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OTA update: Three missing Bears

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Three prominent Bears were not on the field at Monday’s first OTA at Halas Hall. Middle linebacker Brian Urlacher is no-showing in his contract staredown with the club, and running back Cedric Benson was also absent. Benson’s initial court date stemming from his Texas arrest earlier this month was scheduled for Monday, but he was not required to appear and attorney Sam Bassett said the next preliminary hearing will be June 30. Benson will not be required to attend then either, Bassett said.

No word on where Benson was. Attendance has never been an issue with him. He’s already missed a few days of the voluntary workout program after a delayed return from Texas following his arrest. If Benson has more than six absences, he will be required to repay the club $100,000, part of his signing bonus that was classified as workout pay.

Defensive tackle Tommie Harris has not been cleared medically to return following offseason arthroscopic knee surgery. Harris can do individual drills, but has not been given the go-ahead to participate in team practice. We’ll see what more we can find about this situation on Wednesday when the doors at Halas Hall swing open for media.

Harris, who is seeking a longterm contract extension, played on a bad left knee most of last season after being leg whipped by Dallas’ Marc Colombo in Week 3. He battled hamstring issues also, and then skipped the Pro Bowl after having his knee scoped. He said last month he was fine, but apparently the team is giving him a little more time. Again, we’ll do our best to track down some more information to tie this news together soon.

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Oh man I know were Benson was, he was out on his boat with R. Williams having a couple of drinks and whatever else Williams may have brought with him. Just kidding, I am sure that niether of those guys would ever do anything like that.

Ah Harris is still hurt what a shock.

All this shocking news Biggs, no shows and guys still recovering from injuries, it's shocking I tell you, shocking. The next thing you know players are gonna get greedy, Benson is gonna be named the starter and Lovie is gonna say something like "we like Rex a lot and we think he can get it done for us." Then maybe some players will do something stupid like drunk driving in an expensive car and Angelo will say he looks for character guys and the draft a new group of criminals to replace the old group of criminals. Oh wait, never mind.

Being the Bears gave Urlacher a huge contract a few years ago and that he always said he loves chicago why wouldnt he take a cut or stay at the same contract status so we can win!Why is he missing camp?I havent any respect for Brian now!

It looks like Benson is just going to give the starting RB job to Forte and way to use your brain Benson, good move don't show up. Urlacher is certainly making the fans wonder how this man can be the leader of the team, when it is always about me,me, me and me.

The Bears are the joke of the NFL when Lovie says Benson is still their guy. Cut him loose already! The man has no heart to be a Chicago Bear!

I still believe Urlacher does. His mind's just been poisoned by his agent. He'll come to his senses soon.

He boys just so everyone knows, Forte did not practice with the first team, Peterson did.

You know after last year and considering his off season problems you would think Benson would show up to show everyone he means buisness this year, instead he blows it off.

When I first heard Benson was not there.I almost flipped my lid! but when i heard they didnt say why yet.I thought i should wait to see why,before i pass judgement on him.Benson better have a great reason though for not being there.he should be showing up with bells on.kissing butt to his coaches & teammates! not only for what he has done off the field,but for what he has not done on the field as well.The bears have done their part offering 18 mil more to urlacher,he declined.So it's up to brian now.He is really pis-ing me off! Walter Payton was a true example of a guy,who is the face of your franchise.sorry,but i dont see that in brian anymore! he used to be my favorite.He is totally disrespecting the team right now.Surprisingly he has become a total ME player! he could learn from Ray Lewis.he is in the last year of his contract(not 4 years left,like brian).anyway he is playing & participating.he say's I am under contract,so i am here.till I get a new contract.Now that is a good example of a team player,& a guy who loves the game.although he admits he would like to get the deal done.he realizes he is under contract,so he is playing.Ray is a respected leader.Urlacher was.When healthy everyone knows Mike Brown is the leader of our defense when on the field.Mike Brown is a class act,he even took a pay cut,cause he had injuries,that sidelined him.I really hope Mike stays healthy this year! GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!! GOOD LUCK IN 2008!!

Yeah, I also heard about Ray Lewis' approach to his contract situation. That is the way to be, no question. That shows a true football player who loves the game regardless of anything.

I'm not going to say that Urlacher should strive to be like Lewis, since the evidence stands against Ray that he murdered a person or two, but you get the picture.

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