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UPDATED: 3:31 Briggs on ESPN's NFL Live

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Linebacker Lance Briggs is on ESPN's "NFL Live" right now.

They'll handle a myriad of topics, several non-Bears related, but we'll see what shakes out.

I'd expect him to fully support Brian Urlacher's drive for more dough.

Stay tuned.

Here’s a recap of the show so far ... and Lance showed up in a snazzy silver jacket.

-- Joined by host Trey Wingo and analysys Cris Carter and Mark Schlereth, they opened by dancing around the latest in Miami with defensive end Jason Taylor.

-- Next, they talked about safety Roy Williams in Dallas, whose game may be more vilified than Adam Archuleta’s right now.

Cowboys teammate Terence Newman said Williams suffers from “deer in the headlights” breakdowns from time to time. Ouch.

Next was a break for commercials.

Then they moved to a one-on-one with Wingo and Briggs that began with a discussion of Urlacher’s situation.

“I don’t really know,” Briggs said when asked how the staredown would be resolved. “I hope for the best. I just can’t see stepping on the field [in the regular season] without 54.”

Briggs said he supports Cedric Benson and whoever else will be running the football and didn’t lend anything special to the quarterback dilemma.

No discussion of Briggs’ various off-field issues through the first half of the show.

More commercials.

Check back.


Nothing terribly exciting in the second half of the show.

They discussed Vince Young in Tennessee and kicked around the fact that Brett Favre's locker is still in tact in Green Bay. If it causes any Packers to lose focus, Briggs said he's all for it.

In closing, Pacman Jones and his relationship with Deion Sanders (does Devin Hester know he's not the only one getting advice?) was discussed.

"Deion is to Pacman Jones as a mentor like Brian Urlacher is to me," Briggs said.

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I agree with Briggs, the Bears need to make Urlacher happy. Urlacher has been hands down our best player the last ten seasons. I realize he got his pay day early in his career, and now the value for a linebacker of Urlacher status has gone up considerably. I think Urlacher has a good four to five seasons left in him. Briggs is also right about the Bears being a different team without Urlacher, remember 2004 when Urlacher was out with the hammy. It's also cool how Briggs is paying respect to Urlacher by saying "Urlacher is my mentor", I like how these two stick up for each other. I just hope the Bears hurry up and pay Urlacher and we don't have to see Briggs wearing a #54 this summer GO BEARS!!


Thanks for the update.

PACMAN needs all the help he can get.

I hope the Packers go as long as the BEars (forever) in finding their franchise QB again, unfortunately they have had a few.

What ever happened to a player honoring a contract that they had signed? I believe the Bears are certainly fair in the additional offer that they have already made to Urlacher. Urlacher should finish as a Bear to be truly considered as one of the three hall of fame linebackers in Chicago Bear history. Butkus, Singletary and Urlacher, absolutely the best of all time.

Give me a championship mean defense, a great running game and superb special teams play and we can bring back Bobby Douglas at QB.

Typical ESPN. They never want to talk about the Bears. Even when a Bears player is on they still manange to talk about other profile players. What should Briggs know about everyother player on anyother team. I would have like to hear more about the Bears and the Bears players. What realy stinks is that ESPN elected to talk about situations that have already been discussed. No new news up to this point. Wait yeah there is. Urlacher is Briggs mentor. That the kinda good news I like to hear outta Briggs.

I think all the years ESPN talked about the Bulls over their 6 championships used up the air time for the Cubs, White Sox and the Bears. Heck ESPN didnt make a big deal over the White Sox winning a World Series in a dominating effort by both the offence and pitching. They (ESPN) sure did cover the Boston World Series for what about 3 weeks. Thank goodness for Comcast Sports.

urlacher will play, he's got strippers and baby mamas to support, same as briggs.

i think it was almost 30 years between bart starr and bret farve, i hope it's another 30 before they find a qb.

i think terence newman is getting a raw deal. he's not a 3-4 safety, he can't handle all the man coverage he receives i think he'd fit in with the cover two. he's great at stopping the run and in a cover two system he'd have help in coverage. he's a system guy that doesn't fit the system in dallas. archuleta just sucked. whether it was watching him get run over on running plays or getting smoked in coverage, he just sucked.

I do not support Urlacher. He was given a solid long-term contract and now wants to renege. What's the matter with keeping one's word and commitment? The way he played last year, I would be more inclined to lower his salary than adjust it upward. Both Briggs last year and Urlacher this year are acting like snotty-nosed kids crying for not getting their way. Maybe the Bears should start recruiting mature adults instead of spoiled kiddies.

dahlillama, what ever happened to teams honoring there contracts with players? Most of the money is not guaranteed in the players contracts and when teams decide they no longer want a player they cut him and do not pay him all the money in the contract.

