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Orton receives bulk of first-team work at first OTA

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The Bears got back to work today at Halas Hall with the first of 13 schedule OTA’s (organized team activities).

The team’s Web site has a photo of rookie running back Matt Forte breaking out of his position in the backfield. He must have been running with the second or third team because center Olin Kreutz is in the background looking on, and we’re not aware of a demotion. The Bears will open up Wednesday’s practice to media (it used to be the team was more accommodating and all OTA’s were open) so we’ll get a better idea of who’s where then.

Coach Lovie Smith announced on the team’s Web site that Terrence Metcalf is in the running for the starting job at left guard with Josh Beekman. He explained John St. Clair, who started the final three games there last season, was viewed as a tackle.

Even though the Inside the Bears staff was relaxing at the beach last week, even it recognized a significant buzz was generated by Smith’s announcement (also on the team-run site) that Cedric Benson would begin atop the depth chart at running back. Benson was the starter before he broke his leg last November. There’s no way Forte is going to be anointed the starter from Day 1 of OTA’s or even Day 1 of training camp. Smith wasn’t going to move Adrian Peterson or Garrett Wolfe to the top of the heap either. It should have been a given Benson was on top, for the time being any way.

Word is that Kyle Orton took the majority of the snaps with the first team at quarterback during the two-hour practice. The team has not laid out how it is going to orchestrate the competition between Orton and Rex Grossman, but one can assume that means Grossman will receive the majority of the snaps with the first team on Tuesday. Smith did announce on “they are both coming into the competition on equal ground.”

With the first team at linebacker was a familiar face—Lance Briggs. He was running with the starters. In place of absent middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was Rod Wilson. Mike Brown lined up as the starter at free safety and Brandon McGowan was across from him at strong safety.

Again, we’ll have a better look at things come Wednesday. It will not be surprising if contract negotiator Cliff Stein knocks out a rookie contract or two or three soon. Stein got his first deal done on May 15 a year ago. The Miami Dolphins have already signed four draft selections, including No. 1 pick Jake Long. The Bears have 12 to sign. Check back soon for more information.

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I don't think we are going to know much about who is the front runner at QB till the pre-season begins, and Orton and Grossman get some playing time with the starters in an actual game. Lovie all but said, "whoever performs the best in live action will get the job". I think this is how it should be anyways, may the best QB win. Orton and Grossman will probably split reps all the way till the third pre season game [this is the pre season game the starters get the most reps in], by then we'll probably have a better idea who the starter will be.

As far as left guard, it will probably be the same as the QB derby. Metcalf and Beekman will split reps till one of them stands out. I would kind of like to see Beekman get the job, he is younger and Metcalf has durability issues. A lot of fans on this site wonder why I'm such a big Beekman fan? Simple, I just want to see the Bears get younger on the o-line, and I feel that Beekman is the youngest guard with the most potential the Bears have on the roster right now. During draft day a lot of fans were wanting the Bears to take a guard early, I did to. But I knew if they didn't take one 2nd round or earlier, the player would not help us anyways. Most NFL teams, including the Bears, will sit there young linemen, other than 1st-2nd round draft picks, to get them into an NFL gym to try and max out their strength, and get them better acclimatized to their new offensive playbook and linemates, and this is the way it should be when developing a young lineman anyways. I figured this is what the Bears were doing with Beekman. I'm excited about this, because this shows me the Bears are finally drafting and developing their own line men the right way, instead of signing over the hill players as stop gaps. This is also why I was so big on the Bears drafting Chris Williams in the first round this april, so we could have a nice young tackle to go along with Beekman. I say plug in Chris Williams and Josh Beekman, get them going, and hopefully the Bears as a whole on offense will improve GO BEARS!!

Orton sux. Nuff said.

