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Benson says he feels faster, cops agree

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Cedric Benson went to court today but it didn’t have anything to do with his pending case in Texas.

The Bears running back was in court here answering to a speeding ticket he picked up last month on the Edens Expy. WBBM-780 reports that Benson was flagged for running 77 mph in a 45 mph construction zone. The illegal procedure cost him a $510 fine and four months supervision.

He was driving one of his BMW’s.

Benson said he’s lost 10 pounds and has slimmed down to 215. The sleeker running back said he felt faster when he met with reporters on Wednesday at Halas Hall.

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Seriously!!! How many more signs to the Bears' Org need in order for them the get rid of the schlub?!!!!! This just keeps on adding to the reasons as to why to get rid of him and use the money, although sure not much, for other players and remove the hemeroid that Benson is. God! What's it going to take?!!!

Very Nice Headline Biggs. Love It!

Isnt that a BMW M5 that he has? Crap I saw it once when a paparazzi caught him on film.
I know if I had a M5 I would keep it on the down low. Cops target cars like that. That is a high performance machine.

At least he wasnt drinking and having his mom in the front and 3 beautiful women in the rear.

Seriously!!! Don't tell me he was speeding!!! Find something worthwhile to do with your time, like maybe finding out who really is in the running for guard, which of the late rounders might have a chance and etc. This isn't newsworthy. Hopefully training camp start soon or y'all will be reporting on his bathroom habits.

Come on, that's not that bad. It is still against the law but 77 mph is within reason that anyone could have made that mistake... had he gone 120+ mph then maybe it's a bigger deal but 77 mph? I saw plenty of people do that this morning...

c'mon guys, give The Ced a break. Just because he can't speed out of the backfield....

How??? It's so packed on the Edens the fastest I've ever gone since construction started is 50mph. I'm surprised there's actually room to go 77mph there.

Hey Ish,
I agree with you wholeheartedly!!
What's next? Before you know it, we'll have players rolling through stop signs and making illegal U-turns. And, by God, I'll burn all my Bears stuff if I hear about one more player getting a parking ticket!

Jeez, why is this even an issue? And why am I reading it? I'm so disgusted with myself for even taking the time to type this....

Glad to see Benson moving faster these days! Seriously,big deal,like who doesnt speed.when you own vehicles like that,& i gotta open it up a little,once in a while.Thats not fast anyway! How about some football news,like info on the Ota's.Theres not enough info on how things are going in camp! GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!!!!!

Pathetic 2nd tier newspaper trying to make something out of nothing. Don't lower your play to the level of your surroundings Bigsy

This isn't newsworthy. Hopefully training camp start soon or y'all will be reporting on his bathroom habits.

Someone needs a reality check, this Dip$hit was going 32 miles per hour above the speed limit in a WORK ZONE, if they would have been working at 3:00am like they do during the summer months this knuckle head would have been arrested...... ask yourself this, if you had a relative or family friend killed while working on the road ways by clowns like this, would you still have the same attitude Ms ??????

I, me, myself, work along road ways ace. Propably have seen you blow by talking on your cell phone and clueless to your surroundings. How do you know anybody was even there working that day? He got caught, got fined, and was probably treated to a very humbling experience in court. Probably along with a couple hundred other people.

Except for gossip column stuff, it's not newsworthy when a twenty-something single guy who owns a fast car gets caught in the simple act of speeding. It's the kind of, in this case harmless, mistake young people make. I made them and so did you, (or maybe not which would explain why you are so anal now.) It's definately not the kind of mistake that causes a reasonable employer to wreck somebody's career over.

who cares!!! lebron james was going 130 mph once !!

And what's next from Benson, he returned a movie late to Blockbusters? Move on to more important things.

My uncle has a carrera 4 porche. He did NOT get it to drive less than 70 MPH anywhere!!! My other uncle collects cars. He did not get them to drive normally.

When anyone gets a sports car... it is to drive it fast. It might be for show too, but at some point you are gonna punch it and see what it has.

Benson was driving 77 on the freeway at 3:00 AM. He got a speeding ticket. BIG DEAL. "Bensonsuckss"... Do YOU have a family of friend that was injured/killed in something like this. If you have then I am sorry for your loss, but, if not, then why even say that?

If the Bears are gonna cut Benson it will be because he can't play football well enough to contribute, and will have nothing to do with anything else.

Besides.... it doesn't matter who is at running back if O-line doesn't get better (which I think and hope it did).

I now Pray to the Almighty DITKA for:
1. Healthy defense
2. Competent O-line

In DITKA we trust. Amen. GO BEARS!!!

Ryan, way to go, what would the almighty Ditka do with Benson?

How about two more prayers to Ditka.

1. A Chicago Bear hall of fame QB in my lifetime.
2. A dominant running game again.

Ditka! Ditka! Ditka!

