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New look Benson feels faster

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The idea promoted in some corners that Cedric Benson was woefully behind in rehabilitating his broken left leg/ankle was off. Considerably.

If running around in shorts and a helmet counts for much, and we know it doesn’t, Benson looked pretty good Wednesday in the Bears’ practice at Halas Hall.

In fact, if Benson had not been wearing his No. 32 jersey, you might not have recognized him.

“I’ve lost about 10 pounds,’’ he said. ``Alternating my diet a little bit, and I feel great. That stuff really works.”

Some complained Benson was out of shape last season, something he always refuted, but he looks to be a new man and was in good spirits following the two-hour practice.

“I feel faster, stronger, clearer, healthier,’’ he said. “I feel great.”

As for if it is a make or break summer and season for the fourth pick of the 2005 draft?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I haven’t really thought about that. But if it is, come on, make or break, I’m sure I’m going to make it happen.”

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Let me know when he runs a 4.45 40, he thinks he feels faster?? Great, is he or isn't he?? Every year they say Benson looks good and every year he stinks. I'll believe it when I see it.

HAPPY THOUGHTS CREIGHTON. Smoke a doobie or something man. My God, I have yet read something you posted that has had a possitive outlook for this year.
Get over things dude. Angelo is the GM, Lovie is the Coach, and Cris Williams was the 14th pick of the draft not Mendenhal. Thats just the facts cant you deal with it and TRY to look on the bright side.

I will sum it up once again, you Creighton are not a class act fan!!! Seems that your only happy when something Angelo or Lovie does wrong so you can throw it in our face.:(

Talk is cheap. Cedric's always talked himself up.

I will gladly admit I was wrong when he has:

1. Had 3 - even 2 - very solid games in a row
2. Shows an ability to break tackles
3. Quits falling down as soon as hit and keeps legs and arms churning
4. Delivers a shot for an extra yard along the sideline and doesn't jog out of bounds untouched.
5. Doesn't stand on the sideline and in locker room isolated from teamates

But I wouldn't bet the packer hat my obnoxious in law gave me on it.

Benson weight was a hidden problem last year that no one knew about. Lovie wanted him at 235 to withstand the punding of a feature back, but he was toooo heavy. At 220, he will remind others what he looked like during his early years at texas. This is good for the Bears, a 1-2 punch. Now Bradley going down is a blip and he better be ready for camp because he has the potential to be a #1. Once C williams establishes the left side of the line, then we'll be straight.

This is his last season to prove something, I'm afraid.

Forte might be starting by mid-season.

Please Brando the only thing you know about class involves the classes you attend for DUI's. Moron the only reason I through it your face is you don't get the fact that they suck as once stated Angelo is the best GM in sports and Lovie is the best coach ever. Whatever man, just cause I am right more often than you or Angelo and Lovie isn't my fault. There is a differencethan being a blind faith follower and wanting wht is best for the team. You follow blindly and believe everything the Bears spew, everytime they lie you actually believe it and then when you find out the truth you don't show your face for a couple of weeks and pretend you didn't say anything. Sorry to break it to you but while you choose to indulge the Bears bad choices on a regular basis, I choose to point them out. According to you they have never made a bad choice in there history. I would rather point out there mistakes in the hope that they fix the problem you actually don't believe there is ever a problem. Oh and keep smoking up, drugs do wonders for a persons life, at least I know why you have so many dead brain cells. Brando the classy dope smoking Bears fan. Your a real winner there pal.

Q what are you talking about, people were asking Benson about his weight last year all year long. Lovie and Benson both said that Lovie asked him to gain the weight because they wanted Benson to be more of a power back. Everyone new he was over weight last year, he looked horrible, even if you look at him now and look at picks of him in college he isn't even close to being in the shape he once was. Also nobody goes through multiple leg surgeries and gets faster, absolutly no one.

I have not been a Benson Fan since the Draft! But if he is in as good a shape as everyone say's.If he is ready to finally grind it out & play like he is supposed to play,then Fine! Let Benson back Matt Forte for a Tough 1-2 Punch! with Wolfe as our 3rd down,change of pace back.Adrian Peterson can go back to special teams full time,where he flourishes! But if Benson screws around,& doesnt want to play Football,then we need to cut him.We can draft another young guy next year to back Forte,who will have a year under his belt by then.I am a Die hard fan of the TEAM 1st.Whatever helps the team is OK with me! JUST WIN BABY! GO BEARS!! GOOD LUCK IN 2008!!

Let Thy Actions Speak,Not Thy Word's! That is from the Book of NostraBudweiser! Let Thy Humble Presence,Be Thy Might! A Legend in Thy Own Mind! A Fly With No Wing,Cannot Fly! Dont Judge Me,Lest You Be Me! There are Many,Many More All from the same Amazing Book,incredible,isnt it? We will all know soon enough,whether Benson has found Thy Bidding!Either Way,it is about Thy Bears!! Hopefully Benson Has seen the Light! or maybe it was the lights in the rear view mirror,while he was getting pulled over.either way,he better help us big,or he should help us by hitting the road! GO BEARS!!! GOOD LUCK IN 2008!!

I think #1bearsfan has been hanging with Ricky Williams.

