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Boycotting minicamp could potentially cost Urlacher millions

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Brian Urlacher has said he needs to take a stand in his crusade for a new contract.

Barring an unforeseen breakthrough between the six-time Pro Bowl linebacker and the Bears, we’ll get a better idea what that new contract is worth to Urlacher come Friday when the mandatory minicamp opens at Halas Hall.

If Urlacher boycotts the event—as he told our pal Mike Silver at Yahoo! Sports he was likely to do earlier this month—he puts in jeopardy a portion of the $13 million signing bonus he received in 2003. Urlacher, who turned 30 Sunday and has skipped the voluntary offseason workout program to date, could risk losing money in his bid to earn more money.

At issue would be signing bonus forfeiture language in Urlacher’s contract, a standard part of virtually all NFL contracts. If he’s in default on his contract—and missing a mandatory team activity would qualify—the Bears could choose to pursue a pro-rated portion of that signing bonus. Just five years into the $56.65 million, nine-year contract, at stake would be $5,777,777 (the remaining pro-rated portion of the signing bonus).

That’s more than the Bears have offered Urlacher in guaranteed money in an $18 million, one-year extension. (We’ve covered the details of the offer before—$5 million to sign, a $1 million escalator in each of the next four seasons triggered by 85 percent play time, and a $9 million base salary in the new year of 2012.)

That pro-rated portion might be enough to ensure Urlacher is present.

I would bet I wouldn’t be there,” Urlacher told Silver May 13. “My agents and the team had some good dialogue early on, but nothing’s happened lately. It’s been almost two months since there’s been any action on their end, and it’s a waiting game right now.”

There have not been any developments since, so unless Urlacher has a change of heart, maybe he will push the envelope, the one stuffed with $5.77 million.

There’s precedent for this, too. The Denver Broncos went after wide receiver Ashley Lelie two summers ago when there was a chance he would be traded to the Bears. The Broncos won and when Lelie didn’t pay up, they took him to court. Lelie paid.

It’s no big deal if Urlacher is fined by the team for missing minicamp—that levy can total only about $8,165. Going after him for millions would be a different story.

Urlacher’s bet might have changed. Maybe he’ll show after all.

Stay tuned.

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Is Urlacher loosing his passion for the game??? Has he become bored with the game??? When the Briggs thing was going on after the 06 season Urlacher said on record that he would restructure his contract to accomadate Lance Briggs.

In 2007 here are some of the players that were paid a total of more then Urlacher. These players I beleive are a step or 2 below Brian Urlacher.

Zach Thomas 2nd highest paid LB at a total of $7,987,000

Keith Brooking 3rd highest at $7,942,226

Nick Barnett 4th at $7,683,571

Keith Bulluck 5th at $7,610,948

Daryl Smith 7th at $7,070,987

Rossie Colvin 8th at $6,433,160

Julian Peterson 9th at $6,301,920

Marcus Washington 10th at $6,020,416

Urlacher 11th at $5,850,510

Will Witherspoon, Shaun Phillips, Willie McGinest and Pisa Toniosamoa were all paid with in $850,000 of Urlacher.

Those 8 player should never warrent more money then Urlacher period! It is what it was in 2007. I dont think the Bears should rip up Urlachers 4 years on his contract. If at all possible cant they give him a money now deal that would make him a top 5 paid LB on AVG. Maybe in a bonus insted of an extension. I dont know the details on that side of the buisness. I dont even know if the NFL would allow it. Both sides need to compramise and do it quick. Lose Urlacher, Lose a Key leader that young players on the Bears look too/, learn off of. There comes a point where the Bears have to face the facts that they took advantage of Urlacher.

Is Urlacher washed up and does he know it? He is coming off a bad back last season and neck surgery in the offseason. I am fully supportive of an extension for Urlacher, HOWEVER, it should only be awarded after he's played 6-8 games this season and proves he can still play at his previous level. Asking for this money up front tells me that maybe Brian is not as healthy or able as the team needs him to be.

Being an NFL athlete is basically winning the genetic lottery. Big enough, fast enough, strong enough, durable enough, willful enough to compete, and smart enough to learn the position.

Most high-ranked NFL guys are paid more money initially (in their first year plus signing bonus) than the average person makes in a lifetime. For a part-time job. With fringe benefits--like being treated like princes by everyone, everywhere they go. And the ability to earn more money in the local, and sometimes national, media.

Signing a contract with guaranteed money means no matter what happens (injury, etc), you get paid. Incentives add to the deal, but these guys have alot of guaranteed money coming their way. All they have to do is not get convicted of a felony for dog fighting and then lying about it in Court (perjury).

The players are represented by lawyers/agents of their choosing in these negotiations. They negotiate for months. They voluntarily sign the contracts.

Urlacher signed his contract. He has two career threatening injuries and we do not know how he is going to perform. And the Bears are still offering him a massive bonus, above and beyond what he is entitled to under his contract.

But that's not good enough of Urlacher.

I am not a big Angelo fan, but here, let Urlacher sit if he wants to sit. Just like his buddy Briggs, who found out that he is not worth crap on the open market, Urlacher has a moron whispering in his ear about how great he is and how much money he is worth.

He is worth alot of moeny. And he is being paid well.

Shut and and play, Urlacher. Shut up and play.

For everyone who seems to be iffy about paying Urlacher more money I say watch last years film. The film don't lie. This guy was terrible. He was not like himself at all. He missed so many tackles and rather than lower the shoulder everything was hand grabbing. I watched the Seattle game and a few others I recorded on my DVR and Urlacher should have just sat on sidelines. Last year everyone was mad at Lance Briggs for wanting more money but we all knew he deserved it. And while some of you die hard 54 Urlacher fans never wanted to admit it Lance Briggs is a better linebacker than Urlacher is at this present time. At least when Lance Briggs held out before coming to camp 1) he was in shape and 2) he played like a animal. I'm sorry but I just don't understand why wouldn't Urlacher play this year and prove to earn this money from what we saw last year. This is why I respect Rex Grossman and for all you haters out there he is the only Chicago Bear I know with the most heart. Here is a guy who signed a 1 year deal just to prove himself. I mean this could make or break his NFL career. But to show how confident he is in play he puts his game where his mouth is. Now this season hasn't started but that kind of attitude is what I want in a quarterback. most qb's would have left and pointed the finger but not Rex Grossman he continues to take the higher road regardless how many people bash him. Now back to Urlacher if he feels he's good enough let him do what Rex is doing and prove himself worth it. Although, I already know Rex can play he just needs some talent around him unfortunately Angelo never gave it to Rex because he was always giving Urlacher what he wanted on defense. Rex and the offense suffered because this team was one-sided not because he never had ability. you fans need to wake up period.

This is making me really nervous. This is a year too soon for this. Is anybody else getting a hint of "now or never" from Urlacher? Is this desperation from a player whose body is telling him next year will be too late for the golden goose? On one hand the guy is an elite player, the face of the franchise. They basically rode him to the SB in '06. I'd love to see that happen again this year. But then....he is 30 and has played below par for 2 out of the last 3 years because he hasn't been healthy.

