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Idonije bulks up in a big way for move inside

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Minicamp was preceded by physicals and weigh-ins on Thursday and there are a few changes worth noting:

Defensive lineman Israel Idonije, who is expected to move inside on a more permanent basis, is listed at 297 pounds, up 22 from last year. It’s by far the biggest change on the roster.

Idonije was doing some work at defensive end during OTA’s when the media was allowed in last week as Alex Brown (hamstring) was sidelined. The Bears certainly don’t want anyone playing outside at that size, but the feeling was Idonije could add the weight and remain as quick. It will be interesting to get his take as well as that of special teams coordinator Dave Toub on the change because he’s such a valuable contributor on special teams.

-- Slimmed down running back Cedric Benson is listed at 216 pounds, down four from last year’s list. If he’s 216 now, he wasn’t 220 last year. Rookie second-round pick Matt Forte, advertised as a 222-pound back, is 216.

-- Devin Hester added four pounds to reach 190.

-- Rookie defensive end Ervin Baldwin dropped from 270 to 260 on the updated list.

-- Rookie left tackle Chris Williams is now listed at 312, down from 316.

Practice starts now. Check back afterward for some updates.

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Not sure I like seeing izzy bulking up if it hurts his wedge breaking and ST play( blocking fg's also)

Idonije is one of my favorite Bears. Versatile, hard-working, never gives up...I hope the weight gain doesn't affect him in the speed department. Hope the coaches know what they're doing.

There's a vid on Urlacher at As usual he's treating reporters like vile, bacterial scum that live within the lower intestine. It's pretty funny. Too bad Jay-The-Joke wasn't there b/c he actually deserves that. But at least Urlacher's talking to the media again rather than grunting out monosyllabic replies.

Also Lovie, in reference to Urlacher being at camp, said, "He's a man." Lance Briggs, did you hear that?

I'm from nearby Izzy's hometown in Canada and know some of his family. The dude is a freak of nature. I doubt the 22 lbs will make a difference with his kick block abilities or kickoff wedge busting. The punt coverage would be more of a concern for me if they line him up as a gunner and isolate him with having to track the punt returner.

Suddenly DT is a very deep position again with Izzy, Adams, Harrison, and Toenia (or however you spell it) as backups.

It's time Idonije graduated to the D line on a more permanent basis. I won't worry about replacing him on S.T. because that should be for young hungrier players who are trying to prove their worth. Big guy like him can't make a career out of S.T.s.. Al Harris was another one of those guys who could been great at one thing but they made him a jack of all trades. Jack of all trades usually equal a master of none. And Benson looked like he was closer to 230 last year. Guys who lose a few pounds aren't that big a deal because one work out can tax about 5 lbs off them easy. and gaining can amount to going to Old Country three times in a week. Let's just hope the gainers are muscle. Benson last year was thick in the middle.

Izzy must get bigger, with his hight he looks like a 3-4 DE, he needs 25 more pounds and to be put at DT or are the Bears going to try and play him at DE, which would be a mistake after asking him to put on weight.

Ha Benson was over 230 last year and those were his own words. It should be interesting to see were Benson and Forte end up weight wise. Most guys loose weight during Training Camp, so I wonder if they are planning on putting a little weight on between now and then.

Williams was only 312, had he eatin dinner yet.

Hester has gone and gotten all huge, 4 pounds, wow there goes his speed, tell Tubby he needs a diet all the way up to 190, tell him to give the 4 pounds back to Williams.

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