Just to clear my name. I DO NOT have a DUI period! Have not went to any DUI classes period. If there is a such in INDIANA heck I dont know. There is Drug and Alcahol classes.
never claimed Angelo as THE BEST GM in sports. He is considered ONE of the top 20 GM in sports. Never and will never claim Lovie Smith as THE BEST coach ever. I have never said anything close to that. Before last year Lovie did have the best record for the Bears for the first 4 years.

Slander can be held in a court of law you know Creighton.

I am Pod Boy. Creighton you are a slandering piece. Being a marine didn't they teach you to be a team player, and not a nonsensible chap. It seems like you like to make stuff up don't you. You are a word twisting negative guy and you aren't a team player. Hoo Rah!

serious questin Creighton if I may ask How old are ya. Im 28.

By drafting Forte, Bears ensured that good Benson production will be a bonus, and not a necessity. Considering Lovie's philosophy of a run-first team, the necessities will be:

1. Chris Williams must be able to get the job done. This way, the whole OL will be better with Tait at RT, and a healthy younger LG. All the lineman look/perform better if the tackles are sound. They also must remain healthy.
- A running team's O-line must be able to play smashmouth football. This means able to run even with 8 in the box, or when the opponent knows it is coming. This happened in 05 a lot, and in 06 a little, and none last season.

2. The defense must stay "relatively" healthy. They are far and away the best defense in the league if all 11 stay healthy.
2004: Not healthy. 5-4 with Urlacher, 0-7 w/o him
2005: yes, sort of: Unquestionably league's best defense until Mike Brown went out before game 13 at PITT. Also the best example of what the scheme can do if all are healthy.
2006: Defense was ranked first in points allowed, yards per game, and turnovers forced when Brown went out in week 6. They were still 2nd when T. Harris went down game 12, and still ended up being 5th.
2007: Heck NO!!!! Terrible health luck. We all know the story about the injuries, but fact was they looked awesome in that SD game!!
- Bottom line, the defense needs to stay healthy. They are top 5 for sure if they stay healthy. If d-line is healthy, then less blockers on 54, and less time the CB's have to cover.

Face it folks. This team can easily leap right back to the playoffs if the above plays out. This defense is simply scary good when healthy. And they are the deepest since Lovie has been coach. And most good running backs look good because of the system in place (see DEN, PITT, INDY, ect.). If the line is good, and the defnse stays healthy, then the Bears can establish their tempo, and run the ball at will.


I hope Benson is taking this year seriously. A true fan would pull for Benson to turn things around. Someone like Crieghton, would hope for Benson to fail, and therefor want the Bears to have a waisted 4th overall pick. How would that help anyone? The best thing for the Bears is for Benson and Forte to be a killer 1-2 punch. There is a difference between rooting blindly for a team, and hoping for good things for your team. Lighten up Crieghton.

I'm with Brando, Mr. Cretin. Everything you post is trash. Your analysis is always negative and I usually pass up reading them. However, your attacks on anyone who disagrees with you have gotten out of hand. This is NOT YOUR site, but all of ours. Go back to Green Bay and shut up that nasty pie hole of yours. Also, learn spelling and English while you are at it.

Now, as for Cedric, I am optimistic that he is finally figuring it out. He mentioned Garret Wolfe today as competition which does show he is still a very dumb man. How did this guy ever get a degree? There never was any competition there as Wolfe is a completley different back. How Ced could have even considered Wolfe as competition last year is ridiculous.
I think Ced's logic was something along the lines that if he waited it out for TJ to leave, then he'd have it made and skate into the starting role at FB with his only competition being AP. Now, JA and the front office gave him notice by drafting Forte. Even Benson is beginning to see that finally, he has to put out or be sent out.
Lastly, once this is all over I pray that the Bears never again draft a Texas running back. Ced and Ricky can go boating on a lake somewhere and have a "peaceful" effect on each other smoking dope and drinking Grey Goose.

PS Cretan. I am a 26 year veteran, so stop trying to fake that you were a Marine. If you were, you were sent out with a BCD and cannot hold a Federal job scumbag. You dishonor us all.

Bears Fan Steve I have not served for this country.
I am wondering what BCD mean?

We should all be looking forward to a competition between Benson and Forte. Hopefully, one of them will turn into the featured back. At the very least they could combine to form a serious tandem that will hurt defenses in our division.

I am worried that when judging their play, however, fans will only look at their rushing average instead of determining who missed the block that led to a tackle-for-loss. I'm concerned that fans will be so focused on comparing the running styles of the 2 backs (which is better?) that they will overlook Kreutz getting manhandled by the nose tackle or Metcalf getting beaten off the snap or Garza failing to push the line on a double team block. Obviously, the “invisible” nature of offensive line play/tactics is most responsible for the popular heat placed on Benson from disgruntled fans.

These blockers will determine the productivity of both backs. As we evaluate the running game, let us not exclude the blockers whose attitude and physical prowess are just as important to this aspect of offensive football.