Kevin, I do agree with you on the open competition thing. This is the way it should be every year. And if that player from last year is truly a starter, then they should have no problem winning their job back. That has been my issue with the coaching staff for a little while now. When there was talk of bringing other QB's in, like Kurt Warner, the coaching staff always told them that they would be the backup to Grossman. I didn't like this at all. If Grossman couldn't beat out a few old veterans, then he don't deserve the starting role. When he is truly ready, then he'll beat them out for the job. That's how I feel on that matter. I understand not wanting to put extra pressure on the QB. But Da Bears have not had a true franchise QB for a while. So no one is untouchable. Until that position is established, then it's open competition all the way. I'm all about putting the best players on the field at all times. Nothing is given.

Anonymous is a woosie, Nuff said :)-

Aside from "Anonymous" who apparently cannot spell his own name much less post something insightful or correctly spelled ... I think everyone's had some good points.

My take on this QB competition is this (channeling Jerry Angelo): We've seen Grossman's ceiling. When given the time and a clicking running game, he can be deadly. We've also seen his floor ... more than his ceiling. When I watch Grossman pass it's like watching Devin Hester return ... is he going to hit a home run, fumble the snap, do something stupid, or just move the ball? I'm on the edge of my seat every time he drops back but not in the good, Devin Hester way.

With Orton, it's different. We've seen his floor - namely when he was a Rookie QB coming into a tough situation and rising to the challenge. We have yet to see his ceiling mainly due to his lack of playing time. We've seen glimpses and I've seen him improve with every game under his belt. I would love to see more. If he's not our QB of the future, we'll know by the end of the season, but damn have I seen some very good signs that he could be.

I think Chicago fans are just too damn QB-retarded to appreciate good QB play. Mainly because we haven't seen a good QB in our lifetime. We saw Favre destroy us nearly every season and we pined for a "gunslinger", chucking the ball all over the field and setting big-time records. But for every great Favre play comes a stupid mistake. Hence, some (looking at you "Anonymous") are brain-washed to believe Rex Grossman is or could be great. I'd rather take my chances with a "boring" guy like Orton who plays it smart and picks his spots. Besides, can we base his entire career to this point on the games he started as a rookie and the few games he's played when Chicago sucked? (... and yet he still won.)

It will be Rex, he will be the starter, I don't buy Lovie and all his BS.

Kevin I think you are missing a couple of things with Beekman. First off Lovie has said St. Clair is first in line for the opening at OG followed by Metcalf. I know you like Beekman but just cause you want the line to get younger does not mean you put a guy on the field who has never even practiced with the first team or dressed for a game. Tell me what you have seen of him that tells you he is an NFL OG, he has never played a down in the NFL dude. Also do you really want to put two Rookies on the left side who have never played in the NFL? They would get there lunch handed to them, last year Thomas in CLE had all kinds of help all season long. Beekman will not be able to help Williams he has to survive himself, that would also put Olin in the hole as he would have a rookie on his left and Garza on his right. Also Beekman has been getting groomed as a center, he is a little to small for OG and the Bears want a big power O, not an undersized speed Zone unit.

For all thoughs Chester Adams fans my guess is he will be a practice squad guy and that is what he was drafted for. If the Bears actually liked him they would not have waited so long to take him. Angelo is a homer and will stick with Metcalf who he drafted and Garza and St. Clair who he brought in. The only thing he wants to do is make himself look good.

My guess for the Starting Offense is Grossman, Williams, Tait, Olin, St. Clair, Garza, Bradley, Booker, Benson, Clark and Davis.

Until Olsen can learn to Block he will be the number 2 TE. He also needs to learn the playbook as that has been the biggest knock against him.

Bennett will see a little time, but is more of a wait till next year guy. He needs to learn the offense and get used to the speed.

Forte will share time with Benson and be the third down back but will not be the actual starter, at least until Benson gets hurt again.

some of the best news to come out of chicago in a long time. i hope orton will finally get a fair shot and by fair shot i hope the coaching staff clearly favors him.