I love the guy and want him to make what he is worth, but this is serious. What if he can only play another year and his back goes out? If they screw up and pay him another wad of guaranteed money now it could mortgage cap space for a couple years. Urlacher sitting at home in comfort is not worth three years of 6-10, 7-9, 5-11 because they can't pay anybody else.

I agree - we do not know how his injury is, maybe the Bears do...let him play a few games and see what his level is, then restructure as he is one of the best if healthy, I would not give him money to walk away with though,
wow - some of those players don't belong on the field with Brian.
Pay is getting lucicrous in the NFL and all pro sports, where it will end is strikes etc...eventually

The Bears defense was ranked 28th in the league last year. 28th out of 32. Even though Urlacher played all 16 games. His performance was abysmal until the last 4-5 games of the year- when the playoffs were out of reach. He might still be an elite player- last year was either an aberration- or the beginning of the end of his dominant play. If you owned the Bears- would you sink a bunch of money into a 30 year old linebacker with an arthritic back? The emperor has no clothes. Bears ought to hold the line and call his bluff. No way the guy walks away from the contract money and endorsement money. No way.

It's silly to point out what other LB's make, Urlacher willingly signed his contract so just live with it.

All i got to say is you signed the contract you wanted, and now you want more, and the management offerd a very nice deal that they didnt have to and you turned it down.there is no way you would have ever seen Butkus or Singletary pull the crap your trying to pull stop crying and play or stay home, Quit,or better yet RETIRE you've lost your passion for the game and can't play at the same level you did two years ago I've been a bears fan for fourty years and will continue to be a BEARS FAN for the rest of my life to all you BEAR fans out there hang in there we'll turn this ship around C YA Randy

brad- What does urlacher want??

I just do not understand how adding $18 million to a $56 mill/8yr deal he signed in 2003, making it $74 million for 9 years, or $8.22 mill/per year, which makes him BY FAR the highest paid bear and top 5 paid "D" player in entire league isn't enough?

The $5 mill bonus gives him $3.95 mill+ $5 mill SB + $1 mill playing time=$9.95 million in 2008 or again the highest paid bear by 1 year, avg pay($8.22 mill) and highest total amount( $74 mill).

Have you talked with brian or his agent on what, if this isn't sufficient? what he wants? And i hope it isn't a "fake" second year that will never be paid, ala miller,walker,arch etc. that would not make sense. or dwight freeny's $22 mill last year pay that again will never be paid,but makes a contract 'look better"

thanks for all the info!

Urlacher just doesn't want to practice this off season. Even if he was here, he would probably be "held out" for w/e precautionary reasons.

The suspiscion that he knows he is not as healthy as he used to be so he is looking for big payday is doubtful.

I will not be alarmed now. And i bet I won't have to be alarmed at all. He will show up to camp (this is when he must show up), and play because he loves the game and wants to get paid.

He will show up because he knows this team is not that far off from the playoffs, and anything can happen there if they get hot at the right time (see 05 steelers, 06 colts, and 07 NYG). I presume the O-line is "fixed" and that will make the difference of:
1. increase of TOP from 27 minutes to 32 minutes.
2. 85 rushing yards per game to 125
3. One less Turn over per game
4. 6 more offensive points per game

All this, of course, will benefit the defense with more rest per game. If the Bears can run, they probably get 3 less 3 and outs per game. They had a lot of those last year. It wasn't the total TOP that killed the BEars defense, it was when they gave up a long drive, and then offense goes 3 and out, then they have to right back onto the field. Although, if the defense remains healthy, their will not be very many drives over 30yards against the Bears defense this year.

Also, these positions were all upgraded:

1. Oline (duh)

2. RB (Forte is good, and Benson is better with competition)

3. WR (some of you might think I'm nuts, but Berrian is a quality #2 receiver wanting #1 money. They need that extra money for T. Harris and Hester. Muhammed is old. Period. Booker is the same guy Moose was 3 years ago. He is a tough vet that will block his A@$ off for you and catch the tough pass. By no means is it a strength of the team, but it can do everything that those two departed receivers could do. Plus, TE is so strong it offsets the receivers.

4. Safety: I watched Steltz a few times. He hits hard, and good tackler, and seems to know where to be. Although he may have been slightly undertested having Dorsey on the D-line. Plus Payne, Brown, and McGowan are healthy, and battle tested. Manning could have a break out year. Speed is not his problem, it is brains.

5. D-Tackle: Quite simply the most important part of our team. The cover 2 hybrid Smith runs is so dependent on the tackles getting push and pressure to collapse the pocket. This keeps the quarterback from stepping up to avoid DE's, and disrupts running plays from the start. The whole defense thrives with free hits when the 2 DT are causing havoc. Dvoracek will be fine, and Lovie wont put him on kick off coverage/return anymore. Harris will be fine. Period. And the backups are better this year. Harrison and Toenia are a clear upgrades over Adams and Walker. Plus Odonije is bulked up for DT.


Will all of you fake football fans stop complaining about a pro athlete who wants to be paid what he considers to be his worth? It is very petty for you to say things like this about an employee of a company (just like you and I) who sees others in his same field of expertise who have not proven themselves as much, and wants to be paid comperably.

Lets say you're a janitor. If you know that you are one of the best janitors in the business, and consistently have improved the skills of all of the janitors around you, so much to the point where they defer to you and also agree that the office would be much dirtier without you, it would hurt your pride to see janitors around you make more money than you...and only because the janitor pay scale has increased around you.

In these days of players who can be terminated from said "contracts" at will, it is not unreasonable to request a review of what you are paid in contrast with what you have contributed to the company.(Said company being notoriously cheap over the years - we all know that they're not gonna spend this money on a quality free agent that'll come onto the market. If they had signed Michael Turner or a QB or something, I would be much less understanding.)

Yeah, I know...I saw running backs run around and right through Urlacher last year, and it was NOT pretty. But the man played through it all (whenever it was reasonably possible) instead of just sitting on the sidelines, with the hope that it would be all better this year, like a lot of players do. Without Mike Brown in the defensive backfield, who exactly on the roster would have played better?

So if thats your only argument for not even "considering" reworking Urlachers contract, take a look at your job and really consider if you would sit back and be happy about your situation if the tables were turned.

Let's stop and think how dumb the Bears organization is being on this specific issue. Bears + #54 = $$$$ I can't begin to say the sick amount of money I spend on Bears items, let alone items with #54 on it. I read every post above. I ask this:

How many millions will the Bears loose if Brian gets his new deal and either doesn't perform or is injured?

How many millions will they loose without #54 jerseys, tickets to see him ( some people do pay to see the players), T-shirts, posters, fatheads, boobleheads, magnets, stickers, action figures (my wife calls em dolls...bulls!@#), get it right?

Pissing off Brian is starting to piss off not only Brian, but some of the most die hard fans. If you dont want to reward him for his accomplishments...some of you above(Packer Fans)have even called him horrible.....atleast acknowledge that he has made the Bears organization millions from his name and number...millions. Any normal person who works their butt of at work and is not properly compensated hits the company up for more $$$$. If you don't get it you walk. Just because the majority of people don't have the lluevos to step up to their boss and ask/demand more money when you know you deserve it, doesn't mean there is something wrong with us...there is something wrong with you. Shut up and work? Yeah...but when do work and perform....F@#$ that, pay me.

