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Harris not waiting for new deal to perform good deeds

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Tommie Harris is set to do some good in his hometown this weekend.

The Bears defensive tackle will be honored at a dinner Friday in Killeen, Texas, where Sara White, the widow of Hall of Fame defensive end Reggie White, will speak.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday at the Tommie Harris Fitness Center at the city’s family recreation center. Harris will conduct a free youth football clinic.

So, there you have it, some non-police blotter Bears news that comes from off the gridiron.

Harris is one of a handful of players angling for a new contract this offseason. He’s entering the final year of his rookie contract. Adam Schefter at the NFL Network took an early look at the free agency class of 2009 and put Harris right near the top at No. 3. Of course, those things can change when players work out extensions and others are slapped with the franchise tag at the beginning of next offseason. But Schefter came to the conclusion that it’s a talented bunch, much deeper than this year’s class.

Harris’ agent Drew Rosenhaus visited town this spring in efforts to secure an extension, but that didn’t pan out.

The Bears worked all last spring to get cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher signed longterm. Both agreed to deals as training camp approached. Look for that to perhaps happen in the case of some of the Bears seeking new deals, including Harris. Training camp is when the threat of injury rises again, and players want that security before they’re putting their future on the line again.

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Nice to see some positive news for a change. Tommie Harris is a class individual and one heck of a football player. Hope they get the long term deal worked out and Tommie spends his entire career in Chicago.

Tommie harris is a class act! he's a great player & a great person! I wish they would get the deal done though.the bears did offer to make him the highest paid at his position,and he turned it down! then i remembered who his agent was,"rosenhaus".so i really hope this doesnt drag on,with rosenpig being too greedy!we need tommie,& need to get him signed long term.and i think the bears will.we also should re-sign robbie gould to a new deal.GO BEARS!

nfl teams should seriously consider black-listing drew rosenhaus. every year we hear the some sort of crap coming from him. he's awful for the game and is always creating distractions. I know the nfl will never shut him out because the players union would be up in arms if anything like that happened. tommie harris is a great guy and a great player too and rosenhaus' greed is a stain on that. I really hope that the bears sign harris and hester before training camp. i'm not worried about urlacher or gould as much. harris and hester are in their prime, urlacher might have seen better days and as for gould, he's good as gold, but a kicker isn't as important as tommie or devin.

SIGN TOMMIE HARRIS to a max messing around here, the man played on one leg last year and still made all-pro......SIGN TOMMIE HARRIS........

I honestly don't understand what Harris ultimately wants especially if he were offered the highest paycheck in his position. On interviews he stated that he wants to remain a bear, and for once the Bears org is NOT being cheap!!! Mark that in the history books, folks. If this is infact the will and working of his agent then something must be done for his evil reign to end in the NFL. Rosenhaus is too rediculous of an individual to deal with. He possess the personality of a malignant narcicist. I propose that every team in the NFL reject all the players he represents in the future. You don't here such hatred towards other agents. I realy don't understand the point of this mans pathology. He's turning Harris, who certainly appears to be a good-hearted person into a greedy heartless individual, as well as them game into a financial fountain of nonsense. I ultimately hope Harris overcomes the evil Rosenhaus brings to the environment and becomes a long-term bear. Theb ottom line is that I like to compare Rosenhaus to Karl Rove. GO BEARS!!!

maybe harris will fire rosenhaus just like A ROD fired scott Boras, that would be sweet!! but not happening

Harris wants to be the highest paid defensive linmen in the NFL, not the highest paid DT in the NFL. He was already offered the top DT contract and he turned it down. The Bears actually can't afford to make him the highest paid DL in football. Well they could but then other guys are going to make a lot less. If Harris is going to opt for free agency he is playing with fire, given his injury history and the fact that the Bears would franchise tag him in a second and still be paying him less than they offered him. I don't see the Bears budging much on his contract, Harris will probably get nervous and sign after all he knows if he gets hurt this year he is out a lot of money.

The same as Briggs except the franchise tag.
I can see the same scenario playing out and I am betting so can Harris and he will sign before the Bears use the Tag.
All the Players want Drew but the orgs. don't, imagine that. Players always want everything they can get as do the teams. We did get a DL in the draft though so you never know.

Give Harris the $$$ but be reasonable. He does get injured a lot.

Also, Creighton, remember when you wanted a son? No? Hmmm. Well, Brando had anointed me "Mike Creighton Jr." What that means I have no idea, but I think it has something to do with not being able to agree with everything Brando sez.