I know their are a couple of schools of thought on what to do with rookies, do you play them or do you let them sit. josh beekman didn't have too many negatives coming out of college. here is what one scouting report said about him.

POSITIVES: Explosive, thick-bodied blocker who plays with a nasty attitude. Quick off the snap, gets his hands into defenders and fights hard throughout the action. Built low to the ground and plays with natural leverage. Solid position blocker who controls opponent.

NEGATIVES: Not dominant in the middle of the field, and must learn to finish blocks. Does not play with great balance.

i'm with kevin on this. i would like to see the bears get younger on the offense line. it's always a lot more exciting as a fan to watch a guy get drafted and stay with the team. i think guys are free agents for a reason. either they are over the hill, me guys, greedy or they have other kind of problem. if they were the real deal than their original team would have kept them.

i think a williams, beekman, krutez, garza, tait line will be effective. rookie left tackles can be productive their rookie year, marcus mcneil and tony ugoh come to mind. beekman had a year to get acclimated, i think krutez will have an even bigger chip on his shoulder this year and tait will be playing in his natural position, all positives things. i don't have a lot of confidence in garza so who knows

Creighton- St. Claire is not a guard and won't be utilized as one. I don't believe Davis will be starting over Hester or possibly Lloyd/Bennett. Besides, the Bears normal set is with only two WRs. Try having McKie or Olsen out there instead.

Creighton, I've read a few times where you say that St. Clair will be playing guard. That simply is not true. It's been said a few times already that the open guard position will be between Metcalf and Beekman. St. Clair is considered a swing tackle and will remain in that position. Not hacking on you bro, just letting you know.

I'm pretty sure that once that O-line gets shored up, everything will fall into place. And if we get good playcalling for Turner, then we could go places.

Orton will probably earn the job during the preseason. Interior pressure, do to inadequate blocking, will exploit Grossman's greatest weakness...throwing OVER the pass rush. Orton has the size, stature and presence to perform better under this type of pressure.

Beekman? Metcalf? Garza? Kreutz? These players are average, at best, as individuals and combine to form a "unit" that will fail against NFL competition in 2008. The strength of the D-lines in the NFC North alone will overwhelm and degrade the interior line as the season progresses. St.Clair may be described as the "swing tackle", but he performed better at LG than any other guard on the roster in '07.

YOUTH is a fantastic attribute for any potential lineman, but TALENT is far more beneficial. I'm not sure if Beekman or Metcalf possess the desired talent to succeed.

The running game will again struggle, but it will not be the fault of our running backs.

Tait provides the biggest boost as a pass protecting right tackle, if his age doesn't catch up to him. I would be extremely happy if Williams performs as will as the 'O7 LT Tait. Even if he becomes an instant pro bowler, there doesn’t appear to be enough power, quickness or agility to enable this line to be anything more than confused, frustrated and dysfunctional.

Pretty close JA jr. All of these O line names that are being bandied about were with the team last year when we had a lousy O LINE.They dropped a guard and tackle that played with 1 arm strapped down and are now replacing them with ? who? Oh the 2 guys who couldnt beat them out. Is that where the expresion "addition by subtraction " comes from? If the new guy plays left tackle and does a credible job (not too many false starts or missed blocks)what about the other 5 guys? and yes I'm including the tight end.(can't go down for a pass-have to block someone)

We better hope Beekman has some game. Or one of the rooks. I'm mildly surprised Metcalf is still on the roster. I mean, he is a great kid from Mississippi, but I thought he got his chance last year and proved that he couldn't handle the job? They ought to know what they have, this is what?, his 7th year, age 30, and he is 2 years into his second contract. Did I miss a story on him giving some kind of injury or other explanation on why he was so bad? He was getting knocked back so far and fast at Washington that he ran over the quarterback before he could drop back. How about Tyler Reed? They've been carrying him for a couple years. Is he a sleeper?