Bad Conduct Discharge?
no i'm not a marine

creighton v brando

this is exactly why i like checking out this site for bears news. the debates get intense but i think it helps all of us sift through what comes down to us from hallas hall.

with that said even if benson is looking good i'm not sure how his body will hold up. he's been injured a lot and that's never a good sign. if benson checks his ego at the door, he and forte might make a decent combo. it'll be a thunder and thunder combo if it works but thats better than last year. i think benson had a 4.5 40 coming out of texas and forte is 4.45, i think. i don't think either is a home hitter, we all can agree on that.

the best possible thing that can happen is that benson has a good year. it will increase his trading value, with the bears drafting forte, you know benson is probably going to be gone at some point. in the future a forte/wolfe combo could be devastating if ron turner would only expand his playbook, to something more than ten plays, we'd be all right if the bears utilize wolfe like the eagles do with brian westbrook, we'd actually get something from him.

who knows though right? what if benson somehow becomes the back he was touted as being, then we'll all be eating bird.

anybody got a magic eightball?

Bears Fan Steve, my last post I wasnt trying to be a smart tush. I can only support and pray for the troops that defend the U.S.A. !

I can be a smart butt, and can be aggresive towards certain
" negative outlook fans that CAN NOT see ANY possitives !!!!!"

I do see problems on the offensive side. I also see health issues on the defensive side of the ball Creighton. The person that I am is,( yeah I can not denie or lie of being in a hippie world at times)having a possitive out look on life. Well I have been a Bears fan sence 1984. Being 6 years old ( Nov. 6, 1979) Seeing the Bears win the Super Bowl was only something I could bragg about.Then at that age I could'nt understand the buisness side and the teams prospective.I only saw the stats, records and the accomplishments of the HIGH profile individuals.
Creighton at one time I had thought(at the age of 5-13) the way you think. (I can not say maturity had set in at the age of 13 yrs old), I can say the coaches, fans and team mates made me realize that the game of football or any sport, is not about individuals but more about team UNITY!!!


I know I have been tough on you. I have singled you out in alot of Forums. I have made fun of you... of things I have done . I have been humor by some of the Wacked out thing you have predicted for the future.
I DO NOT hate you, As you CLAIMED to be a Chicago Bears Fan!
I once at a young and learnig boy too wanted to bragg and glorify on certain players. Play up and also play down certain players and coaches, (I.E. Dave ahhhh the coach after Ditka) and owners. Now that I have learned after being BULL HEADED, Its not ME that looks good, its the team that makes ME look good!

Be a team Fan Creighton, Indulge in a true Bears fans optimizum.

If you know you can't spell, please use Spell Check. It's hard to take someone seriously when they can't use our language correctly.

I keep seeing people write that the Bears had the Best Defense in the league in 2005 and such. I would like to say that would probably be an incorrect statement. However to say that the Bears had the best Defense in the Conference. That would be much more of an accurate statement.
I mean it is the NFC. It's not like you're playing the Patriots, Colts, Chargers, Jaguars, Steelers, etc. every year.
Now the Ravens. Now that's Defense. Even with a bunch of old fogeys on the team, and no cornerbacks the team ranked 6th in the NFL. They gave up over 3,500 passing yards and still ranked 6th. The Bears were not even in the top 3/4 in Defense in 2007. In 2006 Baltimore was #1 in the NFL. I guess my point is a good Defense will be good even during a terrible season. The Bears Defense is good, but since 1985 they have never been the best.

I saw Benson on CBS. Man, he does not look like the same guy. He looks younger and he looks very happy, smiling and laughing, as well as energetic. (If you've seen it, doesn't he kinda look like Randy Moss???) Benson also looked like a speedster on the running plays they showed.

I know it's the offseason, but I saw some good things; some new things. This may be thought of as overly optimistic by some, but I see Benson as a driving force behind the Bears offense this season; barring injury of course. And here's another prediction: #32 will be one of the best selling jerseys off the Bears. Believe!

Brando/Creighton, can't we all just get along?

I'm with Mike in believing Benson is a changed man. I believe that adversity is a good thing for him. He knows he needs to fight to keep his job and fight the whole arrest thing.

I wasn't very excited when the Bears drafted Forte at first but am starting to warm up to the idea of having Forte, Benson, and Wolfe as a change of pace. There aren't many teams out there without two RBs. Think about it, this is looking more positive each day.

Anything would look fast after last year's debacle. I can't believe Lovie wanted him to gain weight. Sometimes I truly wonder what Lovie is thinking sometimes. A slimmer, quicker CB will only improve his chances of getting through the hole and possibly breaking tackles with improved stamina.

I for one understand where Creighton is coming from however, I choose to express it in a different manner. I am a DIE HARD Chicago Bears fan from California and I usually fly out twice a year for games with all other things permitting. That being said, I understand Creightons frustrations, Benson has been so horribly bad that in SOME peoples eyes including mine he has to earn my respect back. Also,I will say that I do find it encouraging that Ced appears to be in the best shape of his pro career and seems to be faster and more shift than years past but isn't this the same story each year? It seems to me there are always "encouraging" signs from camp about Benson. While I am not quite ready to say he's back to form or will ever be back to whatever that form was I sincerely hope that he at least turns out to be something. It would be ashamed to see him get cut. What a waste of talent. GO BEARS! And regardless of record I'm sure I will be in the stands drinking beers with the rest of you regardless of record. GO BEARS.