Thank you Ryan, again for bringing a level headedness to a forum. All the guys who said it's no big deal are correct. Laws are in place like that because one idiot out of 6 million hit a construction WHILE drunk. We have a new law on the books recently that states that you have to move out of the closest lane when approaching a car being pulled. Who actually follows that? Who actually knew that? The next time you're on the highway catch yourself doing whatever speed you were doing. At least the cops here didn't make a bigger deal than it was or else we would've known about it sooner. Just because you don't like the guy don't pile on and act like he needs to be taken out back and shot. You are making him into a sympathetic figure whenever you say to just cut him already. I haven't been one of his biggest fans but I find myself defending him because of the guys who eat him alive over every little thing. And I think Ditka would've looked the other way too because he had everything occur to him that Benson had except the getting beat up my the police. Ditka also said do as I say,not what I do. Behind closed doors he'd probably tell him that he understood the cicumstanaces. He did exhibit a dislike for those in the front office who policed the players without knowing what it took to be a player. THAT I liked about him.

You have got to be kidding me, how thick can one guy get. Look going 77 is no big deal, doing it in a construction zone at 3 am is not to bright. Doing it while you are under heavy scrutiny for a boating incident is about as dumb as you can get. All that moron has to do is obey the law for a couple of months. Is it that hard for him to do that? Be good, get in shape, play football and enjoy your life. How hard does that sound? Well one good thing came out of this, at least Benson finally found a way to go fast, then again in that car he was going kinda slow. Oh and before anyone tells me he lost like 15-20 pounds, I am refering to his body mass index which looks to be kinda high for a guy who just lost that much weight. Hit the gym Ced.

Bensonsuckss: what if,what if? What if a meteor came down & hit us? What if a killer virus wipes us out? what if a earthquake drops california into the ocean? You need to deal with what it is,not what it could have been.That is probably the safest time to be driving that fast! I have driven over 130 mph before.That is why they build thousands of cars with speed,cause alot of people love the adrenaline rush of the speed!To be honest 77 mph is not fast,it is like coasting in a car like that! Forget the what if's,throw them out the window.He wasnt drinking & he did do it at 3:00am when no one was around,he did not hurt anyone.Dont IMAGINE what could have happened bad.Stick to what it actually is, a speeding ticket,No big deal,that is REALITY! Obviously Benson haters like Bensonsuckss will use this as fuel to the fire,& make it bigger than it is.So put the Pedal to the Metal Benson (safely) especially on the field this year! GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!!

#1bearsfan, oh no not California, maybe they can tie all the blondes with implants together and make a giant floatation device and save the state.

Also I don't think it is the matter of how fast Benson was going and at what time he was doing it. We have all sped, the problem is he is currently under scrutiny for something else involving the law, so you would think, that just maybe, he would be of a mind to obey they law in every way possible and keep his nose clean.

Think about it this guy get paid millions to play football, stay in shape and be a good citizen. Thats it, thats all he has to do and someone will give him millions of dollars if he does that stuff to a certain standard. He got the money so you would think he fell obliged to do those things. Instead he has been out of shape, played poorly and been a bad citizen. I am not just talking about the boat and the speeding wither. This guy has not even had a thousand yard season in three years and he was #4 overall and a thousand yards is not that tough to get these days, you are talking about 62 yards a game. Look all he has to do is behave and try hard, why can he not do that, you ever watch his interviews the guy has a major attitude problem. Thats why I personally can't stand him. It's not like anyone is asking that much from him and it's not like he hasn't been paid a small fortune to do things the right way.

Get a grip already..... Speeding... Really... I drive through Chicago all of the time.. Everyone speeds it's common. Not a big deal in my book. Construction worker safety.. C'mon really.. Chances are noone was on the road but a few and many of those that had been were speeding as well. Everything has been overblown recently. I agree due to the circumstances his wisest choice should be to obey all laws and not put him in situations. Boating during the off season with a beer or two in my book doesn't count for recklessness.
Have any of you been on a boat? Have any of us had the money to afford such a toy. I watched a television program the other nite where some lake police dragged a man off of a boat and handled him in the same fashion Benson recited. His work production and history with my beloved Bears has been far from what i would hope for in a bear. But I think the media is just having a field day with all of the poor decisions these guys make. They are athletes, not gods, not priests, just athletes. They are going to make bad decisions from time to time. No one has been shot, punched, or assaulted. It will clear itself up and hopefully he will learn to avoid getting into similar situations. Personally I hope this off season lights a fire under his arse so we can get the runner we hoped he'd be.

Have a nice day.

Creighton, Benson was stopped last month for speeding. This was before the boating incident. And so far as anyone knows, besides Benson and the LCRA, the facts haven't been established in that matter.

A thousand yard season? He's been injured every season and before 2007, had to share the backfield as the 2nd guy w/ another main RB.

And as we all know, ad nauseam, the O-line was crud for his first year as a starter. Sure, I know his blocking and catching skills are sub-par, but he can run the ball. Watch the tape from last season and see how miserable existence for any RB would be behind our line mixed with Ron Turner's "play calling."