The NFC North is going to be tough, but it wont be impossible to have a good year (Playoffs?). The Vikes are the only team that you can honestly say is going to be a legitimate threat in the division, other than that the Pack (no Favre), Lions (no real threat on D, offense struggled against our injury plagued D. The Bears are deep at receiver, I like the rookie back Forte b/c he reminds me of a Eddie George type (just Youtube the name). Only question mark I have is the oline, they are key along with the Ron Turner experience . . . just my take.

Actually guys St. Clair does play guard, he's a swing man, he played guard last season. Also I think you all need to look up some news articles cause Lovie has said multiple times the St. Clair is not only in the mix but is probably the starter there. In fact Briggs has posted that hear. God if it wasn't written this week people forget. Now I know the Bears worry about putting him at Guard because they like his ability to play both tackle positions as well but he is there best option at guard. Does anyone know who has been playing with the first team oline this week? I will bet anything Beekman does not start, the Bears don't even talk about him, that leaves Metcalf and St. Clair, Metcalf is brutal and when he got benched last year they used St. Clair in his place and even an injured Brown when St. Clair was filling in for Miller. Beekman has never dressed for a game or played a down in the NFL and people think the Bears are Dumb enough to put two rookies next to eachother as starters. Two guys who have never played at this level and one guy who was not even good enough to dress for a single game last year with a busted up oline that was desperate for help. Yeah guys I must be way off here, I am sure Beekman is in the running as a starter. Mark my words it will be St. CLair. It could be Metcalf but he is so bad, even if he does start I can't see him holding onto the job long. St. Clair is there best option the only reason he wouldn't start there is because the Bears are so damn thin at OT, heck there oline is paper thin. They have one legit LT who is a rookie, they have two 7th round picks this year who are listed as OT but everyone expects them to play guard Adams and Barton, then there is Tait and St. CLair a career back up and swing man, you literaly have only 1 proven starting OT on this team in Tait and he has some injury issues. You have Olin at center who is a proven player, then you have the guard position, Garza who is just bad, Metcalf is a career back up who is real bad, Beekman who was so bad in practice that he never even dressed for a game last year and that is saying a lot if you consider how bad the oline was last year, Reed and Oakley who are practice squad cannon fodder. Thats the Oline this year, I am not sure why people are excited then again most people seem to think all these bad players the Bears have are suddenly going to become All Pro players cause Williams is now on the line. Yeah I am sure he will fix all the problems on that line. I said during the draft and I will say it again, the Bears did not do enough in the draft to help there offensive line. Angelo is hoping someone gets cut from another team and he can grab them just like he did Garza.

People are acting like I have something against Beekman, I don't I have no problem if he starts, all I am saying is I don't think he will and am giving the facts of his NFL history to support why I think this. Same with why I think the oline is still in trouble and why I think they need more help, I also think they are not gonna get it.

Oh and Williams needs to hit the gym, I don't think the guy lifts much, it looks like he works his legs but that upper body of his needs work, he could have some real power if he gets serious in the gym. As it stands he looks soft and has not definition in his arms shoulders and pecks. The guy would explode if he started lifting hard.

Da Church of Da Coach- point taken.

I started posting here before the draft and my 1st post was Anonymous and it just snowballed from there. I'll stop with the whole Orton Nuff said stuff. I was just being ridiculous.

Da Church of Da Coach, you made some really good points. I am with you when you were making the Favre comparison. I am a person who withstands strikeouts on a player since he's such a homerun threat. With that being said, I think that Grossman has finally matured enough to be consistent. It's Grossman's last stand and if he doesn't produce this year he's gone and it's definitely Orton's turn.

