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Benson's court appearance pushed back

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This is not how Inside the Bears planned to swing back into action, but news is news. We're glad everyone was able to get along in our absence. From the looks of it there was some lively debate.

Cedric Benson’s initial court appearance scheduled for today in Texas has been rescheduled for June 30, according to an e-mail from his attorney Sam Bassett. Benson will not be required to appear on that date.

The running back has been charged with two Class B misdemeanors—drunk boating and resisting arrest. He has vigorously maintained his innocence.

Check back later on today for some more football-related football news.

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Glad to have you back, Biggs. I am glad to hear that at worst, there are two misdemeanor charges to answer for, not anything more. I am skeptical as to whether it is as it seems, since there is such a wide variance between the eyewitness accounts and Benson's assertions, and those of the authorities.

Either way, Cedric needs to focus on getting his leg ready to hold up for the 2008 season, or he will very quickly find himself on the outside looking in of the running back rotation. I think the kid has the potential to be very good in our offense, but the approach of the running game needs to be different with Ced in the game. Forte is a little shiftier and has better change of direction skills than Benson, but if we reduce the number of traps we run, we can allow for the unexpected holes in the line to be significantly less, which will allow for a head of steam for our backs before having to avoid contact, which in turn should give us at least the 0.6 yards per carry to get us to 4.0 per carry. Benson can be an effective runner between the tackles, but there needs to be a chance for him to square his shoulders and get upfield. He has struggled with that, and a good chunk of the blame falls on his own shoulders, but inside runs with guards pulling are just not smart with the speed of the defensive interiors we face. Even I could figure out to jump the gap when the OL lined up over me pulls.

If we use more play action, more straight ahead blocking, and utilize the tight ends more in the passing game, we will make the run game better. Orton and Grossman are not world beaters, but if we do the right things to give them a little time, and give the backs a chance, we can make them competitive enough to make a run for the division. Green Bay is taking a step backwards for sure, since they got good before they were ready to. 9-7, maybe 10-6 there. Minnesota added more big names to their roster, but it may not translate into more wins as long as Jackson is their QB. Maybe 9-7 for them. Detroit is Detroit, and they are installing a more conservative offense, so they will struggle a bit. They won't be able to stop anybody either, so that should set them back a few steps (knowing them, 6-10 is about as good as they can expect). If we can get another 0.6 yards per carry, and reduce our sacks by 25%, we can get another 2 wins, possibly better. We will be right in the thick of things for the division, which is what we need to get started down the path of contending for the NFC title.

Welcome back Biggs!

I do beleive that it is common practice for the hired attorney to apear on Bensons behalf. That way the prosicuting attorney and Bensons laywer can come up with a plea agreement. Lets say Benson doesnt want to sign a plea agreement, he has the option to go through a trail. The way he is talking this ordeal might lead into mid-season or longer.

Welcome back brad!, your blog was missed

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