Newbert2420 - Good point about the defense, but my point was that we still know what they are when healthy..... DOMINANT.

Last year, all the DT's were hurt or bad. Briggs missed time, Vasher missed a lot of time. Brown got injured really early in the season. Some of this was a product of bad offense time of possession, and most of it was bad luck. The last 3 games last year, and the first two games last year... the defense was relatively healthy, and was very good. They were dominant in the fisrt 3 quarters of the SD game till Dvoracek and Brown went out (and it was clear the offense was going nowhere that game).

This year, I am optomistic b/c they have better DT's than last year (replace Walker, and Adams with rookie Harrison, hopefully healthy Dvoracek, and maybe Toeina (the new guy who cam on strong). So they will be tougher up the middle. Vasher, Briggs, Tillman, and (yikes!!!) Mike Brown will all be healthy when training camp starts. They have addressed the O-line with the pick of Chris Williams. If he can be good (I know I keep harping on this), then the whole O-line is big time better.

Look at the stats in Lovie Smith's tenure:
2004: 5-11, 21st defense yards allowed, and allowed 21 points per game. They had good pressure, but gave up too many big plays. The O-line was bad and it gave up like 66 sacks.
2005: 11-5, 2nd defense overall (but they tanked the last 2 games that year). Almost no big plays given up till Steve Smith torched them in the playoff game. Offense was "iffy", but the O-line was decent and they could run the ball (125 yards per game).
2006: Defense was first overall till Brown got injured, then 2nd till Harris got injured, and finished 5th. Ton of turnovers, and sacks, and not very many big plays given up. The offense was good, and had a nice mix of rush and pass.
2007: 7-9, defense injured most of year to key guys, that led to a lot of big plays, and hence a 27th ranked defense. Their offense was ranked 28th. (How in the heck did they win 7 games?!?!)

Too many injuries to defense in 04 and 07 led to back-ups missing asignments/tackles that led to big plays. The Smith-led cover two has always been good at sacks, 3rd down defense and 3and outs (even last year). It is the big plays that killed us.

So.... Go Bears and may you be blessed with good health and hunger.

Joe Im not a great speller I will admit it. I still have yet to find a spell check on my computer. Where is it. I will use it.
Some words I do in fact spell wrong on perpose. See. Its kinda like my signature.

The Bears are notorious for screwing around with players, and trying to make them into something they are not. Curtis Enis got the same treatment. They wanted him to bulk up, then slim down after his injury. He never got comfortable at a playing weight, whhich added even more stress to his already fragile frame and psyche. Alex Brown was told to bulk up to 280-285 for Jauron, then Lovie comes in and tells him to get back to 260-270. They think they can mold a guy into what they want him to be, instead of taking the guys they have and maximizing their ability. It is one of the many reasons I question our ability to develop young talent. Who is the last young player that the Bears have developed and sent to the Pro Bowl?

>Urlacher is still having the same trouble as he did as a young player, where he doesn't shed blocks well, and at his size (6'4" 265 lbs.), he should be tossing OL aside like blocking dummies.
>Mark Anderson has not learned how to play the run well, and was stonewalled as a pass rusher. Where are the new pass rush moves to set up the OTs?
>Alex Brown is a solid run defender, but his pass rushing has not gotten much better in his time in Chicago. His skills should get him 8-12 sacks a year, but he gets most of his sacks against the Giants.
>Not a single effective OL that we drafted since Olin, and he was already really good when we got him. That is why we had 4 free agent signings starting for us last season.
>Don't even get me started on the list of running backs and QBs.

The great teams in this league develop their younger talent, and groom them to replace aging players or players who depart via free agency. The Bears hope their young players can do the job when called upon, but they do not seem to get the same care, playing time, and coaching that could make them future solid players. When Jerry hits on a late round player, it is high profile, but when he has a talented player who never develops, I think it falls on the coaching staff. It is their job to turn those raw talents into solid football players. When we let a guy go, they don't get gobbled up by other teams. To me, that is the strongest measure of respect for the coaching staff. If we were doing a good job and cutting players who can play, but just couldn't beat the guy in front of them, they would show up somewhere else. But the truth of the matter is they do not.

This staff prides itself on teaching. I am interested to see the results of this teaching, because so far, I have not seen much.

Philbeart, please burn the Packers hat. As for Benson, I would love to see him get the job done this year and lead the team in yardage, touchdowns etc.

The problem I have is, I compare every running back to Walter Payton. I don't see Cedric with the heart to get the job done, he talks a good game but lets face it he has yet to have a good year with the Bears.

There are plenty of great runners that did not always benefit from a stellar offensive line, look at some of the OL lines that Walter played with and he always produced. There are also poor runners that had great offensive lines. I believe Benson is a poor running back with a mediocre O Line. So please lets quit blaming the o line for poor running and the other skills needed to be a good running back.

So far Benson has proved to be a poor running back in all of the areas such as yards per carry, catching the ball out of the backfield, blocking for the QB and not being a team guy. So please Benson have a great year, I hope you do, please prove the naysayers wrong including me.