Do people think Lach has lived up to his contract? I personally believe he has outperformed it, but I do not like the way he is going about trying to change it.

The NFL owners have made there own mess, by creating contracts that do not guarantee all the money and by being able to cut a player and tear up a contract anytime they want players are forced to try to get as much money as they can as often as they can. We like to run around and say players are greedy when they want more money, yet we really don't get on the owners that much who make 10x what the players combined make and continue to raise ticket prices and consession prices every year and claim they have to do it to stay compaetative. When in actuality they are just trying to increase there margins. But it is the players who are greedy not the poor destitute owners who all happen to be Billion dollar babies.

Does anyone feel Matt Ryan who has never played a down in the NFL has earned more money than Lach? Again we see the genius that is the owners organization at work. Playing unproven kids small fortunes for doing nothing for the team and hoping they work out, while vetrans get cut cause teams don't have the money to pay them even though they have earned it. Again a mess the owners created for themselves.

Look I don't like what Lach is doing, but I personally feel he should have been able to go to Angelo and say I earned a raise and be able to get it. He was offered a small raise by the team and I guess he felt insulted because he didn't take it. Now they are fighting and people seem to be blaming Lach. I personaly don't think it is just him but, both sides and the current system that treats vets this way that are at fualt. Most people get there raises after they have worked for a company for awhile and proven there worth, not by paying a mail clerk more than the President before he has even worked a day. However that is how the nfl does it. It's a crazy place.

Brian Urlacher is stupid. I don't mean that as an insult. I mean it literally. He's just not very smart. If he had any brains in his head he would know that he could own the city of Chicago until the day he died if he played out his contract. He could have a chain of sports bars or car dealerships (both paid for by other people who just want to use his name), and enough endorsements the value of which would dwarf whatever raise he thinks he deserves right now. Instead, his small town brain is telling him to hold out for a few million, even though that makes it that much harder for the Bears to pay his teammates and thus win a championship. Chicago loves its sports stars, especially a tough middle linebacker with a cool sounding name. But, Chicago is still a midwestern town where they also love things like loyalty and honor. If Urlacher honors his contract he'll rule this town like a beloved King. If he chooses to screw his teammates for personal gain he'll be forgotten the minute his skills drop and he's no longer needed (which could be within a couple years). The choice seems obvious to me. It's a shame Urlacher's not smart enough to see it.

The Truth has spoken.


I do think Urlacher has outperformed his contract and I also agree the manner in which he is going about getting his new contract is poor at best and not very professional.

Do you believe that Urlacher has at least 5 more years as a a top five Linebacker? He seems to be wearing down a little and was not the leader I thought he would be last year. He was not dominant last year except for the last 3-4 games, otherwise he was not the leader I have always seen him to be for the Bears.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that Urlacher should be considered with the great Bear linebackers of all time, but what is he doing now to earn that reputation? It seems his head is not screwed on correctly with the way he is acting.

Who knows, since 2000 he and Mike Brown have been the most inspirational leaders on the Bears. The Bears need him back as that leader in 2008 and beyond.

I hope they (bears and Urlacher) work it out, sooner rather than later.

Ohhh hello, my name is Crapton. I think the Bears will loose every game this seeson! Urlacher is right in not honorring his contract, WICH HE SIGNED AND AGREED TO!

PS. I live with my parents!!

Of course Briggs is going to come to Urlacher's defense; he knows he's not as dominating without him (which is funny; you'd think someone so anxious to be THE MAN would relish the opportunity to shine).

It's obvious at this point that Urlacher's back isn't as healthy as he purports, and he's trying to secure some guaranteed money before he goes away. With that said, for all the amazing things he's done for the team, the NFL, and the middle linebacker position, this is patently unacceptable.

Were I the Bears, I'd handle this situation similar to the way the Lance Briggs situation was handled. Urlacher didn't do enough last year to warrant an Adalius Thomas-type deal and, while I'm sure the Patriots would be more than happy to scoop him up were he a free agent, no one's going to be dangling anything especially tantalizing in front of the Bears for a thirtysomething who's exhausted from years of carrying a team on his now-suspect back. The Bears were willing to go through a season without Briggs; as I doubt anyone in the organization truly feels the offense is potent enough to contend for a title this year, they'd probably be willing to let Urlacher sit this year until he gets in line.

I have no sympathy for Urlacher; he's getting good money for what he does. He got his mammoth extension; it's not the organization's fault it's not that mammoth anymore. Yes, the pay scale in the NFL is FUBAR; that's the risk you take in business. But it's not like B-Lac is playing for Devin Hester's salary.

