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Dollars and sense: A second look at Gould's contract

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We tried to analyze the numbers for Robbie Gould’s new contract vs. Josh Brown earlier, and we’ll take one more shot at presenting them.

The figures from the deal Gould pulled down last week have come in and we can match them up with the contract Brown signed with the St. Louis Rams at the start of free agency.

Gould received a five-year extension from the Bears that provides him with $13.5 million in new money, keeping him in place through 2013. The deal tops out at $15.5 million in new money with performance-based escalators totaling $2 million in 2012 and 2013. Gould’s average on the extension with the escalators is $3.1 million. Without, it’s $2.7 million.

Brown signed a $14.2 million, five-year contract to leave Seattle ($2.84 million average). Gould makes more money per year on his extension if he hits one or both of his escalators. The 2012 escalator is for $900,000 and the 2013 escalator is worth $1.1 million.

Gould collects $8.9 million in the first three years of his extension (2009 through 2011) when you count the bonus money he collects this year.

Brown receives $8.8 million in the first three years of his contract (2008 through 2010).

That’s where it turns into an apples vs. oranges comparison when you look at a straight five-year contract vs. a five-year extension. During 2008-2010, Gould will collect roughly $7.27 million. For the purpose of comparison, NFLPA records show Gould’s three-year average as $2.967 million. Brown’s is $2.933 million. Brown received a $4 million signing bonus. Gould picked up a $2 million roster bonus this year and has $2 million of a roster bonus guaranteed for 2009. With other bonuses, he can collect another $254,800 in the first two years.

The Bears don’t believe in ripping up the final year of contracts when they go to players for extensions (imagine the how Tommie Harris and Devin Hester feel about that right now). In Gould’s case, they’ve maintained the integrity of the previous contract by keeping the base salary of $520,000 for 2008. That’s what makes the straight comparison to Brown’s contract tricky. Gould is under contract for the next six seasons at $16.02 million if you include the escalators.

Inside the Bears apologizes for any confusion. A breakdown of the numbers:

Robbie Gould


$2 million roster bonus
$520,000 base salary
$100,000 workout bonus
$4,800 workout bonus

Total: $2,624,800
Cap number: $2,624,800


$2.15 million roster bonus
$750,000 base salary

Total: $2,900,000
Cap number: $2,900,000


$150,000 roster bonus
$1.6 million base salary

Total: $1,750,000
Cap number: $1,750,000


$500,000 roster bonus
$1.65 million base salary

Total: $2,150,000
Cap number: $2,150,000


$500,000 roster bonus
$1.8 million base salary
($900,000 escalator)

Total: $2,300,000
Cap number: $2,300,000


$500,000 roster bonus
$1.8 million base salary
($1.1 million escalator)

Total: $2,300,000
Cap number: $2,300,000

Josh Brown


$4 million signing bonus
$1 million base salary


$1.8 million base salary


$2 million base salary


$2.7 million base salary


$2.7 million base salary

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Why would the Bears instead of adding a $2 million+ roster bonus to their already limuted cap space( with trying to also get tommie and devin under the cap and #54 more money) in 2008 and 2009, not just give a $4 million+ Signing bonus and save $1.2 million in cap space in 2008? By having it amortized over the next 5 years? Seems a smarter use of the cap for 2008.


The Bears are trying to rework deals for Harris and Hester but that does not mean they are cap-strapped. Quite the opposite in fact.

If there is one guy in the Bear's organization I do not question it's Ted Phillips and his "capology." It looks to me like this contract provides short-term and long-term protection for both parties. Gould gets his garaunteed money and Chicago takes the biggest cap hits over the next two years when they have the money while locking up a premiere kicker for 5 years. Win-win.

Agreed. Pay Gould. He is a stand up guy, great kicker and I for one am glad he will be a Bear for many years to come.

Any news on Chris Simms release date in Tampa, we all know it's a matter of time, I'd like to see the BEARS bring him in to compete with Orton and REX, but I still think its' Orton job to lose at this point.

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