Things Creighton says:

#10- Metcalf has never started a game before
#9- Angelo has never drafted a pro bowl offensive player
#8- Marty Booker dropped 9 balls last year
#7- Classy dope smoking Bears fan
#6- Metcalf pillow
#5- Brandon Lloyd will be released before the season
#4- Bears will have a 4-12 season
#3- Just cause I am right more often the you or Angelo and Lovie it isnt my fault
#2- I am a 12 year marine vet
#- I have spent 12 years in the cops!

i did notice an odd stat about benson when watching last years games. in most game his 1st 10 carries were solid and he averaged around 4.1 a carry. his follow carries were horrible. i'll use the 1st packers game as an example. on his first 10 carries he had about 42 to 44 yards (i don't remember exactly) but on the following carries he either lost yardage or gained only a few. turner would have him run a pitch sweep or a delayed draw, both of which benson sucks at. the bears clearly couldn't execute those plays all year long, but turner was persistent in running them. i remember one draw from that game were fred miller just stood there and let benson take a 4 yard loss.
benson has to take some of the blame for his poor performance last year but the o-line and ron turner should share a lot of the blame too. i think Joe Felicelli hit the nail on the head, the bears often try to fit players into their mold rather than allowing them to play to their strengths.

i will give angelo and lovie some credit, they seem to learn from their mistakes. does anyone remember the 01 draft, all of them were basically busts. 02 just alex brown and adrian peterson. so out of 15 picks only two worked out. angelo is a least better drafting non first round picks. his first two drafts 03 and 04 the bears got 7 (or eight if you really want to count tank) that worked out, out of 19. i just hope ron turner will take a nod from ja and look at the players and choose plays that fit them. so he might have to actually call more than 10 plays.

even with that said i get sick of waiting for things to out work

Hey Brag Benson ran a 4.39 at the yet I yet to see it on the field....

Brando and and Creighton should be the next Gm and Coach or Vice Versa for the Mighty Chicago Bears!!!!!!!!!!!

Im flattered that you said that Anonymous. Lets come to reality i would be overwelmed and probably not last more then 6 games as a Gm. You know though, Creighton might be the Bears most dynamic GM in their history. He seems to have a special crystal ball that predicts the future. It AMAZING maaahn. I want one. It does have a flaw though it seems not to predict a NBA or a NFL draft very well. So maybe I can get one for 50% off.

maybe i'm reading too much into this but check this out

"Benson said: “He’d have to explain to me how I put myself in a situation to be a victim. I was enjoying myself, enjoying my offseason.”"

benson's response to angelo

i probably wouldn't notice this at all but benson has a history of not being a team guy, even at texas. i just hope this isn't a sign that things will be benson as usual.

if benson and forte play equally i'll have to give the edge to forte, at least he knows what to say in public. i think benson should meet my 6th grade teacher "boy where's your home training, you aint got no common sense"

Ryan, your assessments and observations were factual and best. Too many times guys throw out stats and think that that's all that matters. There have been times where we were leading in defensive stats for 13/14 weeks and then we rest guys or play prevent with a lead and let it go in the end. We're not a stat-happy team. We care about the results. Even when the seasons are an obvious wash we keep trying to win because that's what teams are supposed to do. We have guys wishing we can tank the rest of the season so we can get a better first round pick knowing full well that some fans would like to string up the whole front office for losing big. Or even bigger. You can't please everyone and they have to know that those some guys you couldn't please winning, you couldn't please them losing as well. Benson coming in heavier last year might have consisted of heavy weight and not solid weight. It happens. But the guys who hate him now were the same ones who hated Jones so that really shouldn't matter. Now that Jones is gone they talk him up and then bring him back down with what he's done in New York. I wish we had 1100 yards from a back last year. New York knew that they didn't have enough for Jones and went out and got the best linemen who was on the market and hired a former head coach to just work on the running game. They didn't get rid of Jones because he didn't rush for 1300 yards again. They were smart enough to know that he wasn't the problem. That's what's wrong with some of these fans; in between shifts at Mickey Ds they are talking big on these blogs like they have all the answers. No,you know when the fries are done. And you know which picture is a Big Mac and which is a double cheeseburger. And lucky for you that the coins come out the side of the register so now you only have to count dollars. When guys are talking all that smack, I think about a line from a Clint Eastwood movie where the character said that "a man has to know his limitations". True with Chicagoans, no doubt. This is the town where everyone can be mayor better than the mayor. Be coach/manager/ GM better than the the coach/manager/GM. Better B-ball player at 5'6" 220 than a guy who is 6'5" 200 and also better at being a QB/ Running back with those same measurements. If you suck in your gut to put your pants on the MVP days are over. We have a lot of never-weres who get to be somebodies on a sports blog. I know we are just sharing our opinions and thoughts on our favorite football team but some of us go too far when we call each other idiots and such just because a person didn't share the same opinion. Your assessments aren't better than mine and mine aren't better than your in the scheme of things and in each other's eyes. So let's not poke each other's eyes out. You can have fun but calling out someone's name shouldn't be part of that fun. Remember, I never called anyone in particular a Mickey D guy so whoever was offended must have resembled those remarks. That said,GO BEARS!!!