You are completely right about Benson. Bad attitiude, not using his brain. The article in which Salaam pointed out that Benson is immature and needs to be held accountable and would have been cut from most teams in the NFL is certainly appropriate here.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are already in trouble and in the public eye for problems in Texas with alcohol and with the police, you just don't take any chances in Chicago.

Benson, is now questioning the comment that JA made about him that "Benson had put or allowed himself to be put into a situation that was unacceptable" or something along those lines. Benson shows just how smart he is by questioning the guy who picked him in the draft. My guess is that JA is already working on an angle to get Benson out of Chicago and fast.

The Bears would be better off without Benson, he is a total distraction, has not produced, can't block or catch passes out of the backfield.

I sincerely hope that the Bears find a way to get something for him and trade him to another team. Needless to say the Bears will still need additional help at running back, "where there is a will, there is a way" and 'necessity is the mother of invention" applies with Benson and the Bears.

well, the bears did cut tank for almost being over the limit. sure tank spent some time in jail but he was a much better player. this just shows that benson is a jackass. is it news? not really but it does show that benson judgment is severely impaired. i can only imagine what it's like with a few in him.


I agree with Phil. Sort of. Mariotti has a job to do. His job is to make something interesting and contradicting to get readers to read it even if it not a big deal. That is exactly what happened here. I take what Jay Mariotti says and put it right next to a goose turd at the bottom of a tire rut. That is about how much what that guy says means to me. As it should to everyone else.

Creighton: I am calling you Mr. Negativity from now on. "Neg" for short. I will say that the "blondes with fake boobs" comment wsa hilarious. But I have yet to read any of your posts where you actually support the Chicago Bears. Are you bitter? Do you get a high from verbally ripping athletes to shreads? C'mon man. I live in Cali right now, but I will be moving back in January after graduation and the first thing I am saving up for (besides house and new car) is Bears season tickets. I cannot wait to be able to go to Bears games again whenever I want.

Back to Benson. He was bad last year behind a bad O-line. I think it is obvious he is not an every down back. He can power run, and catch some, but he can't turn the corner. The worst problem is he can't block. That is absolutely crucial to be able to pick up a blitz for a QB that has 2/II/two blind sides (see first offensive play of last year). He was, however, successful as a spot back in support of an every down back. Thomas "seems like ages ago" Jones. He can have that same success now in support of Matt Forte (who will win the starting job because he can block, catch, and turn the corner 4.5 speed).

Anyways, I am done rambling on. GO BEARS!!!

P.S. And Ditka would have b**ch slapped Benson two years ago for being a crybaby in camp, and he woulda been fine now. LOL

Benson's judgement is severely impaired. Really? Because he drove over 70 mph on the interstate at three in the morning, and because he went boating with his mom and drank some beer. Meanwhile Lance Briggs is smashing up cars in the middle of the night (and we all know he was drunk) and having babies all over the country that he has no intention of supporting, let alone being a father, and no one says boo about him. This is pathetic.

Benson hasn't been the back anybody pictured, but it's hard to say if it's him, or the line that can't block, or the QB that can't loosen a defense, or the receivers who drop first downs that is the reason for that. The truth is, all we can for certain is that his production has been disappointing. Everything else (he has a bad attitude, poor judgment, doesn't care, doesn't work hard, is out of shape) is just people assuming they know something that they don't.

I agree with some posters that speeding isnt a biggie. He wasnt drunk!! He will probably get a reckless driving for going over 30+ miles per hour. I do beleive that is a mistameaner at this point.More then likely turned infraction after he pays the ticket. Man that could be up to 8 points on his driving licenses. Then if convicted for BWI again could be droped down to reckless driving and I do beleive that could be another 6 points on his driver license.Well hes screwed. Now someone is going to have to drive Ms. Daisey Benson.

Its probably no secret that I thoroughly enjoyed Ryans most recent post. Neg, that is GRRRREAT!!
In Creightons defense he did post ONCE with good news. That was about the Bulls drafting #1.He was rooting for Rose to be a Bull ( I too agree the Bulls need a dynamic point gaurd) but it was said on ESPN Radio 1000 the Bulls will draft Beasley. Hey you know whats one more PF on the team when they already have 2 and a hybrid center in Joakim Noah. Soooo What happens to Gooden?? or Tyris Thomas??? Trade Bait anyone?

I put Mariotii and Creighton in the same catagory.I bet Mariotti is Creighton's insperation. Shock Jock is for the birds no need for it in Chicago. Wait there are 2 shock jocks I dont mind and that is Bores and Bernstein. They are hilarious.
You know Creighton could be Mike North's long lost son.They both repeat themselfs on a regular basis, they are Never wrong, and just plain ramble on about the Chicago manangement and act like they could do better. Hey wasnt Mike North also high on Mendenhal?

HALAS HALL!!!what a great name...too bad it has morphed into HILARIOUS HALL peopled with THE THREE STOOGES (u know who) and their ever obedient sycophant Lovie.