Let me give you some examples of Brando's "stellar" sayings:

"I am Henry the Eighth I Yam! Henry the Eighth I yam, I yam!"

"Thanks to you L. Ron(Hubbard)!"

"Bring 'em on!"

I'm sorry but Brando never makes any sense to me. Just call me Creighton Jr. I guess. Hey dad...

I don't see any scenario where this lasts until free agency next year. The deal will get done and Harris will be in the top 5 paid defensive linemen in the league. Rosenhaus has a good relationship with Angelo and staff. The Briggs deal makes this look like child's play. Harris is going nowhere! I can't wait to see Harris/Dvorcek/Harrison together at DT. We're going to have one of the best D-lines in the league and will regain it's dominant form.

Tommie Harris is one of my favorite Bear players, and I agree Harris does deserve to get paid like the highest paid defensive tackle, but not the highest paid overall defensive linemen like it seems like he wants. From a business standpoint, agree or disagree, the league puts a premium in sacks, this is why defensive ends are the highest paid of the defensive linemen, because the ends generally get the sacks. For this reason alone, I don't see any other team paying Harris like the highest paid overall d-linemen either. Just ask Lance Briggs, Briggs lack of sacks and interceptions are probably what cost Briggs from getting his large payday he was expecting, fair or unfair this is how it is. Another problem with paying Harris top overall d-linemen pay is his durability and questions about how much longer Harris will hold up and perform at a high level? Like I said, make Tommie Harris the highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL, he deserves it, because he is. I hope the Bears get this deal done before any of the other players, because Harris is very important to the Bears defense and what they want to do. Harris seems like a level headed guy, hopefully he comes down to earth and take the offer the Bears want to give him which is probably top d-tackle pay, because if Harris hits the open market he might be disappointed. All we as fans can do is hope so GO BEARS!!

I take it you liked that Mike. I did have a chuckel about me being the King. Non of you have to agree with me Im just trying to put some sence in ya Mike. I dont think its gonna happen, thats why you and Creighton could be twin brothers.
Both of ya ramble on about the negitives and never can seem to see the positive side of things.
Thats why I put you in the fan class of Creighton.

Tommy Harris is a rare DT. He reminds me of Sapp in the sheer ability to make plays on the quickness and power he displays. I say pay Tommy. I say pay Hester. I say pay Gould. One can argue that these 3 player at their respective possitions is the Best in the NFL. Im not talking about Hester being a WR just Kick and punt returns.The Bears have 5 player that are the Best at their possitions in the NFL and the Bears should do everything they can to make them happy.

I agree with Brando . . . Tommie Harris is rare; pay him, Hester, and Robbie Gould

I agree with Creighton that Harris will come to his senses and sign the contract for a number of years. Harris will probably be the highest paid DT and then not have to risk a career threatening injury to play it out to become a free agent.

DT's seem to have very short career effectiveness as compared to other positions. Does anyone know if this position is more injury prone than the other positions in football?

With the new DT's from the last few years and this years draft, the DT position should be solid for the fall. If the offense only can control the ball and the clock better than last year, there is no reason that this Bears Defense should not be in the top 5 and maybe the #1 defense in the entire league.

If the Bears let Tommie Harris get to free agency, he most certainly will receive a huge offer from a number of other clubs. There are very few game changing tackles, Tommie is one of them. Look at how the Raiders are throwing cash at average defensive tackles. Without a contract, the Bears will franchise Tommie twice and then he will be gone.

Brando: "I take it you liked that Mike. I did have a CHUCKLE about me being the King. NONE of you have to agree with me, I'M just trying to put some SENSE in ya Mike. I DON'T think IT'S gonna happen, THAT'S why you and Creighton could be twin brothers.
Both of ya ramble on about the NEGATIVES and never can seem to see the positive side of things.
THAT'S why I put you in the fan class of Creighton."

Well, this post seems to be in line with the "Henry the Eighth" claim. While Creighton's posts are usually pessimistic, my posts are generally optimistic and positive. Don't know what you're seeing.

But I realize that I'm guilty of feeding fuel to the fire. You love seeing people write about you! Heck, why else would you bug Creighton so often? The guy will write five paragraphs on you in retaliation.

Oh and no need to thank me for the spelling corrections, bud. It was nothing, I've been to grade school.

What does "pay him" mean? The Bears have offered wheelbarrows full of cash and been told no, thanks. Does "pay him" mean give him whatever he asks for? It's easy to say pay him but you have to define what that means.