I'm woefully uninformed--has the team made Urlacher an offer?

Hey Mamas boy:

You are who we thought you were. (famous last words).

Move out and get a job!!

Cut both Briggs and Urlacher. Lance 'NoCondom' Briggs, because of his sheer stupidity, and Urlacher because a year after he has his worse season in his career, and shows he is banged up, he wants a raise. WHAT? A raise? Hey, millionaire IDIOT, get a clue...Your contract was terrific enough when you signed it. Why isn't it OK now? Jack @$$

Inconvenient truth, also in a midwestern town we believe if a certain individual out performs another, he should make more than the individual he is out performing. Fact is, Urlacher is the best middle linebacker in the game, so he should be paid like the best. Also inconvenient truth, its not going to break the Bears to pay Urlacher a little more. I GUARANTEE without Urlacher you won't have to worry about paying any other player, because without Urlacher, we are not winning any championship.

darryl m, I guarantee 31 other teams out there would trade off this, and next years first rounder for Urlacher. I wouldn't trade him for any one else in the league, or any first rounder. Also, Urlacher is twice the linebacker Adalius Thomas is.

Urlacher has played his a## off for this team, 6 pro bowls, defensive rookie of the year 2000, and defensive player of the year 2005, and all you guy's are quick to jump all over him. Don't make yourself look hypocritical by bashing him now, then cheering for him when he goes into the Hall of Fame. All Urlacher want's is to be compensated for what he does, just like any of us would. Guy's don't kid yourself either, the league is part entertainment, so you have to also consider the fact not only Urlacher's on the field play, but his tv commercials, and his jersey sales make the league millions. His added popularity helps put people in the seats at good old Soldier field, thus makeing the Bears more money. So in this aspect, Urlacher deservedly should be paid. I think Urlacher has 3-4 more good seasons left in him, its not gonna hurt the Bears pocket books to tweak Urlachers pay a little for that time frame. And like I said, his added popularity will also help the Bears in this time frame. I say if the team can cut him for playing below average, then they should pay him for playing above average. Also, the fact that Urlacher came to play in them last 3-4 games when the Bears were out of the playoff hunt, and Urlacher got the pro bowl snub, shows me he is a team first player. Because all Urlacher had left to play for was the Bears record, in other words the Bears GO BEARS!!

i liked truth's point about urlacher owning the town. if he wasn't so short sighted, chicago could be his. every fan knows the big money comes from endorsements, i guess that thought didn't trickle down to urlacher. i don't know who advises urlacher but they're doing a bad job. he snubs the local media for jay glazer? why because they say some things he doesn't like? he's really hurt his legacy in chicago. i think the fans would give him more leeway if he wasn't such a punk about everything.

i agree with creighton about the nfl salary situation.
i hope they work it out with the up coming collective bargaining agreement. i'd like to see the nfl do a few things.
1. rookie salary cap, they make way too much money
2. guaranteed money for the players and players honoring their contracts

but i also think nfl teams need some insurance against the lawrence philips of the world too. i don't think the guaranteed money should extended to players that get suspensions for off the field conduct, players who hold out, players in prison. or players that get injured in risky off field actives, big ben.

i think that's an all around sensible agreement.

I agree with you completely. Not only has Urlacher made the Bears millions of dollars, but popularity as well. Any person who is performinng at a high level expects and deserves to paid like one. If you were a top salesman for a big company wouldn't you ask for raise even if you had a deal already in place? People he's not even in the top ten paid LBs in the league! He's currently the best all-around LB in the entire NFL. Let him have his raise already.

I have always absolutely loved Urlacher in a Bears uniform. When he signed long-term, I was stoked for the next 50 years. However, I have been mulling this over in my mind awhile now and tend to Go with the Bears as a team and an organization. It is a team. Not an Urlacher or Briggs or even Hester organization. At least HALF of the success these guys have had comes from the development the TEAM and the COACHes have afforded them.
Then, they sign nice big fat contracts. Now, economics have changed and they feel unappreciated. Geez! When will these pompous asses learn to count their blessings? Do they expect sympathy from the common man with a five-figure income who is sucking up depreciating property values, a job with no upward movement, and climbing gas prices?
Briggs states that Urlacher "Is Chicago" BS! Chicago is a bunch of hard-working, good-loving, middle-Americans who suck up adversity most of their lives and survive sub-zero winters as a matter of course. He and Hester and Briggs get ZERO sympathy from me. Go. Leave. Never play another game for us Urlacher. You can be replaced by someone a scale less great than you, but more Chicagoan because they get it.
Lastly, I tip my hat to Inconvinient Truth. Dead on. If Urlacher played out his contract, he would be treated like Payton, Butkus, Coach Ditka, Sayers, Ernie, and every other great that came through our town and "Got It."
Bye-bye Lach.