I agree w/ you on the QB situation, Creighton. Rex will most likely be named the starter. "Loviespeak," as it's called,is defined as saying one thing but doing another, and ultimately ignoring reality. "No one's a starter," says Lovie. "Everyone has to earn it. By the way, Mike Brown, Ced Benson, Brian Urlacher, Olin Kreutz etc. are our unquestioned starters."

anthony oakley was pretty good in nfl europa but that might be like wining a gold medal in the special olympics, who knows. creighton might be right about st. clair. if beekman and metcalf can't cut it the bears will be forced to go with st. clair. i can see creighton reasoning. metcalf has proven one thing with the bears and that is he sucks. beekman didn't even play at all last year and that has to throw up a few red flags. looking at it that way st. clair will start. i'm just hoping the bears didn't want to throw beekman to the wolves last year and let him get adjusted to the aspect of the pro game before he plays. i guess ultimately if beekman works out then st. clair will be a back up, if not, then st. clair will start. why metcalf is in the equation is beyond me.

I see the wolves are back bagging on the Bears again, most of you read today's post by Briggs and it states that St. Clair is not in the mix for guard on the o-line. Last year Metcalf played hurt and did not perform well, so we will see about him in camp. Creighton, I hope you said the same thing about Olin when he got his first chance to play, he went on to anchot our line and become All-Pro, this would make me feel good about Beekman's chances. I am not a fan of putting two rookies on the same side, and could see Hiestand moving Garza over and putting Beekmen in between Olin and Tait to take away some pressure. The article also said Orton's running first team which I think is great, as I said in earlier posts they signed Rex as insurance they know what he can and can not do, but we only know right know that Orton has improved, which he showed in the last three games last season. We can only hope he gets better and we get some good coaching for once on that side of the ball. No turnovers, throw for an avg of 200 yds a game and run for 125, this has been and will be the formula for success with BEARS offensive football, D is solid, Special teams solid, any improvement on offense means winning season and playoffs.....
P.S. I said it last week and I mean it now...Mike Brown is ready to knock the snot out of somebody, he may even get into a training camp fight this year! He gave up cash to stay a man!

MS Bears fan,

I think you are under-estimating the Packers and over-estimating the Bears, and in the end I suspect reality will be somewhere in between.

The North is still Green Bay's to lose as they had good success running the ball with Grant, as well as letting a talented group of young receivers rack up huge yards after the catch. Rodgers is not Favre but even if he has half the season #4 did last year Green Bay will have a chance to win most games.

Minnesota came very close to making the playoffs last year, and with Favre retiring the gap between the Vikings and Pack will shrink considerably. I think Booty would stabalise the offense more than Jackson but he may not make it on the field but with a healthy AP the running game is in great shape and so is the team.

The Bears will be better this year, they have too much talent not too, but I expect their offense to struggle. Who is going to run, pass, and catch for this team? I would like to see Orton given a real chance, and for Bensen to come down to reality and realise this is his job and as such he needs to take his responsibilities more seriously. The defense is usually solid and if the offense jells they could really surprise some people.

Detroit is what it always is, a group of underachievers. I like their drafting of Smith at RB because he can carry the load, and if Kitna can get enough protection to work the ball to Johnson and Williams enough they will score some points...but still end up on the bottom of the division.

As a Packer's fan I love this division and hope all teams do well, yes, even the Bears. :)

I think the Bears have seen enough of the gator chomp kid,its time to see what kyle can contribute to this team from sept. until further notice. Kyle has contributed to this team enough for a legit start with the support of the coaches and team.

ok guys, i agree with all of you with the whole qb position. grossman has shown what he can do to the max of his potential. but he is no where near consistent. orton has shown glimpses of wat he can do, but im uncertain about him being a starter. not because of his faults, but bcuz of his lack of playing time. so please coaches, let us c wat he can do.

with the rb spot, benson is not wat the coaches thought he would be when he was drafted with the 4th overal selection in 05. i dont think benson deserves to be given the spot during the offseason. he should have to earn it. he did much better behind jones, averaging 4.1 yards a carry. but he obviously cant carry the payload. he needs to be a third down back, if that. he is to lazy, and he doesnt know how to stay out of trouble. being that he had his 3rd run in with the law last month. forte or peterson should start the season. even though forte hasnt proen himself, i think he will. peterson has shown us wat he can do, it wasnt impressive, but he has a ton of heart... something benson doesnt have.

