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Benson denies being drunk, resisting arrest

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Cedric Benson denies that he was drunk Saturday night when officers from the Lower Colorado River Authority arrested him. He also denies that he resisted arrest.

Benson tells Ch. 5 that he passed a slew of field sobriety tests, including counting forward and backward “at least 20 times.”

He paints a completely different picture of events than those detailed by the police and said that he was dragged from the law enforcement boat to a sheriff’s vehicle because officers kicked his feet out from under him.

"I did nothing wrong; I didn't resist arrest, didn't curse and wasn't drunk," Benson told Ch. 5.

Surely the Bears are working to put together both sides of the story but coach Lovie Smith sounded like a man with little patience Sunday afternoon. This will no doubt wind its way through the courts.

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You know time and time again Lovie has preached that the Bears come off the Bus running.

Maybe Benson and Creighton should take classes together on listening. They Both are twisting words around.

Cedric, Lovie said the Chicago Beras get off the BUS running not get of the Boat running.

Brando what are you talking about??? Now what are you saying I have something to do with the Benson case. I haven't really said anything about it and I don't even know the guy. But then again who could ever question a real Bear fan such as yourself. So what now I effect players lives and such. You are one strange cat. What words did I twist? You do realize I never bring up your name or talk to anyone about you on this board but you cannot stop bringing me up. Dude that is obsessive behavior. Creighton this, Creighton that, blah, blah, blah. Your worse than an ex-girlfriend, everytime I see my name in one of your posts I am like god what does he want now. Do you realize whenever I don't post for a couple days you start talking about me I haven't really been posting sense a couple days after the draft and yet this is your third post you bring me up in. That is just strange.

Dude have you ever been the a carnival and won one of those prize dolls at the both for your girl? Then for the rest of the night she keeps pulling on the cord and the doll keeps saying the same thing over and over again. The first time it was funny the second time your like ha, but after about 20 or 30 times your ready to chuck the doll. I think the doll is named Brando and it keeps saying Creighton, Creighton, Creighton, Creighton over and over and over again.

Now I want you to try something, try not typing my name, stop thinking about me and find some one else to bug. Try finding Stella or something, you can bug her.

Perfect example I rest my case.

We have a certain person that writes on the sports page that is not a journalist and definitely not a sport's writer. The issue is not whether Benson remains a Bear. The issue is how this man was harassed by police and then made the scapegoat of their harassment. Why go to the boat if police have harassed you in the past? Because in a racist society, police are going to harass you anywhere they see Black men and white friends enjoying themselves. Black man, white friends has to be drug dealer and friends or pimp and friends. This mistreatment is beyond football and should not be dismissed simply because he does not fit into the Bear's football fans.

What Lovie really means is that they get off the bus running their mouths.

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