Creighton: The Blondes with Boobs comment was funny,good one! You know reading through these post's I sense that most have already convicted Benson of the boating incident.remember he could be innocent,so dont jump the gun on that one yet.So all he is really proven guilty of so far off the field is a speeding ticket! Now,he is Guilty of alot on the field! Like not earning his pay & playing to his potential(not sure what it is,but its definitely not good enough).For that reason,I am not a supporter of Benson right now! I wont blame or convict him on the boating incident yet,until the facts come out.All the animosity towards Benson is understandable.Given all the money we gave him,all the lost expectations, cause he has never shown up to play hard for us.My beef is with Benson the football player(supposedly)! I dont really care about a speeding ticket,or having a few beers on your boat with friends! Benson owes this team big-time! Can he finally come in & help this team this year? Can Benson finally earn his pay? I would love to see it,he owes us,but i am not confident it will happen.The likely scenario is,they will use him this season,to back up Forte.By the end of the year Forte will have a season under his belt.Then the Bears will release Benson at the end of the season.So Benson hater's,you will get your wish,he will be gone at some point! GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!!

Stick to what it actually is, a speeding ticket,No big deal,that is REALITY! Obviously Benson haters like Bensonsuckss will use this as fuel to the fire,& make it bigger than it is..

Not trying to stoke a fire here, all this does is show his mental make up. He has now been in trouble with the law (4) times since college, (2) their and (2) here. This guy has done nothing as a Bear except cash the checks and get hurt, season after season after season. He complains when someone is in place to challenge him and he pouts when he does not get his way.

His actions speak for themselves, he should be CUT from this team so the Bears organization can move on. Not for his problems with the law but with the pathetic play his had given the Bears who have entrusted him so much that they made him a 4'th overall draft pick and gave him $17 million in gauranteed dollars to play like a professional which he has yet to do after (3) seasons.

By the way, I never stated in my other post that the Bears should cut ties with Benson now because he was speeding. I also never said that they were actual working, I just sad imagine if their was a work crew doing their jobs at 3:00am like they normaly do in the summer months.... A speeder caused a wreck that killed a friend of mine while he was on the roadway earning a living to care for his wife and (3) young children, that's why Benson's lack of judgement erked me so !!!

Benson actions on the football field or lack their of will be fuel enough for him to get run out of town.

Forget about the speeding ticket, it's about his attitude. The only reason the ticket gets any press is because of prior acts. This is wide spread in the NFL ( which incidentally stands for The National Felony League)!!!!

MS Bears Fan: "Seriously!!! Don't tell me he was speeding!!! Find something worthwhile to do with your time, like maybe finding out who really is in the running for guard, which of the late rounders might have a chance and etc. This isn't newsworthy. Hopefully training camp start soon or y'all will be reporting on his bathroom habits."

Maybe Biggsy should spend his time posting on Chicago sportswriters blogs telling them what they should really write about? Thank you though for taking the time out of your busy, busy day to not only read the article but then tell the rest of us what should and should not be news.

Ryan: "In DITKA we trust. Amen. GO BEARS!!!"

Ryan, it would seem that we have something very much in common: Da Church of Da Coach

`Seriously!!! Don't tell me he was speeding!!! Find something worthwhile to do with your time, like maybe finding out who really is in the running for guard, which of the late rounders might have a chance and etc. This isn't newsworthy. Hopefully training camp start soon or y'all will be reporting on his bathroom habits.'

Coudn't agree more
I speed and I don't play Ball so who cares!!!
I will make my judgement on Ced AFTER I see him run this year!!
We really need Ced to play good this year as Matt won't be ready till next year, and it'll be good with Matt chahngeup like Thomas/Jones - it's perfect if Ced runs good. This year is Ced's make or break year and Ced and Da Bears know that - all you guy's shoud stf up bout Ced bein gone BEFORE this year, he knows this is it, and if he doesn't rise to the challenge then don't let the door hit you on the way out - but we need him strong this year.

You guy's are letting your emotions get in the way of good business sense! We need Ced strong this year - how the f could you cut him and get nothing in return? We need a RB untill Forte gets pro organized. If he runs this year all y'all will be on the bandwagon.
So be like Da team player and go with him untill he f's up runnin this year. We got nothin to lose! He runs he stays we keep our 4th pick, he doesn't run he goes, we got Forte strong next year (or towards the end of this year)I don't like the other RB's on the roster I guess is what im trying to say, so Forte/Ced are it.

Brando you just don't get it man, what did I say that was not factual? Also what did I say that was negative. I will take the the Mike North comment as a compliment. There is a guy thatwas selling hot dog's and is now a Chicago Icon with his own radio show, he is also a Marine like yours truly oh wait thats right you hate the Marines don't you? Thanks for the compliment what have you done with your life? Also not a big JAy M fan as I am a Sox fan not a Cub fan.

Ryan, am I bitter? Lets see the last time Chicago one a Super Bowl was the 85-86 season and the team looks to be a mess this year because of Angelo. I would say yes I am bitter. I also have had to live with the Bulls and that mess this year to go along with the Bears mess. I think bitter is a bit of an understatment. But at least I am honest. Good luck with your season tickets, they can be a pain to come by, thank god for pops.