Rosenhaus is a greedy frickin pig! he would sell his family,for a profit!! hopefully tommie comes to his senses,he is a good guy,one of my favorite bears.i believe the bears will get harris,hester & gould re-signed.I just hope it gets done before the season starts! we really dont need those distractions this year.rosenpig put the bears through all that crap last year with briggs.and they ended up signing for the fair money the bears offered to begin with anyway.he just has to make things difficult & create controversy,he uses the media to help with his dirtywork.rosenhaus has serious mental issues.or was picked on alot as a child! rosenpig uses controversy & the media to try to get teams to give in more money,than his client is worth.he figures half the time teams will give in to his high demands to avoid the hassles & controversy.(sounds criminal,extortion!).GO BEARS!

its hard not to be negative when you watch espn or the nfl network, they take massive dumps on the bears all the time. they take shots at the bears defense and offense all day. "the bears defense can't stop the run or the pass", "the bears will have the worst offense in the nfl", and so on. the bears don't get a free pass with the media. the defense was so banged up last year it was ridiculous harris, briggs, urlacher, and tillman played injured last season. vasher, brown, and dusty were out. not to mention archuletta, payne and walker. if any other team had 7 starters out and/or banged up earlier in the season they'd get a pass. no breaks there. not even get me started about the draft. for some reason a chicago bear rookie just can't play his first year and be good, i guess its the weather. the carolina panthers are in a similar, yet worse, situation than the bears and yet the national media seems to think differently. jeff otah for some reason will come in and make an immediate impact as well as rookie running back johnathan stewart. for some reason, unknown to me, they are both far superior than chris williams and matt forte. ohh but they have jake delhomme, steve smith and musin muhammad. lets compare booker and muhammad's 2007 stats.
receptions 50/yards 556/ yards per catch 11.1/ TDs 1

receptions 40/yards 570/yards per catch 14.3/ TDs 3

booker beats him out in almost everything and he wasn't even the "guy" in miami but muhammad is better.

i can go on and on but for some reason the media loves the panthers. I think the bears are the chicago white sox of the nfl. seriously it doesn't matter what they do it's always crap. I kind of like it that way because I remember they so called experts said in 2006 that the panthers were going to the super bowl ha! in 2007 they said the 49ers and the cards were going to have break out seasons ha! the bears are almost never expected to take the nfc north, expected last year. so they can keep there jinx. the national media is always looking for the vikings or packers to take the division, they really want them to, desperately i know they have a man crush on adrian peterson but there affection blinds them. adrian peterson has NEVER played a season in college or pros without being injured the packers proved last season that if you hit him in the knees he's done, and you don't think other teams will do the same? the vikings are an 7-9 team without him at best. the media also seems to forget that brett farve made receivers look good. i know its hard to remember all the nobodies that he made look good but what did robert ferguson, javon walker, or that other guy do when they signed to another team.... nothing.
do they honestly think aaron rogers has that kind of skill? he's taken 117 snaps i think, which is about 3 games worth in his career and he's been injured 3 times.. hmmm
good brian brohm and matt flynn ha!
and I won't even talk about the lions

i'm excited to watch this season and watch the bears make the so called "experts" look retarded again.

Funny you should mention the Panthers because after the shenanigans of this year's draft I can assure you that the Carolina Panthers are the Bear's most hated rival. There is so much bad blood existing between these two teams right now that I guarantee fist fights on the field the next time they play.

Joe you hit the nail on the head. I do beleive that the 08 season will be just like 05. Defence is gonna be steller and the offence will get by...... thats unless Turner can pull his head outta of of his poop shoot.

As far as Booker I do think he can be the WR that he was once before..... Thats if Kyle Orton is the QB. I realy can care less about chuckin the ball down the field every other first down. I just think Booker and Orton can gel together and have good continuity.

Now as far as Mike I can spell its just a little thing I do. Its my Forte'. Someone wants to imatate me and spell correct then the readers knows there is an imposter in the Blogs. Im not perfect either and Im not ashamed to show it. Nobodys perfect.

As far as Creighton gos I dont dislike him hes just a broken record that has a glass half empty. He can never take the time to look up stats, and that bugs the dung outta me and Im sure everyother real fan that knows whats going on. I.E. Metcalf has never started a game..... Well that took me about 8 post to finaly get it through his head. He also can twist words around and needs to learn how to read and comprehend.

King I am Sam with green eggs and Ham.