Way to go Brando now Creighton your turn. I myself have been at one time a angry blogger, but truth is all of us have opinions and have different styles. Some are researchers some are rah-rah and some are in the middle of both, but there is one common thread DA BEARS!!! Sometimes I read Creightons reasearch, analysis and anger at management. I also read Brando's points and perspectives as well as his signature poor spelling Joe is matter of factly Joe, I have no idea who anonymous is I think it's Brando' evil alter-ego but at times it has gotten out of hand and personal, it is time to draw the line.Let's just see and be good fans. Now that said you all forgot they signed Robert Lawrence and P.J. Pope was on the practice squad this if it plays out and they REALLY are LOOKING for competion could be interesting Creighton can you find Lawrence's pedigree? To you veteran's I am one also it should never be used in a forum like this to qualify you, but its not a dishonor only poor choice.

Joe, I'm not sure why Benson's remarks to Angelo should be a cause for concern. If anything, they're long overdue! Angelo told him that he[Benson] put himself in a position to be a victim. Ok, if he's heard Benson's side of it, then having a boat party w/ your mom and friends is a big NO-NO??? Unless he flat out doesn't believe Benson.

Anyway, no one really knows what happened, but that comment by JA was awfully retarded. I'm glad Benson stood up to it.

Come on! Some of you guys need to grow up & pop your Ego's.there are way too many post's here with you guys talking smack to each other.Stick to the Blog subject.Everyone has a right to their opinion! They may be right too.As much as some of you talk,you think you know everything,& can predict the future.Listen no one knows what will happen,till it happens.So you guys need to pop your Ego's! Remember who you are,You are a Fan not a G.M. Everybody who post's here are speculating.But we are mostly all Bear fans!! So remember,we are on the same team! GO BEARS!!!

Will, you said Benson ran a 4.39 at the combine.. What alternate reality was that in? He ran a 4.5...

Hello Fellow Bear Fans: Hey William R. McDonald, I think you need to read & adhere to your own post! YOU are one of the ones that talk like you know everything & you are putting down other posters saying that you are right,and they are wrong.sounds a little hypocritical! I sense a very large EGO from you,when reading your post's,like you are above the rest of us.Let me guess,you are a harvard graduate,right? You dont know anymore than the rest of us,what will happen.So dont talk down to the other poster's! I dont care if you know a football player from being at his house supposedly or not.You have no crystal ball,neither does any other poster here.If someone out there has a crystal ball,can you tell me where to get one,HA,HA,HA! I have been a die hard bears fan for 37 years,& i still cant predict or know what will happen! Everyone here makes good points & has different point of views,even you.that is good,thats what makes it fun.not knowing,and anticipating what could happen.New faces new possibilities.I like to read all the post's from the Fans.Us Bear fans need to stick together & support our Bears! You shouldnt be talking smack or putting down a fellow Bear fan! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. GOD BLESS! GO BEARS! GOOD LUCK IN 2008!

Come on guys, so what if some people on here fight and attack each other? We're not here to discuss the plot intricacies of an opera by Gioacchino Rossini from the 19th century, we're football fans!!! We're all about bone-crunching hits, teeth-rattling tackles and ultimately beating the living tar out of the other team/guy! Yeah!

The Brando/Creighton conflict is like watching two bums go at it. You know that neither of them is playing w/ a full deck of cards, and you feel kinda bad, but boy is it entertaining!

Besides the conflicts, would it be the Bears blog without:
-Creighton proclaiming the Bears will for sure go 0-16 when he reads a post that Greg Olsen was spotted at the Walgreens on Clark Street?

-Brando posting something and then the post is backed up by "anonymous," "Rob," or "Pod Boy" who all, by strange coincidence, also spell like third graders and have an undying hate towards Creighton?

-#1Bearsfan ending his post with GOD BLESS!!!/GO BEARS!!!/GO BEARS AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!

-Sir William R. Donald III, in between munching on a watercress sandwich and taking an assignment for the Queen's Royal Airforce, doing his best to make sure that in comparison to his aristocratic lifestyle, we are all employees at McDonalds who will never attain his bourgeois status?

-Kevin Armstead posting something relevant to what Brad published and then answering all who disagree w/ him in a polite manner?

-Jerseyboy making a gerbil look like Shakespeare in comparison to his posts?

-Or me being super observant and charmingly witty?

This blog is what it is by the "characters" who come here. Keep it up and GOD BLESS/GO BEARS!!!!!

O.K. Mike. For one I do not post under anyother name besides myself. I do forget to put my name on post but I will also come to the Forum and tell the fans that it was indeed me that had posted under anonymous.
As far as Rob??????? I dont know him.

PodBoy that is my friend that comes over here and enjoys reading and learning about football. In his defense he watched the Bears for 2 years. Im sure he will be here today. Mike he will show you hands down that dude can spell anything you throw at him. He his a very inteligent person and has always been in the excell classes. So Question his iteligence again I dare ya lol.

Im thinking your the Mike that backs up Benson all the time. Thats cool dude. Lets hope he has a good year. Dude your nonsenceable rambling ons have been repeated like a broken record.
I dont know if you forget what you post and dont go back and see but with that said Mike I wouldnt call you witty. I would call you a HALF WIT!!!