#1Bearsfan, I will give Benson the benifit of the doubt on his boat. But it is not the point, the guy has been nothing but a problem sense he came to Chicago. First he was a hold out, then all he did was complain about Jones be being the starter and not him, even though he couldn't beat out Jones for the job, and just complained about not being the starter instead of earning it. The they get rid of Jones to make Benson happy and what does he do? He comes into the season out of shape and over weight. Then he lies and says Lovie told him to put on the weight. Then this off season Lovie admits he never asked him to put on the weight and that he was out of shape last year, he didn't even out perform Peterson. Then this off season knowing he gets stopped a lot on this lake and this lake has a high history of stops to boaters in general he decides to through a party on his boat. That was stupid from the get go. He makes big news and looks like an idiot, then right after that when you think he would be on his best behavior he goes speeding through a construction Zone at 3am. Why? To get some place two minutes faster. Weather Benson likes it or not the moment he signed his contract he became a representative for the the Bears who happen to represent Chicago and he has been nothing but a underachieving pain who's idea of effort includes blazing it up. This guy got paid millions of dollars represent this city and this is how he acts for over three years. Thanks but no thanks. Oh and as for his injuries, you know what a great way to help prevent injuries in the NFL is. Stay in shape.

Back to the boat, here is one thing to think about, Benson said he coperated in full with the police but admits he refused to put on a life jacket, refused to take breathalizer, and did not want to get on the police boat or be taken to land to do field test. Here is a bit of news for you, the police have to take you to land for a field test because boats rock. How if he refused to do all these things was he being fully coperative? Either way it's like can you just behave, why is it him that always has to be a problem. There are plenty of Bears who never so much as get a ticket, but this guy has gone through Breaking and entering, resisting arrest, hold outs, complaints about jones, complaints about everything and not once has he ever pointed the finger at himself, it's the lines fault, it's Jone's fault, it's the police's fault, it's the teams fault, everyon but himself. Sorry if I expect more from people who call themselves pros, sorry if I expect them to act like it. God forbid the poor millionairs have to work a little for a living.

This has been a fun column for all of us I think. Good points from enthusiasts as well as pessimists. Makes for good arguments.

Bensonsuckss..... I figured something like that happened to someone close to you. That explains your earlier post completely. Prayers and good luck to those he left behind.

Da Chruch of Da Coach.... we do seem to have a lot in common. Sarcasm and die hard Bears fans no matter the standing of the team. Amen to that.

Something neat to think about. The Bears actually scored over 300 points last year, but gave up 348 points defensively. In 2005 the Bears offense scored 252 points (about 15 per game), but gave up only 202 points (about 11 per game). Is the problem really the offense? Because they scored more last year then they did in 05. This team only seems to do well when the defense is awesome. And I actually like it that way.

The city of Chicago is tough. I want my team to be tough. It is cool when they win a 34-31 game (Denver), but it is awesome when they physically manhandle an opponent by beating them into the ground (like the 13-3 win over panthers in 05, or 16-3 win over ATL that same year). I would rather win a boring, defensively dominated game than a shoot out. Being from the general area, and knowing the history, the Bears should be a tough smash mouth team every year. And they should draft accordingly...EVERY YEAR!!! They should make the defense and running game a strength and re-affirm that every draft, no matter how stacked they may be in those facets beforehand.

Go Bears!!

Benson bought all this on himself if he wasn't the person he is he wouldn't be bombarded by the negative comments, but when you are a #4 draft pick you are obligated to give the best you have both on the field and off and the same inconsistancy he has on the field he carries over into his life. Remember this is the same guy that walked off the sideline during a pre-season game, the same guy who moped around behind T.J. feeling he should have been a starter and when given the opportunity fell flat on his featured face. I want the best for the team and I don't want to see anyone fail but Ced made his own bed now he can either lay in it or produce and until he does he will continue to be a target. Now he has been hurt and cannot be as fast or faster than he was before it isn't physically possible so now we will see if he actually has matured and see what kind of team player he is or if he is the same selfish individual he always has been.

Its good to know Creighton that you see the positive side with Mike North. You stand up for a guy that once had a problem with alcahol. Never Graduated from High School.Has been known in the past for smoking marijuana.He has admitted to all of the above. I dont dislike Mike North as a person I just choose not to listen to his ramblings. I have met North back in 2001 at a sports convetion. Very nice man. Somewhat chipper. He does have a tendency to spit when he talks.Yuck.
Creighton you have put up some faulty stats in the past. More then once!!! I am proud to be an American and have always supported the troops. The city I live in LaPorte is richly filled with WW2 history. Alis Chalmers made the tanks and tank parts. Kingsberry Industrial Plant made 85 percent of the Aamo for the troops in WW2. Along with that it put over 15,000 women to work. Brought this city from a small farm town to a booming industrial small city. LaPorte was on the top 10 Hitlers list because of the amunition and tanks they had prodused. I have the ut most respect for the troops that defend this country. Was always tought to respect any kind of authority. Just because I have a hard time beleiving you doesnt mean that I dislike the U.S.M.C .