Chitownbear actually I did read it and that is why I made the comment about this week. That said what Lovie said was that St. Clair is not in the mix right now, even though he has played inside in the past. So he is leaving it open still and two week ago he said he was the possible starter and not to leave him out of the mix. The Bears are thin at oline and if you read what I wrote that is the only reason why St. Clair wont play guard, cause he is the only backup OT who has any playing time. As for Metcalf this is his 6th year in the league and he has been a career back up, so has St. Clair, both have had seasons where they start but niether has ever been good enough to hold a position. They brought in Brown to replace Metcalf cause he was god awful as a starter. Last I checked Metcalf has not been injured his whole career so your excuse making for him means little, he couldn't beat out an injured Brown last year who was well past his prime. In fact he has never beaten anyone out for the job, there is a reason Metcalf spends so much time on the bench and that is because he is bad. Also no one really knows if he was ijured or if Lovie is just making excuses because the bears never posted a report last year that he was hurt and there is no existing report that he was ever hurt. If he was hurt and Brown was hurt why was Beekman not even dressed for a single game? As for Garza, do you really think moving him will help, he can't pass block and is not a very good run blocker either this is because he sucks and even he is better then Metcalf. Also your counting on Beekman and making claims about the guy that are unfounded, he has never played a lick in the NFL so what makes you think he is good? News flash for you, the OG situation on the Bears is real Bad, in fact the whole Oline is thin and was not addressed properly in the draft. Nobody is being a wolf just a lot of people are not stupid and can look at the team and go aok there are holes and where they not addressed in the draft. There were plenty of guards on the board while the Bears addressed nothing but defense through the middle of the draft. Did the Bears really need Zach Bowman with Carl Nicks still on the board, or how about the fourth round trading down twice with Murphy and Collins on the board or the Harrison pick in the third round, yeah just what the Bears need another DT with injury issues and character issues that was like a 2 for 1 for Angelo, why would we want a guy like Cousins or Mcglynn but no the oline doesn't need help we drafted one whole guy in the first 6 rounds to address that problem. Yeah it's my fault the oline is bad I am a wolf they brought in 1 whole guy who is a rookie to fix the problem that is an aging beaten up line that was one of the worst in the NFL last year. All the Bear players are secretly great it's just when it's game time they all play bad, like Rex, Metcalf, Benson, Garza, Tait, Peterson, Wolfe, most of the safties or they are injured repeatedly like Harris, Dusty, Brown, Bradley and Booker. Maybe you can tell me why the Bears have 15 DB's, and 4 FB's on the roster but only a hand full of OG and OT. Did I miss something or was oline a priority this off season? I guess it was actually ok and the Bears only needed one player. I am really sure all these practice squad guys they have picked up will make the team and all be starter calibur players them and Mike Hass. If the Bears where that lucky they should get out of football and all by lottery tickets cause there all winners.

the packers are still formidable but without favre the team will suffer. bret farve made receiver plain and simple. did javon walker, antonio freeman, or robert freguson amount to anything after they left farve? aaron rogers has taken about 115 snaps, the equivalent of about 3 games, and has been injured 3 times. if rogers goes down, which is likely, they'll have two rookies to choose from brian brohm and matt flynn, that'll be a disaster. they have a good defense but woodson and harris are getting up there. pegleg plaxico burned them in the playoffs.

i have serious doubt about adrian peterson of the vikings. he's never played an entire season without being injured, college or pros. his production took a drop after his injury against the packers. does anybody remember his the game against the 49ers 14 carries and 3 yards. i seriously don't think he'll make it out of week one. they play the packers and the packers have already proven that if you hit his knees enough he's done. without adrian peterson the vikings will be their same sorry selves.

detriot barley deserves mention. the lions only won games last year because of mike martz. his gun it out offense needed to put up 40 a game to have any chance of winning because the defense was so bad. they traded one of their best players in shawn rogers, they definitely didn't get better there. the new grind it out philosophy will be a total failure because the defense can't hold anybody. i like kevin smith but if he continues to run upright he'll end up like the former titans rb chris brown, who flashed at times but ended up being injured all the time.

even with all that said the bears might not win the north. we all know the problems they have but i don't think it's a clear cut race between the packers and the vikings. both of those teams are an injury away from obscurity, like most teams, but history isn't on their side. well the lions just suck plain and simple.