Once again Micheal Turner is not a proven back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has NEVER had more then 95 carries in one season.

Anybody remember the running back Hicks that the Bears signed. He was a burner. He was backing a good RB. He floped. I see the same with Turner. I project Turner having around 700 yards. GET OFF THE HIGH OF TURNER. LT wore the defence down for Turner to run anywhere. One other point about Turner 60% of all of his carries came in the 4th quarter. Sooooo Falcons just like the Viking paid a guy #1 money when indeed they are a Number 2 guy.

Marlon it isnt silly to compare contracts. Heck how do you think the drafted rookies get paid. Compare the contract to the player that was drafted a couple before or after.

Its simple the Bears took advantage of Urlacher and his agent. It should have been a back loaded contract. Maybe if it was a back loaded contract Urlacher wouldnt be in this position.

Jerseyboy...Lance Briggs is currently better than Urlacher? My god, are you twelve years old or something? The more I read your posts the more I am convinced that you are a juvenile.

Rex Grossman signed a one year contract to come back and prove himself? LOL!!!!! How about after the 2007 season when Rex got benched, injured, and at one point had the lowest QB rating out of all QBs, he had nowhere else to go? As for his "heart," it really showed in the 2006 season finale against Green bay whn thge night before, he had been partying a lil' bit much.

And then you compare Urlacher's output to Grossman's...Geez, my head is hurting. Question, did you really watch the games from last year or were you just watching replays on Madden '08 where you were getting your A$$ handed to you on rookie mode?

i think the bears should part ways with urlacher while they still have the chance. i'm sure they can dupe the redskins into giving up a 1st rounder for him, they were willing to do it for briggs. urlacher isn't the same player anymore and we all know it. his chronic back and neck problems won't improve with age. urlacher has never been an ideal fit for the cover two, he just can't shed blocks. now that isn't to knock his game, ray lewis can't either, but i think the constant contact with linemen is taking its toll on his body. the bears should seriously consider trading him now while the urlacher brand still has some luster to it.

i seriously think it would be the best for urlacher and the bears.
pretty crazy but check this out.

at best we might be able to get another decent season out of him and after that he'll be pretty much done. why else would he want to get some much now? i think his injury is more serious than anybody is letting on. changing his mind from i'll take less money to help the team to pay me or i won't play, something is up with that. if he's traded to a team that suits his defensive abilities he might be able to eek out a few more pro bowl year. sorry but that isn't going to happen in chicago anymore.

replacing an aged and injured urlacher isn't as hard to replace as people think. lance briggs could be moved to the MIC position and jamar williams could take briggs place. or you can keep briggs where he is and move jamar williams to MIC. either way it isn't as bad as many people would think.
jamar williams is a talented guy and proved that when he filled in for briggs. jamar and briggs do something urlacher can't do, shed blockers. they are both more suited for a cover two scheme.

i really don't think the defense will drop off that much without urlacher and we might be pick to pick up a first round or second round pick for him.

i know a lot of people will disagree with me but urlacher isn't what he was. if he was 2005 urlacher i'd say sure give him the money but he isn't. i think the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can move on

i did a little checking into the possibility of an urlacher trade. a ton of rumors and most lack any real creditability. on the bengal message board they seem to want to trade chad johnson for urlacher straight up. i've also read about the patriots having an interest in urlacher but i did find one story that is probably the most creditable.

that's steve silverman's opinion

i don't know, if the bears get a first round pick maybe they can snag james lauranitis.
another linebacker with a funny last name?
ohh and I think his dad was a wrestler too. animal or hawk?

i know it's just an opinion or rumor but hey one of them has to be true?
well maybe

I think the Bears need to pay Urlacher top 5 linebacker pay. Im hearing a lot of fans saying, oh he signed a contract so he should live with it. Thats all good, but I think Urlacher is takeing this as a pride thing more than greed, as many fans feel he is. Urlacher goes out there every sunday and plays Bear football, and better than most linebackers in the league do, but yet he is one of the lower paid linebackers. Most fans agree, but say "he signed a contract, and at the time he signed it he was one of the highest paid. Its not the Bears fault that the market value has gone up for a linebacker of Urlacher status." Thats right, its not the Bears fault, but now they have a chance to make things right, bacause this is in the Bears control to do so.
I hear many fans say "Urlachers skills have gone down" but I beg to differ. Think about it, Urlacher led the Bears in tackles with 123 [again], led the Bears in interceptions with 5 for 101 yds and 1td, and was 3rd on the team in sacks with 5. Also keep in mind,Urlacher did all of this with,horrible safety play, a rookie corner and some weeks a different set of corners, and no real nose tackle in front of him. Just like the poor QB and runningback play was due in part to a bad line, some of Urlachers problems were also from his supporting cast. I gurantee with a nose tackle like Dusty Dvoracek in front of Urlacher would have made all the difference in freeing up Urlacher to make plays. When Dvoracek went down the Bears did not have another true nose tackle on the d-line. Now this season the Bears will have 2 in Dusty and rookie Marcus Harrison, all 6-3 310lbs of him. With these two in front of Urlacher, a healthy secondary and I don't think Urlacher will be getting snubed for the pro bowl this season. Now just imagine how Urlachers numbers would have looked like with all of this, maybe it might be cheaper to pay Urlacher now, then wait till he has a healthy supporting cast around him to help GO BEARS!!

Joe, I checked out the article. Silverman must be suffering from multiple personality disorder. One the one hand, he says the Bears should trade Urlacher b/c he's just coming off neck surgery and will not be as good as he once was. In fact, his motor will cease working by Novemeber. On the other hand, he cites Urlacher coming off a great season (123 tackles, 5 sacks, 5int.) and some team could luck out by aquiring him via trade with the Bears. HUH?????? Anyone else look at the article??

I can understand Urlacher's frustration with the contract, but the market has moved and he was locked in a long time ago in his long-term deal, which by the way is still good money, top 10 if he was Transitioned. The owners always sign these contracts with the intention that all of the $$$$ will never be realized by the players, and # 54 is no different. Now Brian must wait his turn or take the dough on the table from the BEARS,1 year extension offer, at least thst puts money in his pocket now, with a promise of more later if he lasts...The priority guys is on signing Harris and Hester to deals while we have the money (cap room).....Urlacher can only expect to get more cash once this is done, that's how business is handled, and as Angelo correctly says players are always unhappy with what they are getting paid....Brian's still lucky he could be all of us working regular jobs, blowing time at work trying to figure out what he should do.....

Joe you are taking Creightons place in stupidity. Why trade a Hall of Fame linebacker???? Makes no sence.
You claimed Briggs can shed Blocks??? Thats not true. Not true at all. Why do you think Briggs has more backfield tackels then any other Bear. Ahhhhh Because opposing offenses key on Urlacher and Tommie Harris to open up a big holes for Briggs. Most every play Briggs is in the backfield he is untouched!!!