Creighton I agree with all of your Ced points, good points to be sure, the police cooperation thing I didn't actually think of in that detail till you pointed it out also the finger pointin, good points
The thing is I feel we need to keep Ced for my reasons stated above.
No one will offer anything of value
We can't just cut our #4 pick without getting something of value
Jones/Benson worked - I see the same situation with Forte/Benson (in that order)Forte will push Benson as well as him and Da knowing it's his last chance, GIVE him 1/2 this year to prove once and for all - give cause he has not earned it but we need Forte/Benson to work this year Jones/Benson worked pretty damn good. We shoulda kept Jones and we wouldnt even be talkin this crap but this is what we have and Da Bears know it so they are trying to get Benson to play as he is capabale of - Forte/Benson

Ryan thanks for the Points stats - runnin/defense thats always been Da Bears - power run in the snow and stop the other teams passin in the snow, RUN, D, BEAT THE PACK FOREVER!!

Please tell me it hasn't come to this; people feeling the need to defend their patriotism. This is a sports blog for cry pete! It's bad enough when politicians play the "you don't support the troops" card, but on a Bears blog it's truly pathetic. I don't know who I lost more respect for, Creighton for bringing it up or Brando for taking the bait.

well joe if creighton stopped putting words in peoples mouths then there wouldnt be any of this talk

Whew, Creighton is right about Benson and Randy is right that it would be nice to get something for him. But I do believe that if the Bears decided to trade Benson, they could get something for him. Maybe with a trade they could pick up another running back like Lamonot Jordan who the Raiders are going to release at some point. Take a look at his numbers, he might be an ideal fit in the west coast offense, the Bears utilize.

JOrdan can run, catch and somewhat block for the QB. Jordan might not be the best guy for the coaches in Oakland but he has really never caused trouble with the law and his teammates seem to like and support him. Lets get rid of Benson and try to get something for him now, he was a #4 pick and some team may be interested.

JA please consider that now is the time to act on Benson.

Joe if all it takes to lose respect is a statement like not supporting the troops that's sad. This is a sports blog with passionate fans and sometimes things get a little twisted, I am very sure people on this blog respect the sacrifices of these men and women of the armed forces and some of us let our passion supercede what we truly mean, so on this day stop for a minute, all the things we get to debate and the freedom to do so are bought and paid for by our armed forces sacrifices. GOD BLESS THEM AND PROTECT THEM. Let's keep in focus this is a sports blog for Bears fans, a forum of opinion exchange go to the other blogs for politics. Here's hoping for a great season and more sports banter. I can't wait to hear from OB and Doug during the season.

I don't understand the guys who say to keep him around to get something for him. Most teams just cut their losses and show the player that they mean business. Plain and simple; these front office guys know that the current state of players and people in general leaves them bending rules and taking guys who they know are damaged goods. We just drafted a guy in the 3rd round who was arrested for drugs. They knew it and felt like he could help them win games. That's all that matters with the front office. Winning games. If your boss came out and stated that you did anything to get a write-up you would defend yourself to the person who brought that up to you. In Benson's case it was a reporter. Don't forget that this is a young and immature guy who probably isn't as mature as most 25 year-olders are. But in the scheme of things how many 25 year olders are mature? Most 25 year olders are living with mommy and daddy and don't have to face what we did when we were 25 years old. And I'm former Army, MPs 83-86. And when I was 25 and three years removed from the military I found that most of the people who were my age didn't approach life the way I did. Still to this day I approach life the way I did the military. I am a man of my word because of the military. I'm a self starter because of the military. And just about everything else I do,unlike everyone else, is because of my military back ground. Just because I was regamented in my earlier life shouldn't make me a critic of people who weren't. The military taught me that civilians are weak in mind and spirit. Now that I'm out what should I expect anyway. Have you looked at the world as a whole? Someone mentioned the fact that players aren't priests and such as not being perfect or something like that. Have you seen what those guys are doing now? Not every priest is a pedophile but there is more of them who are that are not locked up. The world is full of imperfect people. Why expect that football should be different? The guy you rooted for when you were a kid did some not so perfect things. Maybe the media or your parents shielded you from their mistakes. But in this day and age the media and people in general are relishing any bad info that comes out about anyone. It sells. Cameras everywhere and celebities' lives plastered all over media outlets. People aren't that much different in what they've done since the 50s but people are different on how the approach the information. Let's not make a ticket anymore important than it already is. The fine was the punishment. Thanks to whoever that pulled him over for not making it out to be anything more than it was. 3:00a.m.? No drugs or alcohol? No story.

Randy, hey I don't care if Benson sticks around for another year as long as he behaves and doesn't go pulling a Noah (can you believe that one). So far I would say his off season is a little bit of a mess. If he starts doing more stupid BS then I say get rid of him, either way they have Forte so it don't matter to me, cause at least there is a legit backup this year. However if Benson starts the season and is bad and they don't give Forte many reps and just stick with Benson anyway I will be pretty ticked.