WBBM reports that Benson was in court today for a speeding ticket he received in April for going 32 mph over the limit on Edens at around 3am.

O.K. Mike. For one I do not post under anyother name besides myself. I do forget to put my name on post but I will also come to the Forum and tell the fans that it was indeed me that had posted under anonymous.
As far as Rob??????? I dont know him.

PodBoy that is my friend that comes over here and enjoys reading and learning about football. In his defense he watched the Bears for 2 years. Im sure he will be here today. Mike he will show you hands down that dude can spell anything you throw at him. He his a very inteligent person and has always been in the excell classes. So Question his iteligence again I dare ya lol.

Im thinking your the Mike that backs up Benson all the time. Thats cool dude. Lets hope he has a good year. Dude your nonsenceable rambling ons have been repeated like a broken record.
I dont know if you forget what you post and dont go back and see but with that said Mike I wouldnt call you witty. I would call you a HALF WIT!!!

Ohhh yeah people can make fun of my spelling all day long...... But it is pretty sad that some certain people can poke fun of me about my spelling and thats it. Makes me think that is all you can muster up because I do have some logical reason.

Hardy-har. What is a watercress sandwich? You know better than me. If you're not a Mickey D employee why would you answer? High and mighty? It doesn't take much to rise above the idiotic ramblings that some of you guys exhibit. I never once predicted anything. I never once said who was a bust. I never once said who they should pick first or who they should trade. I don't address if a guy's arm is too short or none of that. I don't act like I'm better than anyone else. You have fools here puffing out their chest calling each other stupid because they disagree. I don't know how to do anyone's job in the front office of the BEARS. I don't act like I do. If you read my posts they are of the common sense variety. And i didn't have to brag about a football player's house who isn't a superstar. Only a liar will bring up a superstar to elevate himself. And if you want to hate on someone who graduated high school like yourself then by all means do that. They only time I've set foot on a college campus was to pick up a girlfriend. High School Grad, baby. So if I can spell or enunciate after graduating from Percy Julian High School 1982 from the south side don't hate. And for your information I work for the cable company as a quality control tech. Only someone with EGO would've told you other wise.

Oh and #1bearsfan where did I insult anyone in general? Whose name did I bring up? I didn't insult any person but the ones who resembled that fact. Did Brando respond? No because he didn't think I was talking about him. Did djssr respond? No because he didn't think I was talking about him. Did Joe Filicelli , Kevin Armstead , prophet or anyone other than Mike who loves to call people names respond? They know it was a good natured jab. And a jab not directed at them I might add. Dude I'm 5'10 250 and won't even insult the word muscle by including myself in it's jurisdiction. Husky is more like it. If I didn't tell anyone by name that they were all those things then they should never have been insulted. If I walk into a crowded room and yell "stupid shut up" to no one in particular what does it say about the one who says " who are you calling stupid"? And that's exactly what I did with my post at 1:08a.m. on May 23rd. That mirror must've been screaming at you.

Well said WRD. I AM A FAN from way back and I love the game. I have moved from my beloved Chicago to help a family member but I still watch Chicago teams without fail. There was a time when I was swept up in the blog wars. But I stopped and that was the mature thing to do. This draft was a volite subject for the blog pundits and I had my ideas too. But as a true fan I am going to back the players who survive the training camp and enjoy the sport I love. This time should be used to decide the future of our country a much more important subject than a sport. How many of you battling bloggers taking the same approach in knowing the candidates and helping in the process? Put this thing in prospective and prioritize, I pray you all use the same do diligence this November. In comparison to the big picture the egos and squabbles are pretty minor, don't you think?

Since everyone is busting everyone out, I wanna join in on the fun and give my two cents.

There are two kind of Bear fans right now, Orton backers and Grossman backers. I think some of you guy's are being way to one sided when sticking up for your particular QB. I admit, I've joined in on the fun and stuck up for my QB, Im an Orton backer, but some of you guy's are so one sided I really think if the Bears go with the opposite QB that you want, some of you guy's seem like you will not even watch the Bears anymore. Also, some of you guy's get nasty with other bloggers when they have a different opinion on who the QB should be, and that's all good. But I've also noticed, some of you guy's run down the opposite QB, you do realize you might be running down this seasons starter right? You do realize that particular QB might come on and be the Bears franchise QB right? I'd hate to be the fan that cut him down all off-season. You would look pretty hypocritical when screaming YES when this QB throws a td. Like I said, I'm an Orton backer, but every time I post something to defend Orton, or about Orton, I always say I'll still go with Grossman if he wins the job, and I have never run Grossman down either, heck I own a Grossman jersey thank you very much. In fact, I'd be just as excited if Rex got the job. Think about it, if Rex comes on and repeats his 2006 season and has 3000 plus yds, and 20 plus tds, he will be the first Bear QB in I don't know how long that the Bears drafted to accomplish this feat twice. I think that would be kind of cool. The only issue I've ever had with Grossman is his durability, but I don't cut him down about it either. So I say GO GROSSMAN!! GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!