What happen to Holdman when he left free agentcy? What happen to Rossie Colvin besides break a hip when he left for free agentcy? What will happen to Briggs if Urlacher leaves the Bears? What will happen to Hunter if he is Traded or released.

I have an answer for that Joe. There average at best. Let the Bears do a dumbie move like the Charger did with Junior Seau.

joe, interesting article. A few things stood out:

"If Shanahan was to send the Bears running back Travis Henry, wide receiver Brandon Stokley and linebacker Ian Gold along with two draft picks — including a first-rounder if the Broncos make the playoffs — it would be a trade that would work out well for both teams."

If the Broncos want to trade three starters and two draft picks, one of which is a first rounder, for Urlacher I'd say do it even if he wasn't threatening a hold out. That's an offer you can't refuse.

"Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has offered a small (by Urlacherian standards) raise. Something that would make his salary about $18 million this year. The great Urlacher is unmoved. He wants to have a huge payday from his employers."

Pretty amazing that Urlacher thinks $18 million to play football for one year is a small raise and not a huge payday. I've been thinking Urlacher is just plain stupid, but now I'm thinking he's brain damaged.

"Henry may be busy off the field — he has fathered children with nine women — but he can run with the football. "

Well, with Urlacher gone, at least Lance Briggs will still have someone to look up to.

Joe I read that artical that Steve Silver wrote. I think I came out more stupid after I read that.

He claimed Tavaris Jackson " is a better quarteback option then Chicago's deadly duo." What is this guy smoking. I want some.

Then Steve Silver said "if Shanahan was to send the Bears running back Travis Henry, WR Brandon Stokley and Ian Gold along with 2 draft picks- including a first round if the bronco's make the playoffs it would be a trade that would work out for both team."

Now I know Steve Silver has some good Glaucoma medicine.

Travis Henry dosnt even know if he will clear medicly before training camp. IAN GOLD, IAN GOLD ha. Thats a joke. Brandon Stokley would look good in a Bears Uniform.

It realy stinks that some media will corrupt the healthy minds of us Chicago Bears Fans.

Im not a NAIVE person to beleive what these peice of dung shock jock media folk have to say. Grow a brain for yourself JOE!

I can't believe this mess Urlacher has not played a full season since 05 he is getting caught up in the flow, over pursuing plays and just getting blown up by lead blockers. That list is all fine and good but because other teams overpay players then the Bears should follow suite that would be stupid. Thomas is out of football, Brooking plays for a loser, Colvin is over the hill and over-paid, Bullock and Barnett are very good top 5 talent and Peterson is coming on the others are average at best. So Brian upgrade play upgrade pay real simple. Right on Jerseyboy.....

Scott: "Big enough, fast enough, strong enough, durable enough, willful enough to compete, and smart enough to learn the position."

You forgot ... And darn it, people like me!

JerseyBoy: "This is why I respect Rex Grossman and for all you haters out there he is the only Chicago Bear I know with the most heart. Here is a guy who signed a 1 year deal just to prove himself. I mean this could make or break his NFL career."

You know what? When you're right, you're right. I don't believe he can survive without a descent running back and that IS NOT Cedric "2-yards and a cloud of bust" Benson. As much as I like Orton, there is A LOT to be said about Grossman's confidence and the heart it's taken to not only rebound from injuries but then shake off the "Fragile-sauras Rex" tag.

Ryan the Bears Fan: "Yeah, I know...I saw running backs run around and right through Urlacher last year, and it was NOT pretty. But the man played through it all (whenever it was reasonably possible) instead of just sitting on the sidelines, with the hope that it would be all better this year, like a lot of players do."

You just made EVERYONE'S point and showed you are NFL-retarded\business-retarded in the same instance. He got worse last year, so why should he make more money? Because some guy made more money than him in a year when he played better? Is Urlacher some sort of fine wine that's going to get better with age? No. So your entire argument is baseless.

Let's use your janitor analogy. Five years ago you were a great janitor and got paid like one. Last year, you could barely push a broom and needed an assistant to help you dump your dirty mop water. Now, you want a pay raise so that your on par with guys who are making more money than you and are performing on a MUCH higher level than you? If you work at a job that would be willing to give you a raise for what you "USED TO BE WORTH", then I would consider early retirement because they are either bankrupt or about to be.

Brando: "Then Steve Silver said "if Shanahan was to send the Bears running back Travis Henry, WR Brandon Stokley and Ian Gold along with 2 draft picks- including a first round if the bronco's make the playoffs it would be a trade that would work out for both team."

What's wrong with this? Seriously? I don't let anyone do my thinking for me as most of you have noticed by my posts.

Chicago needs to entertain the option of trading Urlacher if he's threatening holdout and being a divisive locker room entity. I'm not saying I'm sold on the trade but if it were an actual proposal:
Henry has shown flashes but we would need medical clearance and a Henry-off-injury has to be an upgrade over a Benson-off-injury. I DRTFA but I am guessing this was written before Gold was released? Anyway, Stokley and a couple of draft picks (preferably 2nd and 3rd rounds) and I would be willing to listen and look ahead at next season's draft to see how valuable those picks would be.

What I'm tired of hearing is guys still bringing up Colvin and Holdman when comparing Urlacher. Seriously stop that. If the big wigs believed that they would not have signed Briggs to a contract. And another thing people need to stop doing is acting like Briggs wasn't wanted by anyone but the BEARS. Stop laughing at a guy making 6 or 7 million dollars a year. That has got to stop. And comparing Urlacher to Jordan isn't going to wash. Jordan outright owned this town. Jordan brought fans to the sport who never watched B-ball before. The BEARS had sellouts before Urlacher. The BULLS had bupkis before Jordan. Jordan won championships. And won championship with a different group of guys every year. Jordan made everyone good around him. He was a leader. Brian looks good with a good DT in front of him. He didn't exactly make Archuleta look good. And Payton had a legacy but he didn't own this town like Jordan. Neither did Ditka. Jordan is a serious ICON who deserves no comparisons. And what Brian is going through is no different than what other guys go through. Everyone wants to be paid well. You can't call him stupid for wanting more money. And if anyone ever told you, they are all sorta stupid for putting their health on the line. Playing football is like having a series of car accidents on just about every down. All of them should be paid well. The problem starts with paying rookies these crazy salaries. It's the players and owners fault, equally. No one just starting out should make more than an accomplished person. No where. The players don't cry about it until they can't get anymore money. They have always shot themselves in the foot from plan B free agency to being franchised now. If anyone can go to their boss and get paid better, more power to them. But if you can't get it then you'll have to decide where your loyalty lie. And times do change and in 10 years there will be a new jersey number that the fans will wear. In the stadium will be throw backs and current players. No one will give up his tickets because Urlacher isn't there. When was the last time the Jordan-less BULLS had a game where they didn't sell out? No stars with the CUBS and the fans still come out. Fans are fans. One player don't stop no show!