We seriously need a new blog subject to respond to.This Benson speeding ticket debate,is really ridiculous & getting old.We could debate for days over it,and we have! "It is what it is".Benson already ruined his credibility on the field,with his lack of play.We really dont need to over hype a speeding ticket! to make him look bad,Benson has already done that on the field! Time to move on to something else,Please! GOD BLESS! GO BEARS!!!

Happy Memorial Day. Hopefully everone had a fun and safe memorial weekend. Please set aside a moment of silence during the day to Honor the fallen.

#1 Bears Fan - you posted the best of the 47 blogs so far!

Please someone change the subject.

Why doesn't some NFL team - like us - sign Kevin Jones former of Detroit. He's not bad and would give us a solid 1 or 2 back assuming Cedric doesn't make it as I suspect and Wolfe needs to be cut. Garrett will never be able to run between tackles.

Talk about changing the subject! I have tried to support Angelo through the good & bad.But if what i have heard is true,I might lose faith in him! The rumor is He has been in talks with the agent for Q.B Ryan Leaf(remember that Loser!).I guess they are thinking that he is worth the risk,they can sign him cheap i guess! Angelo feels that Leaf was never given a chance to shine! "God Help Us" If we do this stupid move! Talk about more years of suffering at Q.B. They are crazy to think he might be our franchise Q.B!! He apparently said "I am ready to Dominate in the N.F.L".Strong words for a guy that was a Total Bust!! Apparently Lovie Smith does not support the Idea! Pep Hamilton feels he can develop him! Bears fans will go Crazy over this one!!!! GOD HELP US! GO BEARS!!!!

hasn't kevin jones been injury prone his entire career? granted it would be an upgrade but having another injury prone guy wouldn't help. i don't think the bears are willing to give up on wolfe yet. they reached for him in the draft and see something in him. i think wolfe has the potential to be a big play threat if utilized correctly, i'm thinking like brian westbook. i know it sounds like a big reach thinking that ron turner has the ability to actually do that but i think he's on the hot seat this year. the offensive line was so horrible last year i think it difficult to truly access ron turner performance the bears being ranked 15th in passing last year is probably the only reason he kept his job. the offensive averaged 20.88 points per under him and 24 points without rex, the defense allowed 21.75 points per. so i'm willing to give ron turner some credit, if the offense didn't put up the points it did last year we would have had a top three pick.

the offense and defense both sucked last year. the defense should be improved this year, if everybody stays healthy i think the depth has improved as well, last year allowed some young guys to gain experience (like mcgowan and mcbride) and they addressed some needs in the draft.

as for the offense i think anything will be an improvement. the offensive line should be improved this year, hey it doesn't take much to look better than last year. benson or forte should improve as well, maybe up to a 3.4 instead of 3.0 ha! i think orton will be a major upgrade over grossman, big surprise there. grossman proved one thing to be last year, that without a wealth of talent, he just can't get it done. griese and orton played with the same sorry o-line but atleast they put up point. stats may not be the end all say all but rex grossman sucks by any method of evaluation, period.

a ton of ifs but i think the bears might be able to pull off a ten win season. it isn't entirely impossible.

ryan leaf! angelo must be on acid to think that guy can do anything. have caleb hannie and nick hill been so awful? i hope this is just a rumor because that's really scrapping the bottom of the barrell

BRAD SAYS: I expect a little better out of you regulars.

Ryan Leaf?

Come on. There's no need to make silly stuff up and then debate it.

well joe you debated it. did you not.

Now that we have beat the crap out of this horse, does any one have the bio on Robert Lawrence the rb from UConn? Any updates on Hanie and Hill? Ced who?

No more Leaf,
I have to admit I am really excited to see the new players though,
A lot of if's but this is the first draft (well I liked trex) that I thought JA did pretty good offensively - we needed more offense but the guy's he picked up might work out - I graded our draft pretty high, no QB (drafted) but it seems JA has a plan, we can't afford to pay a top QB pick over the incumbents, see if Orton/Rex work (Orton might) see if one of the later OG's work (a lot of good Oline has been picked up in later rounds in the past)with Monk and the OT/RB/WR/DL/DB JA picked we have a good handle on the future it looks like. This is going to be a year where we won't have an idea of really what the team is capable of till after 3-5 games. As Ryan stated with his stats if our D can play we might have a shot again. I would rather see Orton than sit and cringe waiting for Rex to start the fumble bs again. I have rooted for Rex for the longest but please no more fumbles, the Colts fans let me have it every stinkin week here in Indy. IF WE CAN RUN WE CAN WIN

While being bored of these subjects I decide to look up combine results on Forte and Benson.

The site for Matt Forte was promising. If any of you fans have the time you shoud chech out the sites I am going to post. Take a good look at the Analysis on the 3 players.

Now this players profile Im about to post has nothing to do with the Bears. Well somewhat but not realy. I am not trying to make a statement by posting this site.It is just kinda ODD that it was the first site to pop up on the yahoo search that I had used.