PSS By the way..go look at the polls "Lach" If you are "Chicago" why do they show you as the loser you are right now?

PSS In the end, I'd really like to see the Bears and Urlacher find middle ground. He is a great one. I guess I am just pissed at how these things get played out in the media and then I have to listen to "Lance my daddy is Urlacher Briggs" spew his vomit on the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network (that's ESPN for you intoxicated folks and those that still live with Momma).

Steve there is no Bigger ICON to the date in Chicago Sports. You could say that Hester is fast becoming the next Chicago ICON. Right now as it stands, a big % of people when they think 2008 Chicago Sports they think Urlacher.

Heck Hester might become bigger then the Cubs in time. Might be the Biggest thing in Chicago sports History...... Well I went to far. Maybe the biggest thing to come to Chicago since the other #23. No not Ryan Sandberg but Jordan.

`what ever happened to teams honoring there contracts with players? Most of the money is not guaranteed in the players contracts and when teams decide they no longer want a player they cut him and do not pay him all the money in the contract.'
Teams will not honor the contract so why should a player!!
I don't like what Brian is doing either but if he proves he is healthy then Bears should restructure as he is the best.
Remember when the Eagles would not restructure - T.O.? Now T.O. was right he deserved mo money but he handled it all wrong (big time), Bottom line: the Eagles wanted T.O. at a discount cheapa!@ pay rate and lost T.O. and have not been back to the Big Dance without him.
Everyone should honor the signed agreement but no one does so get on with it.

Kevin, you're probably right that the Bears won't win a championship without Urlacher, but they probably won't win one without Tommie Harris, and definitely won't win one without Devin Hester. He needs them as much as they need him. That's if he cares about winning a championship. Also, you say that the Bears should "pay Urlacher a little more." Well, you're forgetting that they tried to do just that. They offered an $18 million extension with $5 million guaranteed. That's a lot more than a little, and it's more than fair for a 30 year old linebacker coming off some serious injuries. If Urlacher (or any other player) wants to be paid what they're "worth" every year, there's an easy way to do that. Just sign a one-year contract every summer. If you're not willing to do that, then honor the contract you signed and start thinking long term. That may not be fair, but that's the way contracts work in the NFL and everybody knows that, except apparently for Urlacher. Did I mention that he was stupid?

The Truth has spoken

I would maybe agree with Urlacher, but his methods are ridicilous. He is using media, the same he hates a few months ago. Suddenly he bocome a media guy. All this story gains unhealthy publicity to him and the Bears

The last person who I would get advice from on this planet is Lance Briggs. The only person least liked on the Bears by most of us whom are season ticket holders in Lance Briggs followed by 2b Cedric Bensen. Briggs is just plan dumb and I kind of feel sorry for him. Urlacher is just greedy and looks like a fool. BTW. If the NFL owners got together like Briggs and Urlacher are doing, the NFL players union would be screaming bloody murder for collusion. But again, Briggs is not real bright and his big brother is just greedy. What a pair!

Truth I agree, but it is what it is the timing sucks. Urlacher you just came off one of worst seasons in your career and you have a bad back (which I can relate to personally) and neck surgery, this was not the time to stand on your principles. Let me remind you Mr. Urlacher I have seen you get blown up regularly recently and you have been soft in the middle. I think it's time for you to move outside and find some youngin to take on the guards, centers and H-Backs who have pounded you for all these years right now your on field play does not match what you want to be paid. Upgrade your play win a few games then make the statement next off season, but right now you are way off base, and Briggs you should zip your lip and your pants. Crapton please don't say you live in your parents basement, say it ain't so!!

Truth, I couldn't agree more. The Bears made a generous offer to extend an aging icon and he rejected it outright. The better move would have been for Brian to "negotiate" for a bit (avoiding all preseason worout that no veteran wants to attend) and then report to camp (maybe even a week or so late) having accepted the Bears offer. You make a great point about Chicago embracing their icons. He could live like a king for years. So, if this isn't about the cash then it must be about the respect. He simply wants to be paid like the top players at his position. So show hime some respect by renegotiating his contract. Give him more in an upfront guaranteed signing bonus and backload the rest of the contract. Make his annual salary smaller now and bigger in 2011 and beyond. That way he looks good getting the big money up front and the Bears can save face if his skills deteriorate and they cut him later in his career when his contract gets too big. Just a thought.

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