Go Brandon Lloyd!!!!

Hey Brando are you pretending to be other people again? Check it out Mike now he wants to be you. Brando you are the red headed stepchild of the Bears blog. Are you still mad because nobody likes you or listens to you or agrees with you. Then again how can anyone like a guy who can't deal with the truth, if anyone disagrees with you, you jump all over them and start bashing them. The worst part is you usually have no clue as to what you are talking about. You are the same guy that said JA was the best GM in football and then followed it by saying even though he can't draft offense. You also claim to know the players and hang out with all the top college prospects who come by south bend. Every week it's something new with you, you even got mad at me cause I like Madden Football and was like Madden is for idiots and mad a big stink over it, I mean what was that about? You ignored the fact that most NFL football players play it including guys on the Bears. You pretend to be different people all the time, who support your arguments but just like you those people mis-spell the exact same words all the time and sometimes you forget your pretending to be other people and post your name. You pick fights for no reason, you have no sense of humor, you can't handle the facts when it come to the Bears and the truth scares you. Dude you even made fun of me for being a Marine and serving back in the day, thats just messed up. Why you keep brining me up is beyond me, but you just can't seem to get enough of me, I can't believe I got my very own blogging fan stalker. So now what your going to go after guys I chat with like Mike, Da Coach, Joe, and Kevin A. Dude I got news for you all those guys and me disagree with eachother all the time, were have you been? We just don't attack eachother, well ok the Da Coach but I mean it's just how he is he's Angry guy, Joe and Kevin are the nice guys, Mike is fun guy, I am rant guy, DJSSR is hardcore guy and you are crazy guy . Oh and thanks for putting me and Mike in a fan class I forgot you are the guy who is the self proclaimed "only real bear fan" and everyone else is garbage compared to you and you decide what kind of fans people are. Nice, your a class act Brando, you know for a guy who can't stand me you sure like to talk to me as much as you can any chance you get you bring me up. I think is some starnge way of your own you think we are buddies somehow. You are a strange, strange cat, or as Pops you used to say that duck marches to a different tune.

Hey Joe: I feel you my man the media never does give the Bears credit unless they dominate and then they do so begrudingly. Being away from my hometown I see this Bear bias all the time and it sickens me, but a true BEAR Fan learns to ovecome this jealousy and focus on the issue that matters and that's the team. Speaking of the team I'm very excited for the upcoming season, I too think the job's Orton's to loose, not to bag on Rex, but because Orton seems to understand how we want to play as a team offensively, he has no issue being a run first type of QB, and he has some moxie in the pocket when it comes to avoiding the rush, arm is decent, and handles the ball in the elements better also. We do need to re-build the o-line, but this is easy to accomplish when you run the ball, the key will be to improve the running game to the point that we throw when we want to throw, not when teams dictate that we throw. Defense built depth from the injuries last year, it gonna be us and the Vikes for the North, and the best thing is the PACK will stink again like they used to when Bengsten and Gregg were the coaches..Go BEARS

Creighton I have sandy blonde hair. So Im the Blonde hair hazel eyed step child of the Bears Blog. The worste thing about me Is I dont know what Im posting about well........ Hmmmmmmmm you seem that you cant get things right. You dont even knows whos starting for the Bears. Yes I do believe that Angelo is ONE OF THE BETTER GMs in the NFL. Why... well he did build a team that still has potential to take them to ANOTHER SUPER BOWL.

Yes I do go to Damonds Steak House and mingle with the opposing team of ND. Its no secret in Michigan City Indiana that the away team playing ND stays at the Holiday INN. What are you jelious that it happens 15 minutes from my home town. Its no biggie its just alot of fun. Cant buy any drinks for the players though thats a no no.

There ya go again putting words in other peoples mouths. I have NEVER said that Madden is for idiots. Your the idiot that thinks the game Madden should corralate with the NFL. I am one of those idiots that owns all the Madden games that came out for XBOX. We should hook up sometime on XBOX live and play alittle Madden.

You know if I were Mike I would be pissed off saying that I am impossing him or anyone else for that matter. Man again do you have a crystal ball that shows you everything. You predict alot and seem to know whats going on at all times.

Well Creighton when you say that you spent 12 years in the cops how can anybody beleive ya.Post some facts that you served for this contry and maybe WE the REAL fans will beleive ya.

Again Creighton a REAL fan of any team any sport will be a SUPORTER of their team!!!!!! You do not suport the team in a way that tell us real fans that you are a true fan.