When looking up Bensons combine profile I went to Yahoo and in the search I typed in COMBINE PLAYERS PROFILES CEDRIC BENSON and this site had poped up first:

Now if you dont go to the first 2 sites listed above you HAVE to check out Mendenhalls profile. Go to Analysis and scroll all the way down too Compare to. I am Shocked, apauled, and just Stuned by what it says. I would never in my right mind would ever comparing Mendenhall to the player compared him to. Please elabrated on this as we all would like to hear comments on the comparison to Mendenhall VS.......

DJSSR I looked all over for his bio couldnt find a thing.

i guess benson will get at least one more chance to prove himself,thats still two or three chances less than grossman received. how about that.

I think it makes a lot of sense to keep Benson going into training camp. He's not a very likeable guy, just look how quick people want to run him out of town for speeding and boating. You never know if the light will go off, or how injuries will play out in the preseason.

We don't know how quickly Forte will pick up the system or how he will respond to the faster game. NFL is a whole lot quicker, tougher and bigger than college.

For me I like the draft and FA signings. I don't expect a SB this year, just big improvement and an infusion of youth.

How about new starters. On offense Williams OLT, Forte RB rotating with Benson, Bennett WR in the mix half way into the season. On defense Harrison DT in the rotation and Steltz by end of season starting at SS.

Any thoughts anyone?

Ahhhh Sence most are lazy and wont take the time to check out the blue lettering I will sum it up for you all. compared Mendenhall to Benson. Thats right Ced Benson. If that is the case no wonder 25 teams passed on him. Now I wasnt high on him anywho. Started one season and got lucky. Im am so glad the Bears drafted Forte. Might just have the best rookie running back season this year. Remember the last 2nd round running back that was picked made an imeadite impact. compared mendenhall with benson? i think it's a half truth, maybe a quarter truth even. mendenhall's personality is the total opposite of benson but their running styles are a little similar. neither mendenhall or benson have that second gear and at the pro level they should both be in between the tackles kind of players. i think it's hard to make comparisons because it's easy for top level college players to burn people, most of the guys they play against will never be in the pros. i think compared matt forte to eddgerin james but the bears were makes marcus allen comparisons. i think mendenhall slipped because he only had one year of production and he wasn't able to beat out pierre thomas for the starting job.

i found an article about matt lawrence in the boston globe. it's basically saying that he's a good team guy that gives it his all. his coach claims that he has 4.4 speed but that's his coach. he was willing to switch to fullback, so i guess he's a pretty selfless guy. the eagle tribune reported that he "looked like a gem" at the boston college pro day. his work out is on youtube, he looks pretty solid. from what i've read he sounds pretty solid. with the crowded back field, it will probably be impossible for him to make the team but i'm hoping for the practice squad.

It's time, Jerry; it's time, Ted; it's time, McCaskey; it's time!!!
Can anyone in this organization TELL time??? Cedric Benson's time was up LONG AGO, when he showed up out of shape, when he couldn't carry Thomas Jones' jock strap, when he couldn't answer questions without slurring his answers, when he single handedly outwitted the erudite Mr. Angelo on draft day. $20 million to someone with character problems, well documented problems, to a guy who can't put two sentences together in a single conversation??? If he'd been a 6th or 7th round pick and you'd signed him for $20 grand instead of $20 million you'd have over paid for this guy who doesn't want to be and has never worked hard enbough to be an NFL football player. He only wanted the MONEY, and he's only gone through the motions to this point. CUT HIM NOW, TODAY...I'D HAVE STUCK WITH TANK LONGER THAN YOU DID THIS GUY. AT LEAST HE WASN'T OUT DRIVING BOATS AND CARS DRUNK RISKING THE LIVES OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. At least Tank WANTED TO PLAY FOOTBALL, WORKED HARD AS A FOOTBALL PLAYER. There's no excuse for Cedric Benson because he doesn't want to work hard to be what he's been paid to do. CUT YOUR LOSSES, JERRY, THIS GUY'S FAR MORE DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR TEAM THAN TANK EVER WAS.

Cedric Benson personifies Jerry Angelo's insistence on insulting the intelligence of Bears fans. Jerry, if you can't swallow your pride and admit you made the biggest mistake of your Bears career when you drafted this human wreck waiting to happen, then you'll have the opportunity when Benson's other shoe drops, most likely from the door of an out of control vehicle rolling down an embankment on the Dan Ryan.

If this guy hurts or kills someone on the road before Angelo grows a brain then the victims should sue the Bears and Angelo for depraved indifference. The history is there; the predictability is there; the symptoms of addictive behavior are there; and we have a facilitator, Mr. Angelo, and Cedric's attorney.

If Angelo does nothing, hopefully the courts and Roger Goodell will do something to protect both other drivers and fans from the disgraceful destructive behavior Mr. Benson is wantonly engaging in on a regular basis.

Ed B:

Awesome post, could not have said it better. Looks like JA finally admitted that Ced was not going to be a Chicago Bear after all. The inevitable shoe just dropped.


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