Creighton buddy, your doing that selective reading thing we talked about again. Creighton, please scroll up on your screen and read the post by Biggs very carefully. It say's, and I quote,"Coach Lovie Smith announced on the team's Web site that Terrence Metcalf is in the running for the starting job at left guard with JOSH BEEKMAN. He explained John St. Clair, who started the final three games there last season, was viewed as a TACKLE." Creighton, what are you not getting here? There it is plain as day, and you still think St. Clair is in the running for left guard? You probably read a post a few months ago that in Biggs or some other writer's opinion, St. Clair may be up for the left guard position. In Biggs defense, he wrote this before Lovie has made anything official, now as you can see Lovie has. The only way I see St.Clair as the starting guard is if Metcalf and Beekman completely fall on their face, which I don't see happening. Creighton, you keep saying Beekman won't be legit till he gets some playing time, how else is he going to do this, by staying on the sideline? Also, there is no way the Bears can lose St. Clair as a swing tackle, when Tait and Williams are the only other tackles on the roster right now that will probably make the final 53 man cut. This is why LOVIE said," St. Clair is a tackle" not a guard. Creighton, its also extremely unfair to say,"Beekman who was so bad in practice that he never even dressed for a game last year." Creighton, how do you know this? Have you never heard of player development? Do you think a guy should come straight out of college and be NFL ready? Come on guy, your better than that. All I'm saying is lets put Beekman in at guard and see what he has got. What have the Bears to lose, I refuse to believe he will be any worse than Metcalf or a one armed Brown. Also Creighton, you say Angelo is a homer and will play St. Clair or Metcalf because he drafted Metcalf and brought in St. Clair, this makes no sense as an argument either, last time I checked, Angelo also drafted Beekman. One more thing, Chris Snee, Brian Waters, Kynan Forney, and our own Roberto Garza, what do they all have in common? Their all around the same size as Josh Beekman and are legit starting NFL guards, so there goes your Beekman is to small for guard theory. Creighton, all I'm trying to say is lets get some young linemen that have a future with the Bears and will be around for awhile, like Beekman and Williams in the lineup and start developing that line, this is the only way the Bears are going to improve. You might think its dumb to play Beekman and Williams, but you don't know how Beekman really looks in practice, you don't see what the coaching staff sees. All I know is what I read on the Bears web site, it said that Beekman did not play but has done some good things for us, I take this as Beekman has looked good in practice for the Bears. Oh yeah, Lovie said that. The only way Beekmn and Williams are going to develope is by playing and there is nothing dumb about that GO BEARS!!

All of these arguements and naysayers, and why is a Packer fan more sensible then the so-called Bear fans? The OL drafted are in the mix and you will find Gaines Adams will be a surprize. So you whiners keep on whining I will let the coaches do what they do and let it unfold before I make my comments. Most OL's are not early choices anyway and most of the good ones come from unusual places so chill out you will have plenty of time to be pissed later enjoy some of the off season maybe take in a baseball game before it goes south and by then it will be pre-season.