anything said or written about urlacher is speculation, of course we don't know whether he'll stay or leave. who knows exactly how creditable steve silverman is but his article was under OPINION. the chicago sun times compared urlacher's situation to the ashley lelie situation in denver, we all know how that worked out. before the draft adam schefter reported that the bears were considering trading urlacher to the skins for the 5th overall pick. mike mulligan also thinks he'll either be traded or retire. i know urlacher refutes that but maybe urlacher didn't want that out there and mully just did a good job reporting. colin cowherd (who sucks) was reported as saying urlacher might go to the pats and that was in february! (you can get it out the patriots site and check out PFW)

if you look at urlacher's behavior and all the rumors that are flying something has to be up. i'm not just talking about rumors on the blogs but actual sports writers. sure last year briggs said all that crap about never wanting to play in chicago again but do you honestly think that if be got a better deal or the bears got a blockbuster offer he'd still be here? the only way urlacher stays in chicago is if he shuts up and takes the money they are offering or no team is willing to give up what the bears want for him, plain and simple.

ohh and his 123 tackles stat is a little inflated, he only had 93 solo. briggs had 83 and missed some games, daniel manning 68, peanut had 66 and how many games did he miss? urlacher was no where close to leading the league in tackles last year, that would be patrick willis with 174 and 135 solo. brian urlacher hasn't even been in the top 5 since lovie's been the coach, maybe it has something to do with the system?
so doing urlacher math he wants about 200k for every solo tackle he makes? ah but he lead the team in interceptions last year, by urlacher math that's about 3.6 million per or maybe its his new found personality, without a doubt worth more than keeping tommie harris or devin hester? nobody force him to sign a nine year deal, he wanted the big boy money and he got it, but not it's not so big and he's complaining. if he wanted a big pay out every year he should have just signed one year deals. i could understand if urlacher was coming off a great year and asking for money but he is not. he had one of his worst years last year and when you couple that with his neck and back problems why should the bears keep him? maybe joe montana can lend him some bengay for his back?

I don't understand how some of you guy's think Urlacher needs to upgrade his play? What more do you want out of Urlacher? For one, he led the team in tackles, for only the 7th time in his eight year career. To lead a team in tackles is quite an accomplishment, especially to do so most of your career. I don't think some of you guy's realize how dominant a defender you have to be to do this. So no upgrade needed in the tackle department. Lets see... huh.. oh ya maybe more interception's? Nope.. fraid not, Urlacher led the Bears in this department also with 5, and yes, this is also a big achievement, especially from the middle linebacker position. 5 picks is good for a corner for pete's sake. So no upgrade needed at Urlacher's coverage skills. And you know, Urlacher takeing an interception the distance sure does show he is wearing down...NOT!! Oh ya, I know where an upgrade is needed!! Urlacher only had 5 sacks, to place him 3rd on the team, so maybe a few more sacks. But you would be hard pressed to find another middle linebacker with more sacks. So lets recap, first in tackles, first in interception's, and only 3rd in sacks. ah...looks pretty impressive to me. I think some of you guy's are getting a little ridiculous in your Urlacher bashing fest. Also, Urlacher has not missed a game to injury since 2004 not 05. And trade Urlacher, the best all around linebacker in the league and the key component to the Bears cover two [good luck trying to find another linebacker that can cover and lead the team in tackles as dominantly as Urlacher can] for an average wide receiver and a 2nd and 3rd rounder???? yeah.. that would really upgrade the team. Give me a break, you same fans that are bashing Urlacher, will be the same ones cheering him on when he is defensive player of the year next season, when the rest of the Bears defense is healthy GO BEARS!!

i may not have a brain but i can read

you said that i said briggs couldn't shed blocks?

i wrote
"jamar and briggs do something urlacher can't do, shed blockers"
another way of saying it would be
"jamar and briggs can shed blockers whereas urlacher can not"

i didn't call anybody naive, urlacher's production has declined and that's a fact. with his new attitude and questionable health trading him and speculating about that is valid.

I agree Kevin. Urlacher didn't have much help at all last year. The Bears D-line is the most important piece of their defense. Besies Harris, they played subpar all season long. Plus, losing Brown and Payne at safety was devastating. Just like the offense, you can't point the finger at one part of the defense.

The NFL is a business and Urlacher has generated a ton of revenue in Chicago. He deserves his raise. He should be very productive for the next 4 years.


First, I am not an Urlacher basher. I have a picture on my desk at work (and one on my son's bed) of Urlacher, me, and my son. I paid three bills to have him sign my #54 jersey, my son's, and my dad's #44 UNM jersey (my dad is from New Mexico and a UNM\Bear fan) that I bought for him for Christmas.

Second, what people - or at least I see - is that Urlacher was a non-factor until December last year. I remember the highlights and everything else. I know the stats as well as you do. You can point to December and say "See he's as good as ever" or you can point to the first 12 games and say "See he's falling off."

Third, if Urlacher - a leader on the defense - is threatening hold out and making a stir you have to assess the situation INCLUDING the possibility of trade. He's not a spring chicken and - though dominant - his health is a concern. A degenerative back is bad in ANY sport especially when you play linebacker. Ever tried hitting a guy full speed with even a tweaked back? You're going to lose a lot more than you win.

Finally, the timing of this "money grab" is my biggest problem. He still has 4 years left on his contract. It seems like he's in desperation mode after last season, his back, and offseason neck surgery (which also is never a good sign). I like what Chicago did in offering him an additional $18 million (see an earlier post above to see how that would raise his deal) but that is not enough for him.

I would love to see him bounce back and have an incredible year. He's still one of my favorite Bears, but don't point at stats from last season. He went on a tear once the season was over and that's what I remember. Even then there were a lot of missed tackles and times he was blown up. So if there are teams that want to offer a couple high round draft picks and players that could make immediate upgrades or impacts, I would say what's wrong with listening?

The Bears need to start looking for his replacement today regardless if he plays one year of five more. Green Bay drafted a QB nearly every year for the last seventeen and they had the most durable QB in history and one of the most productive.

man, there are some stupid people on here!!! trade BU? who doesnt want more money at there job? if you dont then you are stupid!!! why shouldnt these players make more money? should all of it go to the owners? what this about everyone saying BU went down hill? i went and checked and BU had better stats than most of the linebackers that played in the probowl!!! players get hurt all the time in football and come back the next year and play great, so why is it different for Brian? ohhhh, because hes 30? hell,ray lewis is like 103 and hes still playing great football. you can always tell the true players fans on here. why dont all of you jump off the bandwagon that you jumped on a couple years ago and pick another team, we dont need or want you on ours. the true bears fans!!!

It's very simple Mr. Urlacher. There are soldiers like myself who signed contracts for anywhere from 2-6 years, and we have to honor them regardless of how much money we feel we are worth. I would have to say that my two trips to Iraq and one to Afghanistan were worth quite a bit more than the roughly $2,000 per month that I was paid. So forgive me for not feeling an ounce of sympathy for you not thinking your 6 million dollar salary is enough. You signed the contract sir, a grown man entering into a binding agreement. You gave the Bears and this city, and the fans your word. Just like I honor my obligations, so should you. GO BEARS.

2 points:
1. Urlacher is still just as good as he has always been
2. That still doesn't mean he deserves more money now.