There ya go again I had posted just 8 minutes earler than you that I dont DISLIKE you your just a bunch of sour grapes that cannot READ a blog with out getting excited and stop to go back to a post and get it right man. Perfect example right there buddy.

Another thing Creighton Im not trying to run a cult or anything, so I realy can care less about if someone dislikes me or doesnt agree with me. The one thing I do know is Buisness. You and Travis and some other dope had posted Brandon Lloyd should be cut from the team. Well teams dont sign a player to a 1 year contract to just cut him befor the season starts. That would be a Creightdumb move. I think you are the one scared of the truth and the truth is Brandon Lloyd will be on the field. Jerry Angelo will be the GM for the Bears in 09. I just cant beleive that you put down a GM that had taken the beloved Chicago Bears to the super bowl in 06. On top of that put together the best offence that the Bears fans had seen since Erik krammer was the QB and James Allen was running around like a scared migit. I dont expect you to remember any of that because you cant even remember that Metcalf has Started in 25 games so........

To be continued.......

Hey Brando does that mean you are a dumb blonde. Those hazel eyes are blind to the truth that your wandering, mis-spelled chatter you have a tendecy to be mean if someone does not agree or has a alternate theory. We are all fans or we wouldn't be blogging about the Bears. True fans do get frustrated because they care or have passion for the sport and team, some of these different points of view is why I blog here and some of the best exchanges have been with Creighton and Anonymous but you take offense and lash out, thats childish. Have a opinion and enjoy others opinions and have fun it ain't that serious dude.

take it easy djssr. We all have a right to blog our thoughts and don't need you to critizes on what people say. I am not saying stop blogging, but like you said we all are fans of the bears and have a passion for it.

Harris shouldn't be asking for alot b/c he is injure pron. It is a honer to be playing a game and getting paid to play. I am not saying I don't like him, but I hate holdouts for money. It tells me that I want more money then I should get to sit on the bench for a year(not learning the system to try to win the superbowl or playoffs) and then maybe start the next. Not caring about the fans who love their team and the sport and only looking out for numero UNO (1)himself!!!I am not saying to any of the bears but I just wanted to get that out my system.Also, and say what someone in a past blog that their should be a rookie sal cap to keep the greedy idiots that want money and get in trouble for some dumb reason. This guys are role modles and what do they do? They smoke pot and get drunk on a boat or fight dogs or go to a strip club and throw money around like its no problem and get a slap on the rist for it. Before this league didn't pay much and should of stay that way.Go Bears.

Brando, Creighton, Djssr...everyone knows that a TRUE FAN has all the official Chicago Bears merchandise: baseball caps, throwback jerseys, Urlacher head polish, Jerry Angelo name it. Go to and BUY, BUY, BUY!!! Unless you're not REAL fans of course...

come on you guys,lets grow up.this is like a soap opera.too many shattered ego's here,creating too much conflict.we all have the right to our opinion.obviously some of us do more inside research than others.but we all have an opinion,& have something to offer,which is fine.attacking someone over their opinion because you think you are right is a waste of the blog.lets stick to the subject at hand! CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG! I have been a die hard bears fan for 37 years,was born & raised in chicago.I welcome all the bear fans,we need as many as we can get.this is a good thing.ultimately we are all on the same to fight each other over the same goal or team is stupid.there will always be know it all's people with ego issues,that think they are always right.but let them think they know it all,it's not worth arguing over.cause you wont win.all i can say is no matter what,i will always love & support my bears,win or lose!! thanks to all the true great fans out there! GO BEARS! GOOD LUCK IN 2008!

Yes I do I have everything except the bobble head doll so Mr. Spokesman I don't want a Angelo doll and I do shine my bald head. #1 I enjoy others opinion and like to exchange info and also have disagreed BUT, you need to make that statement to someone else if you read you'll see what I mean. I have been a fan ever since 1965 when I watched games with my father. I saw Butkus, Sayers, Concannon, Douglass, Buffone even O'Bradovich all the way up to today, and their are people who take this to serious instead of the fun it should be IT AIN'T PERSONAL.

Thank you for saying that bearsfan. and spokesperson I know you want us to buy all this NFL stuff but a real fan is trying to watch everygame and tape em'. A real fan is trying to visit chicago to see a game. I am not saying not buy the stuff but you don't have to be a real fan of the BEARS to buy all that.but it does show that you are a fan of BEARS MERCHANDISE.

