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Healthy Brown still in picture around here with charity bike ride

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Good news comes for ex-Bear Ruben Brown. The nine-time Pro Bowl guard has his surgically-repaired shoulder checked out this week and was given full clearance. He’s hoping to catch on with a team soon but it’s unlikely he’ll find work here.

That doesn’t mean Brown has cut ties with the community, though. He will hold his third annual Ruben Brown Motorcycle Run here June 7-8. The event benefits the Salvation Army and other local charities designed to benefit children.

Access to the Run as well as a post-run party will be free to people who raise $50 in a pledge drive. There’s a lot of neat information for the event and full details are available here.

If the team's fan convention that weekend is not your thing, and you want a football fix, this is the event.

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Big Reuben, Thanks for strapping it up and laying it on the line the last few years for the BEARS. You are a great example for our community of what a pro-athlete should be about, and I wish you well. Would like to have you back if possible, and if you are not playing then maybe as Asst. o-line coach for the team...May your future be blessed!

Big Rub what a class act. This guy was given a bad name by the Buffalo organization but the Bears looked beyound words and gave him a shot and it worked out for the best. I'll say this we can't expect Ruben to be at our disposal but if he's there I think the Bears should at least bring him to camp. I don't trust metcalf at all. If we are going to play metcalf put him between olin and tait. I rather have Garza line up next to the rookie Williams.

With the inexperience in the O line, Reuben could really fortify the line this year while the rookies develop. JA,if he is really healthy, why not get him on board, the Bears need him this year.

I agree with Chitown Bear, all the best to you Reuben you are an all pro in many ways.

He was a great guy,i will miss him.I felt bad we had to release him.he was only guilty of getting old.Unfortunately none of us can escape that one.The years just seem to fly by.He is a class act though,I was glad to have him here.Good luck to him & his family.GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!!!

I think a solid veteran would be a great help to Williams as he makes his transition to the NFL (and really, he is going to need therapy after facing Freeney opening night), but I don't know that I would bring back Brown. If you make that move, even for a year, that means you have given up on Metcalf, Beekman, and any other non-rookie guards on the roster. Adams gets a pass as a rookie, and a developmental pick at that. This team is in desperate need of a youth movement on the OL, and bringing in a late 30s guard just makes that transition tougher.

I certainly do not have much confidence in Metcalf, who has proven he lacks what it takes to be the guy, but at the same time, whoever our guys are, they need to get some experience. Metcalf, Beekman, Adams, Reed, Garza, Poles, and Oakley have to be able to produce 2 starters and a solid depth chart, or we are in big trouble in 2008. The growth of our OL prospects has been severely hampered by Ruben Brown, Roberto Garza, and Fred Miller over the last few seasons. They were all good enough to keep the jobs they had, but they kept every young player on the roster off the field. Offensive line is a tough position to develop depth. You don't want to threaten continuity by rotating players in and out, but teams manage to do it to some degree. We only do it when injuries happen. So outside of Metcalf, who probably did not get a lot of practice reps with the first team, none of the guys on the roster have any meaningful experience to speak of. So we don't know what any of them can do.

Signing Ruben Brown on the surface makes sense, but this team needs to go deep into the roster and truly understand what players deserve to be on an NFL roster, and whether or not any of them can be the next Mark Bortz, or Tom Thayer, or even Chris Villarial. If I had to lay money on the guard group by the time the season starts, it would look like this (in no particular order):

Garza, Poles, Beekman, Adams, and Metcalf. You add in St. Clair, Tait, Williams, and Kreutz, and there's your 9 OL. Beekman or Garza will back up Kreutz, and your emergency tackle will be either Adams or Metcalf, but only on the right side.

We are not going to be one of the best lines in football this season. Let's just hope we aren't among the worst. We managed to do ok with Noah Jackson, Revie Sorey, and other pretty average guys over the years, so it's time to strap up and get it done for these youngsters.

Joe, points well taken about thje development. I have to disagree however, I believe that Brown playing this year would help to stabalize the rookie tackle on the left side and would give the Bears a better chance to win this year. Otherwise I am afraid the QB's will take a pounding and quite a few sacks, which will produce bad turnovers.

I think Dick Vermeil said it to Larry Johnson once...."time to take the diapers off." What he meant is that they invested money in the kid to see what he could do, and at some point it was time to see it. I feel the same way about the OL. I agree that having a solid veteran alongside Williams will help in his development, but that would be at best a 1 year solution, and then where would he be? Getting used to a new running mate in 2009, and having to re-establish that continuity with a guy who we don't know can play. And we are all working under the assumption that Ruben being cleared by the docs to start playing again means that he can get the strength back in that shoulder, and be playing at full speed by training camp. He was not the same player before the injury in 2007 as he was in 2006, or 2005. The guy gave his soul to the game, and somebody is collecting on the offer. That is why I say a veteran presence is a good thing, but it needs to be someone other than Brown. St. Clair is the best option we have on the roster, but we may get a pleasant surprise if someone like Beekman, Poles, or Adams starts playing well enough to be the guy. I am not saying the ideal thing is to have 2 guys on that side growing together, rather than have a 1 year loan of a veteran to help the rookie out. But if our best option is Williams and a youngster, then that is what we need to go with. Olin, John Tait, and Harry Hiestand are responsible for getting him all the help he needs to transition to the pro game. If they do their jobs, and the kid works hard, he should be ok.

I would love to have Ruben Brown 5 years ago on this line, but he is long past that point. He is a warrior on the field, but he isn't working with the full arsenal of weapons any more.

I understand the diaper thing and I do agree to some extent. I just can't see two rookies starting on the left side of the OL, the QB's will have to be wearing armor to survive. Maybe they could bring Reuben back help him get Williams up to speed then transition the new LG with spot play during the year, so that the new younger left side would be in place and ready for 2009 season?

Sometimes taking off two diapers at one time really stinks up the joint.


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