Urlacher had phenomenal stats for any linebacker, and still measured up quite well against any great defensive player from last year. He was, unfortunately behind a weakened D-line for most of the season. This makes it tougher on a linebacker to shed blocks and get up field. If the d-line could hold all blockers for one extra second, then Urlacher would be that much farthur up field. If the d-line is not double teamed, then they should get penetration and stretch the play out. Urlacher still made "Urlacher - type plays" , but they were less often because of the struggle of the defense as a whole. Watch him be just as dominant as ever if the defense stays healthy next year.

BUT!!!! That does NOT mean he should get more money right now. It can wait till later. He still is filthy rich and making over 4 million a year gross, and that is just from the Bears. Add in his national ads, and his regional ads (which there are a lot of those in CHI), and he has to be making close to 9 million a year at least. And the Bears figure he deserves a little bit more money, but he still has 4 years (4 YEARS!!!) left on his contract. So the Bears also aren't in a hurry. They need to sign Harris and Hester sometime this year. My bet is that Urlacher will eventually get his money, just not this year, and maybe not next year.

And another thing. You don't invest in something based on what it did in the past. You invest based on what you think he will do in the future for your organization. Pension and 401k is what you get for stuff you did in the past.

Chris Williams please be good. Defense stay healthy. GO BEARS!!

Da Church of Da Coach, If you look at are post times we made our post within 13 minutes. Yours was not posted at the time I was writing mine. Your good dude. Its just a litty freaky we quoted the same Silver's quote.

Joe....Joe (knock, knock, knock) are you there Joe. Hello..... Looks like Joe has alredy been taken out to lunch.

You keep on quoteing sports media. On top of that, you want us to beleive that these guys opinions are going to come true. Come on now replace that night light brain of yours for at least a 75 watt bulb. On top of that the night light bulb seems to flicker and is about to go out alltogether.

Billy Ray Donald. Did you get the Creighton syndrome? How much does Creighton charge your for reading and blogging lessons?

For one I posted a post about Icons in the UPDATED: 3:31 Briggs on ESPN's NFL Live Forum. Then you Billy, out of left field, threw it in this Forum. Classic Creighton.

Then you go on Rambling about a Jordan and Urlacher comparison that nobody even mentioned. Twisting words. Takeing another page outta of Creighton's book.

I had mentioned that DEVIN HESTER #23 "might be the biggest thing to come too Chicago since the other #23" Not Urlacher but Hester. Selective reading... Creighton style.

You know what Billy Ray Donald you might be right. I couldnt see a True fan giving up his or her ticket JUST because Urlacher is no longer with the Bears but Urlacher and Hester sure do help sell tickets, Nationaly Telavised Games, and Team Recongnition.

Hey Billy Use the Word Doesnt insted of Dont when saying "One player dont stop the show" What is Creighton your tutor in Grammer now? Is that an extra 50 cents an hour?

Thank You Kevin. I Agree 100% on your veiws on how much of an impact Urlacher is. If I ever see you at a game or pub Hot Wings and Beverages are on me.

"Brando" you say "2006 season finale against Green bay whn thge night before, he had been partying a lil' bit much."

Forget your spelling and grammar errors (many!). What Shorty said after that loss was he had a lot on his mind about the UPCOMING night. He LOST the game on New Year's Eve. He was thinking about the upcoming night, not suffering from the night before.

As for Urlacher, wasn't he voted by his peers the most over-rated defensive player in the NFL just a couple seasons ago?

This is nothing more than a greed move!!! He knows that his skills have declined, he will play only a few more seasons and is simply trying to get a wad of cash before he retires. Funny that Urlacher continues to bash his existing contract: the 9 year guaranteed one that he wanted. In his little, infant mind, he believes that he should always get the same percent of the pie no matter what (which is a crock anyhow). Let's assume that he should for a second... if that's the case, then he should be blaming his agents for either not properly researching the cap growth or not ensuring proper escalators in his contract. Any way you slice it, he is clearly placing himself and his interests above the team. His legacy will NOT be one of Butkus and Singletary, but of $$$.

Wow, nice to see all you bandwagon fans giving up on urlacher so quickly even though he has been carrying this team since 2001... how can you argue that he still needs to prove himself? he has been so good for so long, even last year. He has been the heart and backbone for this team, and now that he wants to be paid you argue that hes not deserving. What does urlacher need to do to be consider one of the top 5 best lb?

shoot i guess he needs at least 140 tackles?right, oh and at least 130 of them have to be solo? OH and he need 10 sack and 10 int's, Man, i cant fathom how urlacher has the audacity to ask for more money, he isnt even living up to my expectations.

also QB wise, we were lucky to get grossman back for one more season. I havent seen any other qb in free agency or in the draft that i would have wanted over grossman. Having grossman this year is the deciding factor to whether or not we make the playoffs. and if you think that grossman was lucky to get resigned then you are being naive. Even though grossman did not preform well, he still would have had offers from other teams, maybe not as a starter (even though im pretty sure there are one or two teams that would have had him start) but most likely as a backup.

So again quit worrying and fussing over what the bears are gonna do about urlacher and grossman, focus on our horrible WR's and or inability to pay hester and harris

p.s i can tell you all right now how this is going to end. Urlacher is going to get a new deal with more incentives in his performance. He will not get traded (you guys are silly) and he will get offered a similar amount (18mil) to what he is being offered now (but with more incentives). probably the same deal :)

DagoT, do you think that there was away around him asking for money? do you think this is the first time a athlete has wanted to get paid more? seriously kid, learn a little about how business is done b4 you make allegations about urlacher and his management. But i will agree, he does want more money

and on the point of greed, do you think that Urlacher just suddenly became one of the best underpaid linebackers in the league? do you think this has just occurred over the span of a year? no he has been underpaid for the last 4-5 years. Urlacher has clearly been outplaying his contract and should have been paid more money years ago.

DagoT I have never said such a thing. Reminder the names are posted under the post. DagoT that was Mike that had posted that Not me!!!! I proof read sometimes not all that well but I do proof read before posting.

Anonymous.......Joe, Is Jamar and Lance joined at the hip. Are they a combination of ONE. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY??

Im calling you Naive. I understand you didnt called anyone Naive. Are you coming down with Creighton syndrome.

You and Billy Ray Donald better get that checked out before it has a lasting impression on you both and leaves you permanently scared for life.

Look, I am tired of these 'professional' players getting large contracts and then as time passes think they need more. I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. Yes, perhaps they 'deserve' the money they are paid, then again, maybe not.

I have rooted for the BEARS my entire 41 years on this planet and it is times like these that just irritate me. Please, Urlacher, grow up, and live up to your contract.

Maybe the speculation is right, maybe he isn't going to be able to play and just wants to 'collect' before the 'secret' is out.

Urlacher stuck it out to the end on a bad team last year and did show a hell of a lot of heart finishing off the season after the Bears were eliminated from contention for the playoffs.

I do not like the way the BU is dealing with this in the media. Lach sould show up to the mandatory team practices this weekend. I would bet as a result that JA would sweeten the pot a little for Urlacher, maybe in playing incentives or additional cash like he did with Robbie Gould, when he showed up after missing voluntary workouts etc.