Alright alright, enough with the bobble head and fan justification
stuff, lets talk a little Bears football. Since Biggs isn't going to throw out a subject for awhile, I'll take the liberty to do so. Lets talk Bears quarterback, I would like to hear everyones opinion on who they think should get the nod to start, after all this is going to be the main focus in camp this summer.

Here's mine, before I give my opinion and remember this is just my opinion, I will support whoever the Bears end up going with in the end. With that being said, I feel that Kyle Orton is going to be the man under center this fall and I think Orton gives the Bears a better chance to win. I just like Ortons upside and feel he got a bad wrap in 2005 when Orton was clearly not ready to start. Orton seems more willing to take the check down when the big play is simply not there. Also I like Ortons ability with the short to intermediate passes vs Grossmans. I was really impressed with Orton at the end of the season, he just seems to have great poise in the pocket no matter what the situation, from his first start in over a season on monday night to sub zero wheather vs Green Bay, the guy always comes to play. I really think if Orton would have gotten the job the first time Rex got benched earlier in the season, Grossman would probably not even be on the roster right now. I just think all Orton needs is a little time working with the starting receivers to get in sync and he will improve his accuracy on the long ball. In the final contest vs the Saints them two touchdown strikes were impressive. There is no denying Ortons arm, the guy can make all the throws and with time, an improved running game, and o-line play, you will start to notice it as Orton gets more comfortable in the offense. This is what I meant by upside and I think Orton has a lot. And unlike the 2005 season Orton is also fundamentally more ready for action. One more reason I like Orton over Grossman is durability, because to be a big time QB you have go to be able to stay on the field. Oh well we will see this summer who the man will be GO BEARS!!

I agree that I too want to see Orton at the helm this year. I couldnt say it any better then what Kenin did.

It seems to be that Orton is the more mature QB that lets the game takes it course. I like the fact that Orton doesnt try to force the ball inbetween 2 defenders. The Bears need a QB that can methoticly move the ball down the field and just eat up the clock. I realy can care less when it comes to chucken the ball down the field every other first down. It also seems to me that when Kyle Orton is the QB , Ron Turner gets smarter at play calling.

The intreaging part of the offense will be the RB possition. If this guy Matt Forte is truly a 3 down back its going to help the QB possition.It also seems that the RB is Kyle's best friend.

Happy Mothers Day! :)

Why do you guys care if he's the highest paid or the lowest paid. If everyone contributes to wins it shouldn't matter. The guy is always hurt because he's taking on two players every down. And the guy beside him is doing whatever in a one on one situation. If someone beside him was better they would have comparable numbers. Yeah, they rotate but he comes out too. Stay out of his pocket and give him what he think he is worth. And when they come up short on paying let him go freely to a team that will pay him the most. He's not on the police blotter and he's a good role model to players and young adults. He also help Urlacher get the totals that he get as well. Urlacher is always better with a good DT in front of him. His overall numbers were just as good as they were in the past with him being the only player this year to get 5 INTs and 5 sacks. He's just not as young as he was. And without a stout guy up front he'd look way worse. If Tommie is twice as good as the guy beside him he should be paid accordingly. The fans nowadays are too concerned with what players are making. They are too concerned with salary caps and act like they are GMs allocating dollars and picks where they think they should go. Gone are the days when fans would just say "man,I wish we had that guy" now they pout because we didn't have a worse record and couldn't pick higher. If they had a worse record they would pout about that. We hear fans say that we should trade this pick and this pick and move up but they fail to realize that GMs hear rumblings as to who might be going where and it would make no difference if we moved up or not. We would not have gotten the guy. But right now we have a gamer and with a couple of solid guys playing along side him he could be even better. I'm pretty sure that Tommie would put that money to good use. He's a church man and will give a good church his 10% tiche that the BEARS would not have ever contributed to. Him getting paid less wouldn't allow the BEARS to lower ticket prices or give funs back any money that the owners or organization is making. Everything cost more nowadays. The hotdogs you buy at the store in a pack cost about as much now as they did alone in the bun at the park or stadium two years ago. Face it; the price is always getting higher. I don't attend games and don't spend any money on paraphanalia but I will still contribute to the NFL just because of the commercial revenue. You pay anyway so you might as well pay handsomely for quality players. You'll pay either way...

you guys are all nuts you bagger each other and don't talk about the BEARS. i look at the bright side and hope the packers suck and just run over them like we did last season i only care that the bears kill everyone in the nfc north and make the reporters look bad cause they all hate the bears cause we are good.

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