running Back sucks. He is bad he is as bad as they get. He wouldn't even be a good back up. This is the Bears home of some of the greatest running backs ever, we all know what a good running back looks like. Benson does not look like those guys, he looks like dog $%!T. I cannot wait for him to be gone. Forte will be better off without him, Benson couldn't even get along with Jones one on the nicest and most respected club house guys in the league and a better RB than that clown.

Hey Graham:

Benson isn't truly a Bear, he has no heart and isn't a team player, he needs to go to the Cowboys or some other team willing to take him. Don't you remember a couple of years ago during practice, even the defense tried to send him a message to straighten out and fly right when they roughed him up. If he comes back to the Bears I hope that some of the guys on the team send him the message again. I think it truly is to late for Benson as a Bear. Like Bear LInebackers, Bears running backs are held in reverence and are sppecial because of the quality of the game they brought to the field, their leadership and the way they conducted themselve as teammates and for their contributions to the community. None of this applies to Benson, at least I can't see anything that makes me want him as a Chicago Bear.

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