The Bears don't have the depth rght now at Linebacker to trade Urlacher, unless they can get a team to unload one or two good linebackers and a draft pick or two.

As for Briggs in the middle, I just don't think he could play the cover two pass coverage like Urlacher can. Briggs would be fine against the run but the Bears would lose a lot with Briggs in the middle on passing downs.

I agree 100% with previous blogger (s) (I just can't spend time to read the 42 blogs again)that the injuries at DT, Safety and at both Cornerback positions last year changed the whole dynamic for the defense and for Urlacher with or without a bad neck/back.

I just don't see the Bears going all the way without Urlacher, but with a great Urlacher I think they have a legit shot.

So JA and BU get it together and get it done.

BRING back eric Kramer!!!!



Look you clowns you should like fools talking about trading Urlacher.There is know way that will happen.If you knew anything about the NFL big time players stay out of camp all the time because they doint want to deal with the drills and can make a statement, Briggs and Staham of the giants last year how did that workout. There is no way orton beats out rex they have been in camp togeter the last three years and the talent level is not even in the same world. lets get real guys

Excuses, excuses Urlacher has the worst timing in the world asking for more money after surgery and ailments the previous season. The argument about trading him is ludicrus, I believe in his latter years he should come out of the middle and play outside to [1] cut back on wear and tear of battling huge linemen,[2] use his speed to the ball and playmaking skills and [3] longevity. I still think Urlacher is a freak of a athelete but his timing is horrible and doesn't show him in the best light, he appears greedy and selfish.

You need to stop ridding Urlacher's jock if he is every over rated. Thoose player that you listed that are paid more then him had better years then him, are younger, and they are better players, end of story.

It was a smart move before the CBA vote. They got $18mil more out of the Bears. To not take that money after the owners voted to end the CBA 2 yrs earlier is just pain stupid.

The Bears out of respect for Brian are keeping that offer on the table when they are better off rescinding it. Urlacher should be JUMPING on it. He can always play this "extension" game next off-season.

This blog is terrible. The host hardly ever responds to posts, and readers rarley respond to others comments instead adding their own two cents.

"What do you think?" - he asks. Obviously he doesn't care to the numerous people who spend 10-20 minutes scripting their overly long responses

Stan this forum is not for the weak at heart. Move on to another site. Biggs is hands down the best beat reporter in Chicago Bears news. He cares. He takes care of us fans quit well by posting Bears news. We love ya biggs keep up the fine work.

creighton syndrome? ha! i like that. i don't always agree with creighton's views but this time being a little apprehensive might be a good thing.

urlacher's attitude completely flipped in the span of a year. in the 2007 offseason he was willing to take a pay cut so briggs could stay but in 2008 he wants to break the bank? i don't think urlacher became greedy over night, so something must have happened. i like what jwhiteman said
"Maybe the speculation is right, maybe he isn't going to be able to play and just wants to 'collect' before the 'secret' is out."

i think that explains a lot of his behavior.

if urlacher wants to screw the bears to get a final pay day, then the bears have every right to dump him off on another team. i'd rather the bears get some value out of him before it's too late

i'm a bears fan before i'm an urlacher fan. he's been the face of the bears for awhile and helps the bears win games every year. he was essential in helping rejuvenate the franchise after the david crapstedt debacle but if he's trying to hustle the bears then he should go.

This post does not pertain to everybody, only a select few.

I read all of Bigg's forums and read all the fans post. Im appalled by some of the fans way of thinking. Well I guess I made that evadent in my previous posting in the last few months.

Im starting to question the mental integrity of some fans that post their opinions, facts or just plain gibberish.

I dont have time to single out everybody. Lots of fans posting some repeaters others not.

One thing: Some not all was cheering as Moose's A55 hit the door on the way out of town. Gave the organization a thumbs up even for letting him go. So happy and releived some were.

On the other hand the "some fans" are posting their frustration or anger or ahhh negativity and all of the above on the Urlacher situation. Saying things out of spite. Not being too happy because he is not honoring his contract.

Pause, think and now react: O.K. These same "some fans" were happy that the Bears cut Moose not honoring his contract but yet are p!ssed that Urlacher, for the time, is not honoring his contract.

Well would'nt we all want the best of 2 worlds. Heck Yeah I would. For myself and Kevin Armstead we are being Realistic on the Urlacher situation. Some of you "some fans" should start a pirate radio station and wallow in your own cayotic insecure dilutions.

I swear that you "some fans" are such a TooL. Standing in the Shadows of the shock jocks media craze.

I already told you Bear Fans, sorry packer backers that these things happen all the time and have for more than twenty years back in the day Richard Dent would not come to camp early to stay out of some of the drills and then would show up start and dominate. this has ever thing to do with Tranning camp, OTA,min camp and the pre season taking 6 months and these high paid established players not needing or wanting to go through bascic drills with a bunch of rookies with 85 player standing around .
I think Urlachr alredy knows how to play the cover two you think. CLOWNS

Correcting a confusing statement.

"These same "some fans" were happy the Bears cut Moose not honoring his contract."

Should read:

These same "some fans" were happy the Bears cut Moose,having the Bears not honoring Mooses contract.

When quoting Steve Silverman I had used the name Steve Silver insted of Silverman. Someone should have gave me H E double hockey sticks for that one;) Thats Brandumb for me. Duhhh

This post is directed to Brando, due to lack of understanding. Although your posts have become increasingly accurate and more grammatically correct, I don't know if I understand your post about Urlacher and Moose. You said:

"O.K. These same "some fans" were happy that the Bears cut Moose not honoring his contract but yet are p!ssed that Urlacher, for the time, is not honoring his contract."

Somehow I understand, "same, "some fans.""
What you said could have different implications though.It could imply that neither Moose, nor Urlacher honored their contracts.It could also imply that the Bears are not honoring either Urlacher's or Moose's contracts. Or, it could imply a variation of both scenario's.

What I think you are trying to say is that the Bears did not honor Moose's contract, and that is fine, but when it comes to Urlacher not honoring his own contract, then there is a problem. It's okay for one person, but not the other?

Mike I spell and use grammer better than you, so don't compare me to a third grader. From what I've seen on this forum, a third grader has a better chance of punctuating more correctly than most of you anyway. Pod Boy out.