One thing that we might have forgotten, Turner's offensive schemes are predictable. I think some more trick plays aside from play action should be implimented. Today's NFL defenses are very good at reading basic offensive schemes. My point is that most of last year, the bears couldn't establish the run, yet kept trying play action passes. The defense has problems against the run due to running cover-2 a tad too much. Perhaps the old 46 normal defense will be utilized to stop the run and create more pressure by the linebackers and ends on the opposing QB's. It is only logical that cover-2 would be more effective against pass-heavy teams or on 3rd down when a team has to pass. I think Orton should be allowed to start. He had performed well his rookie year and led the team to the playoffs in 2005. Which when Rex returned he choked again. Then the next year he choked in the super-bowl. Orton has better size and field view along with the ability to make better decisions under pressure. Who cares about the flashy stuff. The game is played ten yards at a time. Please get back to playing bear football. Hooray for Forte because Benson is garbage.

Creighton, knows i'm always getting on him but this time he is pretty much on the money. I'm not going to lie I'm a big Rex fan but I still would like to see competition. I love what Lovie is doing he's knows the media wants to know badly who the starting quarterback will be and so he plays his cards close like he always does. My perdiction Rex will be the quarterback. There only starting Orton off with first team reps so no one can deny he was given a chance. Obviously, you want to bring the hunger out of Rex so why wouldn't you put him second on the depth chart you saw what he did last year when he came off the bench. Anyone on this board who believes Orton is a good qb you need to just retire from watching football. This guy had more time on the bench to learn then Rex and I don't think he's thrown for 200 yds in a game and you delusional fans would like to see him back there. This is what kill me about these delusional bear fans who are big Rex haters. I'll tell you go on youtube and checkout my man roy from sportsfansnetwork. and listen to someone that's not bias like myself. Because in my opinion Orton sucks that's exactly why this organization is allowing his whinning btt which reminds me of you cry babies to get some reps so he can never downplay truthfully the reason he lost to Rex. Now to the guard position no one knows whose going to be the guard. If metcalf and beekman can't handle it then st. clair will be right in there. You haters are unbelievable you need to retire back to your trailors.

people are so quick to talk how Orton lead the team to the playoffs in 2005 in what world on how many pass yards or even better how many pass completions. that's part of the reason this line became old because the 2005 season drained our oline with all that damn run block they had to do because Orton sucked. Even Rex's first game he had a better showing then Orton. What kills me is when you guys cry how Rex never got us to the SB it was D lol hypocrites. but are quick to say Orton got us to the playoffs. when Orton stats were no where near what Rex accomplished in his first full season. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but some of you are just dumb and can't see the obvious. No wonder many of you have other people telling you what to do because you have no brain of your own. Especially when you think they way you do. The more I hear comments I realize you guys are not educated and have no clue about numbers and progression. We've seen some very good things from Rex with mediocre Wrs. we also seen the worst of Rex with those same mediocre Wrs. I'd like to see Rex with some Wrs like T.O and Moss this guy would be deadly no instead we had Berrian and Moose. Let's not forget Bradley was the starter and the only reason Berrian played because Bradley couldn't stay healthy. This is why Rex had lobbied for Bradley in the middle of the season because he knows just the coaching staff does that Bradleys number are better per catch then Berrian.

Well, Creighton, I finally got around to reading your response, you missed something in mine in regards to Metcalf, I agree he has done nothing to this point to give anyone confidence, the story about his broken hand came out just recently, all I was saying is now he has to prove himself in camp or he's gone, simple as that. My point on Beekman was that Olin also did not play in his first year, and look what happend to him. As for o-line priority Angelo brought in several guys, even some big A$$ FA's to go to battle this summer, against one of the better d-lines in the league, we should find someone from this battle to play from the mix of Big Cheese, Barton, Balough, Beekman, Oakley, and the other boy they signed from BC......I'll see you later for most posts and opinions my counter punching with you!

"...but some of you are just dumb and can't see the obvious."

This is coming from YOU Jerseyboy!!!???? I think my head is about to explode! You are the clown who wanted the Bears to trade Urlacher b/c he didn't have any sacks in 2006. I guess you "can't see the obvious" which is in the Tampa Cover 2, the LBs are mostly dropping back in coverage.

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