Kevin you are so sensitive (LOL). In my opinion Orton should not have lost the job in 05. Then in camp 06 should have been open competition. They have consistantly taken the pro Grossman route and I believe this is a rouse and they are leaning towards Grossman so that Angelo is right. The fact of the matter both Angelo and Smith should be held accountable if this fails and along with Grossman should be dismissed.

i wouldnt go that far digital jockey chevy ssr

Kevin, you have to stick with what you believe. I'm not talking about backing someone because, who gets complete backing? During 2006 Rex had a few non-backers even when he was setting the world on fire. Those guys were seeing things that the other guys weren't I guess. Maybe those same guys were beating him up because they wanted Orton. Maybe they just like to bash someone. But like they saw things with Rex I see things with Orton. And I don't see him being better than Rex. You guys want to say that his 1st season he hit a wall when I think he was just tapped out. And I don't see being a hypocrite celebrating if a guy I don't particularly like throws a TD. I'm celebrating the team's success. I'm not a Benson backer but I celebrated when he got TDs. Same with Enis. I was more of a Salaam fan and backing him leaves a bit of stale taste for me. His failures along with those other guys are team failures. They refer to them as former BEARS whenever they speak of them so it is the team that they see overall. If a guy I'm not particularly fond of does anything on the field I don't temper being excited. Last year I didn't wait to see if it was Archuleta making a solid play. If it turned out to be him I was just pleasantedly surprised. "bout time" "way to go" or "hell naw" is usually said when a guy like him does something good. I just don't think that you can like everyone on a team. There is a difference in supporting them by being the rah-rah type and venting to make yourself feel better. Not all of us can cheer irregardless of the player. But Orton in 2005 did less to win games for the team. And he was doing less by the end of the season. Hey, that's my opinion. I remember how it was getting ugly. He wasn't managing games,he was laying eggs. will I back him because he got better; how could I not. Roast him if he isn't better; same answer. And I do believe that Rex is their guy. I believe that they have several plans for players but are mixing it up to eventually say that they liked how things went when a particular person was in there. Too many guys made a big deal about Williams not starting OTAs. But that was a little misdirection. How would it have looked to start him? It would look like them handing him the starting position like they've done with all their 1st round picks. Williams is their guy. Along with every guy who has been their top pick.

William R. Donald, sorry if I hit a nerve?? But I still disagree with you about Orton. Like I said before, don't judge Orton solely on his rookie season, I saw a whole different QB when he started them final three contest last season. You know, when Orton led the Bears on their ONLY two game winning streak of the season? In my opinion Orton will come on with some more playing time. Also, when you draft someone in the first round, this should be a STRONG indication to the other players on the team, and at that certain 1st rounders position, that an upgrade was needed. So it should be of no suprise if a 1st rounder is handed a starting position. I have no problem with this. William also, I'm still clueless as to why some of you guy's have these vendetta's against certain BEAR players? I mean don't get me wrong, I will also critique certain players, but as a Bear fan I refuse to be dead sit against this individual player. I say if you support a team, support it's players. GO BEARS!!

djssr, I agree with you on Orton should have been given a chance to compete for the starting job in 2006. But I disagree about Angelo wanting to look good so he is makeing sure Grossman gets the job. For the simple fact, if Orton comes on this will make Angelo look good as well as if Grossman did, because Angelo drafted Orton also. GO BEARS!!

In Orton's first year the coaches dumbed down the offense for Kyle.If anyone remembers Rex in 05 was hurt in the pre season.I do beleive Chad baseball Huch was the 2nd QB to get snaps in the pre season and Kyle was the 3rd QB with very little experense running a first team before the season started. They released Chad signed Jeff Blake and Im having a hard time remembering who the other QB was. So in defense of Orton he was learning on the fly. What the bad thing was he had to learn on the fly in the regular season. Its simple as that. The Bears coaches didnt want to put Orton in a possition for him to win! The relied more on Jones and the defense to do that.

In the last game vs the Saints it seemed that Orton had the full playbook to play with. If anyone saw he was calling audibles (something the coaches told him NOT to do in previous starts). When I seen Orton reading the defense pointing out blitzer BEFORE Kruetz saw them was a HUGE step in the right direction. Nothing against Rex but it was ALWAYS Kruetz that pointed out blitzers, and it looked like Rex had to point just to see if he saw the same as Olin. Kyle has made strides more then just his passing game. He has made the strides to learn what a defense looks like and the probability on what they are planning to do.

Whoever starts at any possition I wish them the best.

Wasnt Rex the 3rd QB with Graig Krenzel being on the practise squad. I cant remember. I do Remember Rex started the last game.

What nerve are you talking about. You must really be a Mr.Rodgers-type if you feel I was arguing. It was a debate again. I feel people get vendettas when a guy keeps stinking and they keep trotting him out there. C'mon, look at Arch: Everyone could see that he was looking bad but they kept sending him out there to have guys run by him like a turnstile. Fans are rarely rah-rah types because we expect guys to be quicker fixes than they used to be. If a guy is mainly a 2 down player we expect him to get it done during those 2 downs like I expect a 3rd down DE to get to the QB. When they don't people take to disliking them.

William R. Donald, I know you weren't arguing with me, I just meant "hit a nerve" because of your long response. Actually, if you go back and read your original response, you start out arguing, but the more you wrote, you actually started to agree with me. GO BEARS!!

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