Too many of you are so hung up on Stat's,you dont see reality often enough! Fact is, Urlacher wants to be paid for what he has not done yet!Factoring in the next 4 years(which hasnt happened yet) of his deal is not reality! You need to look at how much he has been paid "So Far" for what he has done to date,so far! The next 4 years of his deal arent here yet,he hasnt played them yet,they dont count! So Far Urlacher has made about 40 million dollars(that he has been paid) for his services over the last 4 years he has played! Do the Math! thats about 10 mil a year.Sorry,but that makes him the highest paid at his position to date!! Now, the Bears have a guy who showed how his injury will effect his play last year(it effected him alot).They know he is 30,& will not be the same player anymore(see his play last year) with his back & then the neck! So out of respect,even though there are still 4 years left on his deal.Yeah,he's not even in the last year or two yet.He has gone public & shown the Bears disrespect in his handling of this!Yet the bears generously still offered the guy another 18 mil more!! Brian is treating this as all business,so should the Bears! Trade him for a first rd pick next year then.Sorry,but the Team comes first! the Bears were Fair with him! We can use our picks to get our Q.B. next year! Unless Urlacher comes around & decides to play! being that there is 4 years left & his health concerns.The right thing to do would be to wait till after next season,then do a deal.both sides win.He gets his money,the Bears get to see if he can still perform at a high level.before they Waste too much money that could help the TEAM! I AM A FAN OF THE TEAM 1ST! players come & go nowadays! there is little loyalty in players to the team anymore,it revolves around money in todays N.F.L. Just ask Drew Rosenhaus! So if players want it all about business,why shouldnt owners do the same? I think the Bears did well in addressing Urlacher,it is up to him now! Wanting or having to be the highest paid is a result of Ego & greed,period! Especially when your performance is going to be in decline,yet you still think you are all that! Sorry but it is a team sport,its not about 1 guy.A true face of the franchise type player,would never act this way.Walter Payton was the true face of the franchise,some are too young to remember.That was the ultimate example of a player,person & professional.Amen!.Enough said! GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!!!

Kevin, it's good to see that at least someone on here has a functional brain paired with good common sense. Kudos to Brando for realizing the same about Urlacher and how he has been a monster defender for the Bears. The rest of you 'Lach haters must have a polish sausage lodged in your brain(looking at you Coach) b/c if Urlacher is gone, expect a major hole in the defense that will completely swallow up any playoff hopes.

And yeah, DragoT, you want me, not Brando. What you're seeing are typos. Yeah.

In my opinion the Bears should tell him to pound sand. When Brain Urlacher signed that deal he was the highest paid linebacker. The Bears have honored their side of the deal. If Urlacher thinks he deserves more money he should open his own league and pay himself. I'm amazed at how some people think the Bears owe him. The Chicago Bears are a business. They pay their bills just like everybody else. If you don't like the deal, here's a novel thought>> DON'T SIGN IT!
Go ask your employer to sign you to "Multi Year Deal" and see what they tell you.

I would unload him for draft picks and move on. Believe me it will be worth it in the end.

joe, your right, it is the system that stops Urlacher from leading the NFL in tackles. In the cover two, the middle linebacker is asked to drop back into coverage a lot more than other types of defensive schemes. Its a lot of read and react. So the fact that Urlacher drops back into coverage might take away a lot of tackle opportunities. This is exactly what makes Urlacher so elite, the fact that he can drop back into coverage, see that it is a run play and come up and make a tackle, there aren't to many linebackers in the NFL that can do this as dominantly as Urlacher, and still lead his team in tackles!! Also joe, if Urlacher was in a 3-4 scheme, like Willis, I guarantee Urlacher would have close to 200 tackles every season. For the simple fact, in the 3-4, the middle linebackers primary responsibility is to play close to the line and defend the run, and the middle linebackers aren't asked to drop back into coverage as much as in the cover two. I think if Urlacher was in a 3-4, the team would probably move him outside anyways, because with Urlacher's freakish athletic ability, he could get to the QB on a regular basis, I can see Urlacher getting 15-18 sacks easily in this scheme at outside backer, much like San Diego's Shawne Merriman. Joe, as far as the Lance Briggs comparison in tackles, the weak side backer in the cover two is suppose to lead in tackles, and in this scheme usually do. Take Tampas Derrick Brooks, he plays weak side like Briggs, Brooks has led the Bucs in tackles for years. This goes back to the basic scheme of the cover two, the weak side linebacker will stay closer to the line, and go sideline to sideline, not droping back into coverage as much as the inside backer, thus getting more opportunities for tackles. So the fact that Urlacher still leads in tackles is even more amazing when you take the scheme of the defense into consideration. And joe, the stats do paint quite a picture if you think about it. Urlacher, 123 tackles 92 solo, this means Urlacher was in on 31 tackles between the total and the solo tackles. Briggs, 102 tackles 83 solo, only in on 19 vs Urlacher's 31...again AMAZING!!!!
Da Church of Da Coach, that was my whole point, tha fact that Urlacher was comeing on in December. This was for the simple fact that the Bears were getting more from their supporting cast, and not asking Urlacher to cover for a lot of inexperienced players, as he was for most of the season, and namely at corner and safety. Because in December, ss Brandon McGowan and rookie corner Trumaine McBride, were becoming more comfortable in the scheme, thus more effective. This is the main reason Urlacher came on in December. Remember one important fact, football is a team sport, its unfair to expect Urlacher to be the entire defense, and give him the sole blame for the bad season. I'm telling you guy's, watch out for Urlacher with healthy and more experienced defense around him, I look for a defensive player of the year type season. Brian Urlacher, hands down, the best in the game GO BEARS!!

Me: So if thats your only argument for not even "considering" reworking Urlachers contract, take a look at your job and really consider if you would sit back and be happy about your situation if the tables were turned.

Da Church...did you read everything but the thesis statement? Whether you should actually pay the man or whether you should have your panties in a bunch because the man wants the issue to be considered are two different issues. At least he has the balls to ask...and to Dan...sir I respect your commitment to this country's defense to the fullest - but to compare the two issues is kind of the wrong time for this discussion - that was your choice and this profession was Urlachers. I wish and pray that all of my personal friends in the Armed Forces were paid more...but I know they didn't make the choice of profession that they made for the money...they did it for the pride in America, and I suspect you did too.

Do you think of all teams, the Bears need to disrespect someone of Urlachers caliber, who besides said injury stays in phenomenal shape, just so he can come back and haunt the Bears for years to come (in typical former Chicago athlete fashion...I KNOW I dont need to make a list)? Ray Lewis is still an unparalleled, feared Top 5 MLB in this league, and he's how many years older than Urlacher? (I doubt that the Ravens ever left him without decent DT's to protect him either.) I dont feel like looking up Ray's age...but MLB is more than just muscles and speed; which may decline with time, but the smarts get better with age...kinda like...fine wine.

You and I know that Lance Briggs had no intention on sitting the season out, and he didnt have half the resume that Urlacher has. But the closed mouth doesn't get fed, now does it? Especially in this league.

And lastly, good business sense and the Chicago Bears have never co-existed in the same sentence - real football fans want to win games and championships, even if you gotta come up off of a couple of dollars in the process. Lord knows its you and I paying for it...this isnt all McClaskey money, you know.

My whole point for this post was to out people that want to watch football but complain about the semantics. Like for instance, Da Church of Da Coach. Cause as soon as that janitor got his carpal tunnel surgery, he was back in charge of the cleanest office in the city - thank God he had a union behind him to ensure the wasn't ushered out by the likes of you! (Dont take any of this personal...I love a debate where my words are "used" against me!)

can't argue with that kevin

#?Bears Fan: WHAT???

How ya all doing hey not to insult any one but you have me down as marlon on my comment and me Randy Jacobson on some one else please correct.But before I go please angelo sign Tommy HARRIS and get it done real soon WE NEED HIM So don't **** it up peace to all bear fans I